Bank Holiday, Schmank Holiday

Not a holiday in Scotland :(


  • I'm working until 1pm. Ironic as I work for a bank!

  • Someone I know is doing 12 hours double time and taking home £420 for the privilage. Just wish it was me :-(
  • I am working at home - does this count?
  • doing same as usual -don't feel like a BH:o-
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    I'm marking exam papers, so I'm working too.
  • The weather is miserable as sin...may as well be working!
    I DID work all weekend if that counts?
  • I have some work to do this morning and then my plan is to tidy my office up.. it looks a mess with paper everywhere... if you remember by previous thread about my scary cleaner, June, you will know that she constantly moans at me about it...

  • Yes and its chucking it down, and I have 180 ewes to move from one part of the moor to another.
  • I love your posts FR

    It makes stripping the wallpaper seem even more boring though
  • Not that I'm doing that -I'm sat posting on here avoiding it :-D
  • Some days I really envy you, FR.......... and then there's today :-)
  • Actaully the rains not so bad. Its the north wind I don't need. Lambs get soaked and then cold - not good. Thats why I'm shifting them - nice little sheltered dell with plenty of walls where they'll be out of it.

    Like you Mrs P I'm trying to avoid it - but I can't really.....
  • Blimey, the sun just came out!

    Oops spoke too soon....
  • I'm working, but it's more for a hobby than for real work. That said, it's gona take a good few hours and a few coffees to get me through it I think. :o/
  • Working at home...but not for much longer today!
  • I will be working from 3 - 10 and then up again at 6 for first job tommorrow
  • Still avoiding the decorating.......

    I'm expecting my near naked men again today. 3 tanned fit men sawing's going to be tough.

    But I might reagin some enthusiasm for decorating when they arrive
  • I was working for a couple of hours, finished now untill 6th June. Off to Portugal 2mrw and cant blinking wait.
  • I'm studying - does that count?
  • Working at 5 tonight

    double time and its raining .... cant wait!!
  • im working the full 24 hours in a poxy hospital. still suffering from sat night. im clearly not that busy thoughb as i have found time for this forum thingy!
  • I'm working today, but I'm in Montreal at the moment and it's not a holiday here!
    25 degrees, warm, sunny, dry.
  • Thanks for the weather report SB - I think you're just trying to pi$$ us off ?
  • 6 hours to go ........
  • Sorry about that SPM - but guess what it's going to be like here tomorrow?
    Hot, sunny & dry.....
  • you can go off people rapidly you know!
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