Do you like the way you look?


Sorry Danny - your thread got me thinking so I shamelessly used it for my own interest :-)


  • No problem cornishchick. I get 5p commission for every reply.
  • oh dear.
  • Not first thing in the morning, no!

  • Face - not too bad. Hair - bit mad but I accept it. Body - fat, but shrinking.
  • In answer to the question - yes, apart from my nose (in profile), my teeth and my hairy shoulders!
  • Apart from the injury period fat, I'm devastatingly good looking... So, if you're interested... Drop me a line. (joke)
  • you ?
  • you first
  • Will you two just please 'get a room' :-)

    Errr not really!
  • you gotta live with it, unless you wanna do crazy stuff to yourself...
  • This is true.

    Kathy - you're lovely!

    I think I usually am ok with it, but then I guess everyone has days when they think 'good lord, I look like I live under a bridge' and other days when you think you dont look too bad.

    Or is that just me?
  • I bought a new book this morning which i think would be good for you STOXY (wherever you are)its called 'Men are from earth, Women are from earth...Get used to it', I'll let you have it when im done!

    (sorry off topic but Runt just reminded me :-))
  • No - me as well - sometimes I'm fien with it, other times I think "jeeeesus!"
  • What's wrong with living under a bridge?!
  • Arrr cheers CC - but you haven't seen me..:-)

    Easy for you to say Runt-your delicious apparently!
  • Hmm.
    Nose a bit crooked I think. Otherwise face not bad.
    Wouldnt mind losing a bit of weight off my belly. And not happy with my bingo wings.

    Apart from that Im beating them off with a stick.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I swing between drop dead gorgeous and Medusa depending on what the wind has done to my hair and whether it's pre or post run.
  • Medusa - lol!

    Kathy - thats what you think......
    And I agree - if I looked like a cross between ewan mcgregor and stephen dorff I'd be pretty happy (um - if I was a man, obviously)
  • surely it's how you feel that makes you happy ?
  • Ok, if I was feeling someone that looked like a cross between ewan mcgregor and stephen dorff I'd be pretty happy as well....!
  • Oh, sorry, you said 'how' you feel, not 'who'
  • mmmm...either or.
  • Sorry, Ii blame all the friskiness on the 'ladies near a TV' thread - set me off :-)
  • So actually its my fault? lol :-)
  • I like to think I'm "good for age"!
  • no apologies. Missed that one - not being a lady near a tv set...
  • yes Kathy - I'm afraid you're entirely to blame :-)
  • not bad for 48 -if I get me flabby tummy out of the way and keep renewing the hair dye:O)
  • I like how I think I look, and try to make sure reality in the form of photographs and unposed glimpses of myself in mirrors doesn't spoil the illusion too often ;o)
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