Different starts

Mr FGS is at the blue start, and I am at the red start. Is there anything we can do about this?

If not, and we have to start separately, any tips on how/ where to meet up? Obviously the plan was to run together, and I can imagine it will be very difficult to spot an individual near the start.


  • Decide on a mile marker that you will meet by....

    use walkie talkies...

    Mobile phones.....


  • ask at registration if one of you can start at the wrong start.
  • I wondered about asking at registration. Has anyone tried this, are they flexible?
  • i am sure if you looked as if you were about to burst into tears at being parted from your loved one they might.
  • FGS, I have asked for help at registration and they were sympathetic and helpful.

    In case you can't arrange a change of start then choose the 4 mile marker as the two starts don't join together until just after the 3 mile marker. To make it a bit easier choose a side of the road as well. You should meet up no problem.
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