Great Yorkshire Run - 9/9/07

Saw this advertised in the local evening paper and went on the Great Run website for more details and was gobsmacked at the £22 entry fee. Is it me or is this just a little extortionate? No, I won't be entering, I'll go up to the Wetherby 10K instead, and it's only £8...


  • No comments? OK - by comparison, the Lincs Wolds 10 Miler on 8/9/07 offers a sweat shirt + free buffet for a fiver...
  • Jeeez, £22 for a 10K? That is ridiculous, me and (future) brother-in-law had planned on entering this but i doubt it for that price.

    Why would it be so expensive?
  • As the event has no history, as it were, it is even worse to charge this much. Im not saying its right but the gnr gets away with charging over the odds especially given the history of the event. As I say not right but thats the way it is.

    Im doing the Yorkshireman off-road half that day. £10. Club cross countries with free food £2. Most ten k's Ive done between £5 and £8.
  • Oh and if all races were £22 I would not be able to afford to take part in any races.
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