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  • Thanks GBM! I won't be down the track this week but will catch up with you eventually.

    Clairster- That pic doesn't even look like you!

    How pleased was I to get a green mug. I need to get out more.

  • WITGB--OK!! I admit it, it's a hoax!! I'll never dress up and pretend to be a runner again. Sorry!

    Morticia--I wasn't certain it was Clairster either. I thought i'd post it anyway and get a bollocking if it wasn't her.

    Morticia--Nice mugshot!
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    lol, i dont think its me either, here is a better one..GBM you do get a bollocking for posting it though, i was hoping it wouldnt get found!
    i seem to be jinxed as far as race photos go!

    TST - it was a top, top race, really enjoyed it and felt good and strong at the end, so obviously i didnt try hard enough. i can assure you i did the full though!
  • Isaac - thanks for tonight - M6 still has his head buried in the laptop and I've sat watching cookery programmes on UK Food feeling sorry for myself!
    Damn kids - why do they always spread their germs at the end of term?!
    GBM - if you're desperate for the new schedule, I can e-mail it to you or can you wait for Thursday?
  • Minnie6--Thursday will be fine. To be honest, i was only giving you a nudge about the new schedule. I wasn't expecting you to drop everything and do it immediately. But thanks anyway!! Get well soon.

    "M6 still has his head buried in the laptop". How's he managed that, the daft b*****d.

    Clairster--I guessed that you and Mort wouldn't want me to post the photos, so that's why i did it. I'M EVIL!!!!!!
  • Minnie6 - get well soon.
    Mickey6 - stop working too hard.

    All - good set of hills tonight.
  • The footage of me cycling last weekend has just made it to Youtube. Remember that the camera adds a few pounds.
  • Thought I would never hear anyone say - M6, stop working too hard! My, how times change!
  • GBM- Have you got any bruised toe-nails after our marathon weekend?? I have not one, not two, but THREE and now I feel like a proper marathon runner!!! I am hoping they will go black and drop off. I have removed my nail varnish so that I can show everyone. I am so proud!
  • Morticia--No, i've never suffered from bruised toe-nails. I'm obviously not a proper runner. Why does that happen? Are your trainers too small?

    Research time!
  • Black is the addams favourite colour, next time go for ten
  • GBM- Yeah OK! I think the downhill bits at White Peak are to blame.. Has never happened before and I've worn the same trainers for marathons before.

    I have decided I am going to tape a CD for you with all my favourite songs on. No- there's no need to thank me....
  • Morticia--How kind of you, I will treasure it!! Will it be your favourite non Morrissey/Smiths songs?

    I've been listening to The Pixies Greatest Hits. It's brilliant!! Are they the sort of band that you and HF like?
  • GBM- Of course I will put 1 or 2 Moz/Smiths tracks on there. I am not familiar with the Pixies music although I have heard of them. Didn't we have this conversation the other week?!

    I have made a bit of progress on the 'October half term holiday to Fuerte' front. I think I have managed to negotiate to go away for one week only which would free up the Wedding Present/Snowdonia weekend. Result!!!

    Howfar? where have you gone????!!!!!
  • Morticia--I don't recall a coversation about The Pixies, you must have dreamt it.

    Good work on the Snowdonia weekend!! Everyone is staying over on the Friday and Saturday night, HONEST!!!! This hotel I've booked a room with Pete which has a double and a single bed in it, so Pete can have the single bed and you can sleep with me.
    What night is The Wedding Present gig?
  • The Wedding Present gig is on the Friday night! So if I do Snowdonia you will just have to shag Pete on the Friday night if Mrs Seagull isn't available.

    Sorry Mrs Seagull!!!!
  • Morticia--Will do!! The race starts at 10.30 on the Saturday morning. You'll have to get an early start.
  • I have a vague plan to leave at about 3AM to avoid any other traffic!!! I might e-mail the organisers and ask them to move it back to Sunday so that it suits me better. It's the 20th anniversary of the release of the Weddoes' George Best album!!! It's a momentous occasion!! Bloody Welsh don't understand (or make) decent music obviously.

    I have to do the VR newsletter this week. I might include a link to WITGB's video, see what they make of it.
  • Don't forget to mention that you are no longer a vegan!!

    Bedtime!! xxxx
  • Morticia/GBM - I have had a text from Stockport Harriet (she's on holiday in Kent) saying how dissapointed she is in you both in lowering the tone of the thread (I think it was the naughty words rather than your Primary School romance stuff) and that you have both made it very 'child unfriendly' which is a shame and thats why she doesnt post anything on the threads anymore - tut tut, shame on you both...
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    GBM - It must be a sign!
    I originally found out about the race via this link:
    There is a pub afterwards...
    70ft overall downhill... It's PB-tabulous mate!

    The Pixies - an extraordinarily influential, yet amazingly little-known band - there's hope for your musical taste yet!
  • SH--If you are easily insulted or you don't have a sense of humour, THEN YOU ARE BARRED!!!!!!!!!

    Daz--Thank you!
  • SH- Don't be a spoilsport!!! I'm sure you know lots more rude words than me and GBM, especially as we are middle-aged types and the modern yoof culture passes us by somewhat. Please post any new terminology on here that you think we ought to know about with definitions. Thank you. And anything that will embarrass your dad is equally welcome. Thanks again x

    GBM- They KNOW I'm no longer a vegan. I have already confessed to my dairy sins! And of course I feel REALLY BAD about it when I am making my way through a tub of B&J's caramel chew chew ice-cream....
  • A shag is a bird and a dance anyway.
  • Isaac- I am very disappointed that you don't know how to spell disappointed.
  • Morty - NEVER HEARD OF THE PIXIES???? I had you down as a woman of culture. Go and get yourself educated at once.

    Fantastic band - the best I have ever seen live (Apollo 1990) and the figurehead of a holy trinity including Stephen Patrick M and Robert Smith. I walked down the aisle to 'Here comes your Man', although 'Debaser' is probably their best known. Not much of a wedding tune, though. If you can find a copy of 'cactus' live then you will be one step closer to enlightenment.
  • SH--Wise words from Mort! You have now reached the age where you should be swearing all the time because it makes you feel grown up and because it is clever.(Don't worry, MOST people grow out of it.) AND START SMOKING!!!!
  • BTB- I have heard of the Pixies, just can't remember actually hearing any of their music. I shall go and educate myself and not darken this thread again until I have broadened my musical repertoire.
  • Mort - dont be put off by the fact GBM likes the Pixies -- top band, get on youtube now !!

    infact apart from The Alarm GBM is into some good tunes.

    Taking of music - mrs "M" came home with The Essential Clash on CD saturday. Had it on in the car yesterday - so today all my v Clash LPs are comming out. Today is Clash day at "m" towers.
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