Recovery from injury

I'm training for the Great North Run, the first time I've done it for 10 years! I was doing very well and got up to 7-8 miles comfortably. I've now hurt my foot - think I must have pulled a muscle while running, or twisted it slightly - and it's hurting too much to run. Any ideas of what I can do to keep up fitness but rest my foot while I recover? Can someone reassure me too that a week off won't put me back too much.


  • I've always understood that by taking four day's off you don't loose any fitness. So a week can't be that bad & it might not even come to that.
    Just be careful when you do try again.
    Good luck.
  • What part of your foot have you hurt? Is it the ankle, or the foot itself?
    What I find helps me is a change of training, ie cross train for a while and let your running muscles rest a bit whilst keeping up your fitness. I used rowing, so long as it is not your ankle that hurts or cycling. I have read that swimming is good too.
    After exercise try and ice your foot, or put it in a basin of cold water for a few minutes. Just take it easy for a while and don't rush back into the running when you feel better.
    Good luck.
  • Anne-marie

    Provided you have been running reasonably consistently up until now, you will lose almost no fitness with a week off. A couple of other suggestions.

    Have you tried running through the injury? Sometimes rest IS the best bet but on occasions if the pain isn't too severe running through can actually aid recovery (with twists as opposed to stress injuries) as it gets blood circulating arounf the injured area.

    Stair climbing and / or Nordic skiing are useful (non-impact) exercises that will keep you in excellent shape while your foot recovers. Alternatively cycling or swimming will also help.

    If the foot is swollen, take some anti-inflamatories or see your doctor for an anti inflamatory spray.

    Best of luck with the GNR
  • Yes, can also confirm that time off isn't damning. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it, as I end up taking lots of time off, with my rather battered body. But I believe it too. Some of my quantum leaps in stamina have followed setbacks. Partly through rest (a really good rest makes a big difference), but partly also because the setback made me approach the problem of gaining strength in different ways. When speed caused heart? problems, I studied slow, and extended the period of time I could run for. When a hip came unstuck and caused problems if I used a long stride, I learned a short stride and increased pace. I am now sidelined with a back problem, and my swimming is coming on nicely!

    Not remotely sure about running through it - MartinH seems able to tolerate a lot of pain! but swear by effective anti-inflammatories, and getting moving again, asap, although trying not to re-introduce the strain that caused the injury in the first place. Not at first anyway.

    Yes, one feels a fool planning on a half while struggling to walk. The hardest thing I've done recently is to negotiate publicity for a half I am running in October while flat in bed unable to sit up!

    Being easily broken, I reckon I must spend half my time injured or recovering. But I spend half my time not injured, and progress does get made!

    Good luck, put your ingenuity to the problem, and run well. Marj
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    you really are quite unbelievable staying so positive thorough all your injuries. I hope you're able to be up and running again soon. Take Care!
  • Wow marj! you and me both! Im always injured with something..backward progress all the time. But your words give me heart to keep going and find ways round things.Thanks
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