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  • TB - can understand where you're coming from - half of me feels relieved that I didn't have to birth my babies - although I didn't want to have a c/s each time, I think it probably was the best option considering the size of my babies - and they were 'only' 9lb-ers!  Maybe you will be able to argue your case with the consultant - mine seemed to think that a potential big baby was reason enough to urge me to have an elective c/s (although obviously I had had previous c/sections so the risk factors were different).
  • JT - loved the epidural so much I wanted to marry the anaesthetist! I went from agony to completely calm within minutes. What surprised me was how much I could actually feel. I'd expected my lower body to be totally numb, but the only thing I couldn't feel was the pain. Like you, SB, I don't really want to have a C/S, but knowing what hard work it was to push JP out (3 hours and 2 episiotomies later!), I think it would be the sensible thing to do if Bogle No. 2 is any bigger. I suppose I'll know what the right thing is nearer the time!

    Been sorting out JP's wardrobe tonight. He is rapidly becoming the owner of more clothes than me (never thought that would be possible!). Scary thing is, he's already in 3-6 months stuff and he's only 6 weeks old on Sunday!

  • hi, yes I have been lurking and not posting.  honestly, hubby has bought new Football Manager 2008 so by the time I get him off the PC and get to look at my emails and the forum it's about 11.30pm so I just read to catch up a bit and then slope off to bed.  Plus the tantrums he's thrown over that game......and I thought I just had the one child. 

    Spent today trying to extend the period of hire for the hire car.  it's all complicated because I hired from Liverpool originally.  I then swopped the car at the Annandale St branch in Edinburgh.  Was on the phone to some woman from Glasgow who told me that her computer says there are 3 branches of Enterprise in Edinburgh and not one in Annandale Street so she wasn't going to spend all day arguing with me about whether there was a branch or not because there wasn't.  I got equally het up saying I knew fine that there was one because that's where I got the present car from!  She then had to swallow her words as she pressed a different button on her computer and hey presto Annandale St branch appeared.  My car should be back a week today but my hire runs out on Monday. 

    Got to go into work on Tuesday for some hideous promotional DVD we are filming and they want me on it.  It'll be good to see everyone and Louise will be doted on so should be fine.

    Can't remember when I last posted so apologies if I duplicate anything!!  Took Louise swimming last week and she loved it.  Her second lesson is tomorrow and Andy is doing that.  The only thing is she was a wee bit cry-y today, most unlike her, and she keeps swiping at her right ear.  Do you think she could have an ear infection or do you think she's just discovered that there is something attached to her head?  She woke up tonight after her 7pm feed which is very much out of character and Andy had to pick her up and walk with her to soothe her.  She's slept since and all day I've put her crying down to being overtired as Granny was round this morning and so every single toy was played with and she only had half an hour's sleep from 11am to 7pm.  The possibility of an ear infection only occured to me as I read a baby book tonight!

    Funny all the talk of no 2 babies - I am definitely up for it.  I just need to get something from the doc to say I can have an epidural from 0.5cm dilated because I think that was the point I started climbing the walls this time round and I don't know if I can do it again.  Would also like to have some sort of scan late in the day to check how baby lying as if it's back to back then I'm going in early and getting all the pain relief of the day from the start. 

    Didn't do anything for halloween but Louise had the cutest bodysuit in bright orange with a spider and web on it and Happy Halloween!  We were sent it from Canada and it was lovely.  Even the wee label at the side said "EEEK!"

    Back on the work front, have had a call to say condensed hours have been formally approved by the board so that is sorted.  have asked for access to our system from home too but that has to go to the IT dept to consider so I won't get an answer for a while.

    Right, time to get Louise up for late feed.  Sorry not to mention any of you by name but you've been mega posting and I can't remember who said what!! Have a good weekend all.


  • Gosh you lot have been busy!!

    Just read back and just want to sent big hugs to MR and Caramel.

    Gosh its been a busy few weeks and it has finally caught up... exhausted and got a stinking cold.  After visiting Dad then went to devon with friends for the weekend (serious bad mum point, forgot the girls bag and had to make do with what they had on and 1 babygro each - poor mites had to sleep wrapped in towels!.... they survivedimage)

    This week was my birthday and then went to London and have left the girls with Mum for the weekend... had a big night out planned tonight but too rough so going to do some serious sleeping instead and hoping I feel well enough to go to a gig tomorrow.  Missing them already, but it was lovely to see Mum and my step dad so excited at having them to stay for the first time.  I really wish they were closer, as much for them and the girls as for the supoort they give me.

    I would love to give birth naturally if and when there is a next time (like you MM, would be slightly concerned it would be twins again!) but not sure why - did feel slighty cheated of the experience by having a section but due to the complications I had after am very glad i did.  Policy round here seems to be you can elect for a second section whatever the reason of the first if you wish.

  • TB - bring on the epidural is what I say too. It was the most fantastic thing to have the pain taken away like that! I'm quite happy to take a longer labour with no pain over a shorter labour that is agony (working on the basis that epidurals tend to slow things up).

    Hetty - enjoy your weekend of sleep. Its so rock and roll isn't it that when you get the chance of a weekend to yourself all you want to do is sleep... I guess thats the joys of parenthood!!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Having the epidural put in was the most painful part for me!  My contractions up to the point where they discovered Kit was breech (5cm dilated) were honestly not that bad and I was congratulating myself on doing so well with the TENS machine.  The anaesthetist asked if I was an athlete because the spaces between my vertebrae are really small and she struggled to find one big enough to get the epidural into.  Apparently a lot of sport can compress the spaces between the vertebrae - I had not idea about this and still not sure if it's actually the case.  She was also trying to get it in between contractions so she really had her work cut out for her!  Once in it was such bliss!

    I would definitely opt for a second section rather than 'trial by scar'.  I'm tiny - only 5'1" and about 7 stone - and Kit was large for me at 8lb 4oz.  More to the point, he had a larger-than-average head circumference (about 36.5cm at birth) and I was told there was no way he'd have come out the traditional way without a massive tear or episiotomy.  If there's a second baby I'd want a late scan to check its position, as I was told all through my antenatal checks that Kit was head down, 3/5 engaged etc.  There is no way he turned at the last minute, either - definitely didn't have enough room!  Sarahbob, thanks for the reassurance re. the scar second and third times round- good to know it survives subsequent pregnancies and sections OK!

    Everyone is sounding very chipper this morning - EF, good for you for standing your ground with the silly woman from the car hire company!  Some people, eh??  Hetty, hope you feel better - what a pain being ill on a weekend off from being Mummy!

    Just back from a glorious 3-mile run in the park.  It's such a beautiful morning it felt great to be alive and out there experiencing it.  The autumn colours in the park were stunning in the morning sun, and it was so warm in the sun it could have been early summer.  Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Minks - I'm with you. I'm 5ft 1 as well, and pre-pregnancy weighed around 7st 9lbs. Megan was 8lbs 3oz and the surgeon commented on how squished up she had been in the womb and how for my size she couldn't have been any bigger! I feel there was no way I was ever delivering naturally at that size - and whats worse is they must have know that as I was scanned on the Tuesday to check the placenta wasn't lying low - so don't tell me they didn't realise what a big baby I was about to have. The more I think about my whole birth story the more cross I become that I was made/allowed to labour for 20 hours in hospital (on top of the 24 hours I did at home) before being given a c-section. But then the hospital where I gave birth has a higher than average c-section rate which it is trying to get down - or am I just being too cynical here girls???!!

    Have a good weekend all, not quite so sunny here in Edinburgh but it is dry and relatively unwindy (which is something up here!!).

  • MR - i'm not sure they can actually tell the weight from the scan.  i know that they told my friend they expected her baby to be over 10lbs when she had a scan prior to her c-section, and she was actually 8.5lbs...

    i do believe that when the time is right for people to have no 2 (or 3), the fears of labour / birth etc will subside, or at least the desire for no 2 / 3 will be so strong that the whole birth thing will seem small by comparison.

    better go, jacob is trashing the house because he's bored.  have been trying to do some work this morning because i have a manic week and  need to catch up on things before i go back to work tomorrow.  but jacob isn't appreciating this and is currently trying to destroy my hard copy of a BSI standard!

  • Hi Caramel,

    As someone expecting number 3 I can confirm what you say - the desire for a baby makes one think it is all worth it. My second labour was so positive (first v. traumatic) so have hope those of you considering number two!

     I am still nervous about the labour/birth this time because there's no telling what will happen! I am just going to try and be positive, do all I can to get babe in a good position and breathe out!

    Anyone catch Paula in action in the New York marathon yesterday? What an exciting race! WOW - nearly went into labour watching it (if only..) So pleased she won and great to see little Isla there at the finish. I cried my eyes out!! Hormones... What an inspiration for us running/pregnant mums!

    8 days till due date so hope to be joining you soon - been saying that for ages....


  • Am also very small, well not quite as small as was, as can't get back to my prepreg weight. But am now about 7st10-11, was 7st5-7. Am 5ft3. Was lucky as I had too small babies, so although I had the equivalent of 10lb baby, I had them one by one, so not quite the same. I felt I could have done without the epidural, it was only in in case of the need to go theatre for second baby (J was breech), which nearly happened. They eased off the epidural so I could push, so it didnt help with that pain relief I have to say, and I had to do it twice. I had a major fear of an c-section. Was told I would definitely be having one but thank goodness on the night I had a very open minded consultant on watch, so was lucky really.

    I don't think they can tell that well. I had a scan every 4 weeks to check babes growth, they measured the femur length, stomach and head circumference, and worked out a weight based on these measurements. Both my two were doing very well, but they did slow a lot in the last couple of weeks as I ran out of space for them to grow anymore i think, me being so small, and thats why I started getting contractions early. Was admitted for fears of pre-term labour at 33 weeks, but nothing happened thank goodness, then a week later my liver started to fail, so was in again, and they booked my in for c-section at 36 weeks. I gave birth at 35.5 weeks, boys were 4lb8 and 4lb5.

  • I am starting to feel like a giant at 5ft 6 and currently 10st 3 - yes another pound off.  yippee.  Got my old new look jeans on which is some feat.

    We have round 3 of jags today and a 4 month check up.  Think we get weight, length and head circumference.  Lou was 62cm a couple of weeks ago so can't imagine she'll be much more than that this time. 

    Am in good mood because for first time just about ever I put Louise in her cot for her lunchtime nap and although it took a while for her to doze off there was no crying!

    Watched new york too.  It was amazing.  Really inspirational.  Though am pretty much resigned to NOT doing london, I just can't bear the thought of the long runs and being away from Louise for hours on a weekend when I will be back at work full time during the week.  Have decided to focus on a 10K in May instead, the Glasgow women's one as you can get right to the front of the pulse start and have lots of room so I am going to renew my sub 45min aim.  Only got 1 min 16s to take off from my previous PB!  Everyone keeps saying your running can improve post childbirth so here's a test for them.

  • Hmmm! Hate to say it by my running has not improved at all. Was aiming for 1:25 yesterday in half marathon, I ran 1:31, my PB is 1:21. Very disappointed but I felt crap from the gun. Something to do with little J being up several times with bad cough and wheezing. Finally docs are doing something about it. He has asthma which is sad but I'd rather get on with treating it rather the constant phobbing off very month I've been to docs about it. Bedford half beckons in 5 weeks time. Not sure will be marathoning next year either, I don't want to run a marathon unless I can run a PB, and given I can't get under 90 mins for half and my PB is 2:59, think I'll wait. Thought was getting fitter, maybe just a bad day, we'll see.

    Other bad news is just had a bump with an elderly man in his car in the surgery carpark, I was reversing out and yes I really did look but he must have been in my blind spot. Something else to deal with, all OK thank goodness, but then I was going at 2mph. Hubbie's mum is in for her breast cancer surgery today as well, a bad few days at the office.

  • MM poor you, what a bad few days.  Hopefully the running was just a result of an off day, if your training has been going to plan then it probably was.  Your times are such as I dream of.  I wanted a sub 3.45 marathon to get good for age but it's not going to happen and if I can't beat my pb of 3.52 then I don't want to do it either.  Unlikely I would beat it if I didn't put in serious training and I just don't think I will be able to commit to that. 

    The bump is just a mare to deal with (I should know!)  but in the grand scheme of things it's not too bad.  Hope surgery goes well for your m-i-l. 

    Well Louise has grown 2cm in 2 weeks, 64cm today!  13lbs15oz.  She's very long for 16 weeks but bang in the middle for weight and head circumference.  She puked over HV when getting head measured.  Oops!  The jags are over now thank god and she has just been screaming her head off.  Not sure if she was tired or if it is the jags.  She has finally fallen asleep though her timing's not great given she's due a feed any minute but I will let her go to 5.20pm. 

  • That would explain why my predicted weights were much higher than the babies actual weights, they were long and skinny (not so skinny now though, there are chubbier by the day!)

    8 times a day.... thats 3 hrly day and night, surely not at Teds age???  You would spend all day feeding if he slept for a decent chunk at night.  Mine still feed 3 hrly in the day so feeding 6 times in 24 hrs if they sleep through or 7 if they dont and I had been thinking I should try to get them to go longer between in the day.  Hope things settle, you must be exhausted

    Hope all goes well for your mil MM.

    We have got jabs and weights on thurs as missed this week as I was away.  Glad its the last lot.

    Had a lovely weekend and enjoyed a drink and a dance on sat with a long lie in on sunday.... i did miss the girls terribly though and felt like I spent most of the weekend attached to my breast pump!  The girls were full of smiles when they got home yesturday but have been horrors today, screaming everytime I left them to thier own devices or tried to get them to sleep... most unlike them as they are usually really chilled.  Think they may have been spoilt rotten!!

  • I am also feeling rather gargantuan, at 5ft 7 and 10/3 and a half!! 12 and a half pounds to go until pre-preg weight of 9/5, but I'll be so much happier once I'm under the magical 10 stone barrier.

    MM - hugs to you, hope things get better soon (())

    JT - boo to getting no sleep! It must feel like Ted's a newborn again. Hope it'll pass soon so you can get your well-earned rest.

    Sequin - look forward to hearing the news. Good luck!

    Had 6 week check today. GP only did blood pressure and chatted to me about contraception. Quite relieved I didn't have to have any more blood/urine tests, as I think I've had enough of those to last a lifetime.

    Also had JP weighed and measured. He is now 60cm long and weighs 13lbs 4oz. This is mega huge for a 6 week old, but he is following his growth curve for both length and weight (98th centile). He is going to be one very big person when he grows up... Health visitor has advised that I will almost definitely need to start him on solids early (from 16 weeks) as there is NO WAY that he'll survive on milk alone. Dear me, what a beastly child I have produced!!!

  • Like you say bump is minor really, insurance company has it all in hand don't have to do much at all.

    MIL is fine, breast all removed so hopefully with recovery thats all over, should know soon. Asthma drugs for J is horrid he won't have the mask of the inhaler put over his mouth, really distresses him. Hope he will get used to it.

    Breast pump hetty, I remember all too well. Have to say am glad those days are over ;o) Although I do miss the cuddle. Only get cuddles when they've had a bump or are very tired. Glad you had a good time though, so important to get time together without babes.

    Janie, hope things improve. not sure there is a right or wrong way with breast feeding it does depend on the baby, so maybe go with it, but 8 times does seem a lot.

  • Regarding weight i can make you all feel better about yourselves, i'm 5ft 9inches tall and stuck at 13 stone 8 pounds !!!!  I can't remember when i was ever 10 stone something as an adult.  My normal weight is probably about 12 stone 7 and have always been a bit overweight.  The dreaded stone i never wanted to go over was 13 stone.  I'm clinging on to the vain hope that as i'm still breastfeeding (even though it is only one feed at night before she goes to bed) my body is clinging onto some fat to keep the milk going and when i get Isla off the boob its just going to fall off (LOL).  Had a dodgy back and colds recently as well so have never quite got back into the running yet, have had fits and starts, but hoping to get back out there regularly now.

    Tatty, Isla is a big baby as well, not had her weighed for ages, but she was on the 98th centile for height and the 75th centile for weight, think she is going to be tall and slim like her Dad.  Was JP a big baby when he was born ?  Our next door neighbour had a home birth about 3 weeks ago and the baby was 10 pounds 1 ounce, apparently her first baby had been 10 pounds 9 ounces !!!!!

    Janie Tri, you have my sympathy, Isla has been a really good baby at night but on the odd occasions she has woken up a lot during the night i have felt like a zombie the next day, i don't know how you Mum's manage with colicky babies and ones that wake a lot in the night, you have my total admiration !!

  • My two were very small like ted. I think at 12 weeks 9-10lbs rings a bell, so not too different. Both were around the 2nd at that point. H now jumped to 9th centile and J on the 50th and thats not with the 4 weeks minused. They are officially 12.5 months which is great. Hopefully he will improve. The constant feeding may be a growth spurt, its around every 3 weeks but they do usually have a couple of mega ones. I remember J putting on 33oz in 3 weeks which is when he left the 2nd centile!!!

    I don't think one bottle of formula does any harm at all. I did it because I wasn't producing quite enough milk for the two of them by the evening feed mainly cos I was too tired, and with no other help I had no time for naps etc. So at 8 weeks they had a bottle of prem baby formula before bed. They had breast milk the rest of the time, so they had all the benefit.

    I also admire those mums who are up all night. Although I have twins I have two very good sleepers. We have had a few rough nights with J and his asthma this week which has also woken H, but nothing compared to what some couples have. I realise I wouldn't beable to run as much as I do if my two didn't sleep quite so well.

  • The hungry baby milk has more fat than regular so I am sure will not do any harm, particularly as ted is on the mini side!

    I thibnk it is really good for Dad to go solo once in awhile, it certainly opened thier eyes and makes them realise you dont sit around watching daytime TV all day, and gives them a chance to do some serious bonding!  I dont think it does them any harm to get used to being with other people from an early age too, theyw ere really settled at mums and regularly spend abit of time with my SIL while I go off to dentist, docs, shopping etc (my lifeline!!)  SHe gave me tokens to cash in for running time during the day for my birthday so will be able to get out there more regularly without feeling guilty asking her to babysit!

    Have decided it is time to do something about the extra weight as it is getting to me now!  I know I cant diet but I can cut out all the crap I am eating.... I dont need chocolate every day!  I have manged to put on 7 pounds in the last month despite feeding them both - not good!

  • 5'4" and 10st 2-ish here - unfortunately have about a stone and three-quarters to get back to pre-preg weight (which admittedly was about my lightest since the age of 16 as I had just done my 1st mara.) Anything under 9 and a half would be good, though.

    Have been trying to work out how often I feed Eddie after seeing Janie's post - I thought 8 times a day seemed high, but actually if you count all the evening cluster feeds which he still does sometimes it might not be far off - today he's had 4 feeds if you include the 2am one (sometimes he wakes in the night, sometimes he doesn't) and I imagine I'll feed him again in an hour or so, and then 2 or 3 times before bed at around 8pm.  It does take up a bit of time, but we seem to be settling into a reasonable pattern and as long as the nights are OK so I'm happy to feed him  frequently during the day. As MM says it does depend on the baby though.

    Eddie seems to be sticking to the 91st centile - I had him weighed last week and he's nearly 15lbs now - TBH I don't have him weighed often at all - after the 1st baby I think attendance at clinic drops off rapidly unless there's a problem.

    Janie - hope the nights begin to improve for you and don't forget to try and grab some rest during the day when Ted naps as this will make you feel better and improve your milk supply - mine always gets low when I'm tired.

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm so sorry to be so crappy at keeping in touch, I just have difficulty keeping up with everything because I can't get on my computer very often (husband is using it for work). Boooo! (and I've ventured into the dark world of Facebook. Sorry)

    Just had a read back of this page and feeling a bit dumpy after hearing your weight 'concerns'! I've still got about a stone to go until I'm back to a pre-baby weight, but have lost lots. I'm finding I fit back into some of my old clothes that are a size 10, then if I try something on in a shop it has to be a 14! Weird. So I'm wearing clothes in three different sizes!

    Also, with the feeding Janie. I find it a surprise that you were told to feed eight times a day, doesn't it depend on the baby? They're all different surely?! Hmmmm. If it's any consolation, we are still feeding every two hours, day and night...really. Some nights, when he's having a growth spurt or something it's every hour. K-nackered. He is getting big though, coming up to 16lbs and seems longer every time I look at him!

    We took Hector swimming on Friday and he LOVED it! I felt so happy splashing around in the water with my little boy, I used to dream about that whilst I was swimming with my bump.

    I will try to keep up a bit better, but hugs to you all.

    A xx

  • I used to feed at these times, but did follow GF twin book:

    6.45/7am, 9.45/10am (which became 11am just before weaning), 1.45/2pm, 4.45pm/5pm, 10/10.30pm, 2am ish and sometimes 5am in very early days.

    Boys had bottle of formula at 6.30pm

    Night feeds went by 12 weeks.

    So thats 7 at its max when boys were very young, 5 after 12 weeks.

  • Janie - I think we tend to have our best nights if Eddie feeds 2-3 hourly in the day - interestingly when he has a bottle of expressed milk in the evening (eg if I am out out for a run) he often wakes up in the night, so it doesn't seem to matter to his sleeping if my milk supply is low in the evening.  Good luck and enjoy your run. I'm hoping to get out tonight but feeling a bit coldy at the moment so may not - but mrbob is away for a few nights this week so if I don't run tonight or tomorrow I won't get a chance til Sunday evening.

    AP - lovely to hear from you!

  • Hello all

    Re feeding - we're feeding Megan every 4 hours (bottles of formula) but I have no idea whether this is right or wrong! So thats 6 feeds a day:

    7.30pm (bathed at 7.15pm)
    11.30pm (dream feed at which we give her a bit more - if she'll take it)
    Whenever she wakes in the nitetime, usually 3.30-4.00am (try to give her bit less)

    We're still trying GF's principles of bigger feeds at the first and last feed of the day, with perhaps a little bit less at the night feed. We don't do the cluster feeds before and after bathtime - not after she was sick in the bath 2 nights in a row, we figured all the shoogling not too long after a feed was no good for her!!

    I have read somewhere that formula takes longer to digest than breastmilk which is why formula babies can (and should in principle) go longer between feeds. Anybody else read/heard this?

    Any advice from other formual bottle-feeders welcome - GF is very much geared to breast-feeding (as are most books) and its difficult to know if you are applying GF correctly when using formula (because you don't spend the same amount of time actually feeding them, particularly Megan who never takes more than 10-15 mins to do a bottle).

  • Forgot to say - AP, great to hear from you. Glad Hector doing well.
  • TB - see how your little one goes on just milk.  James has always been around the 98th percentile (dropped to 92nd and now is roughly just below 90th).  He was purely breastfed and I tried him on solids at 5 and a half months.

     He wasn't interested but at 6 months and a day started gobbling them.   Each one is different but don't be too keen to start pureeing everything - I think milk is much easier!!  

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