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  • Ging-Shaky of course

    "Marie Marie
    Playing guitar on the back porch
    I sit in my car
    Why do you Ging so sad
    Marie Marie"

    Kittencat- how perceptive of you to think that Ging and Eric Seagull are the same person, you certainly never see them in the same race.

    Wilkie-Are you David, the ex-olympic moustasched swimmer?
  • this thread is very confusing. all these new people, i don't like change. oh and will TST look far enough back on the last thread to find the new one. Although he fails the sense of humour bit.
  • little tst-The new thread rocks, just like eighties novelty band The Alarm
  • WITGB- and they would be.. please remember some of us were only born in 85
  • little TST-Oh, just out of interest, which of the following artists have you heard of?

    The Alarm
    Morrissey/The Smiths
    White Van Man
    Shakin' Stevens.
  • WITGB- all if them except The Alarm. but i'm not sure i could name any of their songs. although i've probably listened to them. which bands have u heard of
    my chemcial romance
    puddle of mudd
  • LTST--1985 was a great year. The Alarm released 'Spirit of 76'.

    I've heard of all of them except akon.

    Morticia--I've checked my CD collection and i don't have 'The Hurting'. I'll get one off ebay.

    Shakespeare--You're Bard!!!
  • littletst-I have heard of all of them except puddle of mudd. Does this make me an emo?

    Larry the Lamb-You're baaaa-rrd
  • Michael Jackson- You're barred you're barred you're really really barred.
  • What the @=+* is this thread on about, I came here to find out some information about the Offerton 10k as someone posted a link on there and I'm disgusted by the child like behaviour of so called athletes, it will be reported to the adminsitrator in due course, so I advise you all to behave...
  • Me Who- The Offerton 10k thread is for discussing the Offerton 10k, this thread is for discussing the child like behaviour of so called athletes.
  • WITGB--If you're an emo then i'm Rod Hull!

  • Ging-take care tonight then, cup final and all that.
  • WITGB--Don't think i'll be able to watch it, bloody aerial is playing up. I'll just go and get my ladders.
  • the offerton 10k thread doesn't discus the 10k at all, it's just a load of strange people and goings on about hill billies in new mills. i am watching you all.
  • This is just what I needed after a long hard day - a new thread !

    I suppose the logical spin off from a surreal thread that was vaguely linked to a race was to create a new one with the race element taken away.

    Welcome to all the new people anyway, if they really are new people or even if they are old people pretending to be new (like Paula on the other thread)

    I'd love a blista BTW as it would mean I'm out running again.

    P.S. I still prefer the Smiths !
  • Does anyone know of any good 10ks in the Offerton area - I want to run one to celebrate American Independance Day.
  • J8 - sorry - ended up running this morning with Talib in rawtenstall - only just got back.

    Ging - My vote is with The Smiths - dont know much about the alarm - arent they some sort of Rod Stewart tribute band.

    Big night in for me in front of the telly -

    7-8 BBC1 - RHS Chelsea flower show
    8-9 BBC2 - RHS Chelsea flower show
    9-10 BBC1 - The Apprentice
    10-11 BBC4 - Greg Dyke on Lord Reith.

    Nothing else worth viewing
  • this thread scares me
  • Andy Funk cheers for the company yet more new trails in Mellor that I've never run before.

    BTB Called at your's before to pick up my jumper and for you to show me how to use the stupid gears on the bike,had to push it up Hollins Lane,think I'll give Sunday a miss!
  • It's 9.00 and I can't bear to watch the match - it's too scary! So I've come along to the new exciting thread!
    J8 - m6 will give you some lessons!
  • J8 - D'oh - sorry - I haven't fixed the doorbell so Elise wouldn't have heard you. She was watching some chick flick 'cos there's nowt else on tonight, so she tells me.

    Has anyone got a bike I can borrow so I can show J8 how they work?

    It's Bastille day soon - we really should stage a race to celebrate. Bet no-one has ever done that before.
  • I went for a bike ride tonight and i think i went through some sort of mysterious time warp back to the 15th century. People were dancing in strange costumes and banging sticks together. And when i got home i was wearing a fluorescent yellow top that i wasn't wearing when i set off.


    Right! I'm off to watch Greg Dyke on Lord Reith.

  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Minnie 6 - now I'm really looking forward to meeting you for a run on Saturday. We could run longer than 7 miles if you want, that way we can analyse the second half of the match too!
  • BTB - I have one in my garage, it looks nice and clean..
  • Eric
    I'll not be running Saturday now.. I've err got something else to do.
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