Malvern Half-Marathon

Who is going to do this then? This will be my third half since March this year.

I was going to run this one last year but I was still quite a new runner and didn't feel confident.

Anyone run it last year? Where does it go? Does it go from Three Counties out to Upton?

I hope it will be drier than last year!!



  • I'm in. Half marathons are rapidly becoming my prefered distance although I've not done this one before.

    Rain I can manage - it's the sun that's a killer.
  • Well that's at least two of us!

    I will be coming from South Wales, probably coming up on the Saturday and camping overnight.

    I also think half marathons are my favorite distance, its long enough to be challenging but your not totally wiped out for weeks after.

    I hope its not too hot either.

  • I'll be there - camping on site is a good idea the traffic was awful last year (started 10 mins behind the main field), mainly because the car parks were flooded. Try to arrive as early as possible.

    Route is out from the Three Counties Site to Upton (via Tiltridge Vineyard) then to Hanley Castle, and down the Guarlford Straights to Welland. A few lumps and bumps but no significant hills. Hopefully there won't be problems with the traffic that there were last year.

    Found running so much easier today in the cooler conditions, hoping for the same on raceday.
  • Am doing this one as it's my home town so was pleased to discover they had their own half marathon! This will be my 3rd half and the smallest in terms of amount of competitors by quite a long way so not sure what that will be like. Plus as I know the area well will probably be all too aware of where I am and just how far there is to go! Hoping to drag plenty of friends and family out to support!
  • Spoke to a lady from Acorns today - their prefered date for the race was last Sunday, lucky escape then.
  • Well, I'll be there. I too haven't run this before but what the heck, it's a new one. I'm going to try and enter as many different events as I can from now on. I'm really enjoying it.
  • Camping on site...flooded car parks...Surely the two are not compatable?

    How early should I aim to arrive to void the mayhem?
  • I've just printed off the application form. Assuming I fill it in and send it off, this will be my smallest HM too. Last one was Bath, which was BIG.....
  • Is anybody injured who has an injury they might kindly consider letting me purchase off them please?
  • Hi SG
    Are you after a number for the Malvern half.Not clear from your post? I have one spare. Drop me an e-mail. if you do.

  • Hi Andrew,

    Yes I am after a number and have E-Mailed you, thanks

  • They're in the middle of putting the flood barriers up in Upton Upon (in) Severn at the moment.
    Apparently a swell of water is due to hit Upton/Worcester in the coming 24 hours.

    I'd imagine the course may differ slightly from last year unless the main road remains open (Upton to Hanley leg) in which case you should remain fairly dry.

    I'm not at a level to run this yet but am coming to cheer a friend on...good luck all.
  • Thanks for the info Marc. I was wondering how that would affect things as Upton always floods in these weather conditions.

    Re you level, try a half and take it very easy. You will suprise yourself. With the other runners and support such as you are giving I'm sure you would get round.:-)
  • Bad news, the campsite just down the road from the Three Counties has telephoned and cancelled our pitch for the weekend, it is too boggy!! Not sounding good at all.

    I think I will ring the helpline number to see if it is still going ahead as I am coming from South Wales and I dont want to get there and find it is cancelled.

  • Ready for this now

    Just got a 5 mile race Wednesday night

    Malvern will be our 139 th HM

    Clocked 1.52 last year !
  • Hmmm - weather looks distinctly dodgy, and I know Upton always floods at the slightest provocation, so I think I will definitely be checking that it's still on before leaving home. I have a 3 hour journey to get there, and don't want to waste it. I missed it last year due to injury; this year I have respiratory infection, and it looks like it could be washed out - someone, somewhere doesn't want me to do this race.
  • If the weather is anything like yesterday I won't even get out of the village, let alone navigate around Upton.
  • Welshlass, any news from the help line?
  • CP - I have just e mailed the organisers to ask whether the race is on still. As soon as I get a reply I will post it.
  • I`m coming down from Nottingham for the weekend. Keeping fingers and everything else crossed. Just saw Upton on the BBC news and it doesn`t look good.
  • race is on, i telephoned today, and spoke direct

    They have plan B arranged with local constabulary to change route if neccessary


    Why are you driving all the way down from Notts when Mansfield HM is on ??
  • I rang the helpline and they were going to make a final decision on Friday and post a message on their website. So we will have to wait and see. THey are giving a severe weather warning in that area all weekend with heavy rain!

  • Local forecast for Hereford & Worcester courtesy of Paul Damari the 2 counties local weatherman:

    Weather Prediction for Friday 29 June
    Sunny spells and patchy cloud, some showers about, rainfall 2-6 mm where showers falls. Rain setting in overnight. Good visibility between the day time showers. Low cloud shrouding the hills and high level routes in the overnight rain. Winds westerly 12 mph picking up overnight from the south.
    Maximum temperature 18-19c 64-66f.
    Minimum temperature 8-10c 46-50f.

    Weather for Saturday 30 June
    Heavy prolonged rains lashing the area giving between 20-50 mm in parts, causing huge problems with the flood situation. Winds southerly gusting to 35 mph later.
    Maximum temperature 15-16c 59-61f.
    Minimum temperature 12-14c 54-57f.

    Weather for Sunday 1 July
    Sunshine and local thundery cloudbursts, hail and thunder with squally winds in places. Winds west to south-west gusting above 40 mph in storm centre's.
    Rainfall 10-30 mm where storms occur.
    Maximum temperature 16-17c 61-63f.
    Minimum temperature 9-12c 48-54f.

    IMHO car parking and the 3 Counties Site may be more of a problem that the course.

  • Well I've checked the website this morning still no sign of it being cancelled. Fingers crossed
  • I emailed the organisers this morning and they are making a decision this afternoon. Keep checking the website.
  • quote from their site:

    "Due to the adverse weather conditions around Upton Upon Severn we have planned an alternative route to use if nessary. This will result is a reduced course of 11.7 miles. The spring chicken run will definatly be taking place as originally planned. Looking forward to seeing you on the day.
    Please arrive early."

    I don't recall seeing that before, but I've no idea how long that has been there!
  • Don't know how I feel about a reduced course?
  • I am not running this, will be on my bike, but my friend is coming up especially from Wiltshire to get a good time on a flattish course. I think this is absolutely ridiculous - don't these people realise that times and distances matter to runners?

    Last year we had to run about 200 yds up the Blackmore estate road and then back - to make it up to the full half mara. This road goes on for 3 miles. Surely if the worst came to the worst they could send people a mile or whatever is required up there and back?

    They seem to me to have made very little effort to provide a viable alternative. I just hope that the floods go down for you all.. and that Mr Clive's strawberries and the road you need to run along are not under 6 feet of water anymore after tomorrow!
  • Agree entirely badger.
    I remember thinking it odd last year being sent down towards Blackmore, and this year they amended the route to avoid doing that again, but surely they can get permission from the farmer to reuse the track under the circumstances. After all, the run is for charity, and a lot of people won't do it if it doesn't now offer a PB potential as a complete course.
    I hope that they can sort something out if the Upton lanes are still under water. Would rather see it postponed than shortened.
  • If it is shortened I've decided that I will not do it and I will expect a refund. I entered a half marathon and that is not what 11.7 miles is.

    Its a shame but after a disastor at Blackpool I really wanted to do a half mara.

    I will do a local 10k instead
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