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  • CM and JT thanks for reassurance about water babies.  We are signed up andI have recommended it to others.

    Also thanks for all the reassurance about bouncing babies (literally).  James was absolutely fine and is not perturbed about going onto his changing table - still clambers about and tries to escape off it! 

  • My wife gave birth to our daughter 5 weeks ago and she's desperate to get back running again.  She went out for a power walk/gentle jog yesterday and came back with black eyes!! Obviously I'm exaggerating but has anyone got any tips on what she can do/wear to stop this from happening next time?
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Hello Tim!  If she's breastfeeding, it's usually best to feed straight before a run as boobs will be less engorged.  I think quite a few ladies here wore two crop-top type running bras, one on top of the other, for a while.  I didn't breastfeed and am not that well-endowed so will leave it to someone more experienced to recommend a decent sports bra.

    AP, Kit occasionally wakes like that and is inconsolable.  We put it down either to a dream, or to perhaps sore gums.  Most of the time we pick him up and give him a cuddle until he stops crying, and he's always then been fine being put straight back down in his cot.  On the one occasion we just couldn't seem to console him, he cried for 20 minutes (most unlike him) and eventually we gave him a dose of Calpol.  He went straight back to sleep and was fine.  Lately he's occasionally rolled onto his tummy in his sleep and ended up against the bars of his cot.  Because he's half asleep he can't work out where he is and gets stuck, then cries.  If I just go in and roll him back over he settles straight away.

    Think we've worked out that he fusses with his food when he's tired.  Both days Mum had him last weekhe had a very long morning nap - 2-2.5 hours - and was then really up for his lunch.  Yesterday and today he went down for barely an hour (no idea why the difference) and consequently was tired by the time his lunch was due so was a bit difficult to feed.  This morning he completely refused to eat so we put him in his cot for about 20 minutes.  Not sure if he went to sleep but he did eat after we got him back up - eventually after a lot of patience on hubby's part.  Had to give him a spoonful or two of yoghurt mid-way through his fruity chicken casserole to get him to open his mouth, then he took the rest of his chicken OK.  Was absolutely fine with his tea this evening even though it was spinach, potato, parsnip and leek puree which is VERY savoury.

    We had hubby's aunt and uncle here for lunch today.  They hadn't seen Kit at all and he was an absolute little star, charming everyone.  Was a bit miffed as they kind of invited themselves, which was bad enough, then yesterday rang again to ask if they could bring their daughter who's a bloody veggie (no offence to veggies of course) which meant I had to make two separate lunches - lasagne for us an mushroom risotto for her.  Cooked all the meat on Saturday night so this morning I only had to make bechemal sauce and assemble the lasagne, plus cook the risotto.  So still managed to get an 11-mile run in this morning before I started in the kitchen!  Hubby's parents are coming next weekend - no rest for the wicked, eh? 

  • Tim, the shock absorber B109 is a lifesaver for me.  It's a level 4+ I think.  There's another style which has a sort of racer back and is supposed to be same support but it's rubbish.  however I can run in the other no problem at all.  Tell your wife to come join in the chat too!!  Oh and congratulations on the birth of your daughter!
  • Janie - glad to hear things are settling down with Ted - hope you're managing to catch up on some sleep now.

    And good to hear that Kit's mealtimes are getting better, Minks - I think tiredness levels can make a big difference.  Eddie sometimes gets too overwrought to feed if he's really tired - at the moment his daytime naps are a bit erratic, which can cause problems. 

    I think Eddie's starting to show signs of teething - I'm sure 12 weeks is earlier than my other 2, but he's got bright red cheeks, is constantly dribbling and likes chewing on his fist most of the time.  I do remember that from the 1st signs to teeth actually emerging can take ages. Unfortunately he also seems to have forgotten how to suck his thumb and settle himself during the day (nights are still OK - touch wood!) so we may have to work on that this week.

    Tim - congratulations to you and your wife! Definitely suggest feeding just before a run if breastfeeding, and maybe wearing 2 bras? That works for me.

    Minks - 11 miles sounds good! I did my longest post-birth run today (just over 6) and was joined for the last half-mile by mrbob and the children who were out for a walk.  It turned into a mini fartlek session as J (the 5yr old) raced me between trees - he very kindly gave me a 10 second head start but still beat me quite a few times!

  • I've been meaning to get Isla off the boob for ages now, but never gotten round to it, but i really want to get her off so i can go on a proper diet, get my body back etc.  I'm only feeding her once at 7pm everynight and it puts her to sleep for the night (usually).  I've also probably asked this before as well, does anyone have any tips on how i do this, should i try controlled crying, how do i go about that ?

    On firday night she woke up at 11am and we tried everything to get her back to sleep but in the end had to resort to giving her the boob.  She won't drink formula or cows milk or even breastmilk out a bottle or cup.  We tried her on friday night with water then juice in a cup and a bottle but she wasn't interested in that either, she just wanted the boob and it was the only way to get her to go back to sleep.  I'm dreading taking her off, i can see its going to be a screaming match unless any of you out there have some advice, help ??

  • Hello all

    Sorry not been on for few days but when at weekends DH hogs the computer and I don't get a chance to get near, never mind check the forum and look at e-mail... grrr!! And even more worringly he finishes his current contract on 23rd Nov and has decided he wants to be stay at home dad for December and January (which is lovely and will give us some nice family time together) but does probably mean for 2 months I won't get near the computer at all image

    Not much to report here - we're all doing OK. Megan has had a couple of great nights where she has gone down around 8pm and ony woken to be fed at 12am and then again between 4am - 5am, going back down without too much bother However, anytime we commit to writing or tell someone how well she is doing though it all goes pear-shaped so we will now possibly have a horrible night ahead that I've told you ladies how good its been!

    PA - glad James is OK. My friend's daughter rolled off their bed onto wooden floor at around similar age and lived to tell the tale with no ill effects (now 4yr old)! Infact, my friend felt so bad that she has never told her husband...

    CM - hows the homework going? DH came home late Friday night and I was fair cross as I just knew he was late because he'd gone to buy an iPhone (despite a discussion earlier in the week about how he thought it better to wait as in 6 months there will be an upgraded version at 2/3 of current price, etc, etc). Well, when he finally arrived home I had a right go at him - only to find him laughing and grinning at me. Turned out the reason for that was that my iPhone rant was most like my old self that I've been for months so he was delighted and relieved to find the "old Ali" was stil in there somewhere!! Am stil raging yet about the iPhone tho, but had the last laugh as he can't get his existing number switched across til next weekend!!

    EF, looking forward to seeing you and Lou in Sherry's tomorrow morning.

  • I dont know Mrs O, how does she settle herself to sleep during the day?  I leave mine to cry a bit now at night and for naps in the day - I usually set myself a task like emptying the dishwasher or having a shower and if they are not asleep by then I will go back in and resettle etc.  I find it really hard to do but feel ok about it if I know they are tired.  They sometimes just drift off on thier own now which is great!  It helps reminding myself that if I intervene too early they have to start the whole process again from scratch which means more crying and upset for them.

    Ap , mine sometimes wake crying too, but it is usually short lived and they go back to sleep themselves, infact i am not sure they even wake up.  i have presumed its a bad dream.

    These 2 have been looking like they are teething for ages and M has a tiny speck of tooth on her lower gum that i first noticed at about 12 weeks, doesnt seem to be doing anything though!  I got given some little wooden teethers/rattles and the girls absolutely loved tham when i gave them to them yesturday - they have just started holding things and they were just the right size, looked like they were eating lollipops!

    Its been a bit of an awful weekend here, Dad had his op (all looks fine thank god) and we have all had colds.  2 grumpy babies when you dont feel well yourself is not fun, thankfully they seem a bit better today and both slept better last night thanks to a dose of Medised!

    Must go, off to buggyfit.  Typically the girls are sound asleep but need a feed before we go.  I hate to wake them so may leave them sleep and go for a long walk later instead!

  • Usually when she's looking tired or grumpy during the day, we put her in a pushchair and push it back and forth, usually she falls asleep in a couple of minutes.  Sometimes if she's tired during the day she will just lie down on the floor. 

    At night time we've got into the routine of getting her changed for bed, teeth brushed, then daddy says goodnight at the foot of the stairs and i take her up and feed her and she falls asleep, occasionally she is awake-ish when i put her in the cot, but she usually goes to sleep.

    If you try to put her in the cot without feeding her or letting her feed as long as she wants (usually no more than 20 mins) she will just sit and scream, almost more of a temper scream rather than a really upset scream.

  • Just a quickie...we've not heard from Sequin for a few days...maybe she's had her baby now...image

  • I also wear two bras - normally a Shock Absorber (also B109 - they're brill) and then a crop top on top of that.

    PA - glad James is OK!!

    Minks - 11 miles is amazing! I'm up to about 4 at the moment, but I'm doing a 10K in a few weeks so going to build up a bit more this week. I'm not 'racing' it though, I'm just going to do it to see how I'm getting on. I don't actually feel that unfit though, it's quite surprising really.

    And v good news on weight loss front - pound and a half off this week! The magical 10 stone barrier is rapidly approaching.image

  • Hetty, how do you find buggyfit?  It has just started round here and I was thinking of going along.  Do you need an 'off road' buggy?
  • mrs o - have you tried daddy taking Isla upstairs and reading her a story before bed - maybe changing a bit of the routine so that you're not the last one she sees before bed? I know it's difficult though.  I think both times I gave up feeding it was when my children lost interest themselves (at 9 months and 13 months). What does she drink out of during the day?

    Will post more in a little while - just been summoned for a feed!

  • Hi AP - still here....waiting...remembering the last two labours...wishing I was on the other side....but thanks for thinking of me. Promise to  let you all know any news...

    Have a good evening all.


  • mrs o - jacob will take milk in a bottle so i didn't have the same problem as you.  but if you are desperate to stop the feed, then you will probably have to do a bit of controlled crying. very occasionally now, jacob has other ideas when it's nap or sleep time and we leave him to yell / scream for a few minutes (sometimes it's quite a few!) until he goes to sleep.  as long as i know he's not hungry or in pain, i'm confident to leave him until he yells himself to sleep.  will isla drink anything at all other than from the boob?

    yes - waking up in the night yelling or screaming is often a sign of teeth.  jacob has had a few unsettled periods recently where he's been screaming but not awake, and i think he's getting more teeth.

    JT - good luck getting into waterbabies.  it's usually pretty chocka, but definitely worth it if you can.  they are rebooking now so you could well be lucky.

    my old puss cat died last night - after i had already set off for brighton, where i'm on a 3 day conference.  i hadn't seen her during the day but that's nothing unusual as she didn't like jacob much (at all!) and would hide during the day until he went to bed.  apparently my husband went to find her last night and she was rasping and gasping for breath and then collapsed and died 10 mins later.  i just feel so sad that i can't quite remember when i saw her last.  and i never said goodbye...

    still, i do have some anxiety material for my psychologist next time i see her, as i can analyse how i have reacted to her death.  i had had her for 10 years (got her from a cat shelter when i bought my first house), and she was my original baby.

  • Pa - I quite enjoy buggyfit, the instructor intersperses walking quickly or jogging with resistance work using bands, lunges, abs work etc.  Its nice to chat to other mums too, but in a more relaxed way than mother baby groups as there is something else to focus on.  The girls like it too.  I dont have an off road buggy, just a McClaren stroller and its fine as its on paths.

    Sorry about your cat CM x

  • CM - sorry about your cat.

    Mrs O -  I don't know how I will ever stop James' morning or evening feeds.  He drinks so much at those times (and I quite enjoy feeding him before he goes to sleep - morning I am not so keen on).  I really need to stop the morning milk in a month or so as he will be a year.  At night James always goes down awake after his feed and both his Daddy and I say prayers with him.  He used to lie there but now he bounces round his cot.  We then lie him down and say night night.  Pattern is that I leave repeatedly saying ' Night night... Mummy loves you.. Sleep well... night night...' until out of earshot.  However we did leave him to settle himself when he was very young.  As SB says a change of routine might work.  If you are not about so she does not think 'MILK' then Daddy might be able to settle her.

    hetty - thanks might just give it a go... when I have the time 

  • JT - what a complete witch. I'm not surprised you were upset! Some people must just like being nasty. I do think it would be good to talk it over, like the H/V suggested. I'm going to a 'Birth Afterthoughts' session (basically counselling to talk over my labour) a week on Friday, so I will let you know how it goes. Do they offer anything like that where you are? You are right though to say that Ted is the most important thing now - it doesn't matter how he got here! I feel exactly the same about having another (want to, but absolutely petrified!), so I think I need to understand why things didn't go so well with JP. Keep smiling though!! (())

    CM - so sorry about your cat. I have two beautiful fur babies and would be devastated if anything happened to either of them. Hugs to you (())

     Embarrassing question - does anyone else have problems with wee leakage when they run? Obviously I know it's still quite early (7 weeks), but it is pretty bad, especially on the treadmill. It is only when I run though, so I suppose that's a good thing. Any advice much appreciated as always!

  • Isla drinks fine during the day out a feeding cup, but only drinks juice or water, not interested in formula or cows milk.

    I think the feed at night is more for comfort, she seesm to sook and i hear her swallowing for about the first 5 to 10 minutes then after that she starts to drift off to sleep, but if i try to take the nipple away she wakes up and starts sooking again, then drifts off agian etc etc.  Last night it didn't feel as if she was actually drawing much milk after say 15 minutes, just latching on for comfort

  •  Mrs O - I think the advice I was given on here (sorry cant remember who!) was ace if the change does cause a few tears, I was advised to let thier dad deal with it and go for a walk!  Felt bad leaving Dad with 2 babies incase they really kicked off and he needed help but i used to switch the monitor off, put the radio on loud and busy myself cooking tea til they were asleep!  I really think its easier for men to do!  Good luck!

    Janie - I think you are right to feel upset, that health visitor sounds really insensitive and probably shouldnt  be in her line of work!  I have struggled with similar feelings following the tramatic time I had after the girls were born and it can still reduce me to tears now if i allow myself to start on the "what ifs".  I was a bit of a mess just after and what really helped me was reading the notes that had been written in my yellow book as they were very detailed and spelled out exactly what had happened minute by minute (although this was very hard at the time as I realised quite how serious things had been.)  I also had a debriefing with the consultant who operated, (Rob was also offered this but declined), she told me several times that it was unlikely to happen again even though at the time I was adamant i would not be having more children!  It might help to set something up and if you think reading your notes might help you can request to get a copy of them.  Keep talking to hubby too, he is in a good position to understand better than anyone as he was there too. x


  • Janie, sorry you had a rough time with the nurse. I also had a similar run with one of our practice nurses for the boys 3rd set of jabs as by then I was supplementing with one bottle. She basically slated me for not breast feeding completely saying how much it could be damaging the boys delicate GI system. That 6 months is not that longer sacrifice to make to breast feed completely. I was mortified. The only reason I introduced (or rather hubbie and HV suggested) a bottle of formula was because I could barely stand up by the evening. I think these practice nurses do dometimes pretend they have more authority than they have, or maybe its because they don't that they behave that way. Do you have a nice GP at the practice, maybe worth going for a chat about with him/her, but maybe recover a bit first as Ted only 4 months.

    Tatty yes leakage probs here still, was awful but slightly better now, worse around time of month and when I run hard. Pilates is good and lots of pelvic floor exercises if you have time which I never do. I do go to pilates class once a week though. The plight of mum runners I fear!!

    Sorry to hear about your cat CM. I adore my cats, but they do get ignored now, and not overly fond of boys, but getting better. Yes mine appear after 7pm too. Sorry you didn't get to say goodbye, I lost a cat on the road outside while we were out and hadn't seen him for about 36 hours. Its awful. Will you get another?

    I would try the Dad approach, go out in the morning and evening when you want her to have milk, go for a run or something. Does she have milk on her cereal and in sauces etc? You may have to persevere abit, maybe let her to go to bed with no milk or just a few mouthfuls. Other thing to do id to express some breast milk, put that into a beaker with cows milk 50:50 or something. Then slowly decrease the breast milk quantity. We had to do this to get the boys to have cows milk, but with formula as I stopped BF at 6 months.

  • Sorry last bit of my post for mrs o!!!
  • Thanks for the advice.

    Yes MM, i make her porridge up with cows milk, but she won't drink it out a bottle/cup she has occasionally had a few mouthfuls, but decided she didn't want any more.

    Stopped giving her a breastfeed in the morning about a month ago, was finding she wasn't really hungry enough for breakfast by 7.15am on days i was working, she doesn't seem to be bothered by this at all or seemed to miss it.  Its just this one bf at night that she gets that sends her off to sleep that she's unwilling to give up and also if she wakes up in the night, whihc doesn't happen very often,  usually she will only go back to sleep after a short feed.

  • On a different subject, did anyone see this article

     I was appauled by it, especially the story of the woman on the hen night with the eight week old baby at home, she should be shot !

  • Wow! And I was worried about having a second glass of wine and breast feeding the next day. Shocking!

  • CM - really sorry to hear about your cat.

    Janie - sounds like the HP you saw needs to go on a training course (or several) in people and communication skills. Hope you can manage to ignore what she said - like others said it's a good idea to get a debriefing from the hospital if you want to go through what happened and what your future options are.  Does your hospital have a patient liaison service? They might be able to help.

    TB - excellent news on the weight loss! I hit 10st exactly today - hopefully due to the increased exercise I've been doing th elast couple of weeks (although it could also be due to the fact I've reached the end of the surplus fun size Mars Bars we got in for Halloween) Good idea to do a race - my 'comeback' (!) is planned for the end of Dec. - I'm too scared to race before then.

    Cragchick - great run! I love XC but I don't think I'll make any this year - might try and do a couple after Christmas if I feel brave enough.

    mrbob is away now till Sunday so I'm contemplating a week of very little running (and lots of childcare!). Eddie seems to have chosen this week to have a growth spurt (feeding every hour and a half yesterday and today!) and start teething and as a result is really unsettled during the day and unwilling to nap.  Poor love - I think we're both getting stressed by his tiredness.  Might take him out for a long walk in a minute - I've been trying to settle him in his cot and it's just not working today. The positive thing is that so far night time sleep hasn't been affected - just hope it stays that way!

  • Am being very brave tonight and driving to my Mum's in Wales, so may not be posting for another week. Depends whether I can use her pooter or not, as can't be bothered to take my laptop. 5-6 hours drive. Have packed the coffee!

    Not sure what to do when I need to pee as hoping boys will be sleeping. May just use loo in garage not services and run in with them them locked in the car.

  • good luck MM - hope the trip went well!

    JT - i cannot believe that nurse either.  i do think it would be a good idea to have a chat to someone about the birth though.  i'm sure they must have some services at the gwent?  if you have a tame HV, could you ask her?

    i'm in brighton for 3 days and as well as my cat dying after i left home, jacob is now ill and i'm not there!  he got sent home from nursery today and mum and dad had to take him to the GP, who has prescribed antibiotics even though he said his chest is clear and his ears are fine.  i phoned up to ask him why and he said 'because that's what parents expect'.  uh???? anyway, mum and dad won't be giving him the antibiotics unless he gets much worse.  he's still eating and drinking; just being very clingy and has a temperature and a rash (but not a dodgy type of rash).

    we won't be getting another cat.  we actually have 3 others (i had 2 and my husband had 2 and then we moved in together!).  my two were mother and son whom i adopted from an animal shelter when i used to live in cheltenham.  we still have the son, as well as tony's two.  but i won't replace maggie.  3 cats is enough really.  but maggie was MY puss, who loved only me and purred so loudly when she was on her own with me, and sat outside the shower room shouting to be let in when i was showering.  poor puss...

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