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  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Great run this morning. Lags felt heavy for the last two miles.

    Think I know where Im going tomorrow. Just hope the bike is able to keep up. How far is the route?
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Anyone want to buy my car? Vauxhaul Astra 1.8 SXi, 2003 52 plate. Full Service History, 38,000 miles. Not sure what they're going for yet but somewhere around the £5k mark shouldnt be too far out.

    Should have thought of this ages ago. I'm off to put this post on all the threads I can find.
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    mort - the 50mile challenge looks tops, think i will put it in the diary for next year and also think about the 30m one in september. am doing osmotherley phoenix, 32miles, on the 6th July..they have a 17 or 26mile option as well, but am guessing its a little late for you. i wouldnt mind finding a mara for late june, but think its prolly a bit of a logistical nightmare.
  • Thanks for the run this morning, did 17 miles in the end.

    Here's a little taste of New Mills for you
  • Enjoyed the run this morning too - now in the middle of writing 26 reports - how can you say your son is a cocky little so and so in a subtle way?!
  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭
    Mort-looking at doing the Kent 50, please forward your mum's address, so that i and my 10 fell racing friends can stay, does she have more than 1 shower? oh and lots of home made soup would be nice.
  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭
    Must get down to some running, been a bit deflated after FLM.
  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭
    Minnie-his ability to shine know's no end or he's a right little shit-does that help?
  • Or....he has great confidence in his own abilities and enjoys the limelight but must learn that other pupils deserve equal attention and time.
  • WITGB For your next shoot you could borrow my stuffed Barn Owl,Fox head plus tail and my badger fur shaving brush if you wish.

    GBM Thanks very much for the prezzie didn't last long in our house.
  • Minnie6--I think it would be best if i didn't help you out.

    Jonah8--You're welcome!

    TB--Tried out the Adidas Swoop 2 today. Bloody brilliant!!

    Morticia--Ignore TB, he's winding you up. He hasn't got 10 friends!
  • Mount Famine and May Queen FR photos.

    Daz (or anyone)-- When is the Round The Ressers race?
  • GBM That's the one are you up for it?

    BTB Nearly sussed the gears out see you in the morning.
  • How far is the cycle then ? And roughly how long will you be out ? - ish !

    Minnie - are you not going ?

    BTB - thats extremely nice of her are you sure she's sure ? I'm scared of getting roped in to triathloning if I come tomorrow !
  • Jonah8--I'm definitely doing it!! It's not the race you think it is. It seems to be mostly off-road and a bit hilly, so perfect training for Snowdonia. The reviews are great. It's not that far from Matlock so we should be there in just over an hour. We can enter on the day.
  • GBM - Round the resrs is June 27th I think - same day as Shelf Moor Uphill only - I fancy doing one of them!
    DB - I'm not going - I'm rubbish on a bike.
  • PG - definitley fancy a run tomorrow morning - shall we meet at Disley again? What time?
  • PG - had an e-mail yesterday for a job with England Athletics - just the job for you!
  • Interesting bike ride this morning! Not the Enid Blyton, singing songs, having picnics type bike ride i was expecting. I've managed to mend my bike, clean the shit from my underwear, untangle myself from the barb wire and get most of the grit from under my skin. I'm sure the wounds will heal quickly. Looking forward to the next one!
  • GBM - M6 will gladly plan the next one - Goyt Valley and Buxton for the next route!

    Isaac - your bike has been cleaned and put away ready for your next ride!

    Anyone running tomorrow? I fancy doing about 90 minutes if anyone is around.
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Minnie - I'm up for a run tomorrow BUT I have to be back home for 9.30am. Do you want to start at 8.00am or a little earlier? If not then I'll start on my own and loop back to Disley train station for when you're starting. Let me know what your plans are.
  • Eric - I can do 8:00 am - is anyone else up for a run or even want to go a little later?! M6 is complaining that he'll have to boil his own eggs again tomorrow morning if I go out that early! He burnt his soldiers yesterday!
  • EricSeagullEricSeagull ✭✭✭
    Minnie - if you can get anyone else to run later with you then do that, don't start at 8am on my account! If you don't find anyone I'll see you at 8am - i'll check the thread later tonight.
  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Minnie - he told us the egg was hard boiled as well.......

    Great ride this morning.....(& I mean the biking GBM)......although a little harrowing at times, especially when a ginger goes A over T down a ditch just in front of you.

    Think we should arange the training to include a bike ride once a month. M6 over to you.
  • Minnie6 - he's agood lad isn't he.

    GBM - leave some of the grit under the skin for a couple of weeks as its good fun getting it out afterwards.

    J8 - Thanks for the hospitatlity.

    BTB - how dare you get that clean bike dirty !

    DB - well done.

    Kwaka - we could all cycle to the bottom of some serious hills and run hill reps !

    Minnie6- I think I want to do 90 minutes tomorrow, but really fancy a couple of hours in bed first (GBM - great chat up line eh?) - will see how the legs feel later.
  • I will get back from work at about 1 and would love to run between then and seven if anyone fancies.
  • Thanks to everybody for a great bike ride this morning - although that makes it sound a little tame and tame it certainly was not ! My legs feel ok, at the moment, but my shoulders and upper back are really stiff - more practice required !

    BTB - much to your delight - I'm hooked !

    Eric/minnie - I'd love to run in the morning, providing I'm able, and I too need to go early as i've to be home for 10am latest, so 8am would be ideal.

    Minnie - I expect to see you on the next bike ride - no excuses...
  • 8 0'clock it is then - Disley station as usual I presume.

    DB - As Eric needs to be home by 9.30, do you fancy doing a bit extra?

    Isaac - just read your bit and can't think of a witty reply!!
  • Eric - i don't mind 8am as I can go to the gym afterwards and get all my ironing and cleaning done before I prepare a sumptious meal for M6's tea tomorrow night!
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