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  • Haha TG - i was delighted to reach the vet categories too as it meant I won a few prizes (not many!,) Rubbish that dog owners are not made to be more aware and ultimately more responsible for their pets. If my child bit someone i would expect further action. 

    Caro- when Tom had his egg allergy he knew what to eat too and would happily avoid everything he shouldnt have even when given it by an unsuspecting adult. 

    Nessie- I love sleepy children, it is the only time mine are nice to me! 

    BP - do you do many park runs? 

  • Morning girls how's did everyone's weekend go ?? ????

    Arm is loads better now and I even did a weights class at the gym last night ????
  • Busy! Did my 100 mile bike then set up my fundraising page. 

    Search on virgin money giving for mary morton and you can tell me if it looks ok (sponsors also welcome! )

    Glad arm is better TG

  • Well done on your 100 mile bike ride Camlo image I will take a look at Virgin money page later when I get home from work image
  • OH NO, RF has fallen off her bike and is not looking good for IM. Gutted for her. 

    Swamped with work and think i would rather a 4 week taper of doing NOWT than risk injury now so have worked until midnight


  • Well done Camlo you are doing great.  I think strategy of taper sounds good.  I'm sure it helped when I did my marathon run that i had fresh legs.  You have done the hard work now so take it easy.  I love your fundraising page.  I have just sponsored you image.  How is your youngest doing?

    Sorry to hear that RF has had a fall.  How awful especially just before her race.  Not sure if she still posts on here but wishing a speedy recovery if so.

    I have a good local park run but don't go as often as I should.  I have a few mums I run with and its always tempting to choose company and a chat over racing until I feel ill (always get far too competitive).  I might see if I can do one when we are in UK on hols.

    Been feeling a bit gloomy as I still haven't shifted my cold.  Whole family has been sick including my eldest vomiting one day this week.  Really hoping we can get better in time for our flight.  this time next week we will be about to land at Heathrow.  How is the weather looking?!

  • Carovet how is your training going?

  • Thanks BP! I am defiantely tapering after this week, I did a 17 mile run today in just over 3 hours and have a recce of the event Sunday which will include half swim and half bike so prob another 6 hours there. 

    RF posts on fb - look on rw running mums and ask to be added. 

    Sorry to hear of voms, I HATE sick bugs!


  • Don't envy you your journey BP, esp with kiddies in tow,  Good Luck!  Training going well.  Only setback this wk was catching bug from son - he had full blown V/D, I had the milder feeling nauseous and wiped out version.  However have recovered, am drinking red wine and off to do parkrun in the morning!  Only missed one swim this wk. 

    I challenge you to find a local parkrun whilst you are here BP and do it!!  I assume you're seeing family?  Whereabouts?

  • I am feeling not too worried about the journey this time.  At nearly 3 (and my youngest is really good) and 6.5 I think it has to be a lot easier than when we have travelled when they are younger.  Jet lag's never nice though so that's the bit I am not looking forward to.  

    We have 2 weeks in Cornwall to start with (one week with family and then one week the 4 of us (my husband's condition is that we have some time that is holiday).  Then about 10 days doing a mad tour of the country seeing everyone else.  I would love to do a park run but might struggle just because Saturdays are generally going to be moving day.  We will see.  I am looking forward to doing some runs with my brother in Cornwall and hopefully with a couple of other friends that I used to run with too.  

    Sorry to hear you have had voms too Caro.  Ours were thankfully short lived and my eldest was so good at using a bucket/bag etc. that I didn't have to clear anything up - result!! Unfortunately my husband and I still have lingering colds.  Plane trip could be painful on that front.

    So come on how is the weather?  What should I pack??!

    Hope TriGirl's arm is all better now.

    Both Caro and Camlo are doing such good training.  I can't wait to hear how you get on.  Its so nice that your choices of charities are so personal.  It must be very motivating.  I tried to search for that Facebook group but no success image.  I am not very good with Facebook though.


  • Camlo- I've made a small donation image

    My arm is great now thanks BP and back to normal doing my classes at the gym. I feel a bit fed up today I think it's because I'm on my period lol lol I know I've only been off the pill for 2 months. I just got a bit upset when I did come on, I think I just need to look for another race to train for then I can just get stuck into training !! I don't want trying for a baby to take over everything.
  • Thanks trigirl, that was so kind of you. I struggled to conceive for many years and it can become an obsession so booking events and holidays and everything you CANNOT do with children is a good way of keeping it low key. 

    Good Luck with journey BP!

    I did my familiarisation day today, had an hour 1:1 swim lesson first which was great and then did a lap of both swim and bike course. Felt.....hmmm ok! 

    So glad I booked a wee log cabin for the actual event weekend because the hotel we used last night hosts weddings. Thump, thump, thump until about midnight and then banging doors and shouting for another few hours. Not happy. 

  • Hey come on ladies.... We are dropping off the page!!, 

    Single parenting this weekend and had sports day yesterday, a swimming gala today and the paint runner to get ready for in the morning.... Ok it is nice that we are a sporty family but sometimes i wish they would just veg in front of a TV! 

    Had a reflexology session earlier today - very energising! Only 2 weeks to ironman!!! eek

  • So excited for you Camlo. Hope taper is going well and you are eating and sleeping lots. Nice that you have been able to take a look at the course and scope out the accommodation. Hopefully that will help with nerves. Is the whole family coming to cheer you on?
  • Hmmm taper...weeeeelllllllll. Was going to run with the boys tonight in a fun run but decided to jog the 5k instead, got to half way and was in a good position so pushed hard to take 5th lady and 1st V40. Not exactly a relaxing jog! 

    Hubby and eldest coming for whole weekend, Dad coming for the day to support.

    How is your holibob so far BP? The weather is fantastic but hoppefully not too hot for your kids.

    Stupidly narrow start at the runs tonight. All kids were trying to sprint off in their race and one poor girl fell and got trampled, then i guess because of the heat there were several spewing after..... Not exactly the best experience. 

  • Hows the goliday going BP? 

    I did my ironman. Swim was good, bike was increasingly tough and run was agony but  just kept plodding and finished in 13:40 which was well within my goal! 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Fantastic Camlo!  I'd have to find an ironman with a 24 hour cut off if I was to have any chance of finishing.  13:40 is brilliant. image

  • Thanks Nessie, it was a long grind to be honest, only a few really sapping hills on the bike (which of course you do twice) but mostly flat and a case of mind games!

    How are you getting on?

  • Oooh Camlo you are a pirate now as well as an ironman. Congratulations again. We are now back home in Oz and recovering from the journey. Nice to be home but sad that holidays are over and I am so far away from my family again image

    Have new running shoes though so that is exciting. Experimenting with a more minimal shoe and so far so good ...
  • it must be hard leaving your family BP but at least you have nice weather which we..... Don't. 

    I have some racing flats which are great for short speedy runs but the lack of cushioning does cause issues after a while. guess the minimal shoe would be the same? 

    finding the holidays really hard, although it is nice not being tied to school I have packed kids off to in-laws so we can work and I actually miss them. Hate seeing everyones family pics when it is my busiest time at work. 


  • Holidays are hard when you are working. I am lucky to only work 3 days but especially once they are at school it feels like you don't get to see them much anyway so holiday time is more special. Have you any time off planned before they go back or is it just too busy?

    Hoping the new shoes work out as they feel so much lighter and quicker but taking it easyish until I know and have cancelled a 14km race I was going to do in 10 days just in case. Booked a ski weekend instead. Oops!
  • Oooh ski holiday!! Yes please!!!! 

    I did get kids back last night and we had a lovely meal out with friends who had come for a break. Squeezed 9 of us into the house last night so lots of snoring, farting and general snuffles from the kids who were sleeping in our room image

    Got a new date for Toms triathlon which had been postponed - he is already getting excited despite it being a month away! he was 2nd in his tri last weekend which is far better than I could manage!

    Was stupidly narked about my IM not being branded so I entered the IM brand staffs half next june! Kicking myself for spending the money to prove a point but hey ho!  Was really proud to see my pirate logo against my name on here! 

    Anyone else stepping into the tri world or are we mainly runners still? 

  • Oh yes, i am a proper mum..... My son has gone out wearing just his pants on back to front with slippers today and then he has perfected the art of farting in his brothers face...... 

    Mojo has upped and left. Feel like a sloth. Where are you mojo????? I need to get arse in gear for a sprint sea tri in September and Amsterdam mara in october.

  • Seems to be just you and me left Camlo image. I have done Tri pre kids up to Olympic distance. Now struggle with the logistics of fitting cycling training in (and have lost my bottle a bit on the roads I confess). I love swimming and mountain biking but the Mtb not as accessible here as it was in bristol (and the beach is just so much more accessible) that I rarely get on bike these days. Having said that a group I train with are doing a tri (with kids Tri options) in feb so I might end up doing one then. Would love my eldest to have a go. Sounds like Tom is a star.

    Great you are getting to enjoy the holidays and don't worry about mum fails. Is inevitable with boys, especially multiple boys image. Great fun though xx
  • Tantrumtastic...... Archie is currently trying to hit us with a belt..... am desperately trying to get some breakfast into him to improve his mood! 

    Your club tri sounds fun BP, hope you get to do it though and dont have to just marshall?


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭


    Work really busy, and my phone is better for FB than for RW, so don't get much chance to post on here.

    Boss is leaving at the end of next week, and the adverts for the replacement haven't gone out yet.  Given the time the recruitment process will take, it'll be February before they are in place.  Headless chicken time..............

  • Nessie, that does not sound exactly fair!  How on earth are you supposed to fit running in? 

    Only 1 more full week of holidays image. I have loved not having to get the boys up, breakfast, argue about books, forget pe kit, forget teeth, lost coat, cant do seatbelt up, need money for trip...., etc etc every morning! 


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I know, inconventient or what! image

    I managed a runette yesterday when A1 was at her rugby training (too hot though), and I can fit a run in now on a Wednesday as A2 has a 1 hour sports activity class on a Wednesday morning (used to be 40 mins so no time to cool down).  Plan to try 1 run, 1 swim and probably 1 walk on my 4 working days (lunchtimes) and possibly parkrun if we've nothing else on.

    This is our second week back at school.  D is away today and tomorrow so it's just me trying to lever the kids out of the door and today had to leave the house tidy for the cleaner coming. I'm on my second cup of tea already............

  • Well done Nessie on running. I am with you on trying to cram training into limited windows. At the moment I am becoming an early bird just because then it is done and it doesn't inconvenience anyone else. Tiring though. Hope you get a lovely new boss soon.

    How is your mojo Camlo? Not surprising it has gone after training so hard and so long for a particular goal. Sounds like you have lots of events lined up. Are you hooked on tris now?

    We had a great ski weekend. Lots of snow in the aptly named Snowy Mountains. Only 2.5 days long so a bit short but more than enough for my 3 year old. Hopefully next year we can stay a bit longer. My nearly 7 yr old just loved it though and was doing t bars and chair lifts and longish beginner runs by the end. Hubby and I had 2 days of freedom as we put the kids in ski school so that was nice. We don't have any helpful family out here so just great to have a bit of time together without kids.

    Tired this week. Did a 5 mile run yesterday but legs felt sore and had no energy. Roll on the weekend image
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