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  • ES/M6 - I can do tomorrow morning but would have to be home for 9:30 to take SH to Leeds for the Northerns - any chance of 08:00 start instead ?
  • oops - sorry for shouting
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Isaac - I am OK for 8.00am tomorrow morning. Minne, is this good for you? DL - see you tomorrow - Disley is in Cheshire not Derbyshire!
  • I might join you tomorrow. 8.00am? Road or off-road?
  • Is it? Well it's close to derbyshire.
    I really need to get back to fix a washing line and mow the lawn at my mother inlaws, so any chance we can start at 6.30am?
  • DL--Why don't you go for a run at 6.00am and mow my lawn aswell?
  • Funk, yes I have realised since then that it was you as well.
  • Ging - you werent invited.
  • Isaac--Eric Seagulls message--"Minnie - see you tomorrow at 8.30am Disley station. DL - are you joining us? Anyone else? "

    Should that be "anyone else, except for Ging" ?
  • Ging-let's go on our own run. We can dress up in rainbow clothes and bang each others wooden poles.
  • WITGB--Dress up as Zippy and Bungle?
  • Oh Geoffrey!
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Ging - I would imagine we'll run in Lyme Park. Just normal shoes for me though.

    DL - you're just a woman!
  • WITGB--Tomorrows other running group, Isaac, Minnie6 and Eric can be Rod, Jane and Freddy.
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    ROFL, I am glad to see friday madness has also descended here
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    hi clairster - I take it you are getting a bit "de-mob happy" now...?

    Re Cumbrian Half: it's on my "deffo intend to do one year" list.
    In the unlikely event that I don't SHATTER 2hrs at Lake Vyrnwy at the beginning of Sept. I may be tempted to do anothe flat Half in October...
    However, Carlisle is a bit difficult logistically, so I think I am more likely to do the Lancaster Half at Salt Ayre the following week (Oct.21st).
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    theres a good flat 10miler in Preston in November too Daz. actually i am rather bored and just want to go home and collapse on the couch, but i have go drink MORE beer. its been non-stop since WP and I am starting to despise the stuff!
  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭
    Oh, I know all about the Preston 10 thanks clairster - after the howling gale at St. Annes in March, I am keen to have another go at my 10M PB before 2007 is out...
    (having said that, I did, bizarrely, manage to slightly improve my 10M PB at White Peak!)

    Yes, having to drink beer, eh? - it's a hard life!
  • Can me and Mowgli come tomorrow morning? Is it 8am?
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    PG - see you there, 8.00am. Tell Mowgli we're not waiting for him though, he needs to stick at my pace!
  • I'll make sure he gets up early enough to do a good warm up and some stretching - when you arrive you will probably see him doing a few strides in the car park so he will be able to run it hard and keep up. I hope so anyway - I get fed up of waiting for him all the time.
  • Isaac- Excellent race report as always!

    I have got marathon withdrawal symptoms already. I can't wait til September for my next fix. Anyone got any ideas?!
  • See you at 8am at Disley - M6 will have to make his own boiled eggs and soldiers tomorrow!
  • Isaac--Very well written race report. You missed Mort off the table though (is it because she's a VR). Didn't realise that i was last harrier. SHIT!!! Bloody Mort and her sprint finish!!

    Morticia--Summer marathon? Could do one as a training run. What about an ultra?

    Could be good turn out tomorrow!

    PG--I'm looking forward to my post marathon bollocking!!
  • Morticia--There doesn't seem to be that many marathons in the summer. Isle of Man? Or there is this.
  • Ging- That looks good, the powderkegs are doing it.
  • BTB Meeting at the bottom of Hollins lane at 09.00 Sunday morning,thought your good self or Mickey could sort a route out.

    Might try and make it in the morning but don't want to overdo it at the moment.

    BTB Mickey has a spare bike or you could run dead fast at the side of us.

    Great run before even more new routes,I doubt I'd find them again
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