Knickers that don't think they're thongs

Well - are there any that always stay put (almost) no matter what ?


  • Only Sloggies, so I'm told. I don't personally wear these but am told they are good. Also, what about tennis knickers? I've seen some in the sports shops and quite like the towelling ones, reminds me of my school days.

    Better still SS is to go commando. I find this far more comfortable than having to pull my knickers 'down' and having them rub, which can be painful!
  • I'm going to be brave and put up what I've thought whenever commando comes up - what about all the what ifs..!
  • Sloggis
    Well, i used to wear these all the time
    They dont stay put that well
  • Wore big pants for yesterdays run: ended up with what was in effect the worlds biggest thong.

    Not nice, not attractive.
  • Never thought I'd ever admit this, but those ginormous gran pants they have in M&S seem to stay put (just as well really, cos if they rode up, you'd suffocate).
    My hubby bought a pack for me as a joke about two years ago, and I only stopped laughing enough to open them six months ago, and they're tremendous for running.
  • Ummm thanks - Sloggis 'Get into the Groove' too much for my liking - & I've promised myself that I'll throw them out (never liked grey) and buy some new ones - major investment tho' they aren't cheap!

    There's an opening for some manufacturer somewhere - 'Put the G into Ran - knickers your gran would approve of'....

    Can't go commando - just can't...what if a seam bursts or something!
  • Precisely my thinking, SS!
  • i do commando in the gym

    but NOT outside
  • I tried some short things from Next, which were quite good for the dreaded VPL (OK so now I don't worry about it either!) at first, but still moved within about the first 10m.
  • ummm, scuse ignorance, but don't the seams rub? or are you wearing baggy shorts? Some of my running trousers are clearly meant to be worn alone (nice little cotton gusset sewn in!!!) but the others have a seam which looks quite painful.

    I normally wear strings under my running gear and haven't ever found them uncomfortable, but I know they're not for everyone.

    Last summer I was cycling in Cornwall, and as it was p*ssing it down, I wore my two piece swimming kit (well, there was clearly no chance of actually swimming in it) - tank top and shorts. I got a few odd looks from bemused grannies as I careered down the country lanes, but the gear was very comfortable. I haven't tried to run in it, but it might be worth a go - it certainly won't disappear up your backside, and the shorts are lycra so stretch... and they're obviously meant to be worn with no knickers! However, not sure about their wicking properties...
  • Has anyone heard from DavidB lately, I'm worried he might be ill or something.

    Over a day on a knickers thread and he hasn't appeared yet.
  • he's still locked in his padded cell (under general). Hildegard did offer to let him out, but he's surrounded by viz comics and alcohol and is quite happy. Chimp and Hippo joined him... I think he got beaten up last time he appeared on a knickers thread.
  • 'Get into the groove', am going to store that one for future use!

    btw, isn't it embarassing to have to perform a spot of 'anal archaeology' when things do go groovewise? I just leave it up there now, I'm generally suffering so much all over a bit of bumcrack discomfort is the least of my worries.
  • Yeah - well reason for posting originally - Helen T - was that at Vyrnwy 1/2M last year I did 'leave everything in the groove' - and well - put it this way - I couldn't work out how to apply a bandaid to the sore cut that developed - far more than just a 'bit of a bumcrack' - more like an episiotomy...

    People that go commando can't sweat as much as me either....people would think I'd wet myself from the sweat patches!

    I've promised myself I'm going to start running again this week - and put the fun back into it - but this has always been one of those things I've hated & not found a cure for.

    There's a fortune waiting to be made out there....
  • If I wear cycling shorts that have no gusset then I wear a thong, never been made sore by one. But my racing shorts, which are 'proper' running shorts have the built in knicker. You really do get used to it SS. Never had a split seam yet!

    I like the sound of wearing tri briefs for those times when knickers are essential or why not try the athletic pants that Paula R wears. I'm sure they would be fine for under shorts.
  • Hi Hilly - ummm can't wear racing shorts - need the lycra to prevent the 'inner thigh chafing problem' (been there - solved that one!)

    Hadn't thought of Paula's pants tho' - sounds like a really good idea, although I don't know if they make them to accommodate the 'fuller figure'!!
  • I'm sure they do make them to accommodate the 'fuller figure'! Look at the size of some of the very musclular sprinters who wear them.
  • Well, I buy multipacks of either bikini, midi, or high leg pants from BHS (if there's a sale, you can get two packs for a tenner!), and they always stay put. I don't bother about the VPL.

    Like Hilly, I'm a devotee of the racing shorts - and I also find that, because there's hardly any material on the thigh, they are the style of shorts which chafe the least. I do feel rather exposed in them, but well, the comfort makes this alright.

    I've also seen fuller figure ladies wearing Paula-style pants in races, so they are definitely available.
  • Guess what I found some fantastic tactel pants, very soft- have done a 20 and a 17.5 in them and they're perfect- from Ethel Austin- 2 pairs for 4 quid, come in black and white, get down there and stock up girls!!
  • Girls...
    Tempted to do the thong thing, as normally wear them.... but do they chafe the groove?
    Done 4-5 miles with no probs... But have resisted wearing for any longer distance in case....
  • So long as they're not frilly they shouldn't be abrasive! Have done thirteen odd miles in one, everything else utterly shot, but groove was fine.

    Don't recommend a slightly too small thong for when you're on a highly vibratory motorcycle though.

    There are no services on the M54. But there were an awful lot of lorry drivers passing by that day . . .
  • i also find the multipacks of BHS pants are great - no problem with them riding up at all!
  • So had no probs with the Thong and have run 15 miles wearing one without any groove problems, use M&S multi packs.

    My problem is sports bras ripping me apart, I feel like buying shares in Boots the amount plasters and vaseline I'm manageing to use any time I run over 6 miles.
  • yes, and that's one area where you can't go without! oooh, the pain... it hurts just thinking about it. Makes me wonder how female streakers manage the entire length of a rugby pitch!
  • Tired legs... found M&S ones to be good... havent tried their view from ones tho...
    Ok...will test the long distance thong thing in Conne...

    How do they do that... it must just be sheer adrenalin that keeps them going.....
  • Tigger...I have an M and S supposedly good one, and now have a nice scar line all the way along my front where the bottom edge rubbed. Should look good in a bikini in the summer! Gets painful after about an hour and a half, though it absolutely fine over short distances.
    Guess different things suit different people. Will be thong testing soon...
  • Ouch!!
    That sound painful! Tried a Shock absorber?
  • Tigger
    Is that a bra type or what?! I don't need huge support on top (who am I kidding? - hardly any though do not appreciate the pancake effect as discussed on another thread!) But just sg that doesn't rub.
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    I haven't read this, honest!
  • Wends... :o)
    Sorry yes, Berlei shock absorber... It does the job, not tooooo constrictive, but as with most sports bras, ugly!!
    Why do they have to be ugly and make you look like there not a happy medium somewhere?
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