Anyone Do Press-ups or Sit-ups

I was just wondering if any of you do Press ups or Sit-ups as part of your routine?
i do myself and was just what other runners did also number of sets,reps etc.



  • Do them now and again, 3 sets of 30 press ups or one set til i can't get back up. (About 50-60)

    Sit ups not so much, but all round core work. Leg raises, bicycles, planks, crunches etc.

    Try planks with one leg and one arm.... gives you the shakes!
  • I also do 3 sets of 30 press ups after every run. I keep meaning to do some sit-ups/core work on my rest days but haven't quite got into a proper routine yet but when I do it's usually 5 minutes on a wobble board, 3 sets of 20 regular situps, 3 sets of 10 oblique sit ups (as I call them - left elbow to right knee etc) and then lay on my back and hold my legs 6" of the floor and hold for 2 minutes. That burns :)

    Perhaps not the most intense workout, but better than nothing I suppose.
  • When you do the "6 inches" as I call them, try bringing your knees to your chest and alternately straighten one leg at a time slowly out so its as if your lyig down and bring it back to your chest. get to around 40 on each leg and you want to cry.

    one leg squats too. good for core strength and leg strength.
  • As it's the 1st of the month and I'm starting again I may as well add a little circuit to my daily/weekly plan as well:

    Not sure what I'm capable of in the press up department, but I'm off to find out.......................
  • I do 4 x 60 sit-ups using an abs trainer, 2 x 30 pressups and a bit of lifting weights every day. May increase reps as it gets easier and incorporate the '6 inches' as described by marklboro above. Need a good routine for light weight lifting. Any ideas?
  • ............ok, I'm back and I've set the bench mark for me to work from;

    20 press-ups (just)
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    5 chin-ups
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    20 press-ups (15, +5 after a 5 sec break)
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    4 chin-ups
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    20 press-ups (10, +5, +5)
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    3 chin-ups
    10 legs raises, 10 crunches
    20 back extensions.

    Suprised how hard the press-ups were, come to think about it how hard all of it was.

    Initial aim is to get all the press-ups done without having to take the little breathers. Get 3 sets of 5 chins and I'll add the back extensions after each set of leg raise/crunches. Then I'll think about adding to it.

    Thanks IanRunner, this thread was just the thing to get me to get me out there and having a go, Cheers.

  • ...adding to it? Crikey! I don't think I'd have enough strength left to do anything else after that routine :)
  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭
    Can't do more than one or two press-ups. Couldn't at school either. Took a fitness test in my late 30s, was incredibly impressed to manage 13 in a minute - probably a lifetime achievement - and when it came to the assessment, I was off the bottom of the scale. Still, I was delighted. And I still try maybe once a month.
  • When I get back home after a run or training, I do 3 sets of 30 sit-ups as part of my routine. Other stuff is mainly stretches. No press ups though.
  • Just been for my run today and after reading missty's post I made a point of doing some stretches afterwards, I used to be super flexible but have seriously neglected that over the years.
    So I'm back running, doing the press-ups etc and now stretching and since last month a new and improved eating plan, I'll be as fit as a fiddle in no time.
  • I do about 400 press ups a week when im motivated and in training for an event. Not because I think it makes me run any better, just to stop me getting to skinny on my upper half.

    after a mid week run I do a set of 50 pressups, then 50 situps, then 30 pressups, then 30 situps then 20 pressups.

    I vary the width apart of my arms on the different sets.

    If I dont do them a while it takes me a couple months before I can manage 50 in one hit.
  • Oo Oo oo - this had reminded me I need to get some more weight training in Oo Oo Oo
  • marshallini, well done for getting back into it, and changing things for the better. You'll be back on form before you know it!
  • Thanks missty - done my press-ups again tonight, even though a little sore from yesterday managed 3 full sets of 20 (just) still only 5-4-3 on the chins tho, abs are a touch sore as well, proof it's doing good?.
  • only when my taekwondo instructor insists on them....

    so anywhere from 3 sets of 10 (for each press-ups and sit-ups) upwards each Saturday :(
  • I used to do Tae Kwon Do, that's when I was flexible.
  • Does anyone have any advice on doing a good sit-up? Is it worth buying some kind of equipment for it? Or is a basic sit-up effective as it is?
  • You don't need any special equipment to do the most effective sit-ups. The key thing to concentrate on is engaging your deep lower abdominal muscles - don't rely on your hip flexors, rectus (six pack muscles) or momentum to hoist you up quick.

    Don't neglect the obliques - opposite elbow to knee as described above for instance.

    Speed and quantity are nothing like as important as quality.

    Depends on what level of fitness you are starting from but once the muscles are stronger start introducing a degree of instability to test the muscles further.
  • Sorry Dan77 you know exactly what oblque sit ups are! I am preaching to the converted...
  • Thanks for the replies.

    Iam currently doing a Push-up and Sit-up challenge which involves adding a Push-up and Sit-up everyday.So for example I did 1 Push-up and 1 Sit-up on the 1st January 2 on 2nd January etc.Im currently upto 154 of each this is broken into sets though.December is going to be a busy month!

    Another question do you think doing any resistance training ie weight training or Press-ups etc helps your running at all?

  • Hi All,

    I thought I'd just give an update on my circuit progress.

    Since June 1st I've done pretty much done the same circuit everyday (although I did miss two days the other weekend 9th/10th).
    It has changed slightly from the first one I did and basically consists of:

    20 press ups - 5 chin ups - 10 leg raises - 10 crunches - 10 back extensions, all with minimal rest, straight through for 3 sets.

    It has had a few tweaks throughout the 3 weeks, mainly with the ab work, adding oblique crunches, planks, swoping the order etc.

    Today I added a fourth set, same set up, press ups, chin ups, abs, press ups, chin up, abs, etc, etc.

    The extra set is because I completed 5 consecutive days were I managed the full 3x 5 chin ups. I worked up through sets of 5-4-3, 5-4-4/5-5-3 then 5-5-4, so today I've added the extra set.
    The 3x 20 press ups which I initially struggled with were pretty much conquered by day 4.

    Over the last 3 days I've taken the press ups upto 3x 25 but dropped them back down today to 20's to do the 4 sets.

    Even though I've added the extra round I still did 4 full sets of 5 chins, so as of tomorrow I'll be taking the chins upto sets of 6 reps, I know this will be tougher and will take a few weeks before I hit 4x 6 reps. Same with the press ups they're going back upto 25's and that may cause some faultering. The ab work is constantly getting tweaked, changes most days, but retains a core set of exercises that I'm happy with.

    So the new basic circuit is;

    press ups - 25 - 25 - 25 - 25.
    chin ups - 6 - 6 - 6 - 6.
    leg raises - 12 - 12 - 12 - 12.
    crunches - 12 - 12 - 0 - 12.
    oblque crnch - 0 - 0 - 10 L/R - 10 L/R.
    back ext. 15 -15 -15 -20.

    I'll let you know how I got on tomorrow with the first new tougher set.

    I'm still on top of the stretching post-run as well, normally get in a good 15-20 mins.


  • Hi Ian.

    I'm no expert,but I've done a twice-weekly "circuit" session,involving pres-ups,pull-ups,sit-ups,back-extensions,leg-extensions,leg-lifts etc etc since I started running seriously about 12 years ago.

    I also do at least 4 of those exercises on 4 other days per week and in answer to your question (although I hate them ! and I don't believe they have directly made me a better runner)-I do think they have allowed me to train hard and get injured far less often than if I didn't cross-train.

    As I've got older,I believe they become ever more important and I view them as a "necessary evil" of continuing to run seriously past 40.
  • Hi All,

    Ok, I did the first set of 25 press ups, but when I got to 5 on the chins I just dropped off and did the ab work, totally forgot to up the number, but still got 4x 5 reps.

    everything else went up as scheduled and the oblique crunches went to 12 as well.

    I'll have to start the 6's tomorrow.
  • Right, today I remembered to add the extra chin up and suprised myself by doing the full 4 sets all at 6 reps.....maybe it was because I was doing them in the middle of the park and the pressure to perform brought out that little bit extra....who knows?
  • Yeah I do them and swear by them.

    I read an article by Frank Horwill that summed up the reasons for doing them. It's on the Serpentine website.
    Sorry, But I'm hopeless at doing links, you can Google it!

    I do 4 x 30 sit ups and press ups.

    They help your muscular strength and you don't need fancy equipment to do them.
  • here's the link..

    Article here
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Just noticed this thread. I’m a big bodyweight exercises man.
    The folks on the sub 3 thread call them my PJ’s (physical jerks).

    I do push ups (normal, incline, T, left and right), hand stand push ups, Pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, chins, squats, lunges, medicine ball squats, sit ups, planks etc, etc

    Sometimes do 10-15 mins after a run, other times make up a 30 minutes routine. No resting - all done circuit stylie. I also do ladders and pyramids of exercises.

    Glad to see other folks out there that are doing similar stuff. I’m a bit heavy for running at 12 stone (5ft 10) – but don’t do too badly. I’m more fitness orientated really – I also bike and swim too.

  • Thanks for the link FINgers !

    Good to know that others are keen on these excercises too.

    My PE teachers believe that they were invaluable in any sport and I suppose I've always carried this philosopy throughout my time running.

    TR: Like you I'm a bit heavy for the sport, but feel that my training isn't complete without my press ups and sit ups.
  • Great a thread on core and strength training - when most runners only concentarte on miles, I really do feel that core and strength work combined with running will really make improvements.

    Having been off injured since March I had turned to core work mainly using the swiss ball, and have been using it on a regular routine and the difference is very noticable.

    I now have 3 swiss balls at home 2 x 65cm and 1 x 55cm and some moves actually make use of all 3 balls in one go.

    In push up postion place both feet on one swiss ball and each hand on the other swiss ball, first learn to balance and the start the push up motion - this really works your core stability muscles.

    Kneeing on swiss ball

    Sitting on swiss ball feet extended out.

    Try standing on a medicine ball and squatting, good for quads and again core

    Check out this link from u tube - very impressive dvd.


    Also I have found that banging out the same sit ups and push ups gets a little stale at some point - mix it up big time.
  • After the 4x 6 I thought I could go further and to be fair I did and managed 4x 7, but then I got carried away and started attempting 8's and 35's on the press ups.

    Anyway I came to a grinding halt and then started going backwards, I've had a couple of days off now and started again tonight, but I've gone back to 20 press ups and 5 chin ups for 3 sets, plus the core work as well just mixing them up however I feel. I'm sticking with the 3x 20/5 set up now just as a little upper body maintainance nothing to strenuous.
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