Speedwork=chest infection

Why is it everytime I try a track speedwork session a few days later my asthma kicks in and I develop a chest infection?

I will have to go to GP tomorrow as I feel really rough, only did the session on Tuesday.

Last time I did this it was the same, October and then in December bad chest infections after track speed session. Can anyone give me an answer?



  • Is there a relationship between asthma and chest infections ?

    I used to get loads of colds until I started taking vitamins every day. Crunch them when you eat them.
  • I must remember to take my multivitamins. I have now been to the GP and I do have a chest infection. Back on oral steriods and antibiotics.

    The only good thing is a little afternoon nap!

    I wonder if there is a connection between pushing hard in training and then having asthma bringing on a chest infection?

  • I can't see why, but don't really know.

    Paula R has asthma and seems to do ok.
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