So long, and thanks for all the curries



  • keep your spirits up Tor, best advice I was ever given was by a bloke one year away from collecting his pension, "keep turning up, keep taking the money and keep smiling" seems to work for me!
  • Tor, great to hear from you. Hope you start to see some benefit from the procedure soon.

    Definitely be good to see you at the curry nights - next one is on the 22nd.

    Not getting on very well with Facebook - you may or may not have got an email from me on there! Tried to send it but got a weird message so not sure whether it went or not!!

    Take care of yourself xx
  • I don't know you but have read some of your posts. Its really sad that you feel that you can no longer run or be aroung runners - although I can understand why. All the best with whatever you do in the future.
  • tsk...'aroung' = around.

    Really must learn to proof-read posts before posting.
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