age calculations for club championship

Can anyone help me with working out how to compare someones race times against another with regard to age and sex. This is to help me run a club championship fairly.


  • Yes, get yourself a copy of The Age-Graded Tables compiled by the World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) and published by National Masters News, PO Box 2372, Van Nuys, CA 91404. They enable you to "quickly and easily compare performances at different ages and in different events". Find out more unofficial stuff about age-grading on the Valley Striders website
  • Morning Chris,
    I think i saw the programe your looking for on the results page of the Bearbrook 10k. try this
    If you e-mail them I'm sure they'll tell you more, they're a friendly bunch.
    best of luck
  • Try looking in the training corner of they have a programme that does the conversion for you. Thanks for comments re my marathon start have joined a club and am going for the championship start Good luck with your club championship
  • thanks for all the help from above. Will try them all. Puffin might see you at london.
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