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  • even in our company, where we provide outsourced HR and payroll services to other companies, they still manage to screw the pay and rations for their own employees!

    grr to dentists CC

    well - the garage gave me a lift home with E, so no need for a cab image

    and my mortgage has finally been approved. they told me yday i needed a letter from T's conveyancer saying i had been discharged from his mortgage. chances of getting that - a VERY fine thing indeed. in the end they decided they could actually do a land registry search to confirm in themselves. but it has resulted in a whole week's delay!!! argh. sometimes...

  • I'm 2 pages back and baby just about to wake but wanted to say YES please!! To MM's coaching offer - my plan is still Abingdon in Oct using First plan... And I'd love to pop down for nappies at some stage, probs not this weekend though as i think we'll be on the train.

    Back shortly! image
  • Ooof, not a good day here either. My mum got antibs for a chest infection yesterday but then phoned this morning to say that she was feeling terrible with a droopy eye and double vision. She went to the GP who sent her over to the hospital.  I was working this morning but went and sat with her in A&E for a few hours after I had finished. She's had lots of tests and as I left they were taking her for a CT scan. She did have a facial palsy thing a few years ago so hopefully it is the same thing and nothing more sinister. She recovered well last time and wasn't left with any drooping etc,  but the Dr was a bit blunt in telling her today if it is 'just' that again she may not be so lucky as to recover well this time. Going to head back up to the hospital later, she is a bit emotional and Dad is very poorly with the flu so really shouldn't be hanging around the hospital.

     Grr to the broken cars.

    Good news about the mortgage CM.

    Think I would be a nightmare to coach MM as I'm not very good at doing what I'm told, but you are welcome to try image 

  • Hope your mum's ok Lotte.
  • I would love 2 b coached 2 MM but can't actually run just now so not much use :0(. Tx
  • Hope it just some weird viral thing lotte + ur Mum recovers quickly. Tx
  • Best wishes to your mum from me as well Lotte - hope its nothing too bad.
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Hope you're mums OK Lotte. 

    I would love to be coached too but really struggling to run much at all with hubby away all week (no family etc close to help) and the undelying lurgy I have had since beginning December which i now a full blown cold again image

    CM - Good news on the mortgage.  I had one approved recently to get a buy-to-let but haven't managed to buy anywhere yet - really need hubby to get more involved but not sure thats going to happen anytime soon.

  • hope your mum is OK Lotte. worrying for you all.
  • I don't think I've caught up properley - but I've been back 3 pages and that will have to do!

    Hope your mum is OK Lotte.  

    I tried a bit of barefoot (ish) running years ago after I totally buggered my knee up.  When I got back to running, after a 4 month lay off, I thought I would try some Nike Frees (rather than using the orthotics I had been given) as I had to start with very short runs only.  I have to say that I think it taught me a new  way of running that has helped me stay injury free since - although I have gone back to more 'normal' shoes - I do where neutral traines despite pronating quite badly on one side.  I did manage to get up to running half marathons in my Frees with no issues. 

    Just watching supersize v. super skinny - is an incentive to run if ever there was one!   Am still struggling with illness though.  After the flu type thing at the beginning of Feb that wiped me for a couple of weeks I had a good couple of weeks, then I've just had another 2 weeks off with a heavy cold that meant I couldnt' breath for that long, and now - just as I thought I was on the mend - my throat is sore again!!!!  Think my immune system must just be on the floor and I'm catching everything going.    Trying to knock it in to touch this week with lots of veg, lots of vitamins, water, no alcohol............  Also managed to go over on my ankle twice in the last two days whilst walking the dog.  Aaargh.  Hurts now.  Annoying.

    And that's me image

    My lovely little E had his first lot of laser treatment under GA last Wednesday.  Would say that holding your struggling child while they are gassed and looking at you with pleading eyes and then feeling them go floppy in your arms is pretty hideous.   There were many tears from me that day.  And now even - when I think about it.  Horrid.  Anyway.  He was fine once he woke up and the bruising from the procedure has pretty much gone already.  I'm not that confident it's going to make any difference as they only upped the strength a little bit over what they've used previously but we shall see.  Several months before we know for sure.

    He is amazing at the moment though - love this age.  He has masses of words, can do a few colours and shapes, recognise a load of numbers, 'count' to 5 and can run almost as fast as me!!   image   

    Oh blah.  All about me and nothing about running!  Want to run.  Can't run.  Feel like my previous improvements in form are all slipping away.  Again.  Tch.   

    Glad things are on the up for some of you though - Camlo & MM spring to mind, and Minks and JT.   And how's your back now CM?

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Tallbird: "Would say that holding your struggling child while they are gassed and looking at you with pleading eyes and then feeling them go floppy in your arms is pretty hideous."  Totally, totally with you there.  Kit's first experience of GA was exactly like that for me.  Thankfully this time round they put him under via a cannula in his hand (wonderful theatre nurse distracting him) and hubby went with him down to theatre so I didn't have to go through that again.  It still makes my blood run cold even now.

    MM, I think I'd be a nightmare to coach too for the same sorts of reasons as Lotte, and you'd try to make me do speedwork and I wouldn't image

    CM, was going to say same as Kinsey re. car seats in cabs.  My mum collects Kit from school every Thursday and they get a cab home as Mum doesn't drive and it's too far to walk (also steep uphill all the way), and of course there's only one bus an hour and it leaves 3 minutes after school finishes = not enough time to get to the bus stop image  We don't have a car seat for the cab but it's been fine - and it's not that far so I don't mind as it's just once a week.

    Ran 7 miles this morning and niggly bits didn't niggle, but a sore area on my left hamstring was hurting where chiro had massaged it yesterday.  Not too bad though and definitely feel that I'm 'straighter' somehow!  My mum came up for lunch which was lovely, and we went to the big M&S near us and I bought some bits for the house - new loo brush and holder and bin for the cloakroom, new towels for the cloakroom and a photo frame for the landing.  Hubby has been nagging me about never getting round to doing anything in the house (like I have loads of time!) so I decided to get off my backside and do something!  Then made a lasagne for this evening, and since Kit's been in bed I've cleaned the bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen sink and am now psyching myself up to do the ironing!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    I have never tried barefoot/minimal but have ben tempted. I land midsole anyway athough am very heavy footed and certainly thud along!!  (MrC used to say it was like a baby elephant!). I have run in Asics Nimbus for at least the last 7 years and Morikos for XC and whilst they may not be the 'best' shoes for me I am never going to break any records and prefer to stick to what I know will give me no trouble!
  • Oh Lotte I hope all ok with your Mum. Thanks for the link - I have requested to join JT - I am Belinda Randall as you would never work it out now as my surname is not my maiden name anymore.
    Sounds like there are some seriously tricky logistics operating for peoples school runs etc. Not even going to think that far ahead!
    I need to get into town tomorrow to catch bus with buggy, car seat plus bags for 12 nights away for Matilda and I. To tight to pay for taxi at the moment so hubby will take most of stuff to work in the boot and I will walk into town (only 30 mins), collect bags, seat etc and then go catch bus. Bus leave at 8.15am so will be a seriously early start!!!
    Tallbird - I was almost in tears reading your description of your little one being anaesthetised so god knows what I would be like in reality. Does it have to be repeated?
    CM - hooray on the mortgage being approved!!

    Has anyone had experience with an under 1 tantruming? I thought we had a while to go before that started! Matilda is nearly 8 months and yesterday she threw several tantrums (different from just getting upset). She did the same for AGES at bedtime and again at 2am!! Feels mean as she is only little but am ignoring it as am terrified that she will develop bad habits v quickly!! Luckily it only took 5 mins in the night but felt 100 years old by the end of last night!! Hubby has taken her for a walk this morning so I could have a lay in but opted for a peaceful shower and breakfast instead!

    Ohh they are back now so best go.
  • Ha ha Hoggle........I had a day of bad behaviour from my Matilda yesterday.........which did result in me yelling at her a bit much but she was totally winding me up. I just need to learn to be a bit calmer.

    Somehow managed to have both kids in bed before 7 by myself (out of sight out of mind?) Eric yelled for 10 mins so I went and turned some music and vibrations on (he's in a travel cot that has a vibrating mode!) instant silence! Went in again to check 1/2 hr later and was amazed to find him awake still but not crying, then next time I went in he was asleep. So he has done another 6-7 hr stretch, as I went to bed at 9 and decided not to feed him again and see what happened. I did feed him on and off for about 3 hrs from 4pm and by 7 my nipples were chewed to bits so I wasn't going to keep going!

    He has a follow up drs appt today for his belly button at 11 and I have a MW check at 12.45. Some how in between I have to get her home, give her lunch and drop her at school.

    jT I don't know is the answer. Perineal issues are much improved, it stings a lt less when I wee, yet my pelvis is going from bd to worse. Had really bad lower ack pain last night and all across the front of my pelvis, and I really haven't been dong anything physical over the past few days. Might mention it to dr today if she doesn't look too harassed, given that it is Eric's appt.
  • Caro - think I mentioned my hip/back problems at 6 week check and they referred me for physio - it didn't take too long to be seen but I think unfortunately for me it was the relaxin going that sorted everything. I did try an osteo too but to be honest nothing really helped.
    Maybe try and get hold of a support band thing while everything is a bit too mobile?

    My left buttock/lower back is really playing up now - think its the same as last time but has taken longer to start this time which is a bit of a relief. 15 weeks to go or there abouts!
  • 21 mins girls, 2.5 miles. Whoop! Whoop!! Little things hey! Well it was 9 mins, 1min walk, 11 mins and no pain. Hurrah!! Trying to decide what I try on friday, 20 mins run or 15 mins run, 1min walk, 10 mins. Hubbie thought that might be better??

    JT do you have any bumpf on beginners/foundation level running. I have no idea and need to read up before course. Shame you aren't coming to Bristol though next weekend. Hopefully we can help each other though. I can help you with the more advanced running and you can help me with the foundation level stuff??

    Coaching is all about feedback and working together not a coach telling you what to do. I have already given advice to so many of you on here including Fran and Lotte, so you can be coached my lovelies. I have been coached by some amazing people and they can be really supoortive and inspirational. Thats what I hope to get from it image...

    Boo to crashed cars and broken down cars. Not good. Also boo to GA and our babies. Harry had GA when he was a week old. We didn't see him go under though. I was terrified when I saw him being wheeled in an enclosed incubator down the corridor. Absolutely terrified.

    Right must dash, tots group and have to pick up my friend who is showing her wares today. Baby Woohoo to all you mum's of babies or have friends who have wee ones. Beautiful handmade shows and toys. Mum I met through baby massage with Sophie. She is amazing...

    Treadmill being fixed today too hopefully and tesco shop arriving at 12pm, so mad day as ever. Swim lessons after school and pilates tonight. Try to do some work inbetween and clean the house as FIL coming tomorrow!!

  • Tallbird - hope there is some success with the treatment - I would be in bits if I had to be there while either of mine were put under GA. I had one for my wisdom teeth when I was 21 and it freaked me out - woke up crying - so that doesn't help!

    Peeing down here - hope it drys up soon, have lots of laundry to dry.

    Also going to the surestart centre later as Martha won a drawing competition. Slightly surprised but delighted - from what I recall the picture was fairly basic!
  • Woo hoo. Good news MM.

     Hubby is away to Aberdeen in a couple of weeks to do his level 2 Ahtletics coach course.

    Still waiting to hear results of Mums CT scan. Thanks for all the good wishes. Went back to see her last night and have phoned this morning. She is doing ok, not feeling great but no worse. Things haven't changed so it looks like some kind of nerve palsy but will be good to hear that the scan is clear.

    Dylan had to  go under for his hernia op. It was upsetting. 

    Better get some chores done while twins at nursery. Then they are having their mop heads cut! Cameron looks like a girl at the moment it is so long! 

  • Lotte - hope your mum is ok, and you get the results of the scan soon.

    Tallbird - really hope E's treatment helps, and just thinking about one of mine having to have an anaesthetic makes me want to cry, so don't want to imagine what it's like when it really happens. Hope you're feeling better soon too. I've had an awful sore throat for about a week - painkillers twice a day - which I'm sure isn't helped by the children not sleeping well, but for the first time today I am painkiller free and had a full nights sleep, so keeping fingers crossed that feeling better is on the cards!

    Caro - hope your gp can help with your pelvis. Round here you can self-refer to physio during pregnancy, so mig be worth seeing if you have something similar and whether they'll still see you post-natally. Interesting about your childcare vouchers - I went and checked my payslips after what you said, but I think they've got mine right. Thanks to you though, I have still been paid my vouchers (which I had been going to cancel) so I am about a thousand pounds in credit! Definitely worthwhile, and I will be entitled to less in vouchers when I go back as I am moving trusts so count as a newcomer to the scheme, so good to have some in the bank!

    Kinsey - well done to Martha! Isabelle's pictures are finally occasionally starting to look like something recognisable, although her people still often don't have any bodies, and always have very big ears!!

    MM - I'm also happy to be coached if you need another. I'm not a beginner in terms of fitness but I certainly am in terms of following any kind of proper plan, so I'm sure you could make some considerable improvements on what I'm doing at the moment! I think I like the idea of having a training plan, and I may even set myself a goal of a sub 1.50 half in September and see how I get on. I think my reluctance to set targets and follow programmes is that I don't like not achieving things so it's seemed easier not to try - I know, not a particularly helpful mental attitude! But there, I've said it - a sub 1.50 half!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Kit has been under GA twice in his short life and it is not pleasant.  Worst is the waiting time while they are in theatre.  Last time I was told he should be in theatre about 25 minutes - the moment it went over that I started panicking and imagining the worst.  Getting the call to say that he was in recovery and I could go down was the best news ever!

    Vixo, I know exactly where you're coming from - I am a bit the same which is why I think I don't race much.  I hate achieving below my own expectations and if I think I'm going to then I would rather not attempt something in the first place - which I know is a bad attitude!  I may have to learn to handle it though as I am not convinced that 3:15 at VLM is a reasonable target in my present form - not even sure I'm in PB shape to be honest.  But as I keep telling myself, I am doing an extra session a week compared with last time, and the majority of my runs are longer than last time.  Over the whole schedule I will have done an extra 100 miles compared with last time so that must surely count for something?  Not going to write myself off just yet but I wish I could have more self-belief sometimes!

    MM, great news about the leg - cautious optimism though I think is the way forward.

    Tallbird, really hope E's treatment makes a difference.

    CC, liking the sound of your evening.  I must think about a Pilates class and see whether I can realistically fit one in - I'm sure it would help.

    Lotte, hope you have some positive news about your mum.  Must be very worrying for you all.

    Kinsey, well done to Martha - that's lovely!  No danger of Kit winning anything like that any time soon - drawing is not his forte!

  • Thanks for your thoughts - know the risks of ga are very small but...well, you know. Even if this lot of treatment fades the mark, he will need at least 2 more lots to fill in the bits that weren't covered this time (it's circles and they don't overlap). I guess having been through it once at least I will know what to expect and as e gets older at least u can explain / reason with him.

    Kinsey - I had ga for some teeth extraction when I was young, remember (now) waking up crying, maybe it's an anaesthetic thing?

    You guys are always so busy - I really feel like I should get more done in my day, but it just doesn't happen. Maybe once E is doing some pre-school? So only another year to go image

    Sounds like you are in the mend mm and being so sensible as well. That deserves serious applause! And sounds like cm managed a run today as well - maybe things are on the up?

    Caro - ouch!

    I still feel kind of congested - and hungry from my lack of cake and biscuits image going to do another 5km tonight - see how it goes. Like Vixo said - isn't helped by children waking me up in the night. Last night it was Z the night before e was awake 3 times then up for the day at 6:30. Yawn. We mums are actually amazing!

    Right. Must get e up - z to collect in 20!!
  • JT - glad GP was supportive.

    woohoo MM - good stuff. i managed just over a mile to the garage. not painful at the time but a bit stiff now. more stretching needed i think, but think it's on the mend.

    have had a very poorly wee lamb today. E was out of sorts yesterday evening - after the mega tantrum walking down the hill from school, which resulted in her screaming, throwing her doll on the floor, stamping her feet and shouting 'stop walking mummy, i need to hit you'. was hilarious. anyway, after that she went downhill and by bedtime was in a right old state. she was up four times in the night and this morning had a temp of 39 degress.  by 11 o'clock she was back in bed and slept for 4 hours until i woke her up to go and get J from school. was meant to be working today, but took the day off as holiday when she couldn't go to nursery, and then ended up working anyway for the 4 hours she was sleeping!

    anyway, she is back in bed again now. fingers crossed she is ok for tomorrow as daddy has her and is planning on sending her to nursery...

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