Round Norfolk Relay

Is anyone out there doing the round Norfolk relay on the 14/15 September.


  • I'm not doing it this year but I did do it in 1999. It was great fun!
  • I did it in 1996 - unfortunately I got the 6:00 am 12 mile leg - that was a lot of fun..........NOT!!!
  • Grumpy! I can't think of anything better than to run at dawn.

    I did the 10 mile leg at 11am - very civilised!

    Check out as they have a race report on their site.
  • I ran a leg at 5.00am in the morning on same team as the Lycra Kitten and really enjoyed the experience,running with Lycra Kitten always special.

    Mr Lycra Kitten who has become runner since was cycling in support.

    It is a team event and to finish the relay is an achievement in itself.
  • Hello Lippy! Welcome to the forum.
  • Sounds like a Frankie Howard quote and he
    isn't a member of our running club !!

    Running a six mile stage on Norfolk Relay this coming Saturday morning cushy number this time the map detailing the logistics of who goes where in which car and when they can eat etc looks like a complicated wiring device.I thought i understood it until somebody said the paper was upside down.
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