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  • Poor Eddie wasn't settling in his cot as he had a thoroughly dirty nappy - my cold meant I hadn't realised at all, poor love! He's a lot calmer today - yesterday he was doing low-level grumbling for most of the day (turning into high-level grizzling / crying for over an hour last night). Hopefully tonight will be better - I've at least another 5 nights of mrbob being away to manage. 

    JT - glad to hear things are in motion for you debrief, I'm sure it will help you to talk about it.

    CM - hope Jacob's feeling better soon - what rotten luck this all happening while you're away.

    MM - hope you have a good journey to wales.  I'm sure you can get funnel type things for weeing on the move as it were - had you considered those image ?

  • MM and CC - thanks for the advice on the bladder problems! I am trying to remember to do pelvic floor exercises whenever I breastfeed (I need some kind of cue!). Hopefully it will get better soon.

     Must dash, hungry baby!

  • Aaaaagh, just when you think you are getting things sorted!  I had just started getting a full nights sleep or at most being up once for a very quick feed at 5 or 6 then back to bed then the cold struck!  I can understand why the poor babies were up when they were all snuffly but M has woken at 3 on the dot for the last couple of nights.... then 4, then 5!

    The first night this happened I risked it and left E to sleep but she woke for a feed at 6am so last night she got fed at 4 wether she wanted it or not!

    Hoping it is the after effects of the cold but a bit concerned as the only way to get her back to sleep is to feed her (not that I try that hard to settle her without as I dont function well on little sleep so take the easy route!)  Hope I am not making a rod for my back! 

    Nothing else has changed except bedtime slightly earlier as they were getting overtired, now asleep by 6 45 - 7 rather than 7 - 730, but the last feed is the same at 11 ish.  Both had about 15 oz between 6 pm and 11pm so i cant imagine they are hungry!

    Hope you made it OK MM and the boys stayed asleep- I must admit i just lock the girls in the car and run to the loo if I need a motorway wee.  Have to do this when i fill up too.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    JT, am SO angry for you!  What right did that nurse have to patronise you in that way?  If it's any consolation, my birth experience was nowhere near as traumatic as yours even though I also ended up with a C-section - and I'm in no hurry to try for a natural birth if there is a next time.  I'm petrified of the thought of "trial by scar" and feel very strongly that I should have the right to opt for an elective section having had an emergency one the first time round.  The thought of "trial by scar" would put me off getting pregnant again, if I knew I would not be able to choose to have a section.  I agree with the others though that seeing your birth notes and talking through the whole experience would probably be very beneficial and allow you to achieve "closure".  I have to say that I read my notes avidly while I was in hospital - every time anyone added anything to them I'd be there reading as soon as the person had gone!

    MM, I hope you got to Wales safely.  Very brave to do the journey alone with year-old twin boys!  Was only thinking yesterday about how I'd go to the loo at home once Kit starts moving - at the moment he just stays where I've put him.  Once he starts crawling will be much harder - also when I go out, what to do with him whilst I'm getting his buggy out or folding it up again when we get back (we keep it in the boot of the car as no space in the house).

    Sarahbob, hope you're feeling better.  I had a rotten cold a while ago and it was SO hard having to do all my usual "mummy chores" whilst feeling so dreadful.  My mum had a day off that week and went out to get me soup for lunch, then insisted I sat on the sofa while she prepared it for me.  She had no idea how grateful I was for that small act of kindness!

    Last week Kit fussed over his food and barely took any milk from his bottles.  This week I can't seem to give him enough to eat!  He woke up from his afternoon nap yesterday and cried (unusual for him as he normally just gurgles when he wakes) and just wouldn't be consoled.  He sobbed and sobbed.  I couldn't work out what was wrong - changed him, cuddled him etc.  Even resorted to a small dose of Calpol as thought his gums might be hurting.  Nothing worked.  Eventually wondered if he might be hungry (was 5:20 and he normally has his bottle 5:30-5:40) so offered him that and he gulped it down as though he hadn't eaten for a month!  Poor little love.  The thought of it being hunger that was distressing him just hadn't occurred to me because at the same feed yesterday, he only wanted 5.5-6oz from his bottle.  Has been eating all his solids really well too - even lumps!  Happy Mummy as I really worry when he doesn't eat much.

    CM, so sorry to hear about your cat.  Hope you're OK.

  • Minks, make sure the house is childproof and just hope he doesn't get up to too much mischief while you're at the loo.  Isla tends to follow me to the loo unless she's really engrossed in her toys and tends to moan at the door till i come out, don't tend to let her into the toilet as a few items (sponges, bath toys etc) have went for a swim in the loo already !!

    Isla pooped in the bath the other day, luckily it was 'firm' so easy to fish out, but had to run a fresh bath !!

    I never seen Islas birth notes, maybe i will ask to see them if i get pregnant again.  I was induced and contractions were unbearable so asked for an epidural, ended up in theatre with forceps as they wanted to get her out quick, she was getting stressed. Often wonder if maybe because i had an epidural i didn't push as well as i could (couldn't feel anything, don't even know if i was pushing right or what).  Maybe if i hadn't had epidural i could have pushed better and she would have come out quicker and not gotten so stressed or needed forceps.  Or not sure if she was stressed for a different reason.  The forceps have left a wee dent on her forehead, luckily its up near her hairline so not really noticeable.

    Hetty, will let you know next week how we got on with stopping breastfeeding and trying to get her to fall asleep by herself !!!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    JT, I can't remember exactly what happened with Ted's birth (you don't actually go into that much detail on here, but I think you both had an infection and Ted spent a while in SBCU?)  I found this website and thought you might find it helpful - indeed, anyone who has had a traumatic birth may find it useful:
  • Mrs O - I had an epidural too after being induced, and the MW kept asking me if I could feel what I was pushing because nothing seemed to be moving. But it wasn't that I wasn't pushing hard enough, it was because JP was so huge and his head got stuck (and then his shoulders!). So maybe it's the same for Isla - she was big too, wasn't she? Don't feel bad about needing an epidural though - induced labour is AGONY!!!!!image

    Hetty - hope the girls are better soon. I'm dreading the first cold!!

    MM - hope your journey went well! I hate driving any more than about an hour, so I have the utmost admiration for you, especially with the boys in tow!

    Went to club today for a track session. It was really good fun, but pretty tough. The plyometrics we did were NOT good for my poor bladder! Ah well, things can only get better!

    Minks - the link is very helpful, thank you.

  • JT - outrageous treatment for you.  Total contrast to the two midwives who eventually let me stay in and gave me a quiet room away from everyone (probably more to keep the noise away from reception!) - they did however come to see me and Louise on the ward the next day to say hi and how did I get on. 

    Well, Louise and I are choked with the cold, as is Mr Flump.    MR I am so sorry if we have given the lurgy to you and to Megan.  I had started a little sniffle in the morning but didn't think it was much but by 4pm it was a full blown head cold.  Funnily enough, didn't make spinning!  Poor Louise hasn't been ill before at all and she is utterly bewildered by her snotty nose and laboured breathing.  Got olbas oil for kids for her which has helped as has running the shower on majorly hot for about 20 mins whilst getting her changed post bath.   Last night she woke at 9.02 - I know the time as I had just settled down to watch spooks - and didn't go back down til after 11 and then again at 1am.  Thankfully she settled right down after that but she's been a bit miserable all day although whenever we went out she did her very best to smile at anyone who spoke to us through streaming eyes and wailing!  Poor lamb. 

    Poop in the bath - Louise saves that for when someone else is watching like my mum or my sis!

  • And oh my god that article.  who are all these lawyers and city types doing drugs?  I can't understand them.  Plus I've never even seen a drug never mind taken any.  Maybe I just live in my own wee innocent world where drinking 2 glasses of wine and then chucking my expressed milk is as rebellious as I get! 
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Have just read that article.  Cannot believe it.  I particularly resent the implication that if you're not a City type who regularly does Class A drugs, you're "dull, doughy, desexualised and almost pathologically interested in children".  Even before I had Kit, a couple of glasses of wine was a good night out for me!  Call me naive but I have never been in the presence of hard drugs, far less been tempted to take any.  I once ate a hash cake when I was travelling in Thailand, but hated the feeling of being stoned so much I never felt the urge to do it again, and was certainly never tempted to try anything else.  Even now I restrict the amount I drink so that I never wake up feeling rough, as there's nothing worse than trying to entertain a baby when you have a hangover (according to hubby, anyway!)  I enjoy the odd glass of wine with a meal or during the evening, but frankly I have no desire to overdo it.

    That said, was out with my antenatal group for a girls' night out last night and had a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, and am feeling a little the worse for wear this morning.  I think it's more to do with the fact that I didn't get to bed until 11:45pm and had to get up at 6:15am than the amount I drank - I also didn't sleep very well as is often the case when I eat fairly rich food quite late in the evening.

    One of the girls in my group is pregnant again - her little girl is a month younger than Kit (so 7 months).  It wasn't planned, but she's very happy as she's over 40 and wondered whether she'd be able to have another one.  Will be very hard work though!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    LOL at poop in the bath!  Kit has never done that (he wees in there frequently though) but the very first time we bathed him after arriving home from hospital, he pooped in his brand new fluffy towel the minute we lifted him out of the bath!  Was horrible, sticky meconium too!
  • Play pen Minks. Bay Dan. Fab, life saver for me!!! You can get them quite cheap on ebay or look in a local paper. I also have half of one round our stove in their play room. Our lounge and their play room are interconnected and have been made safe but I still use the play pen if I have to go upstairs.

    My two also obsessed with loo!!! Drives me mad!

    Journey was pretty good, very pleased with myself. I locked them in the car and ran to loo twice and third time I pulled over on the A40 in a P!!! I went to garage loos rather than service station and took my own sarnies and coffee, proper old lady.

    What are the funnel things sb??? May have to investigate!!

    Unfortunately Janie all the way into Wales. All down M4, keep going past Swansea and Camerthen until you hit the sea between Fishguard and St.Davids. Took boys to see my Dad on his ship(ferry) yesterday, they loved the seagulls and loved the sheep on a walk today too. Nice being with Mum, really miss her. Means have been able to do some nice runs too during the day rather than first thing in the morning.

  • Hello all, hope everyone well - sorry not been on much this week, seem to have had a lot on and been out and about a bit (which has been lovely).

    JT - pretty awful stuff for you. I agree with you and Minks that if you have had a section previously, an elective section should then be an option for you. I, like Minks, had a fairly large baby for my size and in reflection there was no way Megan was ever coming out the traditional way (should have known as much as for most of the labour I could feel her feet pushing against the bottom of my ribs, was more painful than the contractions at times). But at least you are getting to talk to someone and I think at TB says, just being able to "vent spleen" about your birth experience will help. There is nothing like that up here in Edinburgh, seems to be no support that takes into account the kind of birth you've had - it only seems to become an issue if you appear to have mental health issues or depression!

    EF - no sign of the lurgy here so don't worry, but big hugs to you and Lou - hope you get better soon, given your love of keeping fit I'd say you're pretty ill if you couldn't even make spinning! Take it easy though. And since we met up on Tuesday, I've been dreaming about Marscake so have been to the supermarket today and got all the necessary - infact, think will make some for when you and Lou are round in a fortnight! And totally know what you mean about Spooks - my mum phoned at 9.05pm which woke Megan and interrrupted my Spooks viewing!

    Quick running question (not that am actually back running yet, but 6 week check today so hoping to begin next week). When I've been out doing long walks with the pram, I do feel my joints quite achey afterwards. I'm assuming this is still the relaxin hormone in my system? Anybody any idea how long it takes for this to disappear - am sure I've read either here or in Preg Runners forum that it takes up to 6 months post-birth...

    And as for the Times article - sensationalist journalism I think (and hope). But then maybe I'm just being naive - like you EF I've never even seen drugs, far less been offered them (such sheltered lives we lead).

    Better go, feeding time at the zoo...

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    MR, you're right in that relaxin can remain in your system for up to 6 months post-birth.  But if you take it very, very easy when you start back running it shouldn't be a problem, especially if you were fit before becoming pregnant.

    I'd recommend starting back much more cautiously than you think you're capable of - so if you think you could run 3 miles, run 1 instead.  No kidding.  I set myself back by two weeks through biting off more than I could physically chew (so to speak) and hurt my back.

    MM, well done on making it to Wales intact.  I bet you really miss your mum.  I thank my lucky stars every day that my mum is just a couple of minutes walk away.  It probably means I rely on her more than I should - but it's great for Kit to have such a close relationship with his nana.  And my mum has always been my best friend as well as my mum, so I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend so much time with her while I was on maternity leave.

    I think the "funnel thing" SB was referring to was one of these:

  • Hello all,

    I typed up a big long post yesterday, responding to various comments, and lost the bleedin' thing. Grrrrrrr.

    Janie - that was awful treatment you received from the nurse and I would be tempted to complain, but then sometimes it's best to let it go so you don't have to go through it all again. How unfeeling of her. It seems like a few people have given you good advice and links since I was in yesterday.

    Interesting that second babies are being mentioned...;)

    I haven't had a chance to read the article people are talking about, but I really can't imagine trying to entertain/look after/find the energy when you have a roaring hangover. No thanks! I've certainly had my drunken moments in the past - I know how to have a good time - but friends have given up trying to persuade me to have a drink any more, thank goodness. It was funny, people had stopped assuming I was pregnant because I wasn't drinking...and then I was!

    We've been to 'Playtime Babies' this afternoon at our local children's centre, we go every week, more of a social thing really. The woman who runs the group is great and often gets people in to talk about various things. Today we had a podiatrist talking about what to look for when choosing shoes for your baby at different stages. We should be getting a first aid person in to teach us first aid for children. And all for free on the Sure Start scheme!

    As for pooing in the bath, oh yes, and when we have been bathing together as well! Lots of 'oh no!'s and a quick rinse with the shower!

    Better go, lots to do during nap time image

    A x

  • Janie - that's great, good to hear you have had some support at last.
  • JT - so glad that you've got someone to listen to you at last. Hope your session at the hospital goes well!

    MR - I started back running very tentatively once my stitches had all dropped out (2 and a half weeks). But it was REALLY slow to begin with. For the first few times, I alternated walking with slow jogging and gradually built up to doing a mile. Then I just added a bit on each session. My longest run is about 5 miles now, and I'm doing around 10-12 miles per week, but I'm not pushing myself really hard. But the pleasing thing is that if I time a set distance, my times aren't much slower than before I was pregnant, so I suppose that trundling on to the bitter end has been a bit like altitude training! We'll see when I do a race... It's just nice to get out in the fresh air and have some 'me' time!

  • Hello I am usually on the pregnant thread but sometimes I pop over here for a quick read!

    Janie T - my sister in law (who is a nurse herfself) is having her 3rd baby by elective section tomorrow. Her first  labour was pretty awful and after a long and painful time ended in an emergency section. As a result she was terrified second time around but was allowed an elective section (18 months after the first). This time - 7 years later- she was convinced they would try to persuade her to have a go "naturally" which they did but she broke down in tears and they said if you are that worried about it it will really be better all round to have a section. 

     Hetty and Mitchie Moo - how long did you keep running when you were pregnant? I am 20 weeks now, with twins, and I am starting to get spooked about the thought of premature labour. I still 'run' 3.5 miles 3 times a week but wonder if I should stop now to be on the safe side. I haven't had any problems but on the other hand I don't want to wait until something does happen. I would be really interested to know what you guys did!

  • JT glad you HV has been supportive.  If I had another child I would want an elective c section and I never went in to labour with James!  It is your right to choose (I did not choose with James that is just the way it was)

    Just read the article.  Pleased to say I am the most boring amongst us all here.  I have not had a sip of a drink since I knew I was pregnant.  James will be one Sat week!  I chose not to drink whilst still breastfeeding.... some exclusive decisions are daft but here we go...

    Somebody's just woken up - molar teeth are a nightmare.  When will he stop teething?  We are currently working on no 12. 

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    JT, that's great about your HV.  Glad you're finally getting some understanding and support over this.

    A friend of mine who had her baby within the same NHS Trust as me (although a different hospital) is expecting her second.  The first was born by C-section and yesterday she had a meeting with the consultant, who told her that it was entirely up to her whether she opted for an elective section or tried for a natural birth.  I felt quite encouraged as theoretically I should have the same choice should we decide to have another baby (assuming we are still living in the same area by then).

    Ran 6 very cold miles last night!  I could almost feel the temperature drop from the time I left the house to the time I got back.  Took it easy and ran just over 6 miles in 50 minutes - not particularly speedy but felt very comfortable.  Was glad of my gloves though!

    Ploddingalong, can't believe James is almost a year.  It really does fly past.  Have to say am dreading Kit cutting molars.  We've had no problems with his teeth so far, in terms of disturbed sleep at any rate.  He doesn't really seem to have suffered at all, although was off his food a bit for a few days recently.  I don't know whether that was to do with teething or something else entirely though.

  • Ploddingalong - I'm like you: not a drop of booze has passed my lips since before I was pregnant. It amazes me that people offer you alcohol when you are pregnant, saying 'Oh, a little bit won't harm'. I know you can drink whilst pregnant or breastfeeding, but I'd just rather not. MIL looked at me like I was stupid when I refused a drink once, grrrr, each to their own!

    What a lovely day! It's cold and frosty here but gorgeous sunshine, we went for a long walk and took some lovely photos, good light. Off for a swim later, can't wait to see Hector's little face as he splashes around.

    Have a good weekend everybody.

  • Busy week for me as mrbob still away - but have managed to fit in a couple of runs to keep me sane (hurrah!) - just did 5 miles in the glorious sunshine while Eddie when to his childminder-to-be (who already looks after my other 2) - I'm thinking of it as an early settling in session, so it's not too much of a shock when I go back to work. While he was there, Eddie drunk all of a 9oz bottle of expressed milk I gave her so he's now sleeping it off (normally he has 4oz bottles, but I've just bough some bigger ones so filled one up to see how much he would take - didn't expect him to sink the lot!Will have to start expressing more than 4oz a day, I think)

    Eddie had his first trip to Brownies on Wednesday - I'm not helping this term, but I said I'd take him along for one meeting.  He had a lovely time and the Brownies were all really interested - he had his hand held a lot, and they all had a go at putting different types of nappy on a doll, which they enjoyed.

    Janie - glad to hear that your HV is on the ball -she sounds really helpful.  I find it so odd that things like this vary arouund the country so much - I would have had no problem choosing an elective c/s for my 2nd and 3rd births - in fact, what Lotte says is interesting as I was actively advised to have one for my 3rd, and was warned quite strongly against attempting a VBAC.

    Minks - you're spot on with that link - that's what I was thinking of. Never tried one myself though - let us know if you do, MM!

  • Doh - obviously when = went above.

    And forgot to say thanks Mink - cold is a lot better though now full of snot (attractive!) Luckily none of the children seem to have come down with it so it's only me feeling snuffly. EF - hope you and anyone else suffering colds are on the mend too.

  • Hi lotte - I only ran til about 16 weeks, just didnt feel comfortable either physically or mentally!  I stayed really active though and swam and did yoga regularly til about 30 weeks and walked lots right til the end.  I think you will know when it is time to give up, docs were happy for me to carry on as normal despite it being twins.  I am a bit of a plodder and did not really feel driven to continue running so was happy to take it  bit easy! I got to 37 1/2 weeks then had a section so never actually went into labour.  
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