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  • agh had big message typed and went to get kids drinks and came back to blank message!
  • Well I've had a little snooze and am at that have just been hit by a bus stage.  Have got 15 minutes till the general public descend up on me.  My legs feel really tired.......supposed to be running 4 miles after work.  Usually I try and do this run fast, it may be more of a plod this evening, or not at all!
  • Running bear thats an impressive mileage!!
    I now wish I'd attached a device to record how many miles I'd pushed my kiddies over the past few years!

    Hope your back improves, is v frustrating when you can''t train through injury or say delicate pregnancy (know that doesn't apply to you!!)

    Carovet, I always feel awful after a snooze, I'm not a morning person but am going to have to become one to keep my running up!
    Where do you work?
  • I work in the exciting Essex town of Romford.  And boy.....I am always so glad to get in my car and drive home at night!
  • hope you get to do your run after. I hope to get to gym if hubby home in time but depends how sick kids still are as he'll want help if still being sick!
  • Thanks ladies...I just read back (and have learned much about topics that a bloke would never know!) and noticed a few cool comments from you all. Much appreciated.

     My fiancee, as i thought, was sort of impressed that i had joined your thread...but at the same time, she looked a tad worried too. Cant work that one out!!!

  • Caro - I heard that too about the swine flu vaccine, I wonder if we will get a letter from the doctor or anything?  Do we know whether there are any side effects?

    ((((JT)))) You're doing great and haven't sounded bitter at all.  If you conceived Ted without too much trouble then there's not reason why you shouldn't again - I took 3 months the first time, then 4 months with Sophie, then a miraculous one month this time!  It doesn't sound long when you look back but it feels like forever at the time - hang in there and try to "go with the flow" and not worry too much (says the world's biggest worrier image).

    I'm feeling really tired tonight but I've got an assignment to do (hence the procrastinating!).  Sorry if I've missed people but my memory seems to be failing tonight...

  • Joggergirl: I had a vulnerable child vaccinated but I had to make the appointment, they didn't send out apts. But other practices did so my suggestion would be to contact the gp asap and get to the front of the queue image Thats what I'll be doing with my other 3 little ones.

    JT I'm sorry I don't really know you and feel weird commenting on such a sensitive subject but it also feels insensitive not to! I really hope that things go well for you and echoing Joggergirl try not to worry, it will happen when you least expect it image
  • what event are you doing cragchick?
  • CC - does sound like a good excuse to buy some new kit! Sadly, our favourite nearby shop, Cotswolds, doesn't get nearly so much visiting nowadays as we just don't have any reason to buy any new kit as we barely get to use the stuff we've got!

    JT - big hugs. I haven't been in your situation, but have lots of friends who have, so I can appreciate how hard it must be, and how much of an emotional rollercoaster it is. Glad you've still felt able to post.

    Hubby and I have both had the swine flu jab, and Isabelle will have it too when it becomes available. There are too many young people (by that I mean our age!) who have been admitted seriously unwell in the last few months for us to want to take any chances. It makes much more sense to me as a vaccine than the seasonal flu jab, which I would never choose to have. Having said that, I still hope it's all a bit of a storm in a teacup and doesn't become a major problem - the bonus obviously being that our winter at work won't be so crazily busy!!
  • Aaagh, our move is getting closer, and the horror of packing is really dawning on me! Have just been looking online for fabric as I'm going to have to make curtains for the 3 enormous bay windows - think they'll require about 14 metres of fabric each!! Definitely don't want to get that fabric choice wrong!! So hard to translate a small sample into something that will be such a big part of a room. Isabelle won't be getting anything childish as I don't intend to re-make hers in a few years when she outgrows them, but want her to have something bright and colourful at the same time. What does the panel think of this:

    Can't make the link work on our mac - probably something I'm doing wrong! - sorry!
  • CC - the swine flu jab seems to be provoking a lot of debate, and I was very sceptical when they brought it out, but having spoken to a lot of people at work whose opinions I greatly respect when it comes to these sorts of issues, it just made sense to me.
    The consultant microbiologists where both hubby and I work are 100% behind it and both had it as soon as it was available, and one, who has a child Isabelle's age and a pregnant wife was adamant that both his son and wife would have it as soon as possible. I'm not saying any of this to put any pressure on people, merely to share the information that was available to me when I made my choice. I don't work in paeds so have no idea what's going on with children, but we have seen a number of fit adults who are very unwell with swine flu, to the point of needing ITU admission and ventilating. That does seem to be the difference between swine flu and normal flu - it's the young people who are getting really unwell.
  • Thanks CC, cross post again!!
  • For Isabelle's room?  Ooh, not sure.......I too am one of those people who finds it hard to tell from one little sample what it will look like.  When we chose M's material (animals and alphabets - she'd better not grow out of them too fast!) I did get about 15 free samples from 5 different curtain companies, before choosing, becasue like you I didn't want to make a mistake.  Sorry, not much help there! 

    M will have the swine flu jab.  I feel far happier giving it to her than I would giving it to a pregnant me, although had  I been pregnant I would have researched it very hard before deciding, and then probably have had it.  M and I have already had our normal flu jabs this yr, and I have it every yr.  Dates back to boarding school when we all had to have it - I've never had flu and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Plodded my 4 miles tonight, slowly and with a stitch for most of it.

    Hubby still not right, and supposed to be going away tomorrow-Tues up to the lakes for some walking/climbing and seeing friends.  I really hope he makes a miraculous recovery and is still able to go.

  • Caro - we have had a fair few samples dropping through the door the last few days! With the quantity of fabric these are going to require they're going to have to last her until she leaves home, so no animals or alphabets allowed!! The colours are a bit more vibrant in real life, and the spots are a reasonable size, and I like the sample I've got but am finding it hard to visualise a large expanse of curtain made out of it. I think John Lewis have a small sample curtain in the same stuff so will be making another visit there to see what we think of it. I dread the thought of making them up and then hating them, although I guess in the grand scheme of things that's hardly the end of the world.

    You're like me - a good obedient vaccinator!! (or should that be vaccinatee?!)
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    I'm still not sure about the swine flu jab but haven't been offered  it  yet anyway.  Will have to have a long think about it when I do get offered it - I am still on maternity leave at the moment and live in the sticks so can sort of chose weather to be around people however hubbys work has just had a load of staff have to go off to look after their kids as a local school had an outbreak so you never know where it may come from I spose.

    Nice run with club tonight.

  • Wow, busy on here!

    Vixo - thanks for the input on the swine flu jab. Something that we've been thinking about in recent days. We've decided JP will have it when it becomes available. I don't think I could forgive myself if he got it and I could've done something to prevent it. Absolutely love the fabric sample! Totally in awe of you making curtains too - something I'd never attempt, but would love to have the skills. I'm a dab hand at mending things, but don't really do anything creative (well, I do knit, but only simple things!). We paid a fortune for our living room curtains to be made - we have an awkward-shaped window. They do look nice though.

    Julie - wow, a pilot! How cool is that! My hubby would love to do his PPL - he's always on about it... For now he'll have to make do with his flight simulator though, as it is a bit too expensive!

    Caro - hope you still get to go away tomorrow and that the weather's not too bad when you're there!

    CC - aaarggh, 17 days!! Yikes. Guess you've still got time to treat yourself to a new backpack though? Would be a worthwhile investment for your comfort on such a long jaunt. I am still tempted by the idea of an ultra, you know... Will do one next year, I think, after the marathon (well, not straight after!).

    Can't remember now what anyone said on the previous page, and can't click back or I will lose my post! So sorry if I miss anyone! Ben's birthday today, so we've just had a nice quiet evening in (didn't go to club - I know, naughty, but the weather is so foul here, I don't think I'd have been able to stay on my feet, it's so windy!). Have eaten far too much chocolate and biscuits though, oops. Going for a steady 6-7 tomorrow morning to make up for it! But then we are going out for a Chinese on Sunday (late celebration!) so I shall have to make sure I earn that too with a good long run!

  • Vixo - I really like that fabric for a girls room. My girls have this one in their room. We had a roman blind made but the window is very narrow so it doesn't loook too bad. It must have been a book of the same type of fabrics - I tried to persuade the girls to go for spots but they wanted stripes. Good to do it now before I has her own opinion!

    Oh I don't know what to make of this swine flu. Interesting to hear other people thoughts on it. 

  • Lotte - that's the one I've got picked out for the 'playroom'!! (tis a multi-function room really so not quite as grand as it sounds!)

    TB - curtains aren't really all that hard if you can use a sewing machine - only straight edges. The fancy bit at the top is a tape you sew on that does all the hard stuff for you. Reckon I could teach someone pretty easily, although mine do improve with each set I make so I guess there are a few tricks! The fabric is expensive though, so that's why they're always even more expensive to have made - maybe I should give up work and make cheap curtains instead!!
  • Love the fabric I bought similar in red tones and looks fab very gorgeous and can be made really kiddie or more grown up with how you dress the rest of the room. (I used mine to make skirt though but would look amazing as window dressing too!!)

    Swine Flu Jabs, my hubby got it as is dentist so offered it first and on his "approval" we got our eldest Kenneth "done" under the vulnerable heading. I will be having our other 3 "done"

    tattyB: re: pilot I was fairly lucky and had RAF scholarship that paid for half of my training and I just worked my ass off doing p/t work at uni to pay for the rest. Was it your birthday?

    CC just had a look at the website, very impressive. looks like an amazing challenge hope it goes well, look forward to hearinf your progress
  • Also still not been offered jab, and neother have my boys. Both have asthma and have just turned 3, so pretty vulnerable I'd say. I need to postpone the boys asthma clinic appt too from today, so will ask the unhelpful receptionist again when I ring up. I think I hve pretty much decided to have it and give it to the boys. I have had a cold now for nearly 4 weeks, so makes me think that my immune system is severely compromised just now, so I should have it to make sure. I'd never forgive myself if my two became really ill with it as well.

    Not had the best couple of days. Harry and I seem to have picked up a tummy bug on top my sickness and cold. Not a wonderful time at all. I do hope this all passes soon. I couldn't bare it if it went on all the way through.

    Right best get on. We're off to my brothers this afternoon and I have to pack etc.

  • Morning ladies

    Julie not sure if I said welcome before- I have eldest (19yrs), Tom (2y8m) & Archie (just 1yr). ONly did occasional bursts of execise over the yrs but have been running since Feb & loving it. Went out with a pilot once but it certainly wasn't glamorous in his glorified microlight & I froze every time we went up....

    Swine Flu- Archie has had the jab but Tom can't until they stocks of the egg free as he has an egg allergy. We'd all have it if we could.

    CC- Good luck getting your kit sorted, it's 1 hassel you could do without as just completing the ultra is going to be a challenge.

    Good club reps for me last night, helped take my mind off the fact the eldest hasn't been in touch image 

  • Tatty not me going away - only hubby.  M and I are having a girlie wk end, and I've got a friend coming over on Sunday.  Hubbygoing to the lake district......hope he's packed his flippers.

    Vixo yes I am generally pro vaccinations, when you think of the amazing advances in modern medicine over the yrs and how many lives have been saved.  I think we are generally more blase in the developed world because we don't see alot of the common, preventable diseases.  I'd say the most common preventable disease I see on a day to day basis is myxomatosis, and if an unvaccinated rabbit gets it, there is only 1 option, and it doesn't involve a live bunny at the end of it!  I know there have been some horrible mistakes over the yrs (everyone automatically thinks of thalidomide) but I would hope that in this day and age everything is tested to the gunnels.  They were saying on the today prog this morning that teh swine flu vac is only a slightly tweaked version of the bird flu vac, when it was presumed that that would cause a pandemic, so it has actually been round for longer than most people think.

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