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  • Mrs O - I had similar stomach issues after my 2nd child - having had 2 c/sections I had a prominent tummy overhang. I started exercising / eating sensibly in earnest when he was around 20 months (having never done regular exercise in my adult life before), and started with a combination of yoga classes and gym work - I soon took up running and never looked back! I think both running and yoga made a real difference with my stomach - it looked better than it had done in years (literally about 10!), and I lost nearly 2 stone into the bargain.  So I would say that it's not too late at all at 10 months post-birth - it won't be overnight, but now you've started back running regularly you'll see a difference, and maybe doing some gentle core work regularly like yoga or pilates to work on those bits ( I always find going to a class better than trying to do it at home).  Also if you have weight to lose, once that starts to drop off it will help too.  Now at 4 weeks post the birth of my 3rd child, I need to convince myself to start practising what I've just preached! 

  • Thanks sarabob, you have given me some hope, my belly is definetly wobbly due to fat i would say rather than saggy skin.  Now that i'm back at work part-time i will get into healthier eating patterns and my hip seems to be ok over the past 2 weeks since i started running again so hopefully that will help.  Will also get back into the yoga and core exercises, i was doing them regularly but when i first had a sore hip i kept doing them and my hip didn't seem to get better even though i'd stopped runnning, so stopped all exercise until my hip was better (apart from stretches and walking).  Even after two weeks of running and a week back at work eating a bit healthier think i have dropped a pound or two.  Am still about 10lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy and even then i was always about half a stone overweight.  Am looking forward to getting back into running and trying a 10k befroe then end of the year and see if i can still run it in about 55 mins.

    How is baby no.3 getting on ? you must be a pro by now  Did you have a boy or girl ?  I really must read through all the earlier posts and see who's who and who's had boys, girls, etc etc

  • sarabob, did you have a lot of stretch marks, did they fade with time, i've got loads below my belly button, they've faded a wee bit but not much so far yeuch
  • mrs o - no.3 is a boy ( I have a girl and 2 boys now) - not sure you ever feel like it's easy, but it's certainly much more relaxed being a parent by the time you get to no.3! 

    Yes to lots of stretch marks - they certainly got less noticeable but never totally disappear.  Doesn't bother me much now, though - especially as I don't tend to show too much flesh on the beach / at the pool nowadays!

  • I am still half stone heavier than I was before, and this is all around my tummy. Not sure how it will go now, as running 50-60 mpw, going to pilates and am not prepared to diet, so looks like the belly is staying. I am on the light side anyway like Minks, so everyone says I look fab considering I had twins 10 months ago, but I guess I know I was trimmer before! Maybe with time it will slowly disappear, there is a six pack under there somewhere.

    So I have no suggestions mrs o, as been trying myself. Certainly won't be wearing a crop top to race in like I used to, fully vested tummy armour now!!

    Was very lucky I got no stretch marks. Which does amaze me given how enormous I was.

    Minks I used Heinz Oaty porridge for my boys to start with, and have now progressed them onto weetabix or Tesco Instant porridge which are both much cheaper. Sometimes they have toast and jam, but that is very messy!

  • Sleeping.  We use sleeping bags too now.  I have a sheet bag that I got from Jojo Maman which has been great during the summer and muggy nights.  I always go in to put a blanket over him before I go to sleep.  The other night he started shuffling around when I was there so I sat down on a chair so not to disturb him.  It was fascinating just watching him scratching his ankles (ankle against ankle) rolling over, reaching up and grabbing the cot bar, rolling over, scratching his ear.... He was so active during that couple of minutes or so I was with him.

     Blanket will end up anywhere by morning - certainly not where I put it!

     MM What in the world did you use to not get stretch marks?  You are quite petite really (I think from previous posts) and twins........  Well done!

  • Nothing plodding along! Well I used to put moisturiser on the bump every day, but no particular brand. I am surprised myself as I was enormous. My tummy muscles didn't split either, which the physio was very surprised at, so I was able to start tummy exercises straight away. I think that was 4 years of pilates though.

    I am pretty small, not as tiny as Minks but a 6-8, 5'3. Just a nice wobble round my belly now that is very persistent!

    Just fell over on my run, nice cut hands, must concentrate when I'm out as twisted my ankle last week too!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    I have to say since I began running consistently again I feel as though everything has toned up a lot more and I wouldn't be surprised if I've dropped a little weight.  I have absolutely no stretch marks either - like MM I moisturised my bump daily but didn't use any particular brand of cream.  I quite liked Clinique Body Butter but I often used other things too.  I have no idea if the moisturising made any difference or not - I did read somewhere that it's just down to your skin type and how 'stretchy' it is as to whether you get stretch marks or not.  My waist/tummy is still slightly bigger than pre-pregnancy but all in all I look pretty good considering I had a baby 6 months ago.  My tummy muscles did separate so I had to delay tummy exercises - also because I had a C-section I wasn't supposed to do any for a few weeks anyway.  I can fit into all my size 6 clothes and those that were tight a couple of months ago now fit properly again.  Am only 5'1" though so any excess weight would really show.

    Am pleased with the progress I've made running.  Using a Hal Higdon schedule that's basically a complete beginner's training programme leading to a marathon (over 30 weeks).  The first few weeks are REALLY easy - runs of only 1.5-2 miles - but I followed it exactly and my fitness has come back really well, and I've had no recurrence of my back strain.

    Was quite concerned about Kit yesterday.  He did 7 very runny, pooey nappies which is not normal for him at all.  He usually does 1-2 a day now he's on solids and the consistency and colour vary depending on what he's eaten.  These nappies were greenish-grey, didn't smell too good and looked a bit mucus-y.  Either something he's eaten doesn't agree with him (suspecting butternut squash at the moment as the nappy thing started Sunday afternoon and he first had butternut squash Sunday morning, then again yesterday morning), or he's got a bug or possibly he's teething.  He cut his first two teeth with no problem at all so have no previous symptoms to compare with.  He seems OK in himself - was very grizzly late afternoon yesterday, but he hadn't had much in the way of daytime sleep - so will see how he goes today.  Been giving him water as afraid of dehydration, but obviously don't want to give too much.  Has only done 2 poos so far today and I've only given him baby rice to try to settle his tummy - fingers crossed it won't be anything nasty.

  • Minks - James has loads of nappies when teething (his first two came without any symptoms).  Also although many medics dismiss the colds when teething this can also be a symptom.   Fingers crossed he is fine now.

    James has a stinking cold today.  Thankfully it is runny, not a blocked nose.  Lots of crying though as mean Mummy keeps up with the tissue attacks.  Poor wee man is zonked as well, sneezing and rubbing his eyes.  I don't think we will bother with out swimming today. 

  • Minks, the top teeth are horrific for teething symptoms, so could be that. Or he may just have a tummy bug. Colds do also seem to sometimes cause upset tummy as the bug can get into the gut, hence the mucus.

    See how he goes. J suffers from lots of tummy bugs and colds, so we have these a lot, especially when his top teeth came through. H has had dreadful runny nose teething but nappies are fine, very different babes. Go to docs if you are at all worried.

    Lucky you getting your figure back Minks, I am resigned to having a bigger tummy now. I am pretty much back into my old clothes, but feel conscious of my tummy so guess avoid some of my old clothes, an excuse for shopping!

    Right time to get the boys dressed, always fun ;o)!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Janie, that's a tricky one.  You could try the anecdotal approach, perhaps casually saying what you did with Ted?  If she's actually asking you for advice then I would probably be a bit more blunt, but without coming across as patronising or the fountain of all knowledge, of course!  They might need to do what you did, sitting beside the cot until he settles.  I did a couple of days of 'crying down' to get Kit to settle in his cot and get himself off to sleep - it was our fault he hadn't been able to do so as we tended to rush in at the first murmur and give him his dummy.  I didn't do the really brutal approach, I just allowed him to cry for no more than two minutes before going in, and reassuring him with voice only and a pat if he was really upset.  The gave him another two minutes etc.  If he hadn't settled after 10 minutes I would pick him up as I didn't want him to get completely beside himself.  It only took a couple of goes and he now loves his cot and seems to actually enjoy being in it.  We go in in the morning and he's happily playing with his cuddly toys and babbling to himself.

    MM and Plod, thanks for the thoughts re. nappies and teething.  Kit seems to be perfectly OK - he was fine in himself even when he filled 7 nappies in one day - and yesterday did 3 much more normal-looking nappies.  I gave him only baby rice yesterday - the evening portion mixed with a bit of pear puree - to try to settle his tummy and hopefully it's worked.  No need for a trip to the doctor for the moment, I don't think.

    Today tried some porridge this morning but he wasn't interested; had just had 8oz of milk so was probably too full.  Will give him a bit less milk tomorrow before the cereal.  He's also had sweet potato and carrot this morning, and only one nappy so far - bit brownish-grey but probably the pear coming through!  Have made a job lot of sweet potato puree this morning.  He loves it but it's the one I least like making as have to push through a sieve rather than put in the blender!

    MM, my tummy isn't as flat as it was but it's OK.  Sometimes when I wear a fitted T-shirt I feel I have to hold it in a bit but in general it looks fine.  I'm just pleased I can get back into my old clothes as for a while I wondered whether I ever would again.  I packed away my very small jeans so not sure if I could get into those now, but gone off them anyway!  The worst bit was that my belly button looked really wide, but it seems to have got a bit smaller again now.  I still have the remains of my linea nigra even after all this time - wish it would just disappear!

  • Am going back to my pilates classes in October instead of just doing a DVD so hopefully that will help, the running certainly isn't shifting it even the 16 mile runs, but then on high mileage I do eat a lot more, so that won't be helping much. Need to cut down on the amount of cheese and diary I eat I think, a habit I got into when pregnant as seemed to crave it.

    10 mile run tonight, but again am so hungry when I get in from these runs, well once recovered, can't retsrict my food. Maybe over the next 6 months it will just shift.

    Annoyingly I have twins who for the first time are in different size clothes, means their cupboard is so full. H is only 18lbs and in 6-9 still, which at nearly 11 months is pretty small. J is nearly 20lb and entering 9-12 month clothes. Nightmare. Means poor H gets all J's hand me downs too! I know he won't notice, but doesn't seem fair!

  • Will wearing supportive/control pants when running stop the wobbly belly skin sagging, especially where my horrible appendix scar is, or do you think it won't make any difference?

    MM really impressed at your long runs, 16 miles, wow, although i remember from previous posts that you are a bit of a serious runner, i am just a bit of a plodder really, going to sign up for a wee local 10K for the end of october, i'm managing 30-35 mins no problem now and feel i could easily run for longer but not going to overdo it and get another sore hip or anything else.  Ran with some of the girls from work yesterday and kept up with one who runs at a good pace and left the slower ones behind, don't think my running pace has changed, feel like i'm running as fast as i was pre-pregnancy

  • I thougt I had avoided stretch marks but discovered some on the underside of my boobs and some tiny ones on my belly yesturday!  Was straight to boots for bio oil!! 

    I think i would use the anecdotal approach Minks suggests Janie... its tricky as people have such different approaches its easy to inadvertantly offend people.... especially with hormones raging and lack of sleep!

    We had a good night on sat and Granny coped fine (or at least told me she did!) but I have been absolutely exhausted since cos i cant catch up with the sleep i missed!  Unforunately it has coincided with the girls suddenly getting really grizzly in the evenings, not wanting to go down for the night, waking loads and wanting to eat all the time.... not sure if a reaction to thier jabs, growth spurt or just them (they are usually quite chilled though).  They seem better today so hoping its over... good timing as we are off to france for the weekend today.

    gosh weaning sounds so complicated..... I thought getting the combo of bottle and boob was bad enough!

    MM at least they wont have to share for a bit... unless you are organised enough for them to have seperate clothes, I just have a communal stock!

  • Manic days of rushing around after two fast crawlers is not helping with my belly, maybe when they start running themselves it will.

    I am a pretty serious runner mrs o. Training for half in october, hoping for 85 mins so get a place at London next year, but we'll see, not sure am that fit yet. I have a 10k next weekend which hope to get under 40 mins.

    Hetty, yes they just have a big load of boys clothes which they normally share, although I do have faves for each one, tops that suit their character and all that, but now we have a pile of 6-9 and a pile of 9-12. Hopefully Harry will catch up, I think he's on a bit of a spurt now, as eating loads more than Joshie.

    I also find it very awkward with mums I meet up with as have been very lucky with my two and sleep. Both slept through the night 7till7 from just before 6 months with no problems, and before then we had 11pm till 7am from 12 weeks. I have friends with twins and babes the same age who are still up two or three times to put dummies back in mouths, and one friend who has a babe over a year old who still has a bottle around 3am! I'm so glad we didn't have to go down the dummy route, although we will have the trying to stop thumb sucking problem instead.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Ditto, Mitchie Moo.  We've been very lucky with the sleeping too - although my mum often tells me that it's not just luck, it's because we got Kit into a routine very quickly after I came out of hospital so he's always known where he is and what to expect.  I do think there's an element of luck though!  Like yours, he slept through 11pm-7am from 11 weeks and we dropped the night feed just after he turned 6 months - that was probably us being overly cautious though as I think he probably would have slept through a bit sooner if we'd tried to cut out the dream feed earlier.  What's really nice for us is that when he wakes in the morning he just babbles to himself and plays with the soft toys in his cot - we don't even hear him most of the time.  He has started saying "Mum" and looks very pleased with himself when he does so!  Hubby is desperately saying "Dad, Dad, Dad" to him all the time!

    MM, 16-mile runs - wow!  Was impressed with myself last night as did a hilly (3 pretty steep hills, quite long too) 4-miler and didn't have to stop at all - first time I've managed this run without stopping since I started running again.  The last and steepest mile I managed in 8:01 so was pretty happy with that.  Will never be as speedy as you and will probably never find time for 50-60 miles a week, but will take what I can get!  I have a GFA place for London next year - assuming I ever remember to send off for the application ...

    Cragchick, holiday sounds fab and you seemed to cope fantastically!  Glad the kids were good and you even managed to do some reading!  I have about 5 months' worth of Runner's World mags still in their celophane wrappers as just have not had time to read.  Could read in the evening but always seem to watch TV instead!  Suppose I could read instead of coming on here but where's the fun in that?

  • CC - sounds likeyou had a great holiday - camping is such a good family holiday, I think - we've done camping in France for the last 4 or 5 years and really enjoyed each one. With 3 children now I think it will be our holiday of choice for a good few years to come.  And well done on your running  - I'm madly envious of all of you doing proper length runs!  Minks - sounds like you're doing really well as well - I'm using you as my post c/s running inspiration!

    But - I'm v. excited this morning - did my first 25 min. run-walk last night which went really well - no discomfort at all around the scar and the 1 min. runs felt great! I know it'll be hard to build back up to all running, but it's good to have made a start.  And my FLM GFA (too many initials!) application form came this morning - hurray!  So I will definitely be doing FLM 08 (barring injury, of course) - it looks like there might be a few of us planning to - just seen MM's post (hope you get your champ. start! My husband is hoping to get one for next year - he's doing a half in October with the same aim) and Minks - do you think you'll take up your GFA place? And I think Janey is planning to too?  Anyone else? We could have a virtual Mums' FLM training group! 

    Sleeping's not going too badly for us either at the moment - after going down around 10pm Eddie normally wakes twice a night but he's had the occasional night where he just wakes once - he slept for 7 hours the other night which was fab. (although I was desperate for him to feed by the time he woke up!). Just hope we don't get the same scenario as we did with DS1, who slept beautifully from 6 to 12 weeks, and then started waking up again and didn't get back into a proper routine until he was around a year - aagh!

    It's nice to back in the school routine as well - the older 2 seem to have settled well into their new schools, and it's lovely having some 1 to 1 time with Eddie in the day. 

  • Hi folks - me too, I'm in FLM.  I'm a bit scared though cos I desperately wanted to beat my last time and I don't think it's going to happen.  I'm worried I won't be able to/won't want to fit in the training because I'll have to get serious with it at exactly the time I am going back to work.  how can I go for a 3hr run and leave my wee girlie when I have had to leave her in nursery for the whole week?  Plus I feel like I am going to be starting from even less than scratch this time around. 

    We had our first experience of 11pm - 7am this morning and it was blissful.  Except that my boobs are used to being emptied in the middle of the night and the right one was like a watermelon!  I am trying not to hope for the same again tonight but at the same time I'm saying little prayers!!

  • Cool EF! I'm trying not to think about a target time at the moment - I'm sure once we all get training properly it will be fine.

    Good luck with tonight's sleep - I'm just off to assemble my breast pump - I keep it by the bed in case Eddie sleeps for longer than expected - it's so hideous waking up ready to burst!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    EF, know where you're coming from re. FLM training getting serious just as you have to go back to work.  Not sure how mine is going to pan out yet, but am thinking I might do my long run early Sunday morning so I'm back around the time Kit wakes from his nap - although his naps may well have changed by then!  Idea though is to have as much of the day as possible with him.  Trying to think about how I could run home from work once a week to do the midweek semi-long run, and the other runs will just have to be fitted in at lunchtime at work or in the evening if they're 6 miles or less.  I have a secret dream of beating my last time but realistically I think aiming for sub-3:45 to guarantee another GFA place would be the most sensible option.  My 3:23 was achieved on 5 runs a week averaging 40-50 miles a week.  Now I can only manage 4 runs so that sort of mileage isn't an option.

    Kit rolled over from back to front four times today - he finally seems to have got the hang of it without getting stuck halfway.  He still isn't interested in sitting though!  Funny how they progress in different ways - he has excellent fine motor skills and has been using the 'pincer' grip (thumb and forefinger) for a while now when picking up toys etc. and he is actually saying "Mum" at just 6.5 months, but when I try to encourage him to sit he just hurls himself backwards so he can lie down again!  He's such a happy little soul though, always smiling - I feel so blessed to have him.

  • It does amaze me how different they are Minks. When you have twins its really noticeable. Harry is very observant, and very dextrous with his hands, whereas Joshie seems to be more vocal, again said Mum and Dad very early on and is very strong on his legs, can stand now on his own for 5 seconds, but does get scared and sits down.

    I have two big smilers as well, the childminder loves having them, so happy. They only grumble when they have reason, usually cos mummy is out and about and its lunchtime and they are hungry!

    Off to inlaws this weekend/this afternoon, the journey is awful down to Somerset, fingers crossed traffic will be OK.

  • Minks and EF - I know it seems daunting but I'm sure you'll both be able to manage fitting in the training and spending time with your little ones - Minks, sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it already.  It's not quite the same, but last year DH and I both managed to train for the NY marathon with both of us working and 2 children to look after (and we organised our wedding at the same time!) - admittedly the children are older and I worked part-time so the situation is a bit different.  However, I'm hoping we can do the same again for FLM - we had to be really organised for NY and plan each weeks training well in advance, so I'm hoping we can do the same again.  I did end up doing some runs at stupid o'clock in the morning (and I am not a morning person!) but even that was OK if it meant I could tick off the run on my schedule. I've just sent off my application form and cheque for FLM - was very excited about it!

    Eddie and I have just been for a 3 mile walk in the lovely sunshine - he slept happily the whole time, and he's asleep again now. I think this means he'll be awake for a lot of the afternoon - hopefully our planned garden centre trip later will entertain him (DS1 has been looking forward to going to the garden centre all week - he's currently very keen on gardening!).

    MM - hope you have a lovely weekend with your inlaws and the journey's OK. 

  •  Hey all, I'm a lurker.  Love reading the posts but never really have time to send any in as I'm at work full time. It's always nice to read from like minded people.

    My little one will be a year at the end of this month I cannot believe how quickly it has gone.
    I've had full time help the whole year so have not really been good with routines. However, my help comes to an end the week after his birthday and I fear I have some hard work ahead of me with getting him into a decent sleep routine. I might have to order a copy of the baby whisperer as he still wakes up at night for a bottle.  Does anyone know if it will be of any help for older babies?

    I am also hoping to do the FLM next year although I haven't sent back my form yet.  I did it last year which was not the best idea I'd ever had with a 4 mth old at home.
    I managed to get through 50% of the training with lots of help from hubby, in-laws and babysitters.  Not sure how much support I'll get from my hubby this year, he's already complained about how much time it takes up but we'll see.  

    JT - With regards to baby weight issues I've found health professionals reluctant to do anything once a baby is healthy and alert.  Although I have to admit they do seem to be right most times I have been worried.  I would not worry too much about the chart readings, but if your gut feel is that something is not quite right do not let it go.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Janie, how old is Ted now?  I'd cautiously suggest that a 3.5oz gain per week is a bit low at this stage.  I don't think you should worry unduly but if he's dropping way below his centile line, there may be a need to see the GP.  I would say you're right in thinking it's likely to be to do with him being very sicky.  Do you think he could have reflux?  Kit's birthweight put him on the 75th centile but since then he's followed the 25th - which is probably more realistic given that neither hubby nor I are particularly big.  I'd agree with Tonia though - as long as the baby appears healthy and is alert, HVs never seem to be that concerned.  There are some good ones at our clinic and also a couple of pretty useless ones.  I was trying to discuss Kit's excessive pooing earlier this week with one of the HVs on Tuesday, but she just kept telling me how bright, happy and alert Kit is (which I know - I'm his mum!) and didn't appear to listen to a word I was saying.  If your instinct tells you there might be a problem, go with it and insist they listen and take you seriously.

    Sarahbob, you've really inspired me with your talk of training for the NY marathon.  Where there's a will, there's a way.  I'm determined to fit in my training and still spend as much time as I want to with Kit.  Photocopied my 2006 FLM results and my passport today so will send off for my GFA application form next week. 

    MM, hope your journey to Somerset is OK.  I hate the journey to my in-laws too: they live in mid-Wales which is beautiful, but once off the M54 it's almost all single-carriageway A-roads and we invariably get stuck behind a tractor or someone who won't go above 30mph.  We made the mistake of going the day before Good Friday at Easter and the journey took us nearly 7 hours (it usually takes just over 4).  Admittedly we had to stop a few times as Kit was only 6 weeks old but 'nightmare' doesn't cover it!

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