Blakedown Bolt 10K

Just posted my entry. Anyone else up for this?


  • This is a bolt out the blue (sorry)

    Do you know the ground it covers Matt?
  • There is a map of the course on the website. Had a quick look this morning and think I know most of the area. Very scenic with a few hills, 99% off road, couple of stiles, some single track and wide paths. Plus there is a bbq and bar afterwards with a train station on the doorstep to get home afterwards:-)
  • Looks very good and I am long over due to actualy take part in a race.

  • I think the race is nearly full, get your entry in asap.
  • It will be great to see a local race full to capacity.

    I will get my form off tonight.

  • Just entered online.

    Looking forward to it.
  • I'm one of the organisers of the Blakedown Bolt - thanks to everyone who's entered! We're now absolutely full, despite increasing our original entry numbers by 10%! Fingers crossed for the weather - at the moment it's forecast to be 13C and cloudy, so should be pleasant to run in. See you all there!
  • Looking forward to this. Kiterunner you have mail.

    Got a place Matt so all I need now is for you to pay for the beer.
  • This thread is very quiet considering the race is full.

    Waylander- If you're first Cobra runner home I'll buy you a beer.

    Doubt very much I'll be running due to injury. If not I'll be marshaling somewhere.
  • Bad luck Matt hope its not too serious.

    Not sure who we have in but if I am fist Cobra runner home we will have had a bad turn out.

    Looking forward to this.
  • Just thought is your number up for grabs?
  • Afraid I've already promised it to someone. You'd be surprised how high the demand is for Bolt numbers, I'm sure I could make a killing on ebay.
  • Just spoken to one of my club mates who is looking for a number too - think there are a few from my club who assumed they could leave it late or enter on the day.

    Just about to go for a little run to see whether I'm imagining my achilles soreness or not - may have to auction my number at to club mates if I'm not!
  • I missed this thread before.
    Looking forward to the run, hopefully it won't dry out too much between now and Friday. The bad news is that I've lost my driver (she had a better offer), so I won't be able to take full advantage of the bar.
  • Walked part of the course last night (through the woods) and it's a bit on the muddy side, but if we don't have anymore rain it should dry out a bit - but whats a bit of mud anyway! At least the sand will be easier to run on? Oh and theres quite a few big puddles - thought I was going to need my wet suit.
  • Johnny Again- There is a train station right next to the start. I think thats how I'm going to get there.
  • LR - thats just what I wanted to hear.

    Matt- If I drive it could take me an hour or so to get through Kiddy, but if I go by train it would take twice that, and I'd be cutting it fine after work. So I can stuff myself at the BBQ but I'll have to stay off the pop.
  • Kiterunner - Did you know Lesley (maybe thats you?) has just sent out an email to everyone entered for the race with a 2mb attachment on it? - Thought my computer was going to die trying to download it!

    On the flip side I like the paper saving involved!
  • Kiterunner - hopefully you've heard from my clubmate about a number swap.

    Have fun y'all. I'll be the one sitting at home with an ice pack on my achilles :-(
  • DofT- Sorry to hear that.

    Looks like we might get a bit damp later. Looking forward to the bbq and bar though.
  • Is there a swimming category?
  • Doh, TR didn't enter in time so wont be there to support and eat and drink as expected :-( Have a good muddy run all :-)

    Waylander - do you or ugly want that cross trainer thingy back as I have to confess I have never used it and it's getting in the way of the T.V ;-)
  • It actually belong to she who must be obeyed before Ugly had it and other than two cockatiels I can not think of anything I was more happy to see the back of.

    Ugly could do with some form of exercise.
  • I've uploaded nearly 80 photo's. Sorry about the quality not being up to standard, but it just wasn't a night for photographs.
  • I should have said 90 photo's.
    Here again is the link
  • It was good fun though - really enjoyed this! Had a fun slither down through the woods in all the mud.
  • What a great race!
    A big thank you to all the Blakedown team and congratulations on such a sweetly organised first running. I'm looking forward to next year's event.

    It was a good route - not too hard, but demanding enough to be interesting, and the best looking team of marshals I've seen in a long time!

    I'll be spreading the word to my clubmates - hpefully there will be more Ludlow runners there next year.
  • Brian

    You may not be happy with the photos, but they are the first ones you have taken of me where I haven't either been drowning or looking as if I'm overdue for intensive care.
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