This soggy Sunday afternoon finds me in contemplative mood. My current thoughts are as follows: there are few things, I would say, more lovely than a cup of tea after a good run on a filthy day.


  • Or a naughty text?
  • sex does it:O))
  • Kathy, are you sending or receiving?

  • Tell you what I thought was just perfect today Bunbury, the orange quarters we could help ourselves to after today's r*ce. The the chocolate muffins and cup of tea. I gave the pasties in boxes marked "seconds" a miss though!
  • When I was at college in Leeds in the '80s, I remember this pearl of wisdon scrawled on the wall of the Hall launderette:

    'There's nothing as overrated as a bad f**k, nor anything as underrated as a good s**t.'

    Sadly, the name of this philosopher is lost to posterity, but since we're in contemplative mood, I suggest we turn our thoughts to this assertion....

    ...can't say I argue with it.
  • It wasn't Shittgenstein was it ?
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