Helvellyn tri

Anyone else planning on doing this? It's nearly full if so.

Looks like a laugh. Anyone done it before?


  • I haven't although a bunch of Tritalkers have, see their 2007 thread here. One of them managed to get lost on the run up Helvellyn and ended up going about 15 miles around the Lake District last year I think (chuckle).
  • Cheers Trickster. One of the trinutters reckons it's the best date in the UK calender. Coming from that lot, this worries me.
  • Have just entered it, very excited. Just recovering from an operation so hope to be well for it.

    See you there x
  • 'One of the trinutters reckons it's the best date in the UK calender. Coming from that lot, this worries me.'

    No that should not worry you at all, they are a bunch of softy triathlaponces who like to propagate the image of triathlon and IM being hard and tough.

    What should worry you is when someone normal says it's tough, then you know it may be a bit testing :o)
  • No-one done it then? It must be good because it's full already.

    Andrew - you're right - anyone who spends that much time shopping and talking about wheel rim thicknesses must be a bunch of wusses. I'll tell them that as we start the climb.
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    I'm doing it this year, looking forward to it too. Its the type of race I enjoy
  • Boing.

    I went for a recce of the course yesterday.

    The HQ/transition area is just glorious, at the most spectacular end of the lake. The swim route has you coming back towards the face of crags and looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

    The bike section is...hilly. I did manage it without too many problems, but the last climb up to the kirkstone pass is a real 30 minute thigh burner, so much so that the usual 'brick' effect was horrendous and I could barely climb Helvellyn afterwards. I was feeling pleased that I did the 38 miles in 2.17, albeit looking for road signs etc, until I got back and saw that last year's winner did it half an hour quicker - yoinks.

    The run route is unrunnable for me, on the way up at least, as it's just a big stone stairway for miles. On the top and the descent aren't too bad, but I'll be aiming for something like 4.30 - 5 hours I guess.

    Has anyone else had a look or done it before?
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    Nope, but I'm really looking forward too it now.
  • Awesome event. I did it last year.

    More informal and relaxed than many events eg HRace, so don't expect a plush transition area. This is not a criticism, just an observation...the transition field is a field (ie quite long grass!)

    Great swim - relaxed start last year with people mingling in mass start in a vague (!??! line. Beautiful setting, but beware of the weeds around the little rock island. After swimming in the nice dark blue water, it comes as a shock to find weeds appearing out of the blue. I thought it was a shaerk attack!!! Can be quite hard to site with the sun but big crags and trees on the shore to use.

    Fast, bendy cycle with the joy of the struggle. Its 3.5 miles of thigh burn after about 35 miles of cycling!! But the descent is even more frightening IMHO - take care!!

    Also be careful as the roads around Matterdale and St John-in-the-vale are narrow and lots of bikes at fast speed and narrow lanes don't always mix well!!

    The run is a challenge after the rise, especially the pull up the beck at the start. Not many people manage to run this, much more of a fast walk. Be careful on the run down..tired legs and rough stony paths...ouch (I still have a scars!!). But don't forget to enjoy the view.

    Have fun - it is a great event in spectacular scenery. Don't ignore the safaty advice though - I have been caught out running in the Lakes mountains in July before. When the weather tunrs you will need the kit!!
  • I did a recce of the bike course yesterday. It took me 2:47 which I was quite pleased with, as I dropped the chain 3 times and the rain was so heavy at times I could hardly see. The Kirkstone road section was tough even on 30/27 (yes I know I am a pansy)but i now know my Bike HR max. Going down the other side was interesting! At least there wont be many peeps behind me on the day. I just hope I get in now as I'm 36 on the reserve.(on the web they reckon first fifty usually get in).

    It was my eighth 2 hour+ ride (max so far 3:20) since deciding to sign up for whichever IM outing the Pirates decided to go for in 08. I Knew the bike section was always going to be the problem for me but after yesterdays struggle up the struggle is 11 months going to be enough(gulps)!!!

    Called into LBS on way home to pick up my tri bars and although he didn't show it I'm sure that the young chap that served me was highly amused at my blouse like gearing set up but on the 1 in 4 stuff i was quite pleased to have it.
  • FWIW - On the (scary) descent from Kirkstone, for pansies like myself, there is a big boulder on the RHS about 3/4 of the way down which I used it as a GLF sign ie no braking allowed from that point. Didn't dare go for it from the top!!

    The strategy worked very well until I reached the bottom and came round a bend to find a car stopped in the middle of the road. It is at moments like this that you realise that bike brakes are not very efficient and those kinds of speed!!
  • Good - I'm glad someone else sh*t theselves about the descent from the Kirkstone Inn. I got stuck behind some germans who were driving down slowly and leaning out of the window to take piccies of the valley. I reckon I must have worn halfway through the brakepads. Hopefully we'll get a clear run down in September.

    Disorderly - I have to confess that I did think about converting my mountain bike to road slicks to get a triple chainset for the struggle, but I just about made it on my road bike, so am determined to grind it out. If you don't live in the Lakes where the hell can you train for a climb like that? I live near the Peak district but don't know of anywhere half as steep.

    Can't wait. I'm doing the Hathersage 'Hilly' Tri on sunday as a little taster but it's pancake flat compared to Helvellyn.
  • BTB - I too sh*t myself on the way down. And that was with the brakes on for most of it. I figure that it's better to get round in one piece than getting mangled at the bottom.

    I live just on the edge of the national park and have been over honister and winlatter a couple of times and can do both quite comfortably seated. But the struggle was in a different class. I can only think of hardnott being harder. My other 1/2 congratulated me on not getting off and pushing. But i had to inform her I couldn't as it was so steep I would have fallen off if I'd tried to unclip.

    The guy in the bike shop was contemplating if he would struggle a bit on his race bike as his little ring was a 42. I was in awe! But I suppose if you can do the FW in under six hours you must be able to climb a bit!
  • Anyone contemplating doing this...make sure you've got at least a windproof for the run leg. I don't know if you have to follow fell running rules (full body cover) but the weather up here has been absolutley stinking for weeks and you really, really wouldn't want to get lost on Helvellyn without some decent kit if it's a bad day.
  • Another few words of encouragement - if you have not done a recce, beware of the first section of the climb to k'stone. We all know about The Struggle at the top, but the steady climb just after the start and the very sharp pull about 800m after should not be overlooked!! I think this second sharp climb is actually tougher than the struggle especially as there are no crowds cheering you on at this point, unlike at Alpe De Kirkstone!
  • TH2 - I agree - the initial climb is a heck of a shock having rolled down from Grasmere and the fact that you can't see where each corner finishes makes the first mile or so really tough. The struggle is hard enough but you get a good sight f when the end is going to come, so psychologically I didn't find ot too hard.

    Is that (your avatar) how you go down hills then?
  • BTB - Can you train over the Strines Road or around Bradfield or Winatts Pass? They are all about 1:4 gradients similar to the Kirkstone, although shorter.

    I did this race last year and also think the first section was harder than the "struggle".

    Only 6 weeks to go, I'd better do some training soon.
  • Skaterboi - thanks for the tips. I've done a great circle up the snake pass, round to castleton and up the winnat's pass a couple of times now. Hopefully that's enough - as you say, not much time left.

    If you're local to me then I can also recomment the roads up the side of the goyt vallley at errwood - they too are about 1 in 4 and about as long as the winnat's pass. Very pretty as well.
  • Blimey...now you can understand how I ended up in hospital at Windsor Tri this year!!

    I know that I have said this before, but the ascent of Matterdale at the start is not exactly easy!!

    I was watching a repeat of the Helvellyn/wainwright programme on BBCsomething-or-other and was really sad that I am missing hell tri 2007.
  • BTB - I'm up near wakefield, but I've ridden through the Goyt Valley on the Spud Riley and doing it again in a few weeks time.

    TH2 - I'll have to see if I can catch another repeat of that program.
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    On line entry is now open for 50 entrants, go on you know you want to image
  • Well - for all of you who had a lok at this and thought 'nah' - BAD DECISION

    This is a heck of a race - hard enough to hurt but do-able enough to come back next year to shave a few minutes off. Nice swim, tough bike, loved the struggle and managed to take 50 scalps on the struggle, insanely difficult 'run' section, but at least the downhill was runnable. A real must-do if you can possibly get there.

    Nice to meet Pebble as well.

  • HI Bendy nice to meet you as well, this race is fantastic. Its one of those races you have to do at least once. That final climb, yes climb up to the summit, I felt like Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger when the rocks were tumbling towards me and guys above were shouting "look out below" words cannot describe the rush I felt looking down absolutely fecking awesome.

    Even the swim was hard, the water was 120

  • 12 degrees that should read, image finishing the swim, my feet and hans were numb. Soon warmed up tho on the climbs. I've got blisters on my heels from running the downhills, its was harder than going up.
  • Bendy photos are up. Me
  • Thanks Pebble - I've found me and remembered that I ran the whole of helvellyn with extra cycling shorts over my tri suit - D'oh!

    The link he gives to the cycling pics at the top of kirkstone pass look great - I hope he got one of me or no-one will believe I did it.

    Jeez - my quads still ache. I just found out I got the 68th fastest run split - my be why I couldn't get down the bliddy stairs this morning.

  • BTB/ Pebble - No photos of me yet as I was a lot slower than you. Pebble you were stood on the corner as i came into the finish, I didn't see anyone else in pirate Kit. 

    I'm still struggling going down the stairs today! But it's worth it as I really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot. I aimed for 5 hours and did it in 5.03 so mission accomplished.

    BTB, well done on the run split. I just couldn't get my legs going on the climb.

  • Yep, me too. My legs feel as if they have been pummelled with a baseball bat, very sore to even touch let alone try to run. Wish I'd worn my proper fell shoes as I lost 34 places on the run, most of them on the descent, plus on the descent is where I collected my blisters
  • You fast chaps would have missed all the fun on Kirkstone road with the camper van and the burst radiator - steam everywhere! The smell of burning clutches was also very strong on the struggle.

  • The bike route, I dont know if anyone mentioned had some small hills to climb, this being one
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