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  • Morticia--Just ordered The Hurting (with bonus tracks!!!)

    M--Mike did sing 'Maggie May' at The Gathering. If he sings 'Do ya think i'm sexy' at The Academy in Dec i'll start to get worried.

    My head is peeling badly. I look like The Singing Detective!
  • BTB - how many doctors do we need in this forum to put this lot in straight jackets?

    Do they have to be medics or will any PhD do?
  • BTB- I can lend you a bike, I'll borrow it off my friend Isaac as little tst has mine.
  • El C--Me Who might have a relative who is a doctor.
  • Eric - thanks - maybe we could discuss the FA Cup final, too!

    BTB - I think Dukinfield would be a great place for a Bastille Day race!
  • Does anyone know of any good 10ks in the Offerton area - I want to run one to celebrate American Independance Day.
  • WITGB- i dont have your's anymore. TST have is sat in there garage. he was meant to arrange for him to drop it off but i guess he's on holiday now. hmm. he's home on monday. sorry about the delay he was meant to have sorted it. cant trust him with anything
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Results of the Fairfield Horseshoe are out.
    Lloyd Taggart was only 9th - what's the world coming to, eh?!
    I REALLY want to do this next year - I think you have to complete some sort of qualifying race first though - I need to look into it...
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    FOAR - keep meaning to ask - what is the exact nature of your current injury woes? How is your recovery progressing?
  • BTB- you can pick up my bike from TST's, he leaves the key under the plant pot by the porch. Also please collect my plasma tv, microwave, hi fi and any electrical goods you can fit in your car.
  • Jonah, excellent run last night - ta. Sorry I got us lost at the farm!!
  • Daz - I forgot to mention that I got my Lake V number (well chuffed)
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Funk - Good News! See You There!
    What kind of time do you think you'll be aiming for? I'm hoping for sub-2hrs...
    I've actually already booked a cottage near LakeV - how organised am I?!
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    daz - have you been before, its gorgeous round there...i am very jealous.

    i found one in NI that looks absolutely barking, its called the mooathon. definitely down in my r diary for september

    FOAR - how is the injury

    LTST - all stockport threads scare me :)

    Isaac - havent heard of any 10Ks in the offerton area on that day, you could always go and run a few laps of vernon/woodbank park instead.
  • Daz....being the tight a**s that I am, I am looking at camping (found a campsite, less than an hour away) that will cost me about £7 - for the family...

    Re, times, I guess it will depend on how my back is after sleeping in the wilds, but I would like to get close to 1.30 (ish) - which would knock about 7 mins off my PB (maybe I am too ambitious)

    I will hopefully see you at Penny Lane (not stalking you - honestly)
  • WITGB- no wonder i couldn't get in last time, dads moved the key!!
  • WITGB- no wonder i couldn't get in last time, dads moved the key!!
  • Funk - dont let my family hear you saying you spend £7 a night on your family - there will be trouble.

    Bike plan - (cos BTB is missing his bike)

    Isaac buys a bike
    BTB rides WITGB's bike to New Mills
    BTB then come sout on a bike ride on his bike.

    Football question - why are supporters who dont have tickets surprised at being arrested when they try and break down the stadium gates, then go on TV claiming to be hard done by and that they had spent £500 of their hard earned (counterfeit) money on a forgery !

    Anyone up for the Buxton Half ?

  • Daz/Clairster. I'll keep it briefish to avoid boring everyone, well more so than usual anyway.

    Went out on a long run around 6 weeks ago and felt discomfort in both shins. This came and went over the following weeks with intermitant right ankle pain.

    I then ran the ridiculosly hilly Eyam half and could hardly walk all last week mainly because of the ankle problem.This week I'm improving and think I'm going through the Whitney Houston phase in that 'Its not right but its OK'.

    The plan is to try a track session early next week and make a decision on whether to run Cork a week on Monday.I'm doing light gym sessions at the moment and I'm going to try and get to see a physio too.

    TST did tell me that part of joining a running club was to have the opportunity to talk/moan about your injuries although before I joined one I never got injured ! Maybe its just my body preparing itself for its imminent veteran status.

  • Isaac - genius. What time and where?

    FOAR - yellow card. You can get away with many musical references in the clubhouse - but NOT Whitney Houston. If you could I would have mentioned The Reynolds Girls, Pepsi and Shirley and Whigfield, but you can't, so I shalln't.

    I'm bored.

    Alarm, Bananarama, Cure, DeeLite, Evanescence, the Fall...
  • BTB - I'll save my Whigfield references until Saturday night.

  • OK - I'll mention the Cure at 10.15.
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Clairster - I've never done the LakeV Half before, but I have driven through that valley going to/from Bala before now, and it is indeed spectacular - really looking forward to a cottage weekend there.

    Funk - £7!!?? I thought I was doing well to find a detached 4-bedroomed cottage for £235 for 3 nights, but £7!!??
    Mind you, I do have to accommodate Grandma & Grandad Slug, who will be coming along to babysit the 3 sluglets while Lady Slugge & I BOTH run the Half, so I consider it money well spent!

    Also, the speed you go, you may well see me before and after the PLS 10k, but certainly not during! (unless it's laps)
  • No track for me tonight going out for a bike ride now and test the gears out.

    Anyone about tomorrow for a run?
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Jonah - didn't you say you were taking it easy?!

    Think I'll go back to Cumbria for the Great Cumbrian Run 1/2 Marathon on 14th October. Anyone else up for it? It's actually very flat, will have up to 5000 in it and will also be a good warm up for the Snowdonia Marathon 2 weeks later!
  • Garbage, Heaven 17, INXS......
  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭
    FOAR-ask TST about being veteran status
    BTB-good luck with the new job, you might see Morticia.
    Minnie-are you or M6 doing HP40 this year.
  • The Broker- Please explain the above.

    GBM- I am NOT SULKING. I just don't like this thread. Anyway, how are your legs? Are you still going down the track later? Will you take me on the bouncy bridge?

    Jamiraq.. Jamire...
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
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