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  • I am also starting to block the plughole in the shower! image
  • Drama tonight as I was reading this thread.  Daddy was getting James dressed ready for bed.  He plays a game where he moves outside the door and pops round 'attacking ' James to great squeals of delight.  All I heard was the thud as James evidently tried to look round the door for Daddy and toppled off his changing table.  I got there and Daddy had him but I had to take him - it was awful.  As soon as I took him he stopped crying and his eyes went all funny.  We weren't sure if that was because he was tired or really woosey.  Seems ok now but I am in and out of his room checking him!  It was awful.  He even stopped crying too quickly for my liking! 

    Cragchick - glad you commented on the blisters.  I think James is geting more teeth and he has had blisters since Monday (came home from the childminders with blisters!  At least I did not feel it was my  fault although I worry that his nappy is not being changed frequently enough now).  Got a new cream yesterday but it is the first time he has ever had a sore bot.

  • Hi all,

    Just a quick post as its been ages since I posted... AGAIN!
    Hope you are all well...

    Can anyone tell me when I can take Winnie swimming. She has had her 2nd lot of jabs, third are due the end of the month.

    Also, her skin on her cheeks are quite dry - have been smothering them in cream, but wondered if anyone had any tips?

    FInally, she didn't put any weight on this week... does weight gain slow down, and if so, around how many weeks??

    Sorry to ask so many things, but you guys always have the answers!

  • ooo, just read the hair comments! Mine hasn't started falling out yet.. but I'm sure it will soon. Its really built up since being pregnant, and I quite like it...
    So not looking forward to being a baldy!

  • Mitts - swimming - I've read several times that you can take babies from any age , but I've always waited until after the 3rd lot of jabs with mine (about 4 months?) and that's been fine.  I'm hoping to start a swimming class with Eddie after Christmas - must chase the teacher as I haven't heard back from her yet.  Sorry - not sure about weight gain. I don't get Eddie weighed very often so it's possible he doesn't put on weight consistently every week - I'm sure it varies from week to week. 

    Hair - mine's started falling out in handfuls which is normal for me at around this stage.  I have pretty thick hair anyway so I'm not too bothered - and with my new short haircut it's less noticeable!  J (my 5 yr old) was most upset by my haircut when he saw it this morning( he was in bed before I got back from my 11 yr old's school consultation evening last night) as he loves fiddling with my hair and it's not really long enough now - hope he's not traumatised for life!

    PA - hope James is OK now - J used to bump his head a lot and was pretty resilient.  The only time we took him to casualty to be checked out they said to look out for drowsiness (difficult around bedtime, obviously!) and if his pupils were different sizes, which can indicate concussion.

    Janie - Eddie hates having a dirty nappy too! I wouldn't worry - I'm sure it helps with potty training later on. Really pleased to hear that things are improving at night for you - hopefully there'll be a circular effect in that if you get some more sleep, you milk supply will improve so Ted might not need so many feeds as they'll be better quality - so yo can get more rest and so on .... hang on in there!

    Eddie was a little star last night - he came along to the marathon event which was my daughter's first secondary school consultation evening - we saw 11 teachers and were there for 2 and a half hours! During the first two appointments he was awake on my knee, then he dozed off while we were were waiting for the 3rd and slept in his buggy until we got home - as it was between 5 and 7.30pm, which is the time he is normally most grumbly, I was most relieved. And then he woke up for a bit, had a couple of feeds, went to bed at 9.30 and slept through till 7.30 - hurrah! Just hope I don't pay for it tonight, as mrbob is away now for 3 nights and I could really do with my sleep. On that note must go and attempt to tidy the bombsite that is my house so I don't get to bed too late.

  • James is another dirty nappy hater regardless of dispos. or reuse.  I am hoping it will help potty training.  Thankfully he seems all right this morning after his crash landing.  Daddy certainly stil feels bad though.

    Swimming - apparently it can be from any age even pre-jabs.  Near us there is a pool that can be hired out.  My friend hired it and it only cost us about £75 each for 13 sessions.  It is only for half an hour (plenty of time) but the babies both love it.  Thoroughly recommend this as an introduction to the pool if you are not going for lessons.  If you have 5 people it can ent up about £30 for 13 sessions which is a bargain!  Also when Daddy had a day off he could go too.  We waited until James was about 5 months just because we did not get organised.

     Water babies.  I think someone recommended this before.  There was none around here but they have strted up.  I have put our names down for after Christmas.  Can someone just verify that they are good please?

  • PA - sorry to hear about your scare with the changing table yesterday, hope everything is ok now. It made me think that we need to be extra careful with ours, the rolling will be starting any time soon, I'm sure. I told my husband about it, just to remind him too, and he said: 'Whenever you mention that sort of thing to parents, they always say their kids have had loads of bumps and falls and are alright...' He does make me worry sometimes!

    Re: swimming. We took Hector in a pool on holiday when he had only had his first jabs and all is well. Last week we took him for a 'proper' swim for the first time and we're going again today; he LOVES it! I would say to make sure that the pool is nice and warm though, especially now it's so cold outside, and have a towel handy to wrap up straight away. We have been travelling slightly further to a pool that has a seperate children's pool which is lovely and warm, like getting into the bath...I was gasping when I went into the main pool!

    Mitts- I haven't used any creams or anything on Hector because his skin is so sensitive. He had very dry and peeling skin at first and has the odd patch now, and we just use olive oil as recommended by the midwives and health visitors (that's what we use on our massage course). Does the trick nicely image

  • Sorry to hear food not good still Minks. My two also off food slightly as molars are starting to appear. H is having many episodes a day particularly when trying to chew when he just screams in agony. he has bright red cheeks poor love. Calpol is the best thing. If its really bad you can also give ibuprofen inbetween calpol, so they have pain relief every two hours. This really helps on very bad days. My two a re very messy eaters, especially with finger food. I think they are discovering gravity! They had peanut butter and cream cheese butties for tea last night and chunks of avocado. You can imagine the mess!

    Pleased to say J is getting used to his inhaler. We still have lots of panic and upset, but he has a nice cuddle afterwards so he looks forward to that I think. It does seem to be helping too, we had our first full nights sleep for over a week last night. Bliss!

    Good lukc CM for the CBT. I also had anorexia as a teen, but its all past me now. I now adore food and love cooking and have a very sweet tooth probably why I'm still 8 stone and not 7.5 stone like I was pre-pregnancy.

  • Thanks for the tips re swimming... AP, what pool do you travel to? I'm not too far from you really.. and if you think its a good pool, it might be worth the journey.
    I was thinking of going to a pool in Chingford... will check a few things out with the HV Monday re dry skin and swimming... and then hopefully we'll be in the pool next Friday!

    been out for a walk this morning, its a beautiful morning, but its bitter cold! Reminds me of skiing! Can't wait til jan!

    Good luck CM... I've also had my fair share of issues when I was a teen...

    MM, does your little one have asthma? Just reading your post.. I had asthma as a child. Although, now I run its kind of gone. Haven't used an inhaler for years.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Mitts, we've had to be careful what we use on Kit's skin as he's prone to very mild eczema, particularly on his back, and he had big dry patches all over his scalp when he was tiny.  I only recently started using a mild baby shampoo - until then I washed his hair with aqueous cream (recommended by my HV and available from Boots or other chemists).  I also use aqueous cream as a moisturiser for his skin.  If the patches of eczema flare up I use a mild hydrocortisone cream prescribed by my GP - but I don't use it every day as prolonged use can thin the skin.  Also found Epaderm cream very good for dry skin, although it's really thick and greasy to apply.  Vaseline also good, and cheap.

    Kit ate all his food and had all his bottles fine yesterday - probably because Nana was looking after him and he doesn't seem to play up for her!  He had his breakfast OK this morning although was a little fussy with his cereal, but only right at the end when he'd almost finished it.  We'll see what today brings, which is another day with Nana!  Have been applying Bonjela to his gums before meals and we did give him some Calpol the other day when his cheek was bright red, although it didn't seem to encourage him to want to eat.

    MM, can only imagine the mess made by chunks of avocado!  Haven't tried Kit with that yet - might make some mashed avocado and banana for his lunch tomorrow.  Nice soft texture and can have it cold too which might be nice for his sore gums.

    Am not really a sweet tooth at all - much prefer savouries.  Probably why I devoured most of a large packet of M&S crinkle cut crisps last night while I was cooking spaghetti bolognese!

    Re. hair, I don't recall mine falling out at any point but it definitely seemed thicker and more manageable while I was pregnant.  Even my hairdresser has said that the texture of my hair has changed since having Kit - it's always been dead straight and irritatingly fine, but now it seems to be really soft (i.e. lacking in body) and sort of fluffy.  It's in a shortish crop at the moment - tried to grow it to a short bob over the summer but took twice as long to blow-dry and style (no danger with my hair of allowing it to dry naturally) and always seemed to look a mess.  Now I'm back at work I need something I can dry in about 5 minutes.  Not sure I like it that much and has been in this style for ages but can't find anything else I like.  Most hair magazines have such ridiculous styles - OK on the catwalk but not the local high street!

  • Mitts - we go to the Park Road pool in Crouch End. We went last Friday afternoon at about 3pm and it was nice and quiet (they have women only before then, and I think that's fairly quiet too, possibly more mums and babies).

    Have to rush, Hector has just stirred.

  • PA - hope James is OK now! That's my worst nightmare, JP falling off something. But babies' heads are pretty hard - that's what I always tell myself!

    I loved my hair when I was pregnant. It's always been quite greasy, but during pregnancy it dried out and only needed washing once a week (and even then it was OK, but I just felt a bit mucky!). It went really thick too.

    Must go, lunch is burning and Pootle the cat is camped out on the baby gym!

  • Have a c-section question... its 5w2d since I had my section but over the last couple of days the bit of stomach right over the top of the scar (the bit thats strangely numb although some feeling does seem to be returning as it hurts there when I cough or sneeze at the moment.) seems to have become much larger/swollen. After anytime spend on my feet it sticks out a bit like a shelf over the scar, its my own wee beer belly (well chocolate and crisp belly is more like it).

    I have maybe been overdoing it with getting out and about with the pram, do go for about 3 miles or so daily and its fair to say there are some inclines, hills en route to get the pram up! Also did some hoovering yesterday 'cos had visitors last night and couldn't have let them in the door without having hoovered). Do you think the sudden enlargement of my stomach is just because I've been doing too much/pushing myself too hard or might it be something else that I should get checked out.

    Must go - Megan is giring away which is a sign of yet another wet nappy, oh joy! Hope to get back on and read through some of these posts, but have to say no sign of hair loss here so far!

  • MR - wish I could answer, but I haven't got a clue! Seems to make sense what you are saying... sorry forthe lack of knowledge, however, I'm sure there'll be some one out there that can help.

    AP, thanks for the swimming details. I think i'll go to the Chingford pool - as I think it prob would be an additional half an hour in the car to Crouch end. However, if Chingford turns out naff, I may well give it a go.

    PA, by reading TBs post, I'm assuming bubs fell off change area! How distressing. I hope bubs is OK. I agree with TB, babies heads are tougher than we think. My nephew was dropped on his head when he was baby - and it was on a stone floor. He was OK. I hope James is OK. Sorry for not reading this earlier.

    must dash, want to finsih the house work before winnie wakes from her nap.

  • Minks, thanks for the tips re creams etc. I do have Aqueous cream, and have been using it, I shall continue to do so.
    Also good to hear Kit ate all his lunch!

  • sorry can't help on c section question MR.  if you are worried, probably best speak to HV or GRP though.

    PA - we do waterbabies, and it's FAB.  jacob can swim without my help with a woggle under his torso (one of those long bend foam rod things you see in pools).  he does his own version of front crawl, which is v. cute.  we're just coming to the end of the 40 week schedule now, so we will have finished the main part of the course.  we are going to continue though because we both love it so much.

    first session with psychologist was fab.  she is lovely and told me at the end that she really enjoyed chatting to me and would have to be careful because she enjoyed it so much that we could end up just talking for hours and not doing anything constructive.  that's probably because i'm not actually suffering at the moment;and i guess a lot of her patients are in the pits of despair, so it makes a nice change to talk to someone who is not blubbing their eyes out.

    anyway, she has given me some 'homework' to do trying to identify situations where i get anxious and what triggers the feelings or images i have.  have to say, i don't usually feel anxious these days (now i'm on the meds), so i wonder whether i'll have anything to report.

    jacob never registers a wet or dirty nappy.  and we use reusables so they are often very very wet.  he definitely knows where his willy is and plays with it incessantly as soon as we take his nappy off (which is 'interesting' if he's done a 'front-loader' poo and it's covered in poo!)

  • PA - forgot to say.  hope james is ok.  how awful for you and your husband...
  • Thats really good news CM. Good luck with the homework.

    My two register poo-bum but not wet, and we use washables too. Also both love their willies!!! LOL to the front-loader poo!!

    Hope today has gone OK Minks for little man. My two have just refused their spag bog, and cried with the fruit and yoghurt. Think the fruit must have been stinging. Oh dear. Looks like cat has got nice dinner!! Now not sleeping either, actually they have just gone off fingers crossed. Have to do tesco shop so we'll see how long they go for. Thinking I may drop the morning nap as their lunchtime sleep is up the spout at the moment, its that or teething is upsetting them. They used to love their after lunch nap and so do I. Must admit I also love their morning nap as sometimes its my only chance to shower!!

    Have missed whats happened to James, so hope James is OK PA, must read back.

  • Have read back. Do hope all OK. H fell out of his high chair a little while back onto the tiles floor as Daddy hadn't done buckle up properly. He seemed OK, but like you I was in every few mins to check while he had his naps that day.

    My hair was awful when I was pregnant, its so thick anyway, so just became a frizz ball. I invested in some straightners. I had loads fall out when I stopped breast feeding, now seems settled again, and pretty similar to pre-preg, maybe slightly thicker.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CM, really pleased to hear that you found the CBT session so enjoyable.  Funny, 'enjoyable' is not usually a word you'd associate with therapy, but good nonetheless.  I'm pretty sure my brother's ex had to do similar "homework" - she wasn't on any meds though (as far as I recall).

    MR, not sure what to say re. the C-section scar.  I know that mine did something vaguely similar initially - it was nice and flat on the right side but seemed to bulge a bit on the left.  Not hugely, but if I was standing there in just my knickers you could see one side wasn't as flat as the other, if you see what I mean.  I was told (or read somewhere) that the side of the cut where the incision was started (in the case of C-sections this is normally the woman's left) is deeper than the other side and can look more raised after the surgery because of scar tissue.  I also found that the scar area could be quite tender by the end of the day especially if I'd been overdoing things, and I remember finding my clothes felt tighter then so maybe it stuck out a bit and pressed against my jeans.  You have to remember that a C-section is major abdominal surgery, despite the media's tendency to gloss over it as something celebrities do, and as such the healing process will take some time.  It's not just your uterus and abdomen that have been cut, it's all your abdominal muscles too, so it will inevitably take some time to fully heal.  My scar is pretty much completely flat now (the left side is ever so slightly less flat than the right, but not noticeably) and I can't believe how short it is now compared with when it was first done.  5 weeks is not very long after surgery - even though it probably seems a distant memory now - so give it time and you'll probably find it goes back to normal fairly quickly.  If you're at all worried though, speak to your GP or HV.

    MM, so far all good on the food front today.  He ate every scrap of his lunch no problem at all.  My Mum seems to have the Midas touch!  His sleeping pattern seems to have changed over the past week - his morning nap has increased to somewhere around two hours or more, and consequently he doesn't want a lunchtime nap.  Yesterday Mum put him down about 3pm and he slept for another hour.  Not sure whether it's the teething or his pattern naturally changing (which it does from time to time).  This means all his mealtimes will have to change too - today he didn't wake until 11:30 which is normally lunchtime, so he didin't have lunch until 12:00.  Am quite pleased though as wanted to move his lunch forward anyway.  If his 2:30pm bottle moves later though, so will his tea and bath and I will have to start all my evening runs even later than I do now!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    LOL re. willies!  Kit loves his too!  He holds on to it for dear life when I lift him out of the bath, as though it might fall off if he lets go.  He never touches it when I change his nappy, unless he's done a really messy "front loader" - then he lunges for it immediately!  Hubby says it's the start of a lifelong relationship!
  • PA - if it makes you feel any better i bashed M's head into a door while we were in France, was nearly sick myselfI felt so bad!!  It was bedtime too and wouldnt let her go to sleep!  Hope he is better today!

    Must be a relief that j is getting used to his inhalor MM, must be scary for the poor thing.

    Hope last night was good too Janie and that you have cracked it!

    Isnt it amazing how quickly babies suss that they can play up mum and Dad if Kit eats for Nana.... clever boy! Hope his teeth come through soon.

    Not sure about the scar MR, but I still have some numbness too. I certainly didnt get away with not hoovering for 6 weeks either!! Do take it easy thouigh, if you feel you have been doing too much you probably have!

    E and m fine after thier Jabs yesturday and have been piling on the weight still, E is now onthe 50th centile and M just under the 25th, not bad as they were on the 2nd and off the bottom of the chart a week after they were born! 

  • Really must refresh before posting, that shoul have been a page back so missed loads but baby alert, must go!
  • Minks - glad things are better with Kit on the food front today.  I think these things do tend to happen now and then, especially if they're teething.  Hope the weekend goes Ok for you.

    MR not too sure about your scar query, but I wondered if it's related to the rest of your tummy shrinking and making that bit seem more prominent, if you see what I mean? I definiely have a bit which protrudes above my scar - I think it's where the tissues are still slightly swollen from the op.  It's not numb, but the skin does feel different there.  But as other have advised it's probably worth checking with your GP if it doesn't feel right.  And do make sure you're not overdoing things - even if it all feels OK there's probably still some healing going on inside.

    CM - good to hear things went well with your therapist - sounds like a really positive thing to be doing.

    I was quite pleased with myself this morning as I managed to get everyone up and ready for school on time - although Eddie helped (!) by waking at 5.40am rather than 7.30 so I had a head start (feeling quite knackered now as a result). mrbob has at least 3 work trips planned for this month, so I should get quite good at managing by myself by the end of the month.

  • PA, my husband was pushed out of his pram as a baby by his brother - no damage there!  Well I don't think so anyway!!

    My hair is also falling out in clumps.  It desperately needs cut too but no chance til the end of november now - want it to be done in time for Christmas nights out - am going to three office related parties!

    Had my filmstar moment being filmed for my work's new promotional dvd - we're rebranding so it's to be shown at the launch party.  I wore the only shirt I could find that went over my breastfeeding boobs!  Black troos were ok and then I went to M&S later and was very chuffed to discover that although size 10 was a bit neat, it did go on ok and so shouldn't be too much longer.  Celebrated with family bag of revels as usual so no doubt have set myself back about 3 weeks!!

    CM glad it went OK.

    We had week 3 of swimming today (oh and we went after 2nd lot of jabs) and Louise is enjoying it still.  We poured water onto their faces today and she was cool.  Frankly as long as she can get her fist in her big gob she's fine!  You put her on her stomach for tummy time and all she does is put her head down and naw on her hand.  Think she's been teething recently though no teeth apparent.  However her cheeks are really rosy and she's been bobbing on and off my boob and crying sometimes whilst feeding.  In fact she's been a little out of sorts the last 2 days or so - too long after jabs for me to link it to that - but today was back to her usual smiley self and I think is growth spurting again or making up for lost time I guess maybe on the feeds as she's had 3 feeds of 30 mins plus today!

    Very pleased with myself as managed to download pics from my phone to the pc using a bluetooth dongle.  Had no idea how it worked but it was dead straighforward and I have some great pics. 

    OK, tis bathtime.  See you Tuesday MR.  Sorry no idea about the scar query.  Looking forward to meeting Megan.

  • CM, good to hear it went well, and you enjoyed it. Sometimes its good to talk and have people listen. I went to someone after my Mum died. And Although I just used to sit there and talk, it made me feel so much better about everything.

    Re poo bum, Winnie doesn't register it all... Bless her. She is so laid back... just like her dad!

    EF. Hope you are well.
    The clothes department sounds cool - lucky you - I've put on about half a stone since having winnie... Oh dear. But have been out walking heaps this week - and I think its helping.
    After reading your post, I think I am going to the pool Friday. I feel better knowing you went after 2nd jabs. Can't wait, really looking forward to it. She loves a bath, so am hoping the pool will have the same effect.

    Anyway - going to dash as I need to get over to my sisters, and I may as well do it before the next feed.

    xx enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies.
  • EF - Louise sounds just like Hector with the fist in gob act...oh and the drooling, he is constantly wet! We were with his little (girl-) friend yesterday and she had a lovely new toy which he promptly sucked on all surfaces. Her parents didn't look too impressed!

    Does anyone else experience what seems like your poor baby waking up crying, as if they have had a bad dream? It's happened a few times now, including earlier on, and he was inconsolable. I'm wondering if it's teething because he has been a bit grumpy too...

    Hope you are all having good weekends. 

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