I have recently started wearing orthotics in my shoes and have been gradually been breaking them into my runs.
However, each time I've had to stop on the road and take them out due to pain!!
Apart from the vaseline that I've already tried and the blister plasters, are there any special type of socks that anyone knows about on the market to help blister sufferers?


  • ZCV - go back to where you got them from and show them the blister. They will shave the otthotic to prevent it occurring
  • i had a lot of problems with blisters on my arches when i started to wear orhtotics-i tried thick socks, double layerd socks and compede all of which helped a little but in the end i went back to pod who softened the ortotics a little with a heat gun and with that and a bit of perceverance (as they do mould to your feet with time) it did the trick-no probs now!!
  • Thanks guys!!
  • I'll just echo the advice already given. My pod shaved bits off my orthotics when they gave me blisters and I can now run over 11 miles without so much as a hotspot :o)
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