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  • Nope mojo still hiding...... Really struggling to force myself out but maintaining running club twice a week and started swim club last week which was a shock to the system. 

    School routine making things a little easier but football, guitar, swimming and all the other bumpf is not easy. 

    How are early mornings doing BP? 

    Are you coping with no boss Nessie? 

    Are any of our oldies still following??

  • Ooh thought everyone had stopped posting in here, just decided to check in on off chance.

    Bn doing some early morn runs myself for 1st time in many yrs. Handy way to save some time if I get up and run with the dog in the morn, instead of walking dog then trying to squeeze a few runs in over the wk. Now managing to run 5times a wk, but knackered.
  • Well Done tangy! This thread saved my sanity many a time so I like to think keeping it open for other frazzled Mums is a good thing.

    I won the crappy Mum award today for forgetting to take swim kit to school but will regain it with knobs on when the boys find out we are off on holiday soon! 

    ps daddy was able to deliver kit so archie did get to swim and he forgave me. 

    Still looking for mojo if anyone has any going spare.....

  • Has that mojo returned yet Camlo? I have plenty mojo, getting excited about upping my running, weigh loss is going ok and hopeful I can actually maintain it. So 2016 is get healthy skinny, get some 'speed' back ( never bn fast but at least get back to sub 10mM ), get some more halfs to marathon under my belt and be in a position to confidently enter 2017 Highland Fling this time next yr. Whether my knees, hips & quads will allow for these plans is yet to b seen. Need to do more than one Pilates class a wk. More strength work needed, more yoga & stretching and a regular sports massage.
  • Not much mojo and calfs stiff and sore. 

    Struggling to keep everything on an even keel with work and kids and not sure I actually want to anymore. Spent the journey to work in tears as work phone had gone flat, had to squeeze extra meetings in to my day and then parents evening and junior athletics clashing. On my knees by the end of today and as we walked in the door youngest fell and split his head open on the radiator..... Arrrgh

    keep up the good work folks, I am on the verge of admitting defeat!!!

  • Hope you are ok Camlo. Can sympathise as I have been feeling much the same recently. Chaos has eased slightly though and we have had a couple of quieter weekends which has helped. Dreading the run up to Christmas chaos though. Look after yourself xx
  • This is the same Camlo who has already entered 4 tri's for next yr inc full ironman? Hope the little mans head is ok!
  • Come on ladies, we are dropping off front page!! 

    Spent my cross country today thinking about the rankings / age categories. I think instead of just age we need a senior, vet, mum, mum of multiples, mum with csection, mum of teenagers and menopausal..... Of course I could compete in more than one cat which would give me a better chance of winning something! 

    Not ready for xmas and not done shopping so thought I would make the most of an hour internet time but the only stuff I fancied on the decathlon site was for me image Happy days! 

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Love the idea of new race categories - can we add "working mum with no boss, short staffed and no time to train"?

    I've also seen loads of things I'd like for Christmas, and Nick Junior's adverts mean the kids have given me lots of ideas, but I have no idea what to get hubby. He won't drop hints and when I ask him outright, he says he's not bothered.  Yeah, I'm sure he'd be chuffed if he got nothing in Christmas day, even though he doesn't need anything.  And the kids wouldn't be happy either.  Need to come up with something...........

  • Of course Nessie and perhaps another day category for mums of vomming kids... 

    I Loathe christmas shopping and have no idea what to get anyone. Perhaps your husband would like some new running gear in your size? 

  • Hope everyine has survived the chaos.... Kids opened their stocking at 2:30 and were dragging their pillow cases into our room to open. Thankfully a stern NO WAY got them back into bed until 7am but I have yet to recover and am totally wiped out. 

    My mojo really did go into hibernation and I have done NOTHING for 2 weeks and nothing of any quality for months. Have a long list of events already entered for 2016 including ironman wales so I need to get my head into gear. Grrrrr. 

    Going to drag my butt to club today and hope others enthusiasm will inspire me - please feel free send me some of your own words of wisdom or a much needed kick in the backside. 

  • Still need a kick in the bum! Mojo is hard to hang onto.

    Kids..... Bleugh 

  • Nope, even on a day off work with no kids I couldnt muster an ounce of enthusiasm. Have had coffee with my sister, eaten a full roast dinner and a custard slice but not even changed into my running stuff and have 30 mins before school pick up.... oops. 

    Tomorrow..... I promise i will try.... Promise. 

  • Right ladies!! Our lovely thread was wayyyyy down so i am giving it a boost in the hope we can inspire some new mums to join the nutty, slightly frantic chaos of running with families! 

    The regulars became so friendly we skipped off to chat in private as there was too much detail for a public forum but I am sure we can tempt them back and offer plenty of support to newbies image

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Ah, well done Camlo - I was just thinking about this this thread the other day. image

    Are you getting much running done these days?

  • It seems like loads of running this week! mondays I help at a womens walk to run group, Tues is club, weds juniors, thurs club I ran with my boys, friday a sneaky run with friends, saturday was a rest day, Sunday I raced a 10k and tonight was back to walk to run group...... Add bike rides and a swim and i am pooped! 

    Went go karting today with my niece and got a massive hit from behind - i am sure i will have whiplash in the morning. 

    Felt sorry for my wee man yesterday as he ran a fun run but finished 4th overall so no prize. I told him it was still good as some were high school age (he is 9) but he still sobbed with disappointment saying he should have run better!!!! He is not enjoying competitions anymore so maybe we should stop but I want him to learn to enjoy the event whatever the result. HOW? 


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Gosh you have been busy!  I'm 2/3 of the way through the 5x50 challenge - going great guns (including a parkrun PB) until I gave blood last Wednesday.  Really knocks the wind out of your sails, but all in a good cause.

    Has your boy tried parkrun?  10 finishes and he gets a t-shirt?  No pressure to be first, but all your times are recorded so he can track his progress against himself over time?  And against others in his age group.  Even better if there's a junior parkrun in your area.

  • No we havent done parkrun yet, sounds like a good plan. There is one about an hour away or perhaps try something we have to do together like orienteering? 

    Whiplash is agony so had to scrap swimming....

    I have to give blood again instead of making excuses! Well done Nessie for giving when it leaves you  tired out.

  • Well i am running and biking and swimming but.... boy am i pooped. Not good tonight that after an hour tempo run I jumped straight into the pool and got cramp in my calf again. Didnt want to risk it completely locking up like last time so had to cut session short. 

    time squeezed and boys need me at home more so doubt i will see any pb's again. 

  • Ah feck, youngest being bullied so all sorts of issues and had the velathon today so i have spent the evening stroking him to sleep while my legs are twitching and back is in bits...... 

    Wish i could see into my kids minds! 

  • Ah lord, things nosedived with kids behaviour - one with anxiety and one kicking teachers and refusing to go to class. Had to drop out of my half iron today....not happy. 

  • Camlo that sounds awful. Stay strong and hopefully things will improve soon and you can race another time. I am still injured so not much running going on ????
  • That was meant to be a sad face not ????
  • Come on ladies (and chaps) - i cannot be the only person who is juggling parenthood with wanting to run and failing miserably..... 

    Kids reports arrived friday but only read them today - pleased to hear my nearly 8 yr old can ride a 2 wheel bike. Suprised they mentioned it when he has been doing this since age 2. 

    Have not managed any decent training but just entered a paint runner  and a sprint tri this weekend which should be enough to get me around the long course swim and bike in Tenby yes?! 

  • Not juggling parenthood with running - yet... but I wonder if I could join you. I'm currently 3 and a half months pregnant and still running, although I'm not sure that anyone else would call my pace running! 

    Anyone any experience of running in pregnancy? I'm finding it harder than I hoped I would at this stage, but not ready to quit yet image

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭


    If you do a search, there's a "pregnant runners" thread in H&I - although it's been quiet for quite a long time.  Loads of great info on it (and a lot of general chat too), and a lot of the contributers there ended up in here.

    I had to stop running at 14 weeks with my first due to pelvic and pubic pain, but there were a few who kept running all the way through their pregnancies (in fact, one up until the morning of the day she went into labour, from memory).

    Run easy, at whatever pace feels comfortable.  It's really good for you and baby to keep active (unless you are medically advised otherwise) and keeping your weight down is a definite bonus.  I had been marathon training up until falling pregnant, then stopped running but kept up the marathon training eating levels - put on a huge amount of weight, which I'm sure contributed to my emergency section.....

    You will start to get more energy now you are in the second trimester - the first 3 months leave you totally wiped - then you will slow down again towards your due date. Be prepared for people telling you you shouldn't be running, because they will, but for a normal pregnancy, there's no reason at all not to.

  • Thank you Nessie. I remember seeing the 'pregnant runners' thread, but as you say, it's been quiet for a while now. I'll have a read through the old posts though, so thanks.

  • Hi girls, just wanted some advice about energy drinks while running. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and still keeping up my runs ( slowly ) last time I did 8 miles off road I felt I needed a boost of some sort. Not sure if I can use energy drinks though, I normally use high 5 products?? Thanks Sarah
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Certainly avoid the caffienated ones.  High 5 look ok - just sugars and a little salt - but you could get that from some diluted squash and a pich of salt.  Do make sure you keep well hydrated whatever you use, even if it's just water.

    And congratulations!

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