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  • Morticia--My legs are fine thank you! How are yours? I am looking forward to taking you on the bouncy bridge!

  • Ooh er.. Daz and GBM kissing!!!!!
  • Daz-- 6 seconds!!

  • Led Zeppelin, Madness, New Order.......

    Does New Order count for O aswell?
  • GBM- My legs are fine. I am very disappointed at the lack of pain. I was very tired Monday and Tuesday but otherwise didn't have anything other than the usual aching. Rubbish!
  • Ottawan!!! New Order is cheating.
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Pah! Pah! <spits>

    I feel dirty
  • J8 - I wouldn't mind a run tomorrow - about 5pm - is that too late for you - it could be a bit earlier if we went from yours.
  • Eric I am taking it easy it's just that I thought cycling was easier than running"how wrong was I" Legs and arms feel like jelly at the moment.

    Still found more new running routes.
  • Minnie That would be fine, got to pick up Verity from Gamesley at 4 so anytime after that,could run the cycle route I've just done.
    I'll be back for about quarter past 4 see you tomorrow.
  • Daz--Stop acting like you didn't love it!
  • J8 - I hope you followed M6's advice and got some padded shorts. If not then tomorrow you won't even notice your leg pains...

    TB- thank you. After the seething fleshpots of Glossop I had hoped that High Lane and Disley would be a serene change. We shall see.
  • I thought that the name of this thread was really clever and was quite pleased with myself for thinking of it. However after a conversation this evening it seems that it has gone over a few peoples heads. If you are one of these people then please click here. Honestly! I'm wasted on this thread!!
  • GBM - I feel obliged for the sake of humanity to post another message so no one has to read your drivel.
  • "68 Guns" Now there's a song.
    Ging, its all right, some of us got it. Hasta pronto
  • Yes, GBM, we got the reference
    really clever and was quite pleased with myself
    <awards GBM the order of the forum smug git>
  • SOAPM--Thanks! Another award! I'll put it with the others.

    Huge--You are my new best friend!
  • Cool, lets go to the pub, can't believe peeps are so lacking in Alarm wisdom, not that I've heard much from them in 20 years, apparently still big in North Wales,

    btw BVSC, one of my faves, went a bit overboard buying every buggers CD though!
  • GBM- Thanks for enlightening us!

    I am absolutely knackered after that 'short 3 mile plod round the park'. I can't even sit up to type this properly because one of my hands is holding up my head.

    Huge- you must be the only other person on these threads that seems to quite like The Alarm. Shame on you!
  • Huge--You've got 20 years of catching up to do.

    Just had a thought. Mike Peters is a runner.

    Huge--Are you Mike Peters?

    Morticia--Are you all tuckered out? That's what happens when you play with the big boys!!!
  • Mickey6--What are the plans for this weekends bike ride? I've heard Sunday morning 9am at a car park in Marple Bridge. Is this correct?
  • GBM I was just going to ask the same question.

    Minnie see you tomorrow
  • GBM- I've never heard of the expression 'all tuckered out'. Is it a Grove thing? I'm sure that is what I am though!!!
  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭
    Morticia-BTB has a new job in Disley, they need him more than we do.
  • Having enjoyed last night's performance by The Milltown Cloggies and tonight saw the launch of New Mills latest Triathlon. Pool, Round The Clock Darts and Guess The Seabrooks Flavours. Who would have believed that Sweetcorn would be dropped from the range in favour of Bacon and Brown Sauce.

    I am amazed that Canal Cruiser has not been on here to report the sighting of a mysterous animal on the road in New Mills which caused a number of vehicles to swerve on the way home from track tonight. WITGB Junior reported that it was either a Wildboar, an Aardvark, anteater or an alien. Any other sightings of this creature please report to: [url]
  • WITGB--E-mail The Powderkegs. If they agree to perform at The Offerton 10k then we will give them free entry into the race.

  • Eric, I am also considering the Great Cumbrian Run 1/2 Marathon. I did the race in 2005 and really enjoyed it (despite a PW). My Dad lives in Carlisle so it's a good excuse for me to go and see him as I don't go often enough really.

    Anyone else up for this? It's a really good race, track start and finish, on mostly quiet roads and very flat (flatter than Wilmslow).
  • Nexus & Eric - I think I will get my name down for it as well (BTW Nexus, I just realised that I met you last week at Dialstone)
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    NI/Funk - excellent, the more the merrier. Mrs S will also do it even though it will be her birthday!

    Minnie - see you tomorrow at 8.30am Disley station. DL - are you joining us? Anyone else? Probably just 7 miles to see how the legs are from last week's Windermere Marathon.
  • ES/NI, fancy the cumbrian half if it's flatter than Wilmslow. I find it hard to plan the far ahead though.
    ES: Hope to make it in the morning but don't wait for me as I may just stay in Stockport and do 7 miles at Tiviot Dale (all off road) if anyone else fancies this who doesn't want to travel all the way to Deryshire.
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