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  • Caro - hope hubby gets better soon.

    TattyB - yay great news. 

    Camlo - that was so sweet of your son. Must be horrible when they fly the nest. 

    Welcome to Julie. Yes you are mad but so am I!  I have 6, Sophie 9, Dylan 7, Emily 6, Reece 4 and twin boys Lewis and Cameron who are 20 months. This is a great forum lots of chatting, advice and support, running or non-running related!

    I meant to say earlier to Minks (who I am sure is too busy getting jiggy with it to be reading tonight image ) that I wasn't ignoring advice by running today but wanted to test the water before my visit to the chiro. Just so I knew how things were and then it was so nice to be out in the daylight on a nice day . No more running now for a good few days.

    I am shattered tonight. Feeding 9 at tea plus one with lots of allergies (not mine!) was challenging. I had to get the boys out for football at 5.30pm (luckily they were pickd up by a friend) and then the 4 girls up to girls brigade for 6.30. Thought tomorrow was going to be a quieter day but a friend just phoned to say she is coming over in the morning and then I have a school homecoming concert in the afternoon which I will have to take the twins and Reece too. What chance they will sit through it all?

    On saturday me and the twins are going to a photo shoot! With 15 other sets of twins all under 2! OMG. Must have been something in the water up here because in the last 2 years there have been an amazing amount of twins!

  • Well hello RB. Good to have you back!  Yes I did enjoy the race and it has just made me want to do more!! Glad you are getting back running. Hope the pubic pain improves soon. I think mine improved alot when I stopped carrying both the twins at once so much. Hows Mrs RB?
  • lotte32,

    Oh how lovely!! and lovely mix! YOur twins are similar in age to my Sophia-Rose, I'd have loved more straight away but have had 4 sections so had to hang up boots, for at least 4 yrs, haven't ruled out more will see...

    What car do you drive to fit 6 in?
    and when do you run!?
  • Hey ladies...i just wanted to apologise for appearing rude in jumping on your thread. RW asked us to try to get known on the forums, but i now realise i probably went about it the wrong way. Sorry if i offended anyone...i shall leave you to chat...although i think i could probably learn a few bits on here for the future...My fiancee would be impressed!!!
  • Hi Runalot - just seemed a bit random as a first post but we're happy to chat!  You do have an amazing story.

    Julie - welcome!  Wow what a family!  I just have Sophie who is 17 months now, but I just tested positive for no.2 this morning!

    Thanks JT - I hope you are keeping your chin up with all this talk of pregnancy, I know how hard it must be for you image.  Annoying that you still feel a bit wiped out.

    Hi R_B and thanks for the advice.  Ha ha, no wonder I've never felt it before if it's linked to a theoretical six pack image.  I'm assuming it will go away eventually, it's not too painful just a bit uncomfortable (and Sophie has a habit of pushing herself up from the sofa on it!).

    Lotte - I am still in awe of your ability to do all the things you do!

    Caro - hope your hubby's ok, doesn't sound pleasant for him.

  • I'm shattered!  Hubby tossed and turned all night, and everytime I nearly dropped off either hubby snored or M cried!  I think I might ahve finally dropped off at about 4-5am!  How am I going to surviuve the day?  and why does this always happen on work days??

    Hubby seems to be a bit better, so we'll see what today brings.  At about 1am I had diagnosed him with appendicitis, but after prodding him a bit I think the pain was too high for that. 

    TattyB - good enws, but still annoying not to have an answer.

    JT - yes Rio is from Wales, not entirely sure where, but my geog of Wales is not all that great anyway!  Hope you have more energy today.

    RB - howdy!  Nice to hear from you.

    Runalot - no worries  - we do talk about running too, not just babies, making babies, giving birth to babies........

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Blimey, an eventful evening Carovet.  Hope hubby is OK.  I remember having horrendous pain once in my lower right abdomen.  Mum was convinced it was appendicitis - I couldn't put my foot to the floor, I felt sick and when I did try to get out of bed to walk to the loo I passed out with the pain.  Mum rang the GP and told them she thought it was appendicitis, and got a sarcastic response: "Are you medically qualified?"  They wouldn't come out  to see me so a neighbour drove us to the doctor's surgery - doctor decided it wasn't appendicitis after a delightful rectal examination (!) but it turned out to be a severe bacterial intestinal infection which took about 24 hours to pass through - I could literally feel it moving through my system in the end.  Not nice, but perhaps hubby has something like that?

    Welcome Julie - and you certainly have your work cut out for you!  I have one son, Kit, aged 2.9.  He's an absolute darling and I completely adore him.

    Lotte, sadly there was no 'getting jiggy' in the Minks household last night, so we are one step further from an addition to the family.  Hubby and I got into a 'discussion' about Christmas which dragged on for most of the evening.  We managed to stay remarkably civilised with each other but still haven't 100% resolved what we're going to be doing.  It's all such a pain.  So by the time we got to bed at gone 11:30 I'm afraid neither of us was up for it and just wanted to sleep!  Maybe better luck tonight image

    TattyB, good news about your scan, but frustrating that you still have no real answers.  You are just a medical oddity I guess!  You'll probably have doctors wanting to write research papers about you soon!

    R_B, good to see you back.  Hope LB is keeping you busy!  In some ways it must be nice to have decided that you're not going to have any more children.  I feel a bit in limbo at the moment  which is frustrating - feel I can't properly plan anything as don't know whether or not I'm going to be pregnant for much of next year or not.  And if I don't conceive within the next couple of months, we need to decide how long we'll carry on trying before focusing on Kit being an only.  I don't want to keep on indefinitely because too large an age gap is not much different to being an only child anyway and brings its own challenges.  I am perfectly happy just to have Kit - but I don't want to be wondering "what if?" if I feel we haven't given it enough time.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    Welcome Julie - gosh can't inagine having 4 (or 6 don't know how Lotte manages so well!)  I have Nate whos 10 months and I am 19 weeks pregnant with No2 (then I'm definitely stopping!).
  • Congrats jogger Girl!!! fab news image

    HI Chynah hope your pregnancy is going well.

    I only started to run after having the kids, it seems most of you ran before kids???
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Chynah, how did you get on with your appointment with Nate?  Was it yesterday?
  • Hello Julieflies and welcome! I just have on daughter aged sixteen called Keana and we have just started trying for #2. Hubbie has three brothers and would ideally like 4 kids but I think that's 1 or 2 too many for me!

    TB - glad you got the all clear with the scan although it must be frustrating not having an expalantion too. I had all sorts of tests because it took so long to concieve Keana and everything always came back normal which was great but at times I would have just prefered a simple explanation.

    Carovet - hope hubbie is ok and that you manage to make it through the day.

    Went for a run last night (Carovet - I know you recommended waiting until tonight but I am home alone tonight and out tomorrow so it was either last night or wait until the weekend) and my knee was fine. Wore a knee support and just did 5 miles. Could feel that it might have kicked in around that point so was glad that I stopped before it did.

    Runalot - no worries, makes sense to get as many people behind you as you can. Good luck with it!

    And R_B -good to hear from you too!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Yve - Keana 16 already?!  Crikey - she grew up fast!  image  Julieflies - Yve's Keana is 16 months just so you're not totally confused or wondering about such a vast age gap!

    CC, we'll keep going for a bit longer - think it's just a case of trying to time things a bit better as I have a feeling we've just been picking the wrong days.  Although my cycle is now 28-32 days(ish) we haven't been very good at being 'active' mid-cycle for various reasons (such as being away at in-laws at the crucial time).  Part of it is our attitude too - although we would both like another baby neither of us is desperate for it so perhaps we're just not focused enough.  Saying that, at least we're not stressed about it which can be a hindrance.  I read yesterday that even in a normal, healthy couple in their 20s the chances of conception each cycle are only 25% (and obviously this is lower the older and more decrepid you get) so it's a wonder anyone gets pregnant really!  And no, I haven't entered a marathon yet!  Still undecided - entry isn't cheap and while I don't mind losing £20 or so on a wasted race entry I think more than that would gall me a bit, and also there's the matter of picking a course that is definitely PB-friendly, because if I do put in all that hard graft and training then I want to have a very realistic chance of bettering my PB, which means a flat road course (as that's what London is).

    JT, music group idea sounds great.  I did look into a Monkey Music franchise but you have to have a musical background/qualifications (which I most certainly don't!) and the cost of the franchise was a bit prohibitive too.  I would love my own business but I don't have any exceptional skills or talents so I'd have no idea what direction to go in.  I'd be a fantastic proof-reader and did look into the idea of that, but it's incredibly hard to get work and the pay is pretty poor.

    Julieflies - I also ran before I had Kit.  Had been running for about 4 years by the time he was conceived, but like others I seem to run better post-pregnancy (although I haven't really raced so hard to qualify that).  I'm not sure if it's because I'm more committed to the running I can do because I place more value on it these days as a means to some time to myself, or just because of the base I've built through several years of training.

  • Julieflies - my 'car' is a VW transporter 9 seater minibus!  we were happy with having 4 and then had a bit of a shock when we found out we were having twins after a careless night following too much red wine! image Wouldn't change it for the world though now! I only started running after number 4 so have only been running for 3 years but obviously had a break when I had the twins. I run at silly am before hubby goes to work.

     CC - depends on your move going ahead but the race I am thinking to do is the Inverness half on the 14th March. inverness half There is also another half from RAF Kinloss to RAF Lossiemouth a couple of weeks before that.

    Hubby has been away since tuesday morning so starting to feel a wee bit frazzled. I never think he does that much around the house but I do miss even just a helping hand when trying to put the twins to bed etc. You need to put them into bed at exactly the same time or they get very cross. So if you pick one up and the other legs it out of the bedroom  and you just go to fetch him the one already in his cot starts yelling and then it is harder to settle them!They are both a bit snotty so were restless last night and I ended up taking them both into our bed at 4.00am for a little bit before putting them back down. Hope thatI haven't started something there because they are such good sleepers now and usually do 12 hours without a peep!

  • Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot. LOL at having medics wanting to write papers on me, Minks!! Ben's interpretation of it all last night really made me laugh too - he reckons I must've been absolved of the sin of Eve and that JP is a miracle baby! Seriously though, going to try and relax about it all (easier said than done, but I will try) and forget about it to a certain extent. And enter lots of races!

    Caro - glad hubby is a bit better this morning. Hope you're OK at work with having had virtually no sleep!

    Welcome to Julie! My LO is 2 years 2 months (John-Paul). TTC No 2 as you may have gathered! Sounds like you have a lovely little family there. I am one of 6 so know all about households with lots of kiddies. Great fun. My running has definitely improved since JP - probably due to more focus because of less time, as CC said. I have also joined a club which has helped me enormously.

    Yve - glad the knee seemed OK. LOL at Keana being 16 - where did that time go?image

    Good to see you, RB!

    JT - hope you're less tired today.

    Lotte - wow, photoshoot sounds like fun to me!

  • Hee hee - thanks for correcting that Minks! image  Would have been a bit confusing for Julie when I start talking about things like potty training, wouldn't it.

  • Hugs JT, hope you feel better soon.

    Knackered, thank goodness ops were quiet this morning.  Now I have time for a snooze on the sofa before consults at 4.  Need to really look at my diary and make a firm decision about a marathon or not, and work out a training scedule, and enter some pre marathon races before they all book up.  I think I would do Bungay, apart from being closer it's the wk before VLM, so I could go and watch VLM and not feel jealous of all the runners, but rather feel smug that i'd done it the wk before! 

    I just saw on the BBC website that the next priority group for the swine flu vacs is the under 5's.......

  • Cragchick: Love the names Scarlett was one of ours when having kids. I reckon pregnancy must maintain more fitness than we think I did absolutely nothing for the baby years (getting preg 5-6 months after birth each time there didn't seem much point as took that to recover from sections!) I shocked myself with starting running in June (never run any distance before) and did dub marathon in 3hrs48 so reckon down to body adapting during pregnancy.

    YVe : goodluck with getting pregnant. And kinda reckoned K was 16 months but thx Minks saved me wondering or asking questions!! image

    Lotte32: I Like your honesty, because of the risk to my health of another pregnancy straight after no.4 section and given my hubby and I just need to look at each other and I get preggers he had the snip straight after we had her. but is 80% success rate for reversal in future if we do decide to a late 1/2 we should be able to. I reckon I'd have twins or triplets next time just to add pressure to the whole thing!!

    Must check out the car as 9 seats sounds fab! RE: running I'm going to have to start getting up early for runs as used to run at night but now gettting fewer opportunities with dark nights and end up on boring treadmill.

    seems a good mix of people who have run before / started after kids.
  • Welcome Julie - great time for dublin - just hope I can get some results like that once I start running again....
    I have 2, Martha who is 20 months and Aidan who is 1 month.

    So I just did 20 minutes on the rowing machine - need to start doing something or I will go mad, hope the osteo isn't cross with me, but at least its not weight bearing exercise...

    TB - glad you have the all clear although it must be annoying to not have an answer either to what is going on...

    Caro - hope your hubby feels better soon, sounds nasty.

    Big hugs Janie - hope you start to feel a bit better from the cold soon, your body must be struggling with everything that is happening to it.

    Camlo - love the idea of your son leaving letters, can't imagine the point where either of mine go off on travels!!

    RB - good to hear from you too!

    Hi to everyone else I've forgotten to mention!
  • Julie - I have just about picked myself up off the floor after reading you mara time! 3.48 is AWESOME, especially considering you've not done any running until June!!!!! Surely the second part of your name must be in reference to how fast you are??!!

    ((((JT)))) Huge hugs.

    Lotte - boo, hope the twins sleep better tonight. Know what you mean about hubby being away - it is very tiring. And I've only got the one to deal with!

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Minks thanks for asking about Nate  - My health visitor and I have agreed to not pursue a specialist at the moment as miraculously he has started eating more and has actually gained 1.5 lbs!  Typical!  I have managed to get him to take cereal (drowned in fruit puree) and a few other finger food things to chomp on and he does seem to be improving so I think we'll wait and see for now.

  • That's good news Chynah - did you try anything different?  Or just keep working at it?

    How's your hubby now Caro?  Did he stay home from work today?

    Hello Julieflies - I agree, 3:48 is awesome.  It took me years of running and some hard core marathon training to do a time like that!   I have one son - Zac - he's nearly 17 months.  Lots of us with 16/17 month  olds actually - was a busy time!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Blimey Julieflies - that's an amazing marathon time by anyone's standards, but positively inspirational after only starting to run in June and after 4 kids in pretty close succession!  You must have a lot of natural talent!

    Chynah, that's good news about Nate.  It is really tough when they won't eat much or are super-fussy.  We still struggle a lot with Kit.  He eats plenty in terms of volume, but I still end up making special meals for him because he won't try things - even though we do persevere and keep offering .  And make a point of sitting and eating the same thing with him, offering something new to him along with something familiar ... all the tried and tested tactics, which mostly don't work!  He has tried one or two new things at nursery - had some tomato soup a couple of weeks ago, but has decided he doesn't like it as when it was offered to him again at nursery the other day, he refused it and said he didn't like tomato soup.  Except that he has now extended that to ALL soup so we get "I don't like soup".  GRRRR!!!

    He has had a mammoth sleep again this morning, about 2.5 hours according to my mum.  Am beginning to worry slightly that this might not be normal at his age?  I know sleep requirements do vary enormously between individuals and he seems perfectly healthy in every respect so I guess it's just what he needs?  I'm not knocking it because it's great having that extra time to get things done but I don't know any other kids his age who sleep so much!

    ((JT)) Sorry to hear you're still feeling rubbish.  Hope you turn a corner soon.  It's miserable when things drag on and it's no surprise that it's dragging you down.  Your body has been through a lot and your immune system will be compromised, so it's likely you'll be more susceptible to colds etc. and will probably find it harder to shake them off as quickly as usual.  Be kind to yourself and get plenty of rest.

  • Kinsey: thx! I'm amazed at you being on rowing machine you must be very dedicated! I'd have fallen apart image

    TattyB: Second part of my name is due to being a pilot (private not commercial although haven't had time or money to fly since having kids!!maybe should change it to juliewomb!) and I was fairly shocked at time too. I broke my leg when my youngest was 10 months so was a huge personal achievement to run a marathon within the year of the break was v down at the time it happened so really really pleased (I hope this comes across correctly and not like some boastful cow!!) I had been fairly fit before having kids and thought I would bounce through the pregnancies but had the opposite of good pregnancies and sections so you just can never tell.

    Tallbird: the time was down to my absolute need to get to the finish as quickly as possible as legs tight the whole way it was more of a mental achievement than anything! I could write a book on my self talk during the final few miles!! Zac lovely name and lovely age too. My youngest Sophia-Rose is 21 months and is going through such a cute chatty stage.

    Minks: Natural talent, think my thighs were built for running, alas they will never be tiny! I am fairly determined and think that was probably the biggest factor I just kept setting myself little goals and talking a load of rubbish to myself !

  • Hi all!

    Well you've all made me feel very welcome again and will try and stay more involved.

    Mrs B is a lot better thanks Lotte (mentally anyway - she's ill with the flu at the moment!). Now that LB is communicating better (i.e. talking), I think there is less frustration all round and a light at the end of the tunnel. Funny you should mention carrying the twins - carrying LB on my shoulders was definitely one of the triggers for the pelvic pain, and I don't need to do that so much now that he runs everywhere. Yesterday we were running through Greenwich kicking a ball (as usual) but he was also playing with his torch and shining it at the ball as he kicked it - must have looked quite funny. One of the(few) benefits of the dark evenings is that he has discovered the excitement of torches (and thank god for LED lights so the batteries last for ever).

    Minks I do find there's some vague kind of pressure to have another kid when you've only got one that I'm sure you wouldn't experience if you had two. Any kind of pressure like that is a bad thing I think. When we got married we decided to let nature decide, so we didn't schedule any "bumping" as you like to call it! Maybe if you're not sure either way you should stop "trying" (and you TB) and just see what happens? Easier said than done I know.On the marathon entry, maybe you could find one like Abingdon that allows a full refund or at least a number swap so you get your money back.

    CC I have heard a lot of people say what Minks said about Bramley - consensus seems to be that 20miles is too far to race that close to a marathon and it's hard just to do it as a training run if you are feeling good.

    Hi Julie. I'm the "token man" on this thread and I have a lively little son aged 23 months. I barged my way into the thread when people were talking about how little their husbands did around the house and with childcare etc. and pointed out that some men do actually like to do their fair share. Amazingly all these nice women have kindly let me stay on the thread. Don't feel constrained my my lurking presence - I just glaze over when the talk turns to matters gynaelogical. My real credentials to be on this thread are that (until I got injured back in March) I had clocked up over 2,700 miles babyjogging and am interested in all the usual childcare issues. Not much babyjogging since then, but I have a child seat on the back of a bike now to get my "exercise fix" and to get us out of the house.

    Caro What a nightmare night! Hope you get some sleep or at least rest today and that Hubby is OK.

  • am trying to keep up with who everyone is and which kids etc so please forgive me if I get it wrong or ask twice...I used to retain info really I can barely recall my own name!
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