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  • Cragchick, did you get the time you wanted on FAST?  I have been thinking about doing it but Andy has done it twice now and has missed his 4hr goal both times.  I really really want to hit 3.45 and I must admit that this schedule seems to me to be the most family friendly.  To be fair to the programme, Andy was not very diligent about cross training!

    Bed beckons for me too. 

  • Goodness Minks how awful I do hope you are all OK. Its hard to be without a car with a babe, I couldn't do it living in the sticks. I try to be green but living here its hard not to use the car.

    I agree with you to a point about internet shopping hetty but what winds me up is the amount of plastic bags we end up with. I go to tesco while out and about and take my plastic to recycling, fill up the car and use my green carrier bags. The boys love it too as they get lots of attention, lots to look at etc, not sure how much longer that will last though!

    Babes do go off their food when ill or teething just like we do when off colour. My two have finally got their appetites back after a horrendous week of colds and tummy upsets. Big relief I hate it when they don't eat my home cooked food, I hate seeing it go on the compost bin. Mind you cat loved their tuna pasta the other day!

    J has worked out how to climb the stairs now but gets tired after 5 or 6 steps and tries to sit down. Bad news! Wasn't going to get stair gate for the bottom of the stairs, but maybe we should.

    I have had 5 days off with my cold now. May attempt a short run tonight though.

  • mrs o - is isla having wet nappies even when she isn't pooing?  the HV told me that as long as the baby is still wee-ing, it's not dehydration.  what i found with jacob was that bananas made him incredibly constipated.  once i cut those out, he was fine.  he seems to be ok with them again now - but certainly for quite a few months he couldn't tolerate them.
  • Thanks CM, yes she is having wet nappies.  Have been trying to get her to eat soup at lunchtime, but she usually ends up getting banana and cereal which she loves, maybe the banana is bunging her up.
  • mrs o - could well be the banana.  it's not uncommon apparently. avocado is another one, although i didn't ever give that to jacob.

    jacob loves dried fruit - pureed dried apricots / dates / prunces, as well as raisins, so you could try them with her.  if you can, the unsulphured dried apricots (from holland and barratts or some supermarkets) are probably the best as they have no nasties in them.

    janie tri - congrats for persevering.  LLL can't help as much with positioning as Carol can - because they aren't allowed to touch you or baby.  Carol will actually put her hands on you / babe to adjust your positioning - but she also makes you do it yourself, so you don't rely on her.  she's a big fan of feeding lying down as well - apparently much easier for baby, although jacob just used to fall asleep immediately.

  • mrs o. I agree with CM. Banana is great for bunging up when they have upset tummy, so I guess will be bad if eaten a lot. My two eat tonnes of other fruit, like grapes and plums, but also love dried fruit too. Prunes, apricots, raisins and dried pears all go down very well.

  • Thanks for all the advice, will try some dried fruit and did someone say pears can soften things up ? becuse she likes them too.

    On a running note, am a bit peeved, went out and did a run at lunchtime, a route that we used to do quite a lot (have a wee informal running group at work, we have flexi time so can take long lunches and go for runs), my previous best time (pre-pregnancy) was 40m18s and today it took me 45m43s !!

    However my best time was 3 years ago, when i was running regularly, i was running with two folk who run a lot faster than me (a whippet like lady who cycles to work everyday and a bloke in the TA), so was probably trying to keep up with them therefore running faster than i normally would, also we had the odd wee breather after they waited for me to catch up, so i suppose i had some mini breathers, whereas today i ran without stopping, also i was running by myself and am only into my 6th week back of proper running after pregnancy, is that enough good excuses for a whole 5m35s slower ? oh and i'm about a stone heavier than then as well !

  • mrs o - i think you have answered your own question really!  5 minutes over 40-odd minutes isn't that much.  just enjoy getting out and getting some air - speed will return at some point when you least expect it!

    i had a funny moment yesterday.  jacob has been poorly since last week - got sent home from nursery on thurs and was ill with high temps, not sleeping, lots of yelling, not eating, foul nappies all weekend.  by yesterday i was fed up so took him to the GP.  she asked lots of questions, including whether he had a rash.  i said 'no, no rash'.  she lifted his top to listen to his chest, and said 'Erm...!'.  his chest and back were covered in a rash!!  she must have thought i was mad.  i'm sure it wasn't there when i had dressed him in the morning.  how negligent!!  anyway, i had a good laugh about it - and so did she.  he's much better today, no temp and the rash is going.  no verdict on what it was - probably just a virus or maybe a virus and teething.

  • Poor wee thing... hope hes better soon.

    Mrs O - forgot to say the other day, my friends HV said that it was fine for her to give cows milk to her little one at 11 months (they were going away) as he had a good varied diet of home cooked food including red meat, so was probably getting enough iron and vitamins and therefore didnt need those added to formula.  Best check with your HV though

    My gran and granpa visiting today so have been up for ages on a cleaning frenzy..... R putting up a handrail on the stairs at 10pm last night so they can get to the loo!!

  • Quiet on here today, everyone being run ragged by their little darlings ?

    Talked to HV and she said it was fine to try Isla with cow's milk, hopefully if she likes it i can get her off the boob !!  She is getting more used to nursery, both this morning and yesterday when i left, it all went quiet as soon as i was out the door and i had a wee peek through the window, she was happily playing with toys !!!  Obviously the tears are just for my benefit to make me feel guilty !!!

  • I'm having a really boring day at work so I've been looking at the marathon schedules for FLM next year.  I'm looking at the 16 week training plan, totalling how much I'll need to spend on a babysitter and how to get hubby to agree to do some bonding with his little ones in my absence.

     Quite scary that the plan starts on Christmas Eve, can't see any training going on that week.  I'm being ambitious and looking at the 5 day plans which I know I'll not be able to follow rigorously but I think there's a better a chance I'll get more in if I have a  5 day one than a 3 day. Now all that's left is to dig out than entry form and post it!
  • JT you do have a lovely MIL don't you?!  Having said that, every single time there's anything slightly wrong here I get told it's probably cos I do too much exercise.  my labour was apparently long and arduous not cos Louise was back to back but because I do too much exercise.  Never mind that because I was fit I was able to push her out in an hour and to do it myself even though they thought she might need ventouse, oh no that didn't matter! 

    Shoot, I didn't realise that about 16 week programmes either!

  • Me too! My mum and MIL!!! They are obviously just jealous and wish they had been able to look so good and keep fit when they wee younger!!! ;o)

  • Janie Tri - how old is Ted now?  It's probably not much consolation, but they do actually grow out of these things to some degree - not completely, but as they get bigger, they get a bit more robust and the reflux will calm down.  Carol also firmly believes that babies learn to attach themselves properly as they get bigger - often from around 12 weeks.  Can't say that happened with Jacob but she believes it does.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    MM, we're all fine thankfully and our car insurance policy includes a courtesy car if ours is involved in an accident - even if the accident was our fault - so we now have a Nissan Micra until ours is fixed.  Only downside is it's a 3-door and trying to get the car seat in and out is a nightmare.  But hey - it's a car so can't complain.

    My mum and MIL are both really supportive of my running - even during pregnancy.  Although they both admit now to being hugely relieved when I finally put my running shoes into temporary retirement at 32 weeks, as they were worried I'd fall over.  Mum even stayed an extra half-hour the other night after Kit's bath so I could get out for a run after I got a text from hubby saying he was going to be late.

    I've sent off for my GFA application form for FLM.  At the moment, though, I'm just not sure how motivated I am to do all the long Sunday runs.  I'm back at work 3 days a week as of next week, and not sure I'll want to spend another 3 hours or so away from Kit on a Sunday morning.  I know I need to be 100% motivated otherwise I'll never get through the training - remember it being a struggle sometimes last time and I wasn't a mum then.  That said, I discovered last night that my competitive streak still exists.  Was running along a road that goes downhill steeply and then back uphill, equally steeply.  On the descent I was passed by a bloke running in a football shirt (i.e. not a serious runner).  As he passed he shouted out, "Come on, darlin', get those knees up!"  I didn't respond but as we hit the ascent I drew level with him then shot past.  As I ran past him I couldn't resist saying, "Anyone can run down - it takes a real runner to go back up."  To his credit he had the grace to smile!

    I persevered with the chicken casserole and now Kit's eating it with absolutely no problem.  He made a big fuss the first couple of times we gave it to him, but when he started creating we just walked away until he'd calmed down then tried again.  Eventually he obviously realised he wasn't going to get something else instead and started to eat.  Now I show him the spoon and he opens his little mouth like a bird for every mouthful.  I cut out the small amount of milk I was giving him before his lunch - only a couple of ounces but it may have been taking the edge off his appetite.  So he's now on 3 meals a day and 3 bottles - feel quite pleased with myself as this is the stage I wanted to reach before going back to work. 

  • Well done Minks, it really does get much easier from here. Going away this weekend and packing so much less. The boys will just eat whatever we eat, so no hassle of taking meals etc. Bliss!

    Have started running again, but am still a bit coldie with bad cough. I had 5 days off though and was getting worried about doing my last few training runs. Hope I made the right decision to begin running again.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    MM, hope you have a good weekend.  See how you feel - if the running aggravates your cough or you still feel a bit below par, you can always ease back a bit or take a couple more days off.  I missed my planned 9-mile run on Sunday (did 3 instead) but I ran on Wednesday night when my cold was coming out and felt dreadful afterwards - really achey and shivery.  Probably shouldn't have pushed myself to overtake that bloke but just couldn't resist at the time!

    GFA application form arrived this morning - decision time.  Really not sure about doing a marathon next year - just feel that Kit will never be this age again and I don't want to miss out, especially as I'm going to be away from him a lot more with going back to work.  Really torn about what to do ...

  • Hello all

    I'm jealous of you all sending applications for FLM. Might be a while before I do another marathon. I'm due baby # 2 on 4th there will be 20 months between them. Absolutely delighted.  I barely feel pregnant at all. except for the tiredness..much worse this time energy for running at all!

    We're also in the process of moving to Northern Ireland..hubby got a we hope to be in Belfast within next few weeks.

    Ploddingalong is it you thats from N.I? In Portsmouth we only get 1 scan at 16 wks..and am not sure what the story in Belfast is? Any ideas? I'm just afraid I might miss out on my scan with the move..

    Mrs O..bananas did terrible things to Conor..poor thing..but he seems to have gotten over it now.

    DCM good to see you back on the forum. 

    Minks I found that Conor would not tolerate chicken at all...until recently..he would only eat fish and veg.... He loves his chicken now though.

    OK back to packing! the joys !

     Happy runnings all!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Janie, GRRRRR!!!  My hubby is going out with my brother and his mates on Friday - am dreading it.  My brother and his lot are real drinkers and hubby isn't, but he does his level best to keep up ... Every time he goes out with them he comes home at silly o'clock in the morning, completely hammered, and no use to me or anyone else for most of the next day.  I always wake up with a jump sometime in the small hours and realise he's not in bed beside me, and go into panic mode.  Then I get no sleep until he's in safely AND I have to get up and deal with Kit for most of the next day as hubby is in no fit state.  Thankfully they don't have these get-togethers that often.

    Still wondering what to do about my FLM entry.  Not sure if I can defer as my GFA qualifying time is from 2006 and they are only valid for two years.  I know that if I want it badly enough I'll find a way to fit in all the training - the problem is I'm not sure I DO want it badly enough.  The thought of the race itself is one thing - I can still feel the euphoria as I raced down the Embankment last time - but all those three-hour training runs on cold, dark winter days are quite another matter.  Especially when it will be time away from my baby boy ...

    Kit was 7 months on Thursday - can't believe it.  If we want more than one we'll probably have to think about trying again next year!  Not at all sure I'm ready yet - have only just got my body back in a (more or less) acceptable state and the memory of my C-section and the recovery from it is still quite fresh in my mind.  While it wasn't bad at all I'm not sure I'm keen to repeat the experience and while I lost the baby weight quite quickly and got back in shape fairly easily it might not be the same story next time around.  Is there anything wrong with having an only child?

  • Hi everyone

    Haven't been on here for absolutely ages, seems that Oliver has taken up so much of my time.  I can't believe he is 11 weeks old now, it has gone unbelievably fast.

    How is everyone?

    I have completed one rather short 25 minute run so far, I am finding it very hard to fit a run in between feeding, even though I do express a bit for weekends so that Oliver knows how to take a bottle.  Any tips from anyone?  I enjoyed my short run, it was nice to get out on the streets again (so to speak) but I am unsure of how to progress further.

    Nice to be back on here though,



  • Hi girls,

    Really enjoy reading your posts and feeling inspired by you all. Some of you know me from the pregnant runners forum but I have popped on here before (always been a bit impatient!) I already have two children and am expecting number 3 in 6 weeks. I can't wait to be out the door again running and it helps reading what you gals are up to.  Anyone brave enough to tell me what it is running and breastfeeding at the same time?? Do you knock yourselves out??! Planning to wear 2 bras but just wonder if anyone can help....

    Don't think I will be running 5 days after a section JT - madness!

    Happy Running Mummies - great to Paula out there again today at GNR wasn't it.



  • Te he - just read it back - I didn't mean running and breastfeeding at exactly the same time but it is a very funny image!!! Sorry.image
  • Hi Sequin - good luck for a few weeks time! I'm running and breastfeeding (LOL!) - I wear 2 bras and try to go out straight after a feed and so far it's OK - been running again for 3 weeks now (Eddie nearly 7 weeks) and longest run 45 mins.  Luckily my top half isn't enormous despite breastfeeding so it's not uncomfortable. (currently feeding and typing 1-handed - excuse the typos!)

    Smitch - good to hear from you - I'm managing to get out 3 times a week for 30 mins -ish at the moment - as I said above, running straight after a feed works best for me - I often go out as soon as DH gets in from work.

    Janie - glad t hear you've been getting some good advice - the NHS lady sounds great. And I'm not sure if this tops your 5-days after a section runner, but I know someone who did a marathon this year 8 weeks after  a section - I'm approachng 7 weeks post-op now and couldn't contnplate running more than 4 miles at the moment.

    Eddie's being a little star at the moment - he's done a couple of 8 hr sleeps this week, and hasn't done less than 5 for a while (Ibet I've jinxed tonight now!) so I'm feeling a bit more human.  got to get up early tomorrow though as DH is out at around 5am so I've got to get all 3 ready in the morning - best go to bed in a minute! Eddie's also being jolly for most of the day - still grumbly for a few hours in the evening, but as long as he keeps sleeping OK I don't mind too much.

    Geat to see Paula Radcliffe running today - pretty impressive comeback for 1st race for 21 months!

  • spent so long reading this and the preg forum that Louise just woken so a quick post to say running and breastfeeding - level 4 shock absorbers are the way to go as Janie says.  however there are two styles at least and personally I find the B109 far superior.  cannot run in the other one, too uncomfortable. 

    Off to try out baby sling as going to visit friend.  Rather expect to turn up with Louise in one arm and sling in other as it looks far too complicated!  Fortunately she's only about 4 doors away!!

  • Bras - I wear a shock absorber too but a lower impact one I think - level 2? - over a nursing bra - not a great look but it works for me (am B/C cup max. when feeding).

    Janie - if you get to see this before you go on holiday hope you have a lovely time! Great to hear that Ted's feeding is improving already - must be a relief for you.

    Also have a question re: weight loss - I remember a couple of people commenting about this - I've been stuck at around 1.5 stone over my pre-pregnancy weight  for the last couple of weeks  - now, I know some of this is down to breastfeeding as my upper half is considerably bigger than normal (yes - even at B/C cup!), and also to the daily cake / chocolate I seem to be consuming - so do I just need to eat sensibly/ exercise more or has anyone found their weight magically dropping again after sticking for a few weeks?  ( I think I know what the answer will be image)

    Managed to get everyone up, ready and to school on time this morning (although Eddie is still in his sleeping bag - maybe I should go and do something about that). DH has to leave at 5 am again on Friday this week, so I'll have to it all over again then!

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