Friday 25th May 2006



  • Fk me DD, that is some dedication to training, and well done to your mates as well as to you.
    NR, BR, Hilly: a forumite social on the move, that sounds like fun.
    Wabo: that sounded like a seriously hard run. A real roller coaster of emotions. In amongst your angst, don't forget to be pleased with yourself for toughing it through. Loads of people here wouldn't recognise how tough you had it. We forget the pain. Remember to gloat in your glory, you deserve it today. Next month it will be boring, so make the most of it. You succeeded.
    Pammie: the times for your race don't seem that bad, just one of those days when you weren't "up for it"? Keep putting the miles in ;-)

    After yesterday's glorious trail run, I've yet to get to the hamster run. Being Friday I've already taken on board some dehydrating fluids, so I might give it up.
    Must get loaf cooked, it is in the airing cupboard proving as we speak. Or quatermassing.
  • DD, getting up at 3 am to help a mate on a long run certainly sounds beyond the call of duty

    Sportaloo, I sympathise with your shoe problem. Shoes often feel fine in the shop, but after a few runs turn out to be quite wrong, and by then one can't really take them back. I don't know what the solution is. Perhaps a ebay-type sale on the forums ?

    Pammie, well done on your race. Perhaps next month you could try setting off at a pace that feels really, really slow and only picking it up late. Unlike with a once-a-year marathon, you have a great opportunity to experiment with different tactics in these races; if you found you went off too slow next month you could start somewhere in between the month after. Do you look at your HRM ? Perhaps keeping your HR down below a particular figure in the first mile, and slightly more in the second. I find it very useful to do that in XC races, which are about 5-6k.

    What: 5ml easy
    Why: the shorter version of Friday easy run, for the summer season

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    oh thanks guys

    tmr - i tried to do that today tried to keep it slow plans were a 5:40 start and gradually pick it up through to the end what seemed relatively easy was obviously faster than i though so any ideas to slow it down a little, maybe tie my feet together!!!!

    Next month will be interesting its bound to be hot end of June normally is will be working till 2am that morning (i like my sleep) so bound to be tired but will try out Iron Mels theory about running well when tired.
    Could try the HR way any suggestions about a figure to keep it under for the first k
  • Do you download your HR data so it comes out as a curve ? If so you may be able to see how long it took to get to max, and then work out how much less it needs to be at, say, every 5 mins. I find that in a race of about 30 mins it shouldn't be above 95% for at leat the first 10 mins. When I feel I have run a good race I look at the graph and try and stick to that pattern. A tell-tale sign of having gone too fast too early is a 'sag' or worse still a drop in the curve towards the end.

    If you just have your average or max for the first mile, and you know you were too fast, try limiting yourself to 5 or 10 beats lower next time.
  • Sportaloo - I read your theories about the shoes and would agree; I tried running in lighter shoes for several years that gave me some cushioning and faster times for a while, but I think were ultimately detrimental to my feet. I've got some fast nike zoom elites with some support but they kill my feet now, so it's supportive asics 1110s all the time. It's annoying, but if that's the way it has to be, then so be it!

    And, for me....
    What: 1.8M trot on treadie then 1hour pilates
    Why: Friday night
    Last hard: last night's club run where I managed a fast 40mins (7:30min miling - good for me), it's coming back to me.....
  • Sportaloo - I'm with FL. I use Asics 1110 and on my 4th pair and never so much as a twinge.

    Hate rest days and can't wait for the alarm to go off at 04:00 in the morning!

    Will be doing 10 miles on the road through the edges of Kingston with local running club. We will be running with sweepers and athletic security guards to keep it safe!
  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭
    Dubai Dave - great training.

    Sporta - think shoes have a lot to answer for. I have a few different pairs of shoes. My slow shoes, my fast shoes, but most of all I think shoes need to be flexible - how can anyone run in bricks!

    Pammie - I think those 800s were still in your legs. You are fast enought to go faster - why not try doing plenty of easy running with a few strides in it - that way you'll have plenty in the bank when you want to take some out come the next LFOM 5k - good luck - I know you can do it!

    What - Friday - rest -mowed the lawns - that takes a couple of hours! It is now Saturday morning, just looked after the gkids so daughter and husband could go walking - I've got a x-country race this afternoon - they are mixing M16, W19, SW & VW in the same race - I can imagine it is going to be one fast start - oh dear!!
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Lyrics Surfing USA by the beachboys:-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
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