Friday 25th May 2006

Santa cruz and trestle


What: 4.5 miles easy/rehab exercises
Why: schedule/rehab programme
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Saturday

Have a good day out there today:-)
Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    What: 5km race Hyde Park
    Why: Its what i do
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Yeserday

    Have a good day
  • Morning All

    Last long training run pre Comrades d & d, started at 0300 in 31C and finished in 43C! Last few miles were tough! Managed to persaude 4 clubmates who aren't even training for anything to join me at the 0300 start, now thats being a mate!


    What: 27.2 miles in 4hours 20 mins
    Why: Now I can taper in peace
    Last hard: the last three miles today
    Last rest: Wednesday

    Have a good one and good luck to Peter G in the 100K.
  • Nice running DD, good luck PeterG

    What: 1.66 miles easy AM d&d
    lunchtime run ??
    Gym session core,legs ? run ?
    Why: taking it easy this week so may skip stuff
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Monday
    Lyrics: Nope
  • Morning

    What: 6 with BR and Hilly
    Why: They planned it!
    Last hard: Wednesday
    LAst rest: Tuesday

    Good luck DD. Sounds like your running is going really well.

    Good luck Pammie. Hyde Park running - lovely!!

    WP - hope your foot is on the mend!

  • Morning,

    great last long run there DD. Hope the taper doesn't make you too crazy.

    Good luck Peter!

    BR re your post last night - my rowing coach used to say that we raced best when tired. Perhaps there's something in that?? <Sets down opened can of worms and backs away>

    What: 5x300m swim, short bike
    Why: schedule easing down
    Last hard: run yesterday
    Last rest: Tues last week.

    Good runnings all.
  • Morning all.

    I think you've earned your taper now, DD.

    Blisters, having lived a while in your neck of the woods, finding places that are 'not flat' isn't all that hard :-)

    BR - cue for some opportunistic training? Do your key sessions on whatever day you feel up to it after warm up? Seems like those days are there often enough, just not following the schedule.

    What: yet another rest day
    Why: circumstances conspiring against me, but plan to run long tomorrow, so maybe blessing in disguise. Left lower leg still delicate, tomorrow will be a real test.
    Last hard: while now
    Last rest: wednesday

    Car repair yesterday was really trivial and cheap: good surprise!
  • morning,

    nice race performances from stuart and drew yesterday. i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets lost running

    and enjoyed the next wabo one - running on sand is horrible, you did well to keep going on the dunes. looking forward to the marathon report next

    congratulations to speedie on bump and melissa on book. i bumped into harold wilson on a school holiday in the scilly isles in 1973, we took his photo which i still have somewhere in glorious black and white and developed in the school dark room

    nice to see birkmyre off the bench and more positive noises from scottS, CG, RFJ adn FIN

    hugs to scoobs woofie, CC sends his regards

    what - haircut and 5k race at dunham massey
    why - i think podro called it streamlining
    last hard - 3 days
    last rest - 4 days

    lyrics - at first i thought it was big sur by the thrills so i checked and it isn't but i do now know what it really is but wouldn't have got it without help. one for trini and scoobs perhaps regarding the activity if not the place
    now i've confused everybody
  • What: 5 miles done and dusted. All very gentle


    P.S. BR - i would suggest that it is farily simple why Tuesday's race was not what you would have wanted. A marathon at 7:12 per mile pace two days before is something that frankly is bound to take something out of you and certainly not have you fresh.
  • Morning

    DD - Good mates indeed! Well done on the long last run.

    pammie and clink - Best of luck

    IronMelissa - Congratualtions. What an achievement!

    Tom - Children are so entertaining at that age even when they don't mean to be. Special times.

    Best wishes to all those on the bench.

    Glad to say daughter slept through the night and is still fast asleep. D and V lasted whole day though so pretty nasty whatever it was. Thanks for the good wishes - you're a nice lot you know.

    What: 7 miles steady
    Why: Much more with it today

    Enjoy the day
  • Morning all

    DD - nutter! In a good way, of course.

    What: the usual 1.5 miles run d&d, 9 miles cycle (4.5 d&d)
    Why: shins starting to feel better, but I'm not increasing the distance until I feel no pain
    Last hard: good question
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: nope

    Felt sluggish today, after a long day yesterday - very little real rest. In reality it was the quickest ride in to work ever and the second fastest run this year.

    I'm thinking of increasing the cycling next week if they shins don't allow me to increase the running miles. I'm actually quite getting into this short and fast cycling and running combination. I've no current desire to do an ironman (actually, I've got no desire to train for one) but a sprint tri seems a heck of a lot more appealing than any sort of distance running. I may feel different when the injury's gone. Or I may buy some swimming goggles.

  • Morning!

    Just 9 days to Bala - and only one more work day for me (but it does threaten to be a hideous one!)

    Can of Worms - I definitely don't race best when tired, but I also don't like tapering - Bala will be a 2 or 3 day taper (but I guess the IMA taper will be much longer)

    Flyaway - welcome to the tri side!

    Scooby - The Big Woody?! Your inner pirate is really taking control :-) Don't tell any of the other pirates I said this, but apparently there are shorter races around...

    Podro - you are going to love OW and the wettie (if it ever arrives)

    IronMel - congratulations - just had a sneaky look on Amazon - you've got nice reviews already :-)

    What: 2km swim d&d, maybe beer later
    Why: Seems like life doesn't want me to run today :-)
    Lyrics: Ooooh oooh yes... I know... I know... only I can't quite remember...

    Last day of Summer today (except Sunday week when it'll be sunny, I hope)
  • Morning

    Good racing Stuart,Drew and Wabo.

    What: Nothing
    Why:Every second day during May (I am poet)
    Last hard: ......

    I made a discovery with regards to the injury I suffered. I was convinced the cause was hill reps and hard training too soon after Comrades,but I was wrong. I have been running in Asics Nimbus (moon boots) for the past three years. About a month after Comrades I bought the update (VIII) Different design to VII. Used this for hill reps and did a half marathon (longest run in those shoes) a week before injury. Got injured with about 50 miles on the pair. Could never quite shake the nagging feeling that the shoes were responsible.

    Now,went for a run in these shoes last week and the area where the stress fractures were started hurting after 3 miles. Used these shoes again yesterday (risky,but had to be sure) and the same thing happened. I paid about 90 pounds to not run for 8 months. Not too sure where to go from here,mere mortals like myself require some cushioning...or do we?
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    Morning runners.

    DD - That is some training run

    NR - Running with BR & hilly - respect!

    What: Rest
    Why: Marathon meal this evening
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Monday
  • Morning All,

    What: 2km test set swim; spin set on the turbo
    Why: IMA
    Last: hard: yesterday
    Last rest: monday

    Have a hard weekend ahead - 10miles with 2 x 20 a bit above HM HR followed by a hanging-on-by-the-finger-nails hard turbo set on Saturday and a 5hr ride followed by a 2hr run on Sunday.

    V busy today.
    Melissa- congrats on the book!

    Drew - well done on the five miler.

    Wabo - hope I can catch the marathon report.

    Sportaloo- I'm not an especially fast or stylish runner with high-arched rigid feet and would be recommended well-cushioned shoes. However, I find them impossible to run in because my feet are in battle with them. I get on much better with very flexible (soles and uppers) performance/race shoes. Currently running in saucony grid static racers, NB 750 or Saucony fastwitch speed. Might be worth a go for you?
  • 200 minutes

    Hilly and I used to live near each other in Dorset and would regularly compete. Don't know if I could keep up with both now but I will try!!!
  • Morning

    Ahem - Hollywoods wotsits - you jest with me! I did not use the word 'BIG' when I mentioned woody to flyaway. More like baby for me. Ahar...:0))

    <Passes SVT swimming goggles>

    What: Rest and FOOD. :0)
    Why: Taper and well any excuse really
    Last Hard; hill yesterday - phewee!
    Last Rest: that'll be today then

    Have a great day out there.

    It's cooling down here in Plymouth rather well. Perfect! A nice bit of drizzle on Sunday for the hills with a gentle breeze just for the recovery bit after and that'll be me with a big fat grin on my face. :0) And then Mr Sunshine can come out in the afternoon. Yep I have it all planned.....
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all
    lots of exciting stuff coming up, bala, comrades and pete's 100k!!
    Lyrics, not a clue!
    good luck clink!!

    Cape Wrath Marathon report

    1st thing, I was always going to be a team of two so the plan was I do 11 miles and steve (hubby) does 15.2. How it works is we get ferried over to Cape Wrath and I run up to the lighthouse, Steve runs down form Lighthouse to ferry goes over on ferry and runs back up to durness village hall with a killer hill at the end!
    That was the plan..... Bad bad winds and so no ferries!! Plan two was the organisers took two man teams out to a point 13.1 miles away from durness and we run back, undulating of course! The weather was not good, however, the strong winds were behind us! Anyway we set off and I decided to run in the skins to give my left leg the best chance, I settled in pretty good and saw the pack up ahead drift off, steve in 5th place and 3 of my mates ahead! I watched the race ahead and I also realised only one lady was behind me, I had to dive off the road because with the long drive out I needed a pee (scuse me)! Last lady got ahead and it took me a mile to get her back, so you see I was running ok at this point, though I knew the way I was running felt all wrong! I overtook one other guy and had another in my sights and knew there were a couple ahead of him that start quick and I could catch.... I felt like that until about 4.5 miles. Left calf started to get tight, just under 9 miles to go, not what you need! I stopped and stretched and it was slightly easier though I knew this was to be a tough run. The next couple of miles the calf got no worse, what happened next was that my left glute, the cause of the problem, got tighter and tighter until the act of moving the left forward to run was getting unbearable! With 6 miles to go I was running/walking and trying to decide what to do, dnf???? 5 miles to go and Wabo is seriously not good at all, I had cried now at this point, with the sheer frustration of running!! My left leg just was not having any of it!! I had no choice at this point but to power walk, thats what I did pretty much for the last 5 miles! Every time I attempted running it hurt and I thought 'what the heck am I doing to my leg?' I did at this point try to get all you lot in my head,I could only manage to concentrate on stickless doing the miles with me, I tried my angels I call on to help (nutty I know) but I felt so alone! A long long road ahead, loch to the left sheep lambs and me. I started singing my school motto, gilbert o songs, gloria estefan and finally 3 wheels on my wagon!!! I also swore out loud lots and lots, I think I went a bit mad????

    Anyway, I got to one mile to go and then you go into a loop where the wind cruelly turns and goes straight into your face with the rain!! My head dropped at this point and I cried again, cried lots this race! Half a mile to go and I look back down the loop and see the winner of the whole marathon perhaps half a mile behind!! Funny thing happened now! Wabo thinks s*d that! The left leg can lump it cos I am running in and if he catches me I will stop and let him finish with plenty of whoops, as is right, but he doesn't catch me and I finish and run straight to the loo, where I cry again!!
    ps, yes it was totm!!!! as if the left leg wasn't enough ffs!

    the end of Wabo's Cape Wrath Challenge, you know I have to go back, I want to do the marathon proper!

    What: nothing, jongeluers later
    why: sis in law 40th
    last hard: see above!!!
    last easy: this whole week!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tapering, mmmmmmmm

    I've heard about it but prefer the phrase cutback week :¬)


    It would be good if you have found the issue, I have mailed you.
  • Morning,

    What: 1mile swim (couple of drills) am, 10min jog pm
    Why: The long awaited test run
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: 6 days

    Enjoy the long weekend and race well.
  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭
    Yes, I once kept up with hilly in a race. Lucky break that BR tempted her up North once she got quick. I wouldn't fancy trying to keep up now!
  • Morning

    BR, Pammie - I can confirm that the haircut has made me faster. Since it is a number 1 all over it also means it doesn't catch flies.

    Holly - still waiting for the wettie. Sorely tempted to get out in an old surfing shortie but I think it is stilll too cold.

    Wabo - fantastic report. Well done for finishing. Next year for the full.
  • Training -

    Coached swim. Maybe a cycle or run - depends on Podro minor who is sat in my office off school (again).
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    thanks podro, not next year though, probably 2009!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • wabo - ouch. I know that feeling of desperation when you can't run any more, but you've still got miles left.

    And I also know how there always seems to be that little bit extra you can squeeze out at the end!

    Well done for keeping going, and I hope the problems are very tenporary.
  • Wabo, ouch, I felt every step reading that - hope there is no lasting damage. What's next on your race list?
  • Matt

    good luck hope it goes well
  • It's Friday!

    Wabo, that sounded awful, how is your leg now? Well done for finishing through all that pain and frustration though.

    Scooby: Well, I was thinking about the Baby or possibly, possibly the Middle Woody, but my problems are
    1. wetsuit
    2. bike
    3. I would like to do Leicester marathon (Oct 14) so tri training might have to take a backseat for a while...
    At the moment I'm borrowing a bike but wont have it by Sept....we might be able to buy one but not sure it would be in time for Sept 1st.
    There's one in Stratford on Sept 30 which is 400m/23k/5k

    Dunno though. I could be persuaded either way.

    What: 5 mile slow d&d. Possibly swim, but maybe not.
    Why: tired
    Last hard: Tues
    Last rest: Wed

    Lyrics: sounds familiar, but i might be way off.
  • Morning all,

    MtB: hope the test run goes okay

    Wabo: Ouch! Some serious teeth-gritting there.

    What: nothing
    Why: (hopefully) a short stint on the B***h
  • Hello.

    Not been on this week due to being a bit busy at work, so apologies for things I have missed.

    Good luck today Pammie, and Clink I think?

    Enjoy the taper DD.

    Good luck to Peter in 100k.

    Wabo, hope you recover well, havent had a chance to read all your reports but sounds gutsy.

    Congrats to Speedy.

    SVT, get those goggles, you know you want to!

    I have to say I am somewhat tempted by the little woody, partly because the training means I cant put in loads of running miles which can (and usually do) leave me injured.

    What: been doing small runs this week due a) to work and b) niggly groin which I want to be right for Monday. So will go swimming in a bit and try to concentrate on technique.
    Why: MRC stat day so I can do what I want :-)
  • Oh yes, and be careful on your bikes folks. My nephew has just been clipped by a car and broken his collarbone in such a way that he needs an operation to put it back together. Poor lad has just started his GCSEs, so not the happiest, but at least he will be ok.
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