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  • JT - maybe you just caught her at a bad time or something - I'm sure she won't begrudge you time off if the doctor says you need it.  I think we all worry about work not coping or bosses being pi$$ed off with us more than is actually the case.  And anyway, you need to recover - look after number 1 and all that.  Can imagine is frustrating though, but I'm sure you know that if you do too much too soon you will make things worse.  Chin up image

    I have been reading but you know how it is - as a couple of days pass you forget what you read and can only remember the last page or two!!

    I had the swine flu jab Yve and apart from a suprisingly sore arm had no ill effects at all .

    Nice to see you Running_Bear.

    I haven't run for nearly 2 weeks now which is a bit sad - my own fault though, keep making excuses (too windy, too rainy for the Baby Jogger, too tired, too sick, etc, etc) but really need to do something.  Feel like I am eating more than normal and doing less and will be a right tubster if I'm not careful.

    Lots of sick babies about by the sounds of it.  Z too.  He came over all poorly on Monday - we were at soft play (it was hell, inset day apparently) and he wasn't too keen on playing which was a bit odd, so we went and sat on a sofa and within 5 minutes he was deathly white, floppy, falling asleep - clearly not well.  I had a bit of a panic because I thought initially maybe he had swallowed something, it came on so suddenly, but it wasn't that.  Took him home, gave him some calprofen (temp of 39deg), put him in bed - 2 hours later he was bouncing in his cot and singing!!!  What is that all about?   He was a bit off yesterday as well - pale and some bouts of extreme screaming - but fine today.  Very odd.  Never seen him like that though - didn't like it one little bit.

    MM - 5.5 miles in 43 minutes would be a dream of some image  How's the sickness now?  All gone?

  • JT I know exactly how you feel about being off sick - I feel guilty as all hell for only a day or two, and find myself justifying it to myself, hubby, myself, myself, and then myself some more!  BUT, you really do need it, and think how fresh you should be by Jan - new yr, new start.  Hugs.

    MM, thanks, I'll keep looking.  Found some hideous 12 mile one across Salisbury Plain from Warminster.  No thanks! 

    Did 8 miles tonight, and yes Minks it was windy out there!  I had read that Hemel was hilly, but the local one here that I've done twice is hilly too, so not too much of an issue. 

    Hope Kit and Keana are better soon!

    MM v brave of the boys not to cry for their injections.  Has anyone heard anymore about it being offered to all under 5s?

  • Yve Yes, had the swine flu vaccine today (Pandemrix). Not at all painful and so far no ill effects but it's early days I suppose.

    TallB Sorry to hear about Z. Hope that's the end of it.

    TattyB Glad you're feeling better.

  • TB -missed that you were feeling rough earlier. Gald you're feeling better now and good luck for the 10K.

     Oops, sorry, meant to say more but k just woken!

  • Also had panderimx. Just a sore arm so far, but it's not too bad. Boys seem fine, just a bit tired I think. Off to pre-school soon anyway as I'm on parent duty.

    TB sickness is mainly gone. Still feel rough in the evenings though. Not sure I'll make the club run tonight, I felt very sick after pilates last night. Re: pace its all relative I guess. Just happy to be doing something tbh, so will ignore pace until July next year. Hoping to run 3 times a week and use cross-trainer in between, with some swimming if I can find the time when boys do more hours at pre-school and nursery in Jan.

    Yes good luck Tatty B. Also missed you were poorly, so hope you feel better. I've had a persistent headache for days, and can only take paracetamol which doesn't touch it sadly.

  • Mr Tangy had swine flu jab in one arm and yearly flu jab in the other on Tuesday and has only had sore arm. He has no spleen and only 1 kidney, lost them after bad motorcycle accident. He has only ever had flu like symptoms after one flu vaccine about five years ago, but he probably just caught something from someone in the waiting room.

    I know it's been on the news in Scotland that all under fives will be getting the vaccine, starting from mid-December, don't know if that applies UK wide though.

    TT ;0)

  • Good to hear no-one has suffered any major effects of the jab. Much better nights sleep last night - only one waking before we went to bed plus the inhaler in the night so feeling much more normal today!

    Minks -was going to say if Kit's still ill, could he get an appointment with a nurse practitionner instead of a doctor? That's what we had to do as we couldn't get a doctor's appointment either. Apparently the nurse practionners can diagnose and prescribe and they should get one of the doctors if need be (as they did with K).

    Tall B - that's strange about Z. Hope he's been ok since.

    JT - you definitely sound like you need more time off so I wouldn't feel guilty at all. Your health and recovery is the most important thing at the end of the day and rushing your return to work when you're not ready will only prolong things. As has been said before, you didn't chose for this to happen and would obviously much rather it hadn't happened but now that it has you have to do the sensible thing and put your health first. Take it easy and hope you begin to feel more normal soon.

    Carovet - we asked about the swine flu jab at the GP the other day and we were told to phone back to get an appointment once K has recovered - so sounds like they are doing them already (and obviously MM's boys have had it too).

    Right, better get on with some work...

  • Yve - glad you had a better night. Hopefully K is on the mend now.

    MM - hope your headache subsides soon. One of the nasty side effects of all the extra progesterone that you've got right now! I agree, paracetamol doesn't really touch those banging headaches you get sometimes. I feel much better again today, thank goodness. Good job - I was starting to rattle with all the pills I was taking!

    TB - hope Z's lurg doesn't come to anything. JP has had that, when he's been poorly all of a sudden and then it goes away. Scary stuff though.

    How is Kit today, Minks?

    Better go and make the most of having the office to myself and do some work, I suppose...image

  • Just a sore arm for me too today.

    Mrs B and I are off for a lunchtime curry to celebrate 10 years since our first date (which was a curry!)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Yve, sorry to hear about Keana.  That must have been very worrying.  I'm not sure our surgery has nurse practitioners - there are nurses who do the routine stuff like administer vaccinations, ear syringing, smear tests etc. but I've never seen a nurse practioner.

    Kit seems to be a lot better, but still doesn't want to feed himself.  Happy to eat if we spoon it in or (in the case of a sandwich) break off bite-sized pieces and put them in his mouth.  Hopefully he'll regain some enthusiasm for eating again soon - but in the meantime if feeding him is what it takes to get him to eat, I guess we'll be doing it.  I can't remember when he started to feed himself on a permanent basis.  It was certainly before he turned two - possibly around 18/19 months I think.  Before that he could manage to feed himself yogurt or anything that didn't fall off the spoon as soon as he picked it up.  At least he was bright and chirpy when I got home last night - a far cry from the wan, forlorn-looking little boy curled up on Daddy's lap when I left.

    MM, I used to find that paracetamol was pretty useless when I was pregnant.  Sadly there isn't anything else you can take.  I did find I got a few thumping headaches but found that ForHead stick stuff you can get quite good for relieving them.

    TattyB, glad you're feeling better.

    JT, don't for a moment feel bad about being signed off work again.  I can't believe your Head's insensitivity.  It's not as though you planned for or asked to have a miscarriage - and it's not your fault your recovery has taken so long either.  Blame that on hospital incompetence.  I do hope you start to feel better again soon - it is really dragging on, and is no doubt a constant reminder of what happened which can't be good for you mentally either.

    One side-effect of having children is being ill more often that you used to be pre-kids.  Hubby and I are now coming down with what Kit's had, although (touch wood) I only seem to have a minor sniffle at the moment.  Feeling a bit tired and run down - as Yve said, it's hard when you're up and down all night with a poorly little one then still have to get up for work the next day.  Woke up this morning to find my left eye was all puffed up and bloodshot.  Feared viral conjunctivitis or some other horror but now it looks almost normal again, although still feels slightly gritty as though something has got in there.  Maybe I slept on it or something.  If it's still there on Saturday I'll use Kit's doctor appointment as he probably won't need it now.

    Ran 7 miles last night in a very cold, strong wind.  Brrr!  To be honest I really didn't feel like going and had to drag myself out (unlike me!) but I did it even though I didn't much enjoy it.  Figured I was coming down with the cold so may as well run while I still felt OK in case I have to miss any through feeling rubbish.  Wasn't particularly fast as didn't seem to have much 'oomph' in my legs.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    R_B - enjoy!  It was 10 years in February for hubby and I since our first date, and our 5th wedding anniversary in October.  How time flies.  Enjoy your curry and your celebration.
  • RB - Ben and I will have been together for 10 years in Feb, and one of our first dates (not the first) was a curry. Mmm, could just fancy one right now.... Hope you enjoy your day!

    Minks - Glad Kit is a bit better today. Hope you get your running oomph back soon. That's how I always know if I'm coming down with something. I'm much more prone to illness after JP too - combination of exposure to germs and not enough sleep! Don't think I get as many colds now as I did last winter though. Touching wood and all that!

  • Tatty winter's barely even begun........
  • Oops, hadn't thought of that! image
  • My boys have asthma as does hubbie, so they are on the priority list as well as being under 5s.

    JT I agree with everyone else, take the time. I took 3 weeks with mine and I got over the physical side relatively quickly. It was the mental side that hit me, and I fear you won't have had time for that to hit yet as you've been so ill. Don't feel bad, as others have said it's not something you choose. When I was so sick when pregnant with the twins, I had a few comments along the line of 'Well you wanted to have kids', yes but I didn't choose to have twins did I!!!

    Enjoy the curry RB, think we mayhave one tomorrow, I have a bit of a picalilly and curry thing going on just now!! It's our 16th first date anniversary in Jan, can you believe that!! We went for an Italian. 10 years wedding anniversary in July next year.

    Right time for rest before the afternoons fun begins!

  • I think in Jan it'll be 6 yrs since the 1st date.......but hubby reckons now we're married we don't need to bother with that anymore!

    It's his b day on Wed and we're putting M in nursery and going out for lunch in town.

    After all your fantastic advice on digital pic frames (went for one v similar to yours RB in end, but slightly less hi tech as we didn't need it to play music!) I have a new query.  Is anyone familiar with PVRs?  aka personal video recorders or digital hard drives used for recording tv these days (we sitll have a video recorder!)  As usual there are a million out there and I was wondering whether anyone had one and what they thought.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Oct was 10 years for me and hubby (only been married 2 though!)

    Nate has a very snotty cold/cough so I'm just waiting to catch that one off him!  Packed him off to nursery anyway (bad mummy) as need to get a few jobs done.

  • Ah enjoy the curry R-B!  5 years of marriage for us last August and we've just passed 12 years since our first "date" (aka drunken snog in student nightclub image)!!

    Sophie has been full of beans these last couple of days, she's a real sweetie when she's like that.  She's lasting for longer and longer before needing an afternoon nap - is that what happens and then you eventually have to cut it out as it gets too close to bedtime?  Or just let them have a short one?  Yesterday she finally gave in and conked out in the buggy on the tram on the way home from town at 3.45pm, but woke up as soon as we got off 15 mins later, but still seemed tired so I left her with her dummy for another half an hour.  Today she showed no signs of tiredness but was gradually sitting still more so I thought I'd give it a go and she seems to have gone straight off at about 2pm.

    Anyway must get stuff done...

  • 15years since 1st date with Mr Tangy, married 3 years.

    Camryn has a nasty cough just now too, slept well last night though so hopefully on the mend. I missed my early morning run yesterday cos she was up from 3am coughing her guts up and spent most of night with me sitting up in bed and her clinging on to me like a little baby monkey. She is such a little honey when she is ill, never cries or grumps, just cuddles into you.

    JT- the last thing your pupils need is you fainting in class cos you've gone back too soon, or being an emotional wreck for same reason. So take care of yourself and get well before you go anywhere near work, it just isn't possible to spend all day with kids and do a good job when you are feeling awful.

    TT ;0)

  • We've been married 11 years and together for 14. Yikes. Hubby doesn't remember our anniversary date - just that it was Scottish cup final day 1998!

    Hubby is away for a few days again so quite hectic here. Haven't run since Sunday and sports massage booked for Saturday morning. (Thanks for suggestion CC but unfortunately no colleges of that kind here) Hubby relented in the end as long as it is a one off and I forgo the tri bars for my bike I had been bidding on in ebay!. (He was refering to the course of chiropractic treatment I had after FLM which cost a fortune!) Decided a week off all exercise was best and so am slowly (or not so slowly) going insane. 

    Cameron still screaming the house down in the middle of the night and has started a new trick of emptying his bowl of food over his head. Last night he wore a delightful crown of chiken curry. Mealtimes, don't you love 'em!

  • Lotte- do you know anything about the kinloss-lossiemouth half marathon? My running buddy and I did it a few years ago and would like to do it again in 2010 but can't find any info online about it. Running buddy's parents live in Elgin so we get to visit them while we are there and weather was fab for a February half last time we did it.

    TT ;0)

  • oh dear- still lots of poorly ones about. I had the swine flu jab this morning - arm hurts a bit but worth it I feel as a friends sister is in ITU currently fighting pneumonia & swine flu (well not fighting it seems-she is in a coma image)

    Took the boys to a new toddler group as got fed up with the other one constantly bringing sweets & cake out for yet another birthday (it's always someones birthday & my kids can't have it). Went to a church run group & they were sooo friendly & nice I wish I'd changed months ago. The old group were so cliquey & disorganised it was a lovely contrast.

    Lol lotte at the bowl on head- Archie spits food into his hand..... nice.   Don't you want to cry??

    Running club tonight but I'm really tired so am going to have to start talking myself up to it now. Could easily not go but I'm only doing 3x week & know I've got to keep that as a bare minimum if I want the marathon to happen next yr. 

  • Oh you've just reminded me, we have an update on the house move - well still nothing happening basically.  Our plan for the in-laws to buy it has fallen through because if they buy our house they can't lend us any money towards the new one, and with me not working now Nationwide won't lend us enough image.  If we'd moved while I was working they'd never know that I wasn't anymore, grr.  Hubby is pretty down about it, I'm just sick of house viewings and having our house criticised!  Have now made End Of November Resolution to have a good clearout and make it a nicer place to live in image.

    Lol at the bowl on the head, oh I look forward to that...!  S is just into dipping her fingers in things at the moment but thankfully doesn't start wiping them everywhere...

     Lots of you having the swine flu jab - you're not all pregnant I don't think, what's the reason behind having it?  Just curious...

    Caro - vet question!  One of our cats Ralph is permanently trying to steal Ted's food and we swear he is getting fatter by the minute.  I have to watch him like a hawk and move Ted's bowl the second he's finished.  I even put it up on the side a week or 2 ago while we were out and came home to find it licked clean (Ted can't jump onto the side in the kitchen)!  Trouble is, Ted is 18.5yrs and has very few teeth left, and only has a few mouthfuls at a time, so he'd just go hungry if I took the food away after his first nibble.  I know our vet reckoned he'd get used to it but I'm not convinced...apart from the fact that he is soooo annoying when he wants something (yapping and pawing at you for hours...).  Anyway, I just want to stop Ralph getting even fatter!  Why is he always so hungry?

    My other dilemma at the mo is whether to get rid of that annoying tutee of mine.  I haven't had a lesson with him in about 6 weeks now due to him travelling with work, me being away etc yet I've felt unable to take on other work in case he wants a lesson.  I've been emailing the woman who runs the agency and she's suggested we pin him down to 2 days a week when he might have lessons, but that still means some weeks he won't be able to have one image.  The whole thing might resolve itself after Christmas as there is possibly some regular work might be coming my way thanks to a friend, but at the moment I'm just getting fed up with him - as a person and with his busy schedule!

    I think Sophie tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle tonight, it was the cutest thing I've ever heard!

  • JG We went from two shortish (30-45 mins) naps a day (morning and afternoon) to one longish one (1.5 hrs) in the middle of the day (straight after lunch) when Little Bear was around 15 months and he's still doing the same (23 months). BTW I'm another who got the swine flu vaccine cos I have exercise induced asthma (mild). I didn't used to bother but I had the flu last year and it laid me very low indeed for a couple of months.

    Caro I can recommend this TVonics PVR although it depends what features you need (eg. being able to play back a recording while recording two others) and on the capabilities of your TV (how many things are connected to it etc.). 

    Well we had a nice "curryversary" today. We both took the day off as it is a nursery day. I took Little B there in the BJ and then carried on for a few miles then back for a shower while Mrs B had a bit of a lie in. I joined her after my shower and suffice it to say that we had an all too rare nowadays bit of "bumping". [Sorry if this is too much info, but I learned it on here!] Then we went for a quick half in a pub before visiting my favourite ever Indian restaurant (which didn't disappoint). Then some unhassled pottering in some poncy shops before coffee and cake in a nice little cafe.

    I notice from your posts that most of us seem to have known our spouses for quite a few years before having kids. Much longer than average I'd say.

    Positive vibes for all the sick babies and mothers. Apart from the sore arm and feeling rather tired, I've had no real side-effects.

  • Glad you had a nice day RB!

    JG, can't really think of any solutions to your cat over eating problem.  All I can suggest is to feed him a low cal dry cat food, or one of the vet ones like  hills RD (reducing diet) because they have more fibre in, so they fill up, but not on bad stuff.    The risks of him getting fatter are diabetes, arthritis etc etc, but you don't need me to tell you that.

  • JG- Archie had the jab because he only has 1 kidney & I got it because I am NHS frontlne staff.

    RB- I love days off like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have to confess though I buck the trend of knowing partners for ages before having offspring. I was told I was menopausal & also infertile several yrs before I met my husband so never used contraception. We met in the Jan, got together in April & Tom was born the following March.......  image

    Dragged myself to club & rightly predicted once I got going all was good. Reps which are boring but useful? 

    Work tomorrow helping to deliver training I know nothing about......

  • LOL RB!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day.

    Camlo - great that you got to club. I rarely regret going - always feel better afterwards.

    JT - your colleague sounds fab. Everyone should have one like that!

    Mucky mealtimes here too. Have done a rapid dash to stop bowl on head quite a few times. Another trick is throwing anything remotely round - grapes, blueberries etc - they are 'balls', you know. Or the sticky hands on the clean clothes routine - always mine or Ben's clothes, rarely his!

    JG - bad news on the house.image Hopefully a solution will present itself soon. Ever the optimist, I always say that everything happens for a reason! image 

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