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  • Hello! - thought I should show my face here as I can officially graduate to this thread now.  I've been posting on the pregnant runners thread so a lot of names are familiar, but just to give a brief bit of history: Eddie was born 3 weeks ago by c/s and I'm recovering really well, which I put down to running up to (and beyond!) my due date (when I say running I really mean a sort of gentle waddle). I'm quite keen to get back to running again soon but don't want to risk injury, especially as I'm hoping to take up my GFA place at FLM next year, so I'll probably be asking advice from some of you in the next few weeks. Well done to everyone who's back running- I do find reading your experiences is really inspiring.

  • So much for the elation at back running - pretty sure I am getting a stinking cold.  Throat agony, sneezing lots.  Can't wait for Lou to get it too.

    Still, am not going to grumble, am just going to think of Jane Tomlinson and be thankful that I can run and that I have my health.  What an inspiration she was. 

    Going to try to tidy up now - Lou has had a good day (she even slept a couple of times for 30 - 40 mins at a time!) and she's gone down OK tonight too.  See, this is when I get cocky and think we've cracked it and tomorrow will probably be a nightmare.  It's my birthday tomorrow too.  House looks like a bomb hit it because we had to get plumber in to fit a new shower and the pipe box runs along the back of our wardrobe so had to move my shoes.  OH MY GOD. I reckon I must have 100 pairs.  I have 10 pairs of boots!!  And that doesn't include wellies or walking boots!  I now have to move them all back.  Also had to empty linen cupboard as weirdly pipes run from wardrobe to linen cupboard then into bathroom.  So now have all my towels etc scattered round spare room. 

    Nice to meet you Mrs O - I have the nursery thing to look forward to in January, we just sent off the cheque to book Louise's place the other day.  not quite sure how I'll cope but it's really close to the office so I can always pop in at lunchtime to see how she's doing. 

  • Sod tidying up.  Faffing about on the internet so much more fun! 

    How's everyone's weight doing?  nosy question I know but I think I am starting to put on weight now that Lou is 7 weeks.  I am finding it difficult not to eat rubbish, as I said above, and I can tell that it's going to creep on.  Here's hoping that the exercise will burn it off but it's a bit of a nightmare.  I tried not having rubbish in the house but then I go for a walk and stop off somewhere instead!  I have no will power and there's a bit of me saying well until you stop breastfeeding you're always going to carry some extra weight in the boobs so you might as well just eat what you like and unfortunately what I liked today included a packet of sainsburys shrimps and bananas, a packet of hula hoops, TWO scones with jam, a fudge bar and a cinnamon bagel.  Not to speak of the regular meals of fish fingers (forgot to defrost the chicken), chicken soup and my breakfast cereal.  Man, having read that I think I might just do about 100 sit ups right beside this pc.  Tomorrow will be bad too cos I always eat what I like on my birthday - OK so that's acceptable - but then I will have to break the habit on thursday.  Actually, just remembered that my friend and personal trainer is coming to visit on Thursday after a 3 month break away travelling.  He couldn't have timed that better from my point of view!  he's quite scary so Thursday should be a better day.  My main worry is that I am going to grow back out of my jeans!

  • Meant to say JT, £2500 is pretty hefty.  I had to do £1000 back in 2002 and that was quite hard work though I hit £1500 in the end.  I don't think I could make £2500.  Fingers crossed for the ballot!  I'm quite scared of FLM now that I know I am definitely in.  I desperately want to beat my time from 2002 and get a Good For Age time, only need to take 7 mins off, but I am not hopeful, not after that run!
  • I've still got about a stone to lose after 10 months !!!  Have been breastfeeding and using that as an excuse to eat lots and not diet.  About 7 or 8 months when Isla really started taking more solids i think i even put on about 4 or 5 pounds just as she was taking less milk from me.  Also when you're at home its hard to eat healthily, however now back at work so eating fruit at coffee time instead of biscuits and cakes.  Also hoping that once i get back to running properly that should take some weight of as well.  Also planning to stop breastfeeding when she's one, so if my boobs shrink back from ridiculous H cups back to E/F then that might be another half pound or so lost.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Phew!  Another load of posts to catch up on!  Lovely to see you, Mrs O - remember you well from last summer and nice that you have internet access again.  Welcome too to Sarahbob.  AP, glad the wedding went well - we had to face exactly the same comments from other people and I got a bit beside myself when I could see that Kit desperately wanted and needed to be put down in his cot and the speeches hadn't even begun!  You just want to do the best for them and when you know what that is and you can't provide it you just feel awful.

    EF, your posts really make me laugh.  I thought I had a lot of shoes but I can obviously relax now and go buy a few more pairs as I have nowhere near 100!  (Hubby would probably say I have far too many already!)  Janie, know what you mean about foot size.  I'm still wearing the same pair of running shoes I bought just before I fell pregnant (although they desperately need replacing now) and they do feel slightly too small, especially when I run downhill and can feel my toes pressing against the ends.  Just haven't had time to go and look for a new pair.  Will probably just stick with my faithful Nike Pegasus as they seem to have served me well so far.  All this talk of FLM reminds me that I need to send in my application for a GFA place for 2008.  I got a GFA time last year so it should be good for 2008 unless they've changed the rules - but if I remember correctly from before, GFA applications have to be sent in by the end of September ... must check the FLM website.  I don't think I stand a chance of a new PB - mine was 3:23 last time on 5 runs a week - as I have far less time to train and only run 4 times a week, but I'd settle for sub-3:45 and another GFA place.

    Re. weight, I'm afraid I'm more or less back to my pre-pregnancy size.  Not sure about the weight as we don't have any scales, but in the last few weeks (since my mileage started to go up a little bit) I've noticed I can get back into virtually all my old clothes and they fit comfortably.  Before I could get into them but they felt tight.  Even though I'm at home all day I have to say I'm not much of a snacker - never have been apart from right at the end of my pregnancy.  My mum came over yesterday and I didn't even have a pack of biscuits I could offer her!  I just don't buy them because they end up going stale before they get eaten.  I did buy a pack of raisin and cinnamon bagels at the weekend and have been having one of those with my mid-morning cuppa this week, but I don't find I eat that much during the day.  We never have anything in that I really feel like eating, and I can't always be bothered to go to the supermarket just for something for lunch.  Also I'm so busy with Kit and preparing batches of fresh puree for him that sometimes I just forget to eat myself!  My main problem is getting to just before my run and realising I've forgotten to have my pre-run banana an hour before, then having to eat it and run within about 10 minutes.  I can't run without it or I start feeling light-headed, but eating it so close to a run isn't always a good idea either; gives me a stitch.  We always have a big meal in the evening - last night was home-made chilli and tonight we've got chicken stir-fry.  I think I'm a bit strange though as women go as I've never really been into chocolate, cakes and snacks (although my mum's group friends have helped me get over that a bit!) image

  • Hello mrs o. Lovely to hear from you again.

    My twin boys are now 10.5 months and wonderful. Am loving being a mum and have no intention of going back to my current job. Starting up my own business, all very exciting.

    I am still 4-5lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy. Higher mileage and rushing around has not got rid of it, so looks like its staying. I also find its suddenly lunch time as so busy but I do eat and eat well as need the energy to look after these two and run well too.

    I must admit to eating cakes and chocolate and I love them, but mainly cos I meet up with friends quite often, but also I need the energy to get through the day. Have always had a sweet tooth, and feel now am running 50-60 mpw again can justify it. I stopped breast feeding at 6 months so can't use that excuse!

    Ran a 10 miler on Sunday in 67 mins, came 5th, so pretty pleased. Not as fast as I wanted, but it was pretty warm on sunday and very windy. Slowly getting there.

  • Sounds like you are busy Mitchie Moo, you must have given birth about the same time as me (20th Oct) did you have much problem with the boys when you stopped breastfeeding ?  We have tried to give Isla formula a few times but she just won't take it.  As she's just taking one big feed early morning and one at night i'm still breastfeeding  and hoping she'll stop herself at about 1 year old, if not i'm stopping then anyway, i want my boobs back !!

    Isla is loving her food but having a bit trouble getting her onto lumpier stuff, she likes chewing on a bit toast but a few times she has bitten off more than she can chew and ended up choking a wee bit then being sick.  She manages soft stuff like peaches, plums etc.  Are you're two onto lumpy stuff and chomping on toast, fruit etc  ??  I sieved mince and tatties for her once and she even puked that up, maybe she didn't like the texture?

     Hopefully once i get back into running properly i will lose that stone.  Can get the zip up on my old jeans but just too tight to be comfy at the moment.  Worst bit is my stomach which is still pretty wobbly and skin a bit loose, don't know what to do about it or if just got bad skin type that is prone to stretching and stretch marks.   Don't think i've lost much fitness, ran with some of the girls from work and i wasn't slowing them up, in fact i could probably have run a bit faster and also walked up two local small hills and took me the same time as pre pregnancy which i was quite chuffed about !

  • Well there we go, a benefit of being sick throughout pregnancy (and beyond!) - by the time I got out of hospital I weighed less than I had pre-pregnancy.  This was great but I think now I am starting to put it on again (already had 2 bags of crisps this morning and it has only just gone 9am). Our scales are broken so I will never know.

     Mrs O good to have you back with us and I am sure Isla will be fine at the nursery today.

     James went to a childminder for the first day on Monday (I had a non-pupil day) and then on Tues morning when we arrived he gave her a huge smile.  That made it so much easier for me.  Unfortunately he had to put up with me again yesterday.

     Anyway, got to write targets for the kids whilst he is sleeping.

  • Something else I just remembered James and several babies from our ante-natal group all went through a phase where they seemed tothink they were too big for a daytime sleep.  However, they all grew out of it soon enough.  I used to go for a walk with James and then leave him in the back garden sleeping.  If I brought him in immediately he would wake

    Good luck 

  • Yes mrs o. My two were born on 21st oct, they were small though 4.5lb each. I breast fed them soley until 8 weeks, then gave in and they had a bottle of formula before bedtime as my milk seemed to take a nose dive that time of day, especially producing for two, so they have had a bottle all along. I also expressed before bed and hubbie gave them that feed from a bottle from about 2 weeks!

    They do eat their solids pretty well. They have small pasta shapes in sauce, spag bol etc. mashed potato with tinned sardines all mashed is a fav, and a very easy cupboard standby. And I make mini pizzas for them from muffins, which I cut into bits and they love it, very messy though. They eat chunks of veg, carrots, brocoli etc. I buy a bag of frozen mixed veg and cook in the microwave and just put a handful on their trays. They love the bright colours. They eat mini sandwiches as well, and chunks of cheese and yes they love fruit chunks. Only thing we have a problem with is scrambled egg.

    Janie, I remember when my two started sleeping through I felt so much more tired than when I had to get up. I think the adrenalin keeps you going and then suddenly your body realises you have to catch up. I am exhausted now as trying to run and rush around after two rapid babes. Twisted my ankle on run last night, really cross, but seems to be OK. Fingers crossed.

  • Minks I need your mindset just for a week!  I am one of these people who doesn't usually buy junk because if it's there I have to eat it.  But have been buying stuff for visitors so it's around me and basically I have got into the habit of eating rubbish.  Need to get my head in gear and break habit.  Thought I'd do better today with trainer coming round but we all sat and steadfastly stared at the unopened packet of biscuits and we all said no we didn't want any.  They left and I tore open the pack and ate 4.  They barely got chewed.  Understandable if I hadn't eaten all day but I'd eaten a Thorntons bag of chocolate covered turkish delight just before they arrived!  Got loads of choccy for my birthday so am going to have to hoover it down over the next 3 days and start afresh on monday.  Am going to write out a plan like I used to when I went to weightwatchers but allow myself some extra points to deal with breastfeeding.  I find it easier somehow to control my eating when I have to see what I can have and tick it off as I eat it.  I definitely have some food issues!  Am just about the same weight as when I first went to WW - 10st 6 on the scales yesterday - but I don't want to lose as much as I did last time back in 2001.  Went down to 8st 12 which on me was a bit skeletal.  Though if I can get down to 9st 7 I'll be well chuffed.  I was 9st 12 pre preg. 

    Louise slept til 6 again last night although as expected she played up like mad all last night.  Screamed from 5 til 9pm even though she had two feeds in that time.  Finally got my birthday presents from Andy at 10.45pm!  It's great when she sleeps til 6 but the problem is that I woke at 5 cos she was making such a blooming racket with arms flailing all over the shop but her eyes were firmly shut.  she did that for an hour before she propped one eyelid open.  I spent the whole hour jumping up to check if she was awake or not - hardly restful! 

    janie the deal when i did the charity place was that they made you sign a form saying that if you couldn't get the money raised you had to let them know in advance.  If you stood on start line and raced then you were basically contracted to hand over £1000 regardless of where it came from.  My understanding though was that if you said even the day before that you couldn't do it then you could back out and not have to pay - it's to do with them losing golden bond places.  However it was 2002 when I did it so rules may well have changed. 

    3.23 marathon- I dream of that.  If I can get 3.44.59 I will be ecstatic.  Wish I didn't have to train through winter though.  yeah yeah I know the solution - run an autumn marathon but grumpy here doesn't actually like running in the heat either!

  • Hello all

    re daytime sleeps.... mine will only sleep in the day in thier bouncy chairs, will never go off in thier pram or cot but the combo of chair and dummy has them off in minutes!  Neither sleep for that long at a stretch though, 30 mins if I am lucky (unless out in car or pram).  i am a mean mum though and leave the girls in thier cot to shower etc as i cant bare to get up early - I have perfected a 3 min shower though!

    Did a solo trip to london to see family for a few days and all was good.  Both slept there and back despite a nearly 4 hour journey this morning and slept well in the travel cot, off to france next weekend so glad about that!

    ef you sound like me with food!  I dont keep stuff in the house usually but have taken to buying biscuits cos I need to eat something in the night when i feed the girls or I feel awful when i get up - problem is I know they are there and keep sneaking one when I fancy something sweet.  I presumed feeding 2 would help the weight loss but it doesnt seem to be going anywhere.

    Had 8 week check and jabs this afternoon, both are thriving and thier weight gain over the past fortnight was above average and they have moved up the chart.  They are very long - above the 50th centile despite weight being on 2nd for Milla and 25th for Ella.  they seem ok after the jabs thank god.... it was horrid as I took them alone so could not comfort either of them properly as I had to sort the other one out - will take someone with me next time if I can.

  • Hetty - feel for you jabs for two of them - not nice.

    Funnily I was at GP yesterday having finally come off BP tablets (only to be told it is going up again...) and there was a wee boy in front of me asking 'Mummy can I go and get my injections now?'.

    Bless him, we heard his cry and knew the deed had been done.  Then as he was going out the door he sais 'Mummy, I don't want to have my injections again.'  Quick learner!!

    JT - I've gone 2 days a week.  It was fantastic on Tues wishing everyone a good weekend - I think I might end up friendless very soon! 

  • Goodness hetty can imagine. I had hubbie with me for each set of jabs otherwise it would have been awful. Funnily though can get double buggy through door of surgery but not through the doctors or nurses doors! We have the one year jabs fast approaching!

    Tried to park in multistorey on sat in cambridge, the lift would not fit a wheelchair let alone a double buggy. Note to self not to go there on my own as would not get down. We had to carry the babes and buggy down the stairs!! Hubbie picked me up on the lower ground floor on the way back.

    My two are pretty tall as well, but Harry still only on 2nd for weight as well, I think he is on 25th for height.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    MM, I'm green with envy at your 10M time.  I will NEVER be that fast!  Am only up to 7 miles at the moment but will be hitting a 10-mile Sunday run in a couple of weeks - I think then I'll feel like a 'proper' runner again.  My pace is pretty good even compared with pre-pregnancy but stamina and strength take months to build and only weeks to lose, so I'm not sure a PB marathon time is possible for next year, especially given that I now have less time to train.  I can't get out until after Kit's been bathed and is in bed, usually around 7pm, so not sure how I'm going to be able to run 8+ miles during the week as I did when marathon training last time.  It would mean getting back around 8:15 then I'd have to shower and have dinner which would make it quite late - not sure hubby would be up for waiting until 9pm for his dinner!  Will have to think about how I could work it.  I could run at lunchtime once I'm back at work, but again it's difficult because I've been moved into a shared office so if I'm longer than an hour it might be more obvious - when I had my own office I got away with it!  Also as I'm only going to be working 3 days a week I feel I can't take liberties as much as I used to.  Might have to settle for racing shorter distances for the time being, but really don't want to waste my GFA place ...

    Have just sent two emails of complaint.  One is to my local Sainsbury's.  They've just got brand new trolleys with really nice baby seats - but Kit chews the straps as I'm pushing him around the store (as I'm sure a lot of babies do) and I found red dye all over his T-shirt on Monday after we'd done the shopping.   Even if it isn't toxic (!) I'm not impressed at it coming off all over his clothes.  Will see what they have to say.  Also emailed a company called Sassy who make baby toys.  My mum bought Kit a Sassy teether from John Lewis and yesterday I noticed bits of green round his mouth.  At first I thought it was courgette then realised he hadn't eaten any that day, and on closer inspection it turned out to be chips of green paint off his teether.  Not impressed.  The website states that their products are rigorously tested and are completely safe, but am not happy that this is the case.  Watch this space ...


  • Blimey Minks, thats shocking! Hope you get a good response.

    Just found a bit of book in Joshies mouth when were in the library, but guess a bit of cardboard is probably OK!!!

    Gave my two strawberries fresh from the garden for brekkie, big mistake, Joshie was sick afterwards. Had this problem before with strawberries so will lay off them till next summer now. Shame as they hadn't been sick for ages.

    On my own all weekend, hubbie off on boys weekend. I hate it when the week is extended like this, its so much easier with two of us at the weekends, and I'll feel very lonely tonight. Bathing the two of them is a nightmare now. Joshie has discovered the toilet and is obsessed by standing up and looking into it. Trying to keep it really clean and saying 'No dirty' to him, its very hard though.

    Did anyone watch supernanny on weds night? It was about a couple with two sets of twins. Blimey, definitely enough to put me off having anymore!!!

  • I watched with interest!! Apparently tou are much more likely to have twins when you already have a set already.... scary thought!  Met a woman with twins who got pregnant when they were 2 months old so had 3 kids under 1!! Was very impressed as they were all lovely and that she was even in aposition to get pregnant with baby twinsimageimage

    Hope your weekend is ok MM, I too now really look forward to weekends as its the only time I feel I can give the girls real quality time... and have a rest!

    We are off to a wedding reception tomorrow night, our first proper night out.  Looking forward to it but a little aprehensive, hope granny can cope if they both wake up at the same time!!

    Good for you complaINING MINKS... SOUNDS AWFUL! (OOPS sorry didnt mean for caps!)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    No response to either of my emails of complaint so far - tsk!  Did get an automated response from Sainsbury's though, acknowledging receipt of my email and saying that it had been passed to the customer services team.  I will be very cross if I get no reply!

    MM, completely understand how you feel being left alone.  I had Kit on my own for a whole weekend when hubby was away on my brother's stag weekend.  It did make it feel like a very long week, especially as it was the weekend of Kit's (one and only) sleeping 'blip' when he was waking every hour of the night.  When hubby got home on the Sunday night we were both zombies, for completely different reasons!  Hubby has had a few Saturday nights out which basically means I get Kit all Sunday too while hubby recovers!  Makes it sound as though hubby is out on the beers every weekend but that's far from being the case - he doesn't go out that often, but when he does it's quite often with my brother and all his mates and they all cane their beer.  Hubby tries to keep up and always ends up in a state!

    Kit finally managed to roll from back to front today.  He's been rolling from tummy to back for ages but always gets stuck going the other way.  He did a big poo after his tea this evening and it wasn't worth putting a clean nappy on him before his bath, so I stripped him completely and let him roll around naked on a large towel in the lounge.  Unencumbered by his clothes he rolled right over on to his tummy, then rolled back and looked VERY pleased with himself!

    Hubby came in this evening with baby toothpaste and a baby toothbrush, so we can start cleaning Kit's two tiny teeth - bless! 

  • Jinxing things as I type but tonight Louise and I came in from a walk at 5pm.  Fed her and then let her play on her gym whilst Andy and I ate our tea.  Then gave her a bath with Johnsons bedtime bath stuff and a wee massage with the lotion after.  20 mins on the right boob and then put her in bed at 8pm and so far so good.....Andy has gone out with the boys so I was really nervous as she often doesn't settle with me.  I'm not sure if him going out means I am doing both the 11pm feed at the 4am - we'll have to negotiate that at 4am!

    Minks, that's terrible re sainsburys.  I have just done my shop online, could not be assed to get myself to the shops!  Impressed at Kit's mobility, cannot imagine Louise being able to roll over but then I look back at her 1 week pics are realise how big she is already!

    hetty have fun tomorrow. 

    If anyone has nothing better to do than nosey at pics (and sometimes you just don't!) there are loads more on my photobox album here  but be warned - it's over 100 now!

  • Had very rough night with Harry. Teething but making a meal of it bless him. He had a bad temperature so had to give him calpol at 2am, followed by ibuprofen at 4am, finally his temp came down.

    Hubbie had nice meal at pub, several ales and a lie in. Tsshhh!

    Off to take them to childminder for 2 hours so I can get a run in. Long run will have to wait till hubbie gets home at lunchtime. I hate waiting to do a run on a sunday, I like to get up and get it done as early as poss. Nevermind!

    Enjoy your night out Hetty.

  • Minks I hope you fare better with your complaint.  I got a response from the airport, not dealing with what I raised and an 'attached sheet that should clarify about baby milk and food to make my next trip easier' - perhaps they should have given that to the workers who took the allowed food away from me.  Very cross, people can't even read letters of complaint.

    MM Hope Harry has a better night tonight.

    I was hoping to go for a run this morning whilst hubbie got James up and dressed - however, he briefly got up when James poured a tub of water over his cot (and I asked for help) and promptly went back to bed having stripped the cot - not remade it, or put the stuff in the washing machine, or got his don up which was the plan.   maybe next weekend... 

  • Have to say my other half is brilliant. Hence why I must let him go away on his mens weekends. He tends to get the boys up every morning and give them their brekkie, and he does their bath most days too. Am very lucky I get to run most days morning or evening. He does no cooking for them though but thats fine probably easier if one of us is in charge of that. Bonus of him working from home I guess, and on the days he is here and not with clients he loves seeing them during his breaks, its great for the boys too.

    Harry was much better last night, MediSed at 6pm and he slept till 6.30am thank goodness. I went to bed at 9.30pm, very sad on a sat night! He is still very wingey though, and the tooth hasn't even started cutting yet, a few more days of it yet I fear. Worse thing is it obviously hurts him to eat, and don't have pureed food, may have to whizz up his risotto for lunch, see how he goes.

    Sleeping bags are great. My two move all over the cot now, so sheets really would not work now. I do worry when they bang their heads in the night though they seem to be insistent on sleeping near the edges or ends even though they have a huge cotbed.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    MM, you're lucky that hubby works from home especially as you have two.  Have to say my hubby is fantastic too, even though he has to commute into central London every day.  He gets Kit up and changes his nappy in the morning while I shower and get myself sorted, then I do his feed while hubby gets ready for work.  There's usually a little time for hubby to spend with Kit before he leaves for work, and now that Kit's bedtime is a little bit later he's usually home before he goes down.  Hubby always cuts Kit's nails - a job a hate doing! - and at weekends we each have a day for a lie-in while the other gets Kit up and gives him his breakfast.

    Kit is now getting hungry quite quickly after his morning milk feed - his next feed isn't supposed to be until around 11am but the past two days I've had to feed him at 10:40 and 10:30 respectively so think I'm going to buy some baby cereal this afternoon and start him on some morning solids tomorrow.  He LOVES his solids - seems to take everything we give him quite happily.  Had sweet potato and parsnip yesterday and butternut squash today: he eats better than we do!

    Just planned my 7-mile route for this afternoon, now must get some water down my neck as have hardly drunk anything so far today!

    Also recommend sleeping bags - Kit's been in his since about 8 weeks.  He always kicked off his covers when he slept in the carry cot and there's no way he'd keep covers on in his big cot.  He seems to like his sleeping bag and associates it with sleeping as he always smiles up at me as I zip him in.

  • Eddie has done his first race!  We all went to the Grunty Fen half marathon today as mrbob was running it, and my older 2 children wanted to do the fun run.  As J is 4 he needed to be accompanied by an adult, so I ended up going round with him with Eddie strapped on my front in his sling - he was a star and slept the whole way round, even when I was having to do a slow jog to keep up with J (I think it must have reminded him of when I ran when I was pregnant!). So I have unintentionally also done my first run (if you can call a c.15 minute mile that!) since birth - luckily it all felt OK despite being most unsuitably clad in jeans and sandals.  All the children got medals (including Eddie!), and mrbob came 2nd in the half and won £180 - so everbody was happy! 

    I'm now inspired to try some gentle run-walking next week - Janie, are you following the RW pregnancy book routine exactly? Only I'm a bit worried that 5 sessions a week is a bit unmanageable, so I wondered if you were doing that many?

    Also a big fan of sleeping bags - we have a very lightweight one that Eddie's been in a couple of times, although the last week or so it's been quite warm at night so he hasn't been in it.  They're great in winter though for keeping them toasty all night long.  And Mitchie - Medised is great stuff, isn't it? When J was teething and had some horrendous coughs and runny noses it really calmed him down at night - I must remember to buy some more in readiness for Eddie.

    Better head off to bed now as no doubt I'll be up again in a few hours ...

  • Gross question regarding wobbly tummy,

    I had my appendix out about 17 years ago and the wound got infected after as well and was left with a horrible scar which is kind of pulled in.  Now that i've had Isla my tummy is still (10 months on!) abit wobbly and saggy and the bit where my appendix scar is, is kind of overhanging almost (yeuch, sorry guys, i know its first thing on a monday).  Anyone any ideas of how to help my stomach, at 10 months after birth is it not going to get any better, would exercises help do you think, did all the post natal ones and have been doing core exercises (maybe not often enough though).

     My hubby is not bad now, to begin with he used to get her up on a weekend and let me have a lie in but then i would get up and she would still be in her sleepsuit and not had breakfast, but now he's got the hint and gets her dressed and fed.  Also he's been good anytime she's had a major puke all over me and her (usually due to taking too much milk too quick), he takes all the pukey clothes rinses them and puts them in the wash while i get us cleaned up and Isla back on the boob or back to bed.

    Isla getting better all the time with her solids, she demolished a whole 1/4 slice of toast and no choking/puking, i suppose you just have to persevere.  She was fine at nursery last tuesday and wednesday, obviously not happy when i left, but calmed down soon after and seemed to be quite happy.

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