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  • MH - All the best at Mont Blanc  image 

    I'll be supporting at Whaley  tomorrow - no more fell races until after Chester because they are making my bad foot worse, so can look after belongings if necessary. Going to do a long run tonight from work (Most of Morrison's route with a backpack image)  in case the after race beer prevents me from getting up in time on Sunday.

    I'm also tempted by VLM & Manchester double. I've already entered London but would also be good to experience the first Manchester race after such a long gap. 

    M6's - I'm OK for the 27th and I'll share taxis with anyone who isn't staying over. Will aim to get down on a Tuesday and work on the speedier stuff. Not sure I will keep up though !

  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭

    FOAR-you'll need 6 weeks and then you'll notice the difference.

    NI-"change of underware"-what have you in mind?

    MH-good luck

    JMC-can i suggest you look at the race route before the race.image

    Mort-good to see you back running instead of moaningimage

    Good luck to all those racing this week end.

  • Did 35:06 at the Warrington 10k last night to finish 7 th . Happy with that as was ready to bin it after a few days feeling below par and a crap Day at work, but the skies cleared and was a lovely evening and ran quite well finishing strongly and felt I could have pushed it harder. Had no idea of the time as I didn't start watch. Quick course and quite pleasant. Bit disappointed to be 2nd v 40 till seeing that the guy ahead of me did a 2:12 marathon at Paris in 1993!

    Good luck all the waltzers! And other racers!

    MH- hope it is as immense as it sounds!
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  • Whaley Waltz was run in the promised hearwave - not, and was wet and muddy most of the way round.  A bit like Glastonbury without the youths frollicking in the mud and taking illegal products (maybe I was at the wrong place?)

    Good Stockport turnout and I think we recorded first male and first female, and maybe the team prize too.  Unfortunately had to make a quick getaway so didn't hear the official results. 

    First mile or so on the road, which suited me fine.  NI flew straight to the front, and by the time we got off road it was already quite spread out.  I was 3rd or 4th at this point.  First boggy bit nearly pulled my shoes off, but all well at this stage.  I am rubbish at hills, and the climb to Windgather was difficult - in fact I walked up the steep bits, but decided this was a good tactic as those that were running were hardly going any faster than me, and were probably using twice as much energy.  Maybe lost one of two places.

    At the top saw NI who looked to have a commanding lead. 

    I thought I was flying downhill, but loads of people kept overtking me with giant strides and perfect balance, whereas I was like Bambi on ice.  Lots more mud and twisted ankles later, started the decent into the park, which was very slippery but I knew what was ahead. 

    Took a running jump as far as I could into the Goyt, splashing as many spectators as possible - at least it cleaned the mud off.  And then it was finished. 

    Not sure where I ended up, somewhere around 10th maybe.  A bit disappointed with that really, as I felt that I could have done better on the uphills especailly.

    Great marshalling, and even if you didn't know the course there was little chance of taking a wrong turn.

  • AM - pretty good report, could have been mine, except it would have been mispelt. Steep hills are for walking, just harder to get going when you get to the top if not running.

    Good to see so many SH there.

    MTBB - have the lawyers been in touch yet about your assualt on the poor old man you beat to the ground, he looked like an egyptian mummy when ST Johns had finished with him.

    NI - winning fell shoes means you will have to continue.

  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭

    MTBB-have you been hitting TST?

    SW-Sweatshop have 30% off and Adidas on line have 50%, how's the running?

  • I had a great day out today. imageI will admit at this point that I raced on Thursday at the Warrington 10k but I'd been ill for a couple of days and had a bit of a stinker and wished I hadn't bothered at the end. Nearly got beat by PPP so that's how bad it was! image

    Anyway, I felt fine today so decided to turn up and race in what is fast becoming my favourite ever race! I had a quick look around at the start and saw the likes of Malcolm Fowler and Tom Bush and thought I need to hammer this if I'm gonna win. I went off hard from the start to make sure I was in control of the race and decided that if anyone was going to beat me they were going to have to hurt to do it. image

    Got to Windgatherer where you double back on yourself and saw that I had a bit of a lead but not a big one and decided to really push hard across the field and along the trail that led down from there. I went the wrong way somewhere and luckily the marshall shouted me back so I reckon I lost about 15 seconds-ish but luckily no-one came up onto my shoulder and I kept a bit of a gap right though to the finish.

    It was a great buzz coming down that path alongside the river knowing I had the race won. It meant I could enjoy the river bit without too much pressure. image Whoever thought up that idea of having a river crossing at the end is a genius. I love the pantomine aspect of it where anyone who launches themselves in gets cheered and anyone who it a bit of a wuss gets boo-ed!

    Well done to JS for winning the ladies race and making it a Stockport double! image

    Oh and Stockport won first men's team prize! image AM - there's some beer with your name on it. JS has got it (unless she drank it all tonight!). Well done in your first ever fell race.

    Well done to GBM, TST and MTBB as well. Good running by you all.

    Anyone who hasn't done this race - you have got to do it next year! It rocks! It is 100% on my list of races to do next year!

    And as if that wasn't enough, GBM and FOAR - thanks for a great afternoon / evening / night out! That was definitely the most fun I have ever had handing out Stockport 10 entry forms! GBM - you are definitely invited on every night out I ever go on! image

    TST - I was hoping to be able to retire from fell racing after today but strangely enough I have decided that I quite enjoy them. I'm not sure what it means for a road runner to have a fell race as his favourite race - maybe I'm just in denial.

  • another convert, amen, halelujah.
  • clairsterclairster ✭✭✭
    well done NI & JS, top stuff. Again. Sounds liek a fab day out for Stockport AT WW

    I did Holly challenge marathon, started at someone's house and was 31.5laps round farm tracks i guess. 2 slopes on each lap, but they add up! Most entertaining image 63hill reps, just what you need on a saturday am image
  • Well done Team Stockport!

    That was tough this morning, 21 miles for me.  Wish we'd set off an hour earlier to miss some of that heat but that wasn't possible as we had to accommodate GBM. image

  • Yes it was tough, never sweated as much in my life, lost 5lb in weight..

    Well done for yesterday.

  • Well done to the Harriers yesterday at the Whaley Waltz. Not only a great turnout but brilliant individual and team results! image

    ES/J8/JS/DB & Mr S - Thanks for the run this morning. Yes, that was a struggle! Although the pace wasn't that fast I just didn't feel like I could go much quicker in the heat & humidity.

    ES - A lesser man would've cracked, kudos to you for keeping on!
  • Well done at Whalley waltz all and especially NI and JS - jumping in that river looked horrid!

     TB - running going okay but not as good as Mr Thomas McNally. After a brief respite of a mere 24 years he has returned to winning ways and is the Hepworth Dryad 2011 mens champion. His name goes on the trophy along side the likes of Carl Thackary and Matthew Pierson. He is quite pleased about it. I got stuffed and was well beaten  2nd lady but ran a bit quicker than last year even though I fell over on my arse in some mud, so can't complain.

  • Well done the waltzers. JS amd NI great wins again, glad you got over the disaster of only being half a minute ahead of me on Thursday NI, that really was rubbish.
  • Well done Tom! and SW cut yourself some slack! Sounds like a good result to me.
    Thu 30 Jun - Sizzler - NI, mtbb, GBM, PPP
    Sun 3 July - Shifnal half, tst + mgmt, wedding anniversary race
    Wed 06 Jul - Cat & Fiddle Down & Up Relay - Daz
    Wed 06 Jul - Offerton 10k - NI
    Sat 09 Jul - Wasdale - Daz
    Thu 14 Jul - Sizzler - NI, mtbb, PPP, GBM, AM
    Sat 16 July - trig to track (1 mile downhill this year) tst
    Wed 20 Jul - Shining Tor - GBM
    Wed 20 Jul - Sefton Park 5 - NI
    21 july - sheldon, tst
    Sat 23 Jul - Snowdon - Daz, RC?
    Sun 24 Jul - Boundry Breeze tri - SARQ
    Wed 27 Jul - Macc Forest 5 - GBM, mtbb, Daz
    Wed 27 Jul - Millbrook Moster - Kwaka
    Wed 03 Aug - Cracken Edge - GBM, MH
    Sat 06 Aug - Borrowdale - Daz
    Sat 6 Aug - teggs nose, tst
    Sun 21 Aug - Dorset Doddle - Daz, mort
    Sun 21 Aug - Leek Half - PPP
    Wed 24 Aug - Chunal, tst
    Sat 03 Sep - Bullock Smithy - anyone?
    Sun 04 Sep - Tameside 10K - Kwaka
    Sun 11 Sep - Lake Vyrnwy Half- GBM, PPP, Funk, Eric, FOAR
    Sat 17 Sep - High Peak 40 - UB, PPP
    Sat 24 Sep - JWUltra - clairster
    Sun 25 Sep - Berlin marathon- J8, Mr S
    Sun 25 Sep - Macclesfield Half - PPP
    Sat 01 Oct - causeway ultra - clairster
    Sun 02 Oct - Great Cumbrian Run HM - NI
    Sun 09 Oct - Chester Marathon - mtbb, GBM, RC, Funk, FOAR, Eric, PPP (probably)
    Sun 09 Oct - Reservoir Jogs - Kwaka

    no one doing BS this year?

  • Thanks all for a good run this morning. Hats off to those who did more than the 16m. Could have done with a dip in a river at the end of todays run as well!!

    PPP, SW & M - Well done to to you all. image

    NI & AM - I have 15 bottles of Bollington's finest brewed beer in my boot, 10 of which are yours. When/where shall I deliver them? I will be claiming 1 as payment for storage space for each day I'm driving around with them so you better be quick! image

  • Well done JS and NI - fab running!

    GBM - saw Cath and Ian before and they said they'd seen you - sounds like you had a good night! Has Whaley recovered yet from you lot?!! It may take a while!

  • Well done to all runners and racers and winners this weekend!!

    Minnie--You will have to ask Foxy and Ni if we had a good night because i can't remember.

    GBM--Lounging around all day with a hangover isn't going to get you a sub 3 marathon is it!!!??


  • JS/Jonah/UB/Es/MrS - well it's taken me 12hrs to rehydrate but I think I'm just about there ! Good run though, thank you all. I know you sy it wasn't that fast UB but I beg to differ, or perhaps there's just still a lot of to do ! Intend to hang on in there though !

    SW - sounds like youve had a very productive weekend, fantastic. Congratulations to Mr McN on his new title. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow nights session - not !

    NI - what number race are you on then now ? It was 8 in 2 weeks wasn't it ? Well done on your WW victory, altho not sure how you wangled a pair of Fell Shoes and poor JS got a bottle of wine ?! Theres Equality for you ! I whimped out, trying to protect my Achilles tendon by staying on level ground.

    GBM - it was very considerate of you to inflict a lie in upon us all !!
  • JS, we both live in Heaton Moor just off Shaw Road (if you know the area).  I don't mind collecting them to save you the journey if you prefer.  My mobile 07776 160668. 
  • Well done to Clairster, M and SW!

    JS - tomorrow night or Wednesday night is good for me if you wanna bring them round thanks. AM lives very near to me so you could bring his round as well! image 

    DB - 4 races in 8 days with 2 done and 2 to go. There was only one pair of shoes. If I hadn't taken them, the second or third placed men could have got them before JS got called up to claim her prize and then neither of us would have got them. Hope your achilles is OK. You missed a cracker of a race!

    TST - I'm planning on doing BS if I can get enough reccies done before then. Once I've got all my current lot of races out of the way I'm going to be doing long runs every weekend again and they might as well all be BS reccies for a while.

    Minnie - I don't know if Whaley has recovered but I reckon there's a lot of malnourished teenagers round there now having had their soup stolen by three hungry runners! image

  • The brokerThe broker ✭✭✭

    A big well done to all WINNERS  and runners this week. I think i've got the hang of this running lark, start at the front and don't let anyone pass you.-NI/JS/Tom well done.

    SW-well done on second place, bit more effort who knows, see point aboveimage, seemingly you could always run a 20 miler every day like DB.

    M6-i've e-mailed AD to get your shield engraved and your name added onto the larger shield, just need to collect it from J8image

    TST-i think i'm having a senior moment, i remember having to jump into a stream at the end of a fell race a couple of years back, but i don't remember doing the WW or perhaps i have.image

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    Big Congrats to Nexus and Jet Setter image image

    I'm still trying to get into the top 50% of a fell race, so actually Winning one boggles my mind!  image

    clairster - I knew you were mental, but I didn't think you were that mental! Well Done though... (I think) image

    Chrome Hill was a fantastic little race, run off Hollinsclough village/school fete which was really cute and kept the family amused (after we found the darned village in the first place, which involved driving for miles down narrow/steep/unsignposted lanes)
    4 miles of mayhem through boggy/rutted/muddy farmers' fields and skittering about on slick limestone image interspersed with some decent track and an uphill road finish image

    54 starters, so not a bad turnout really, I finished 30th, so still no top half image

    definitely recommend it though, although with it likely to clash with Whaley Waltz every year I might have to alternate them...

  • Mr Simmons--Have you heard about the Titanic?
  • It was more news about Bash running it than the actual marathon or am I still that out of touch.
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