Thankful for small mercies

after taking for granted running and knocking out pbs ranging from 17:57 for 5k to 1h 25 for half marathon the runnign was rolling nicely.

a niggly groin injury managing to not be fully cleared up 5-6months on, means i can fully appreciated the 4miler i just panted through but completed!!

I may not be fully back for a while..this may just be temporary relief..but it feels sogood
Erm...the purpose of this waffle....just appreciate the benefits of running, don't moan about not having motivation,don't worry about not beating pbs, just be thankful you can run full stop.

Whoa I must still be on a post running high!


  • well done stevie g!!

  • Yep well done. It's hard coming back and starting again.

    It's true you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.
  • Amazing coincidence Stevie. I have been away fro running since last July with a groin strain, similar race times as yourself. I have just got back running this week. I am running 2 miles in just under 15mins. Am looking forward to my 3 miler next week. as a one time sub 3 marathoner I feel light years off my best. At 42 I wonder if I will ever be capable of running as fast again.

    Its great to run though :0). Well done.
  • stevie - you and me both mate , we were both on the Marlow 5 thread last week saying about our current woes !! I'm looking to do a 3 miler tomorrow -knee is still not right but a 2 mile treadmill run on tuesday at physio hasn't caused me any repercussions so fingers crossed .Paul like you I've recently reached 42 and think PB's might be a thing of the past - but right now I'd happily give up any hopes of that to be running injury free!
  • Well done mate. We're all missing the delicate fragance of deep heat in the clubhouse so get yourself back for a run as soon as you're able to :-)
  • Sard - Dead right, did 3 last night and ok so hopefully a couple more and then 4.
  • Is it something to do with being 42? I'm that age too and returned to running after many years last year. I was loving it, but have not run properly this year due to knee and hip then groin pain.
    Like the rest of you on this thread, I just want to be able to run again! I know I'm not past it, but it feels like that somedays!
  • Well done, it must feel great. keep it up!
  • First'
    Its called getting old. We are I suppose entering early middle age. I will add that I am not 42 for another couple of weeks :0)
    I spent much of my early working life as a self employed carpenter then went on to window fitting. That type of work can be really hard on the body (as is all manual work). When I made the transition to an office and desk I thought it would be better. Well it is sort of.
    As we get older I think also our bodies take longer to recover. Of course we all think that we can still do what we did when we were 18.
  • Screw the ageing process, I refuse to accept it. I have cut my distances that I race at, but rather than a concession to ageing, it's because i'm getting bored with HM's.

    I've had various viruses and illnesses over the past 4 months and it's been very difficult to run.

    Only now am I able to get out and run regularly. Just went out and whacked out 3 miles today at high pace, no messing about.

    So I know how Steve feels, and would join in with saying well done.
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