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  • JG. I am pregnant obviously, and the boys have asthma so were on the prority list too. I am really happy now I've had it I must admit. It was giving me no end of worries, so now I can forget about it all.

    Sorry to hear about your house move, not nice when things don't work out. Good luck with the de-clutter, always good. I am going to start next week with my clothes as obviously growing out of most of them rapidly. People keep asking are you sure you're only 14 weeks. Guess it has nowhere else to go but out, just like before.

    I managed 5 mile club run last night. Not sure I will go very often as I felt so hungry and then a little bit wired all night. Sadly I couldn't keep up with a club mate who is usually a good 5 mins behind me usually, but I did run all the way and got up the big hill towards the end without walking. Have to remind myself also that I've only done 4 runs now since I had 8 weeks off being sick, so can't expect to be running too fast!

    Oh dear screaming, best dash...

  • CC I called the dr yesterday to ask when they'd be offering the swine flu vacs to under 5s and the receptionist was absolutely clueless!  After finally getting through to her that the reason I was asking was because they were next on the priority list (surely if I know that from listening to the news a GPs receptionist should!) she found out the answer for me - after xmas apparantly.  So M will have it when the time comes.
  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    I used to feel quite a bit of satisfaction that I was still quicker than some non pregnant people which is probably why I ran so many races pregnant!   This time I time I am a lot slower but wasnn't as fit to start with.  Still run with my club but just avoid the really tough sessions where an alternative isn't practical.

  • Well done on getting out MM, don't worry about being slower - you have an excuse!

    R_B lol at your curriversary, sounded great image

    Caro - thanks, I'm taking Ted to the vet tomorrow so will ask then about Ralph.  Just want Ted checked over really - he had some teeth taken out earlier in the year and we were supposed to go back for a follow-up appointment but didn't image, plus I want to check that he's not losing weight and that the reason he's always hungry is just coz Ralph eats his food!

    Had a horrible moment at lunchtime today - Sophie started choking.  We were out in town with hubby and a friend and hubby had given her a crisp which had obviously got stuck and then she'd jammed in a load of pear after it!  I patted her on the back, not sure if that even helps, but she suddenly gasped as she got a lungful of air, poor thing.  She was quite upset by it.

    And her nappy had leaked but I had no spare clothes on me, and I knew she'd fall asleep in the car on the way home, which she has, so she's sat there in soggy vest and trousers...bad mummy!

    Anyway I have an assignment due which I have barely started!  Haven't felt great all week so kept putting it off thinking I'd feel better later.  Might even have to skip the gym tonight to get it done image

  • RB - you made me laugh too - glad you had a good anniversary!
    Think I have been with Alan for 5 years, 3 married and 2 before that. We met on boat race day so that's always a handy reminder even though its not on the same day each year.

    I have been on the rowing machine every other day this week so I'm feeling pleased with that - I'm starting to feel a bit fitter already which is nice.

    I'm sure we have covered this before but what do people do to reprimand their little ones for repeated bad behaviour? We have throwing issues here and unfortunately Aidan and I have been hit a couple of time by things that Martha is chucking. I think she is doing it to get attention...
  • We throw here too, but one of the games we play is sitting opposite each other and throwing a ball, or she throws it into the middle of the room then chases it.  So when she then throws something else that ian't meant to be thrown I don't really know what to do, beause how can she udnerstand that a ball is for throwing, but another big, hard, plastic toy isn't!

    When she throws her cup in anger I take it away, and it has to be out of sight or she wails.  And if she starts chucking food then that's it, no more food!

  • Hmm, well you have hit the nail on the head really as she isn't throwing things at us, she is just throwing them and sometimes we are in the firing line.
    She does know that it annoys me though which is why its happening a lot all of a sudden I think... no doubt she will find something more annoying to do soon and the throwing will stop...
  • Like Camlo we were another couple who jumped in with both feet, fell pregnant with N when we had only been together 6 months, was using the contraceptive pill but didn't work obviously. Very glad it didn't as have a gorgous 13 year old daughter. Hubby didn't want any more kids after that as he already had two from his 1st marriage, then after a drunken night out about 3 years ago we had another unplanned conception. Miscarried at 5 weeks though, but by then hubby had gotten used to the idea of becoming a Dad again and was feeling quite excited about it, so he suggested we try for another baby. Voila Camryn! I am actually very glad I had a miscarriage as one of the reasons I wanted another child was because I wanted to experience planning for a baby and trying together as a couple as that isn't what happened the 1st time. Didn't feel that at the time though when I desperately wanted another baby for 10 years and I was losing what I thought was my only chance of that happening. Was happiest day of my life when hubby said he wanted to try for another one.

    For those having problems with having a night light on for getting to bathroom there is a light that turns into a torch for kids to have next to their bed.

    TT ;0)

  • Kinsey - I do say "we don't throw cups/toys/books etc, we throw balls" and give her a ball and encourage her to throw it...seems to work.  Also if it's for attention can you say come and read a book with me or let's build a tower or something, Aiden permitting?  I know it must be hard with 2.

     Caro - you'd be amazed what they understand, especially when it involves the word no!

    TT - what a lovely story!

    Came home today to find muddy paw prints all over the bathroom basin, bath and windowsill - what on earth was he up to?!!

  • JG- My ex mil witnessed a choking episode with a crisp & drummed it into me sooooo much I never give a normal crisp to a child under 5 now! It's so scary isn't it? I'm dreadful at going out without nappies/ wipes/ change of clothes & end up borrowing or buying.

    TT - I love your story, it is so special finding out you have a planned pregnancy isn't it? Not the nervous 'OMG' moment when the unexpected happens! I was soooo scared of telling hubby about Tom, he just looked at me in shock & I actually felt guilty which is not a nice feeling to associate with having a baby.

    Hope the studying/ writing is going well  - actually day dreamed during todays training about doing some studying again so I could charge £550 a day.......

  • Is there something about normal crisps that are bad for children then (apart from the obvious like what they're made of!)?  Sophie regularly begs us for one if we have them (not often!) and had cheap versions of Wotsits and Chipsticks last weekend with her cousins...  These were quite crunchy ones so not the usual melt-in-the-mouth variety, I guess we should have thought...
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Kit has crisps now and again, had never really thought of them as a choking hazard.  Guess I'll have to be more careful.

    R_B, glad you enjoyed your "curryversary" and celebrated appropriately!!  LOL!!

    JG, what a pain about the house move.  I will definitely carry on working at least until we move for the same reason.  And if I were you I'd be tempted to ditch that tutee.  He has caused you nothing but hassle andyou can do without that, especially now you're pregnant again.

    MM, sounds like you're doing well on the running.  I shall enjoy the fact that for a few glorious months, I may even be faster than you!!

    TT, aw - that's a very touching story.  How lovely to have had your "second chance" after all.   I think hubby and I are jinxed.  Whenever we start "actively trying" to conceive (as opposed to just drifting along and not really thinking about timing it appropriately) something always scuppers our plans.  We managed Day 12 and Day 15 this month, then Kit came down with the cough and cold and neither of us have had much sleep (or consequently anything else!) since last weekend.  Now we both have streaming colds and feel rubbish, so that'll be it until after my next period (unless by some miracle we got it right this month).

    Left work at 3:30pm today as felt dreadful.  Kit slept fine last night until literally the moment we got into bed, then it was in and out of his room at least 6 times in the first hour after we went to bed, and half to hourly all night thereafter.  I don't know if he really needed us or just wanted reassurance but I seriously hope he sleeps better tonight as we are both absolutely shattered.  Last night was probably the worst all week and none of the others have been great either.  Makes me wonder if I really do want another newborn! Have bought a new bottle of nasal drops as I think the others are out of date and have lost their potency so will see if that helps.  Have just given Calpol tonight as am convinced there's something in Medised that doesn't agree with him and sends him a bit doolally.

    No running for me tonight.  Was supposed to be 3 miles but just don't feel well enough or think it will do me any good.  Hopefully I'll feel OK for my planned 12-miler on Sunday.  Knowing what I'm like I'll run even if I still don't feel 100%.  I hate colds - why do they make you feel so ghastly?

  • Minks -hope you get a better night & ditch the cold soon.

    Crisps-  Normal ones should be avoided just because they can choke as they are easily inhaled by little ones. I would happily give quavers/ wotsits etc as an alternative as they melt rather than splinter. I didn't really believe ex-MIL at the time but over the yrs have heard lots of chocking incidences. My current MIL has a similar fear about grapes & insists we cut them in half as children can choke on whole ones! image

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Camlo - I have a friend who is a paediatric nurse and she says the same about grapes - wont let her daughter touch them.

  • Minks- one thing I learned was that the trying for a baby bit is actually totally stressful and you can get obssessed with the whole thing very quickly. But the knowing when you do that test that both parents really want this baby is the best bit. 1st time for me involved a lot of tears and snotters and for many years I worried that hubby was only with me because I had his child, like wise he felt bad that he had gotten me pregnant and changed my life and that I was only with him because he was the father of my baby. Fortunately over the years we have both come to accept that we are very happy to be together.

    It took 6 months for me to get pregnant with Camryn and I had actually decided that I was only going to keep trying for another couple of months and then give up as was getting so stressed by it all. The month I got pregnant we only slept together once and it wasn't on an ideal day as far as ovulation goes because I was getting so disenchanted with the whole thing, in fact when I showed hubby the test he said "how the hell did that happen?" LOL. So fingers crossed for you this month.

    TT ;0)

  • it has been 1 thing after another,but just quickly skimming to try to keep in touch with y'all,ive been really bad for getting on here and running has been sporadic so that means when i do get some consistency ,the kids are off school for midterm or illness or up in the night and then i cant run for ages then i go for a run and its hellish!
    my friend got a london marathon place and we went on a long run on sunday,so following that im going to lose the same toenail that i did after london marathon in april
    serves me right for comfort eating but its gonna be a fat xmas!
  • our little part of southern scotland starts term again around the 18th aug after the summer holidays..  our summer holiday will start on about the 4th july if you want to pull him out in line with scottish dates.

    if joshua is 6 in aug 2010 then his peers will currently be in p1. is he currently in year 1? (which is kind of a year ahead as he will already have had over a year of school) if he is then i *think* you could ask that he go into p3 so that he will be in his 3rd year of school instead of doing a second year again. if you see what i mean image but he would be a fair bit younger than them.

    scarlett would likely start school in the august when she is 5 and a bit. she could have a full year of pre-school before hand but i am not 100% sure how it would work for her ante-pre. possibly next august. i get a bit confused about that.!

    hth a little.

  • Cragchick- If child is four by the end of February, they start primary one the following August. So Scarlett won't start school until August 2012, but will start nursery 2.5hrs a day five days a week in August 2010. At least that's how it is in Central Scotland, not 100% sure if same everywhere but think it is. Joshua would be going into primary 2 in August 2010.

    TT ;0)

  • Did my long run on my tod this morning so really pleased with myself, usually run it with my running buddy which makes it a lot easier. Plus usually run along the canal which is nice and flat as opposed to run this morning which was complete opposite. Can't run anywhere from my house without going hilly, I live at the top of a hill and it is downhill for over a mile whichever way I go, followed by undulating hills for another couple of miles, which means it is uphill for over a mile coming back. Fitness has definitely improved dramatically though as found the huge uphill bit quite easy, it actually gave my legs a nice rest after a long run to be running all uphill at the end. Did 15km and think Camryn and I going to have a snooze on the sofa now.

    TT ;0)

  • TT - well done on your run. I'm the same - can't go anywhere without hills! A friend suggested the Kinloss to Lossiemouth HM to me as a possible race but like you I couldn't find any details on line. I think he said it was end of Feb beginning of March.

    CC - exciting stuff! Yes by age Joshua would be going into Primary 2 in August next year. Unless he really was miles ahead I would try to keep him with his age group. In theory they should be taught at their own leveI anyway so it shouldn't matter if he has covered things the others haven't and it would possibly stress him less to be amoung his own age group with a big move etc. I think being much younger than the rest of the class is tough and even although it may be less obvious at the moment it could be more of an issue further through the school when it comes to taking exams, doing uni etc and also the social side. The school age is from 1st March so he would be middle of the age range in his class. The curriculum in Scotland has been changing recently, details here if you are interested.

    Like TT said Scarlett would be eligible for 2.5 hours of nursery a day (ours is at the school they will go to). I think they are upping it to 3 hours a day but not sure when that starts. Then she would do her pre-school year and start school in 2012.

    Reece will start school on the day of his 5th birthday in August 2010.

    I had my massage this morning. It was great although a bit sore at times - especially the elbow in the buttocks. Lets hope it has done some good. Did a hard 25miles on the bike this morning and felt ok but not sure when to try running.

    Emily came with me and then afterwards we went into town for lunch and a wee bit of shopping. Actually needed to get her to look around the toy shop so Santa could get some inspiration!. I always feel that Em never gets enough individual mummy time so it was really nice.

    Hubby is in a foul mood today and then to cap it off his football team (Rangers) had an early kick off and lost so I doubt his mood will improve. He has gone out to fix  fence thankfully. He dosn't exercise and is really putting on the beef, honestly his moobs are bigger than mine! I've tried to gently suggest he should get back to the gym but no joy so far. He is on the wrong side of 40 now and although he has never been slim I really think he needs to take his health a bit more seriously.

  • I agree about your husband Lotte . Much harder to lose weight than put it on, much harder to get fit the wrong side of 40 than to stay fit. Tell him that this advice comes from a much older git than him!
  • Did 10 miles this morning at an 8.40 pace.  Felt quite slugish but it was nice and sunny, and I spied a garden centre selling xmas trees so we went back later and bought one.  It is still tied up in the conservatory because I couldn't imagine having a decorated tree in Nov!

    Minks hope you and family are better soon and that you have managed to have some sleep today.

     CC - how exciting! What does your hubby do?  Sorry if you've mentioned already, I can't remember.  Will it be a forever move or just for a couple of yrs?

    I went out with my group of mummies for our monthly dinner last night.  Thai food- yum!  There are 6 of us, and one of them announced she is 12 wks pregnant.  The 1st one brave enough to go for no 2.  Two of the others had ivf so obviously not se easy for them to give it another go, although I know one of them is going to try next yr.

    We went to central london today to meet friends for dim sum - she is 38 wks pregnant so last time we'll see her before baby.  We asked for a high chair and they brought a sort of booster seat thing which they tied onto the chair, and M perched on top.  Hubby and I sat either side, and kept a close eye to make sure she didn't fall off, as there were no straps.  However, what actually happened was the woman hadn't put it on the chair properly, and the whole thing fell off the chair, M and all.  Of course there were many tears, and she proceeded to vomit all over my husband - only her 3rd proper vom in her life.  What did annoy me was the staff basically didn;t give a sh*t and when we told them what had happened their answer was the person who gave us the seat should have told us they weren't safe - eh?  Well I hope they had fun cleaning up a mountain of vom!

    She has been out of sorts today anyway, far more tears than usual.  Not sure what's up.  And she has definitely become daddy's girl.  If I try and pick her up or do anything she screams and heads for daddy.  It's fine if it's just me, but if there's a choice then it's daddy every time!

    Off to Suffolk tomorrow to see friends with 3 sons, the youngest of which we haven't met yet, so I get to have a little baby cuddle image

    Lotte it must be strange having a hubby who doesn't exercise when obviously it is so much part of your life.  Hope you manage to convince him that moobs aren't always an asset!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Feeling a lot better today after a wonderful night's sleep - Kit went to bed at about 7:15pm last night and didn't wake up until 8:30am this morning!  So hubby and I got to stay in bed the longest we've done in living memory - was lovely!  Cold has progressed to the bunged-up rather than the streaming stage, which is far preferable as I can now attack it with decongestants rather than an arsenal of tissues.  Looking at the weather at the moment, I think I may take CC's (and hubby's!) advice and can my 12-miler tomorrow.  If I run at all I'll perhaps just do a shortish one, but taking a rest day won't do any harm.  There have been too many times I've run when feeling a bit rough and it DOES just prolong recovery time.

    Kit's still not there yet either.  Still pretty uninterested in food but can't understand that he needs it for energy.  Because he was too tired to eat much tea last night and slept in so late this morning he was horrendous when we got up - just stood there crying and wanting my attention.  Had to sit him on my knee and shovel yoghurt into his mouth to give him enough fuel to allow me to get him a proper breakfast.  Think we're going to have fun breaking a few bad habits he's been allowed to get into this week while he's been ill.  To get him to eat at all I've had to feed him a few times, and I think he's decided he likes it as he doesn't have to make any effort himself.  He's also been allowed to eat in the lounge watching the TV a couple of times and now he doesn't want to sit at the table.  We will be knocking these bad habits on the head VERY quickly!

    CC, exciting (and scary!) re. the likely move to Scotland.  I do admire you - I don't think I'd be able to move that far from family and friends, even if it was a great opportunity.

    Lotte, LOL at your frank assessment of your hubby!  Do agree with R_B though that after 40 it's much harder to get in shape - better to get where you want to be before that and then maintain it.  My hubby doesn't really do any exercise but he's one of those lucky blokes who stays slim.  When we met he had a 28-30" waist (but BIG shoulders from all the rowing he used to do).  Now he's a 32" waist 10 years later so can't complain really.

    Caro, think that's really bad about the restaurant.  If this was the US you would probably have sued so their attitude is a bit off.  Hope M is OK - and yes, I hope they had fun cleaning up the vom!!

    I'll be disappointed to miss my long run tomorrow (assuming I do of course!) but my sensible head tells me it's the right thing to do ...

  • Mr Tangy's only exercise is walking downstairs to stand at the back door for a fag LOL, he is skinny git though as it would be too much like hard work to leave his computer to get food. He was apparently very fit once upon a time, ran marathons and was black belt in karate before motorbike accident, bike hit diesel on a corner and went under a lorry. He lost a kneecap and had leg pinned and screwed back together (was first person who had sustained the type of injury he had who actually kept their leg so can't really complain, leg had bent the wrong way completely destroying the joint and handlebars punctured his abdomen) and lost a spleen and a kidney and burst his bowels, so was a bit of a mess and never quite regained the fitness bug. Couldn't bend his leg for a year after his recovery and can only bend it now because he fell on it with a weedkiller backpack on while working for the forrestry and ripped all the scar tissue. So think he is just thankful he can walk at all. He's very jealous of my running though but too scared to try it himself as without a kneecap knee has no stability.

    Caro- that is shocking about seat!

    Lotte- Kinloss half was definitely February when I did it a few years ago, but I vaguely remember details didn't really become available until last minute then. I might email Raf kinloss in a couple of weeks if nothing appears online, will let you know if get anywhere.

    TT ;0)

  • Caro - you have a busy social life! Good on M for leaving a pile of spew I say. Cameron is a Daddy's boy at the moment too. Like M he is fine when it is just me but if hubby is there he wants nothing to do with me! Hubby is so supportive of my running but doesn't feel the need to do any himself. He has trained for the odd 5k but never sticks at it. He is active and likes to walk and do stuff with the kids like cycle, kick a ball around. I think I have persuaded him to go back to his badminton and maybe the gym a couple of times a week. He starts with good intentions but never sticks to it.

    Minks- hope you are feeling better today.  I'm in no posistion to lecture anyone of giving runs a miss... but you know its the right thing to do!

     TT - wow your hubby has been through alot.

    House is all quiet. Just about to head out for a cycle but was having breakfast first and waiting until it got a little bit lighter. did my entire 1.5 hour cycle in the pitch black yesterday.  It seems frosty this morning so wanted to be able to see a wee bit. Ham / butt is feeling better. Might try a run tomorrow morning. My name is Lotte and it has been 7 days since my last run!

  • LOL Lotte! You'll be back running in no time at all, I'm sure. Plenty of bum massages and tennis ball action!image

    Caro - that's a disgrace, really glad M left a big pile of vom!! Hope she's OK now.

    Minks - glad you got some sleep at last! Sounds heavenly. Enjoy your REST day today!

    Re. tubby hubbies. Ben was a 32 waist when we met, now a 36... He was about 13.5 stone back then (he's pretty tall at 6'1" and very muscular) but now is mostly in the upper 14s. After business trips, he usually goes up to 15.5!! He is fit though - last year he did Tough Guy with no training! I hate him...

    CC - how EXCITING!!

    Did my 10K yesterday.... A distinct non-event!! Legs did NOT get going at all. One of those days. It was a very tough, hilly course, but still! Did 61 mins, which is the slowest 10K for a long time! Did have a great day though - it was our old uni running club reunion and we went out for curry afterwards. Had an overwhelming urge to drink Guinness with it, so I must be low on iron! That's my excuse for a carp race, anyway!

  • Glad everyone's been out enjoying the sunshine image

    JT- Hopefully that will be the end of it now & you can get back to normal. Mine took 8-9 weeks of spotting before I had a 'proper' period & caught the following cycle.

    Tatty- boo to the race but at least you'll be able to beat your time next year!

    Caro- you could understand it was a mistake & an apology would have gone a long way but to shift the blame & make excuses is totally wrong. I'd write to their customer services/ manager. 

    Fit hubby's- eerrrm no. Hubby is super slim & fit looking as he's a builder but ask him to run & he looks like a newborn giraffe.He's 6ft 3 & about 12.5st so makes me look fat which I hate.....

    Thought stuff it- & took the boys to a medieval fayre at Ludlow instead of running club. Thankfully it was quiet & dry when we arrived so we got to look at everything before the crowds & rain started. Tom has been a total whinger but he's gone to bed so hopefully a good nights sleep will work wonders. 

    Bought a mooncup last week & using it as on my period now. Wow - no fuss, no mess, no cost. Why didn't I get 1 before? 

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