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  • Yes happy St David's day folks. I got a text from my Welsh mother at 7am to say that!
  • i haven't done a stitch of sewing for J's Tom from Beast Quest costume. Just accessorised with various things... Today he has gone in with a dragon hat on his head and a t-shirt with a welsh dragon and Castell Coch on it.

    i am rubbish at costume making tbh. but i love the idea of it!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Me too, CM.  Kit was a star in their school Christmas production and hubby and I had a nightmare making a star top for him.  All it was was a black long-sleeved t-shirt with some star shapes on it, but all I could find in John Lewis was some silver fabric that was just an absolute disaster to work with - the minute you cut it, it started to fray.  We couldn't even cut star shapes out of it and hem them because it just kept unravelling.  In the end I made start templates out of card, we cut the fabric large enough to fit and with some overlap, then hubby used Wunderweb to stick the fabric to the card, then more Wunderweb to attach the stars to the top.  It all looked great in the end but was such a labour of love - we were up until well past midnight getting it done because we were told on the Thursday (the dress rehearsal was the following Monday) that all the stars costumes had to be ready for Friday for some reason - talk about short notice!  Bad enough for the non-working parents but for those of us at work until 7pm on Thursdays not so great!  After all that we discovered that lots of the kids just had stars made from foil stuck on their tops so ours was by no means the worst, but we had visions of all these perfect costumes and ours looking distinctly home-made!

    Happy St David's day to all the Welsh folk! image

    Have had quite a productive morning.  Gave up on work and booked it as a day's leave, then decided to blitz Kit's room and clear out some old toys to make room for the new stuff he's had for his birthday.  Rang the children's ward at the hospital where he had his stitches and they were delighted with an offer of some toys (all in perfect condition, just outgrown) so we've sorted out two boxfuls of toys for them.  I've found a,load of old plastic tubs in the kitchen that don't get used much and have sorted Kit's Lego into various categories (City, Star Wars etc) so we can keep it all in the containers rather than in the original boxes which are falling to bits.  So have chucked out the original boxes which has freed up loads of space - feeling very happy, obviously appeals to my anal side to have everything tidy and in order!

  • Think it appeals to every mum Minks, as order and tidiness don't happen very frequently with kids running around. (Not forgetting the husbands...)
    Don't think I'm looking forward to making costumes for the girls, I really am not very handy at that kind of thing. Hopefully hubby will be better at it though.
    Scary about your car crash too Minks, glad the other driver felt guilty!

    Lady P - your baby sounds completely normal for a newborn! Rosie is now 6 weeks but spent the first 4 weeks only sleeping attached to my boob in bed or on daddy's chest (he got very good at sleeping like that!). We also tried the hot water bottle but didn't work for us. What did work was sleeping her on her front, as she was basically sleeping on her front on daddy every night anyway. Not sure if it was just that or that all babies take a few weeks to settle but she now can do a good 4-5 hours after her dream feed - sometimes less but always enough that I can survive the next day with the terrible toddler too!

    Did want to ask you mums with 2 or more little ones how you established a good bedtime routine with 2. I'm often on my own for bedtime so haven't even attempted baths without hubby yet. Trouble is that Maggie goes to bed at 7 so I don't know who to get in bed first. I really want to get Rosie down by 7 asap but at the mo she waits (usually wailing!) while I do Maggie's bedtime, then I feed Rosie and settle her, by 8 - 8.30 on a good day. By then I'm starving and ready for bed too!

    And any other tips for dealing with naughty behaviour other than the naughty step which is falling miserably. Taking her teddies away seems to work but she gets so distraught image

    Think daughter no 2 is waking up so peace over for the day. Lovely weather so going to get the double buggy out for a walk to the park later on.

    Oh yes, love Bockets farm too! Loved your pics Kinsey and getting to see lambs born, so cool! Is the work in the barn going on for a while? We were thinking of taking Maggie there on her birthday in a couple of weeks. We are too cheap to pay for a party so going to tell people to come along and hope its warm enough for cake on the picnic tables.
  • Well day 1 on my own is going well - made it to pre school on time, although ridiculous that I have to get up at 7.15 to get 2 of them ready, and that was with Matilda dressing herself and me having made most of her packed lunch last night. But she played happily in my bed whilst I fed eric, and he did a nearly 6 hr stint last night (sorry LadyP!) so not feeling too sleep deprived. The test will be tomorrow when hubby wont be home till after bed time.......

    Have filled in child benefit form, filled in most of Eric's passport application and got his passport pics done today too (yes they look ridiculous!) plus we had the insurance loss adjustor round this morning looking at the bathroom damage. He must have thought I was some weird hippy mum as he was on my doorstep as I arrived home from pre school and eric was ready for 2nd breakfast by then, so I just kept him in his pouch sling and latched him on, so walked round the house showing this man the damage with a baby latched to my boob!

    Collecting madam in 45 mins then think we'll go to the park.

    Also trying to look at Junior ISAs for the little man - anyone got one since CTFs are now defucnt?

    I need to sort out the ikea storage thing in the conservatory. It is a mess, mostly with all Matilda's colouring things, they need a good sort out.

    Oh, we have the priest coming round this evening to discuss the christening (if he remembers!) he is the most dull man.........
  • i get up at 7am to get my 2 out of the house for 8.30, caro - so i would say you are doing very well indeed if you only have to get up at 7.15am!
  • I get up at 7 to get out by 7.45 but confess it's usually more like 7.53!  I do have 2 kids though - Lou and Andy!

    Got to go to ballet now.  Just as madam finally starts to play nicely.  Natch.

  • normal days I need to be up at 7am to get the 3 girls ready and walk the 2 bigger ones to school or cycle. Although C is normally up 5.30-6am anyway and normally dressed by then! Days I work if its on a week day up at 5.40am, yuk. I leave at 6.30am and hubby leaves at 7am with the 3 girls and drops the 2 bigger ones at his dad along the road and M at nursery 35 min drive away. It has to be run like clockwork!!

    Well done caro on your productive day and LOL to BF whilst wandering about speaking to the man, ha ha ha, great multi tasking. Men could certaily never do that!!!  And WOW to a 6hr stint of sleeping, lucky you!!!

    Enjoy ballet EF!!!!

    Need to go and sort dinner out now as homework is done. Think I'm going to run out the door when hubby gets in and do my 4 or 5 miles before M's bedtime. Wee minx still gets fed at night!!!!

  • gosh your morning routines are quite phenomenal!

    i think i have just blagged myself a sofa for £50. it doesn't look great and i wouldn't choose it, but it's a sofa.  i need to store it somewhere now - my garage!! and i need to get it in there, which is going to be a challenge. but hopefully it is manageable...

  • Fortunately pre school is only 5 mins walk, so we leave at 9.10!
  • You need a throw CM. that's exactly what they are for - sofas which are bargains but which you would not choose!
  • OMG - the lady that is selling me the sofa for £50 has just been round with bags of clothes. there are two big bin bags of dressing up dresses. E is going to die upwards when she sees them... and i am NEVER going to get her to wear anything else ever again.  look out on facebook for the outfits over the weekend!

    i am not sure if you remember the mum i posted about who was acting very oddly; said she had had a miscarriage and then dumped her kids with me and swanned back 2 hours later looking fine? well ... she texted me at the weekend to say she was house-hunting. i asked whether she was ok. well - turns out, she's not. her husband (they only married in the summer, and she had only moved down from scotland last easter with her 2 kids to be with this bloke - not the kids' father) has been violent, so she is leaving him.

    anyway - she asked if anyone wanted a sofa, and, well, i do! so i am going to have it off her. but she is clearing out wardrobes as well and has given me tonnes of clothes for E. i feel very sorry for the kids; i already had concerns about the way the little girl was being treated. hopefully if she gets out of this abusive marriage, she can focus on the kids again. poor things...

  • I suspect she is the type who flits from one nutter 2 the nxt CM, sounds like my friend's sis n law. Got 4 kids 2 4 different Dads, 1st 3 were headcases, 4th is lovely + a doctor but she isn't with him cos he's 'boring' :0S. Poor kids! Tx
  • I get up at 6.50 to get my 2 and me ready and out for 7.45 (and in nursery by 8) - but it is a manic rush most days!
  • Sonya - agree with JT it gets much easier once they bath together.  I usually get L out first and dry/dress her on the bathroom floor so I can watch N and then get hm out.  N will 'help' me put L to bed after first story (which we do on his bed) and then me & him have second story and bed (all done by 7pm on a good day).

    JT - I have children who lie in quite often - just makes you feel guilty when you have to wake them cos you need to go to work! On my non work days though we sometimes all snoze til 8 -830!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Our morning routine is manic, as I think I have posted before, and varies from day to day!  Friday is the worst for me as I am up at 5:50am and on the train by 7:00am.  If Kit would wait until after he and hubby have dropped me at the station for his breakfast it would make the whole thing a lot easier, but of course he wants his breakfast when I have mine ... image

    Having had an eye infection in both eyes over the weekend which I thought I'd got rid of, my left eye today has been really irritating and incredibly puffy.  Maybe a reaction to the Brolene drops, or maybe a delayed reaction to the fact that I accidentally attempted to take mascara off last night with skin toner instead of eye make-up remover (well, it was post-run and I wanted my dinner so was rushing and not paying attention!)

    Kit's in bed and has been hacking for the past 30 minutes almost non-stop, poor little soul.  Was really hoping he would get a decent night tonight, although he's been remarkably chirpy today considering last night's lack of sleep.  Had a nice afternoon playing with him in the garden, which was lovely as we don't get much time together now he's at school.  Know how you feel, JT - Kit never lies in; 6:30am is the best we get even at the weekend ... not his fault, as we get up at 6:30am every other day so his body is just conditioned to waking up at that time.  Not that there's any chance of a lie-in anyway, what with hubby rowing at sparrow's fart on a Saturday morning and me running early doors on Sundays!

  • Well despite being a good sleeper Eric is still being a grizzly evening baby. But luckily for me I have amad hubby who is now happily taking him for a walk to leave me in peace! I have said I'll have him back at 9.30 image
    Tomorrow bed time will be just me, but if Eric gets a bath it can be at the same time as M, as she is in the bath and can look after herself, and he will be in the basin. But trying to feed him whilst getting her ready for bed will be hard, and then I suspect he will yell for alot of the evening if not latched on to me, until 10pm! We have tried today and yesterday to put him in his bed to get him used to it, and last night he was asleep at 7, but woke at 7.30 again. Tonight he didn't even go to sleep, but we shall keep trying until he gets it.
    He did have a mammoth sleep this afternoon in the pushchair whilst we were shopping and then at the park with M after school, so as long as I still get some sleep at night, and some peace during the day I'll survive.
    We do get lie ins - as in she knows she can't get up until its light, and if she appears too early we tell her to go back to bed and she does. Plus fortunately for me hubby doesn't do lie ins, so he's happy to get up image This also means at wk ends I can feed Eric then hand him to Daddy and go back to bed.....roll on Sat.
    Hubby's godfather died today, he's been dying for a long time of bowel cancer, and it sounds like he really has been suffering the last few wks, so we all sort of said good when we heard the news. But the only time I have ever seen hubby cry is about his godfather being ill, so although he's putting on a brave face I expect he's rather sad.
  • I did bath time on my own today too! Feel quite proud of myself as it wasn't as awful as it sometimes is with hubby - managed to get S to sleep in Bouncer while J and I eating tea (normally he screams), then while he was snoozing J and I cleared up and set up bathroom. Bathed S first, once he woke up, then dried and dressed him. Started to bath J, but S wailing so latched him on and carried on with J's bath, then put S down to dry and dress J. Took S to cot in my room, wound up mobile and J had to be Very Quiet while I settled him, then took J to his room for stories. Ok, S wailed for about 10 mins, but by the time I had finished 3 stories, he was asleep and then said goodnight to J and left him to wail for a bit - it seems to be how he falls asleep!

    Sadly S is now feeding every 3 hours at night again, even though he was previously doing 5 or 6 hours sometimes. Not sure if it's a habit, but to make him quiet I feed him, too exhausted to try dummies etc etc!!

    And I've started reusable nappies, so feel very hippified too, Caro image
  • Joh - may just be a growth spurt so he's feeding more right now, hope you manage to get some decent sleep again soon though.

    Caro - I occasionally get a Saturday lie in too but again I feel guilty about that as Saturday is the only day of the week I get to have breakfast with the girls as work all week and run first thing Sunday - damn you working mum guilt! And sorry to hear about hubby's godfather - very sad.

    Sonya - so what kind of stuff is Maggie doing that's naughty? Do you think it's just an attention thing maybe because of having to share you with Rosie now? I'm not sure at just 2 that they really understand the concept of punishment so I'd stick to some firm "NO"s rather than taking toys away or the like ... also,  she looks like a little angel from the FB piccies so I'm sure she can't be that bad, can she?

    TT - meant to say before, hope you're okay (()).

    Our bedtime routine is that we split the kids so one of us takes Anna and Lily and the other does Issie. The 2 little ones bath together and depending on how scummy the water gets Lily either jumps in the water after them or goes up for a shower using our bathroom. So we then get the 2 little ones to bed doing one each and then whoever puts Anna to bed then does Lily. Doing all 3 solo is a bit challenging sometimes, although to be fair, Lily is at an age now where she can pretty much sort herself out so it's just the story and bedtime chat that she needs.

    Minks - hope the eye infection clears up soon, sound nasty.

    Hope everybody had a Happy St David's Day - I came home to find my husband had made his first ever batch of Welsh cakes which we demolished after dinner today, yum image!

  • Have got a zillion reuseable nappies now, as have all the mother ease ones from M, and have been lent/given a load of tots bots and Bumgenius. Probably have enough to only do a wash every 3rd day instead of every other day, but for the fact that our nappy bucket isn't big enough and I think 3 day old dirty nappies would just be a bit too rank to contend with! Not starting yet as he is a scrawny chicken, but also need to keep his umbilicus exposed whilst it is healing, or not healing as the case may be. Need to call the dr again tomorrow and get him seen. They tried to fob me off yesterday and say that if he had a granuloma it would be sorted at the 8 wk check, but it looks really odd now, plus is oozy and bloody so I don't want to leave it another 6 wks! Plus we ignored M's granuloma as we thought it was normal, and it took ages to heal even after treatment.

    Hubby enjoyed his walk, said he chatted about beer and girls (boys stuff!) and after 30 more mins n the boob I now have a sleeping baby, so time for sleep myself!
  • I get up at 6.50 to get my 2 and me ready and out for 7.45 (and in nursery by 8) - but it is a manic rush most days!
  • Errr sorry I seem to have the reposting gremlins at work!!!
  • I refuse to get up before 7 and prefer to see 7.30 if I'm honest, well prefer 8 but...
    Umbilicus- if it is really moist then our HV s can use silver nitrate sticks but maybe would need prescribing first by GP as not sure if it's on the list of things nurses can prescribe (and all areas are different).
    Routine - oh my goodness, going back to 3 hrly night feeds would finish me off but could well be growth spurt as suggested and should settle once milk supply kicks up again or babies tum gets bit bigger.
    CM looking forward to costumes!
    great running CC & JT
    Boo to cough Minks, can you wangle another day off if necessary?
    Caro you don't need a nappy bucket you need a dustbin!
  • Caro just a quickie, we were told not to bath Max until his umbilical stub had dropped off, had to keep it dry, swab with alcohol wipes and drip alcohol on it every time we changed his nappy. I think I saw in your pics on FB (very cute by the way!), that you had given E a bath already so I assume the advice in uk is different. I think they also did dab it with the silver stuff Camlo mentioned too. Hope it heals soon. Also hope you are more comfortable down under too.

    Still bleeding here image but doc doesn't want to see me again and has just suggested blood test again in 2 weeks. Hopefully all will be ok.

    Sorry, on phone so can't be arsed to write more! Welcome lady p and hope little one sleeps better tonight.
  • Minks - just wanted to say if it is an eye infection you might need to bin your mascara and get a new one - the infection can end up in your eye make up and just keep prolonging anything.
    I normally leave the eye make up off until everything settles down if I have a bit of conjunctivitis even if it does make me feel a bit nude!

    TT - hopefully its just your body getting back to normal - not nice when its not your usual period, hope it settles down soon.

    Joh - hope the feeding settles down soon, 3 hours sleep is not enough!

    Well my two can pipe up anytime from 5am!! Then they currently both get in bed for a cuddle and some chat, then I drag myself out of bed as long after that as possible! We only have to be at playschool Wed-Fri and I don't leave until nearly 9am so there is obviously no rush to get ready here, and that's why they end up getting some cbeebies! Funnily enough the baby was also doing somersaults in my tummy too at 5.30am - a family of early risers (apart from daddy obviously!).

    Caro - sorry to hear about hubby's godfather, although sounds like a relief after being so ill.

    Bath my two together - don't always have an actual bath some nights, just brush teeth and read books, they are generally in bed by 7pm, after the early starts I like to end the day early too!
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