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We are a ladies running club (ignore the email name - my husband was logged on at the time!) who have decided to go international. Last May we ran Dublin and made a weekend of it. It was so successful we want to do it again.We want to run a 10K race somewhere in Europe which is serviced by the low cost airlines around May June time. We are not fast- just enjoy participating. Any ideas which we can combine with a good girlie weekend away.



  • Try Switzerland, Flights by EasyJet.

    Lots of 10k races available, no need for medical certificates, as in France.

    Why just May June, why not later in the year or earlier. April 10km in Lausanne normally 2 weeks after London.
  • Same thing in Germany, serviced by Ryanair, I live between Heidelberg/Mannheim and Kaiserslautern, there are all sorts of races year-round, road, forest, mountain, and again, no medicals needed. If interested, let me know and I can give you more info.
  • Does anybody know if there will be an organised trip to the Lausanne marathon next year. It sounds a great event.
  • Hi Chris, It is a very DIY thing to come to Lausanne, but it means that everyone pays the same (Low Price) for entry and you are not paying huge fees to middle men. Email me if you want more details.

    SB(Lausanne habitant)
  • If you're interested in Germany try:

    Once in the site click on "volkslauf kalender" and this gives a searchable index by state (county). If you try searching in Hessen that that will give you all races in the Frankfurt area (cheap flights) where I live.

    One thing about German races - they are generally very cheap to enter but unless you enter a big race you don't get any momento's
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