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  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Thanks Kinsey too - missed your post first time. image

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Oh that's handy.  Can't book an appointment until June.....

    So, will need to phone at 8am on Monday to see if I can get an on-the-day appointment.

  • Oh god Nessie, that's carp.  It's comments like that that really make me appreciate my GP surgery.  Do call on Monday definitely.  Sounds unpleasant.

  • Nessie a friend of mine has gallstones but has managed them v well through diet (and lost weightss a result). Appalling that you can't book til June - that's crazy!!!
  • A friend has gallstones and when she has an attack it literally makes her collapse and the pain is awful but then it passes just as quick and she carries on. 

    Hate reading about poor gp surgeries, ours is fab in comparison.

    Up with the larks today and went to junior duathlon in Llanelli. Tom managed really well and finished strongly, niece struggled in an amazing field but did a fantastic time for her 1st go. 

    Hope the ultra, moon walk and loch tri -ers are going well.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Got through to the surgery on third attempt, and have an appointment for this afternoon.  Maybe I was a bit harsh criticising the surgery.....

  • Glad to hear that Nessie. Hope you get some answers. I was in hospital with an infection a few weeks after having my youngest and it was eventually attributed to my gall bladder. Apparently it can be triggered by pregnancy. I was in a lot of pain at the time and they said I would need my gall bladder removed but it settled with antibiotics and I have had no more symptoms.

    Sounds like a good weekend Camlo what an active family you are.

    My friend had her surgery last week and out of hospital today. I might see her tomorrow as I have her eldest after school.
  • How did it go Nessie?

    Yep we are very active at the moment - running festival yesterday so boys and niece did 3k (she was 3rd) and i did the half marathon. Swim for me and football for boys today, running club for me and swim for boys Tues, athletics for us all Weds, running club thursday..... Etc. image

    Need to lose a few pounds but i get sooooo hungry and need to balance fuelling for training with sensible cutting back... Not easy. 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Nothing conclusive.  GP doesn't think it's gallstones as there was no tenderness when he poked and prodded.  Suggested muscular, but I can't see how that can be.

    Took blood samples and urine for testing, but other than that, no suggestions.

    Not sure if I'm relieved or not..........

  • Bit frustrating really Nessie, although I suppose no news is good news?? Not if you're still in pain though image

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    The pain is very intermittent JG. It comes on suddenly, lasts for say an hour or so, then reduces and disappears. 

    Results should take about a week, so I'll just have to wait and see.

  • Nessie I had something very similar a few yrs ago. Happened twice I think, never really discovered what it was. 1st time I suspected urine infection, 2nd time doc thought it wAs ibs and prescribed tablets for that but it went away by itself and I never used the tablets. I would just randomly get pain like a bad stitch, maybe when I stood up from sitting and stuff or for no apparent reason. Never had it again tho.
  • Hope you're ok Nessie! 

    Just thought I'd pop back over to wave. 

  • Glad you got tests done Nessie. It doesn't sound right so hopefully you can get an answer. Thanks for comments on diet. With hindsight I think the speaker was a bit of a nutter. She had some good points but took them too far. It is a minefield with so much conflicting information but we have to be realistic and avoiding whole food groups is too hard for most people.

    I am having a hard time with my 2 nearly 3 year old. He is being vey emotional and clingy with me. Usually better with others but it's driving me mad. I made a big effort to drop him off at preschool today. He had a tumble on the walk there and then had a total meltdown for the rest of the walk and until I left image. I feel so sad leaving him like that and know it would have been better if I hadn't bothered image
  • I think it must be the age BP - mine is also being a bit of a nightmare!  He was being aggressive at play school last week, then was having a huge melt down on the way home and the whole street heard it, and he's been like that on and off for a couple of weeks.  I am mostly ignoring the worst of it but not letting him get away with any antisocial behaviour.  Tiring though, plus he likes getting up at 5am!!

    Hope the results come soon Nessie xx

  • Thanks Kinsey. Good to know it's not just me. I am also in the dog house with my eldest because I squashed a cockroach! Apparently he liked the cockroach and I was mean to kill it. He was in floods of tears and we had a big row. I pointed out that he and his friends spend the lunch breaks at school torturing ants but apparently that is different because ants can bite you. One of those days when I just want to go back to bed image
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Must be tantrum season.  We had 5 separate meltdowns during lunch out last weekend.  But I suppose they were all major traumas in a 3 year old's mind:

    "Ok, do you want pasta, a sandwich or sausages for lunch?"

    "I don't want sausages!!!"

    "Ok, how about pasta?"

    "I......DON'T......WANT.......SAUSAGES!!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

    "You don't have to have sausages - what do you want?"


    "I......DON'T......WANT.......SAUSAGES!!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

    (repeat ad nauseam)

    Eventually ordered pasta.  Sister had fish fingers.  Fish fingers came on a red plate, pasta on yellow.

    "I didn't want yellow. I wanted red"   *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream* etc., etc., etc.

    "I didn't want water in a cup, I wanted a bottle!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*.....

    "I can get my own fork!  I don't want that fork!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*

    "I wanted to sit on the red chair.  YOU sit on the brown chair.  DO IT NOW!!!"  *wail* *howl* *sob* *scream*.......


    At least she's consistent.....

  • Nightmare.... We are just about of of the random tantrum stage but every now and again Archie will still lose it and we almost have to jump out of the way! Why dont restaurants know that coloured plates are a certain cause of arguements! 

    Hope results are ok Nessie

    Just realised next week is half term but naughty mummy has not booked football and not got childcare for Thurs or fri.....oops. 

  • Ooft. We are just entering tantrum time. Gonna be a long road. 

  • Oh Nessie, what a nightmare!  Oscar's latest is 'I do it!'.  I've given up fighting that one as it's usually something he can't do like opening a wrapper on food or reading a book so I just let him try and the next thing is 'mummy help me'.  He's also specializing in the 'I don't want it' about something you give him to eat.  Instead of forcing the matter now I just put it out of his reach and only give it to him when he then decides he DOES want it.  I have a 2 strike rule on that one though, after the 2nd 'I don't want it' it goes for good!  Who knows what I will have resorted to in 2 weeks after 2 whole weeks of parenting alone, I'm sure he'll get away with murder as my nerves and patience wear even thinner!

    LOL about the cockroach, nasty great things.  I'm trying so hard not to pass on any of my bug hang-ups to my kids so have to remain all cool when the big suckers walk through and casually scoop them up in the dustpan and throw them outside (rather then standing on a chair and throwing rolled up socks at them while screaming like a baby!).

  • Urgh - could probably not cope very well with cockroaches - ewk!

    B is the same when he grumpy - nothing is right and its all wrong and he's going to make sure she all know about it!  Its tiring!

    I'm in that phase of thinking he will totally not be prepared for school next September as he really doesn't want to try potty training and is not interested in getting dressed by himself.  I think I also felt like that about Aidan though so I think I'm just doing a bit of advanced worrying as we have 16 months to sort it out!!

  • Yuck to bugs....

    kinsey - no point stressing about getting ready for school, it will just happen when he is ready. 

    Tt - i love 2 strikes rule, however i hate throwing food out so either let them have it after i have said no or eat it myself..... Not good. 

    Did my 5 (and a half) hour bike ride this morning and covered over 70 hilly miles then quick shoe change and ran 4 in 40mins which would be fab if i could hit that running pace on race day. Found a lamb stuck in a branch so stopped to help but its leg was totally broken so when it was free it was walking on 3 legs with the 4th just dangling... i could see a farm across the road so put a hill sprint in too. 


  • Where is everyone? Hope you all had a good weekend. Just 5 more sleeps before my marathon run. Feeling a bit scared and fighting off a cold which isn't great.

    I'm just hoping I don't wreck my legs too badly in the process but also a bit excited and think all the support and preparation has been a good distraction for my friend and her husband as she recovers from surgery.

    Camlo it sounds like your training is going really well. It is so hard to keep going at that level but you are getting there. Must only be a few weeks now until taper? Rescuing lambs is an impressive side line image

    Kinsey 16 months until school sounds like a long time to me. They change and develop so quickly at that age. Am enjoying all the tantrum tales. They make me feel a bit better about my youngest. We toilet trained him about 6 months ago just after he was 2 but poos can still be a bit hit or miss. And he has been regressing on both over the last week or so. I have to remember that my eldest was still in nappies until after he was 3 so he is still very young but man it's hard to keep cool about it.

    Any results yet Nessie?
  • I know it is daft to worry, it just seems to be one of those things that niggles with me and then they are fine when it comes to it!

    Good luck on your run BP!

    Poor lamb Camlo, well done on the bike ride though! 

  • How was marathon BP????

    Hubby just taken on extra work so right when i am hitting biggest training weeks i am going to have to cover more childcare, housework, shopping, washing etc etc. Find it really hard to to squeeze training into my life as it is!! 

  • Thanks for remembering Camlo!  We did it image  3 of us, me, my friend's husband and another friend of his ran 42kms, over 500m of ascent and had a great time.  We set off at 6am and were done by 11am and 5 hours somehow flew by.  We took it very steady and walked a lot of the hills and the last 10kms were hard (and particularly hilly) but by then we knew we'd make it.  Very happy for my friend's hubby as 6 months ago his longest run was 5km and he was hurting by the end.  We had a great welcome from our families and friends at the finish, lots of families from my son's school turned up.  And my friend had made individual medals for each of us despite being only just over 2 weeks post surgery image.  Between us we raised more than $12,000 for Breast Cancer Institute Australia so was very worthwhile.  I am sore now though imageimage  I dread to think how you would feel if you ran/raced the whole thing but its good to know I can do a looong run if I put my mind to it.  

  • Sorry to hear about hubby's work Camlo - it can't be long until taper though?  Extra childcare, housework etc. doesn't sound conducive to taper either though image.  Hopefully you will find a way to make it work - you are so close now.

    Totally understandable to worry Kinsey.  I do it all the time.  I know I should be grateful for healthy, happy kids but there are so many pressures out there.  How are the tantrums?  We have had a slightly calmer few days and a lot less accidents.  Have resorted to chocolates and reward chart but need to get this sorted before our UK trip image.

  • Wow well done BP! Was that your 1st mara distance? 

    Want to do an open water swim tomorrow but need to find someone to come and watch in case i drown! 

  • It's quiet on here. Yes Camlo first marathon. I have only done half marathons in the past and my last half was nearly 5 years ago in Truro, Cornwall! I usually get injured when I increase distance so have been concentrating on speed and 5/10kms for the past few years so training for this run has made a really nice change. Not sure what my next challenge will be but I would like to keep some long runs in my schedule if I can. My legs feel much better today which is exciting. I almost want to go for a run!!!

    Where will you do your open water swim? I love ocean swimming and there is lots of it where I live. It's definitely worth getting as much practice in as you can as it is different to pool swimming, although quite easy to make the switch. What are water temps like at the moment over there? Hope you have found someone to watch out for you. How many weeks to go now?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Well done Blossom.  Sounds like you had a really good run.  I've run 10 marathons and my fastest is 5:17, and that was flat!  Brilliant amount you raised too - worth a bit of pain.

    Well, I'm just back from A1's school sports - freezing cold and the rain didn't quite manage to stay off until the end, but all the kids seemed to be having fun.  A1 came last in all her races, but she did have a sore ankle after daddy taking her out to practice last night (bad enough) and letting her sprint on concrete with no warm up!  I was fuming.  Still, she tried her hardest, and to be honest would probably have had similar results, as she has my athletic prowess (i.e. none).

    However, despite my lack of speed, I managed to come second in the mums' race.  Ok, there were only 4 of us brave enough to start, but hey, who cares.  And the winner was a fitness instructor in full lycra get up.  So moral victory to me, I think, as I was in my work clothes and waterproof jacket.  (The trail shoes helped, and weren't too obvious under my boot-cut trousers......image)

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