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  • Ooh, we've gone all intellectual. Well, here's a quiz then...

    Who was the composer of a piece of ("classical") music that was inspired by a book that was, in turn, inspired by a piece of music? [Hint -TB knows a lot about the book]

    About these daytime naps... I have a horrible feeling that Little B is getting to the stage where he doesn't need a daytime nap as he isn't very tired at bedtime any more. He normally naps from about 1330 till 1500. I always wake him if at 1500 if he hasn't already (but if I do that he's very grumpy for about an hour). So here's a question.. what if I wake him after 45 mins? Or is it all or nothing?

    Have a nice time in France JT.

  • TT - hugs doesn't sound nice. Hope leg heals well and you can hide the crayons from teeny!

    CM - you are really getting the miles in. Makes me feel very jealous! 

    TB - sounds like a good night out but boo to the bleary eyed teaching!

    JT - hope you have a good time and that now finally you will get back to normal physically.You must be getting very desperate for normality.

    MM - hope you enjoy your child free day! 

    CC - hope the cold doesn't come to anything and that you are in form for the ultra. Look forward to hearing all about it.

    Things very hectic here at the moment. There is too much on and I feel like my head is going to burst somedays with all the organisation, juggling and making sure everything is done. Still alot of my Christmas shopping is done now which will help. 

    Did 5 very slow (garminless) miles this morning. Injury improved but not 100%. Should start my schedule on 14th Dec if I am going to do Lochaber - it is starting to look unlikely which would make me very sad. Will see what the next week brings.

    Cameron has had diahorrea for over a week now and has a very sore nappy rash as a result, Lewis has a few runny ones back and fore but nothing like Cam who has about 4/5 disgusting ones a day. Should maybe have taken him to the docs but can't think that there is much they can do. He is not off his food or anything. HV tomorrow for our 1 year check - only 9 months late!  

    Anyway better go and zoom the hoover around. My parents arrived home from Uruguay this morning so are coming to see us and collect their dog which we have been looking after for the last 8 weeks. Wonder if my dad will offer to repaint the door that the dog has scratched - I only painted it in the summer.

  • Lotte Funnily enough I am just about to take LB to the Doctor this afternoon about his nappy rash. I think he has some kind of thrush. Same here about the injuries. I can't see myself getting fit enough to run a marathon in April but will see how it goes.
  • Am I allowed to answer the quiz question, RB??image 

    On the subject of Little B's nap, I would try doing as you suggest and waking him after 45 mins. He may be more, or indeed less grumpy. You never know! 'Tis a tricky one though. I always feel like I 'experiment' with JP in a way if things aren't quite right in our routine, until it all falls into place again.

    Lotte - hope Cameron is better soon, sounds horrid. Well done on the run - I like a Garmin-free one every now and again!

  • TB Thanks. Yes of course you are allowed to answer it!
  • The other thing you could do which worked well with Harry is give him a nap every other day?

    I find it very hard to wake them after only 45 mins, sometimes even less like 20 mins is better.

    Feeling very tired this afternoon. Didn't get as much done as I wanted, but still something done anyway. Even a long pre-school day seems to vanish. I went to pilates, chatted to cleaner and chap putting my new silver birch trees in image, and then went to supermarket. Got home had lunch, then a sit down, then did some clothes sorting. Just have my wardrobe to go now. Wrote and posted cards to NZ and Aus, wrote lots of cheques and paid some invoices for hubbie's company. So I did get quite a bit done really now looking at it.

    Have two very tired boys, so looking forward to hubbie coming home...image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Ooh, not sure about this new-look site.  Don't like the new forum font and it seems silly that the messages appear in only half of the page with a big white space down the right-hand side (or do I need to refresh something?)

    Well, I haven't run since last Wednesday as the "cold" just went from strength to strength.  I say "cold" as it's felt like something worse, although not 'flu as no fever thankfully.  Both hubby and I have it while Kit is now fine, so we've been sharing the childcare as best we can though both of us feel dreadful.  Hubby ended up at our GP yesterday evening as the whole of the left side of his face hurt and was throbbing - given antibiotics for acute sinusitis.  Thought I'd escaped then woke in the night with the most horrendous, painful earache I've ever had.  Ended up getting up at 6am to do a pregnancy test (period not due for another couple of days but with some tests you can use them up to 4 days before period due date) just in case, as have pumped myself full of all sorts of nasties over the last week (ibuprofen, decongestants, nasal sprays and drops, cold and 'flu capsules ...) and was a bit concerned about adding antibiotics to the list too.  Came back negative which I was actually relieved about as I'd only have worried about all the drugs I've been taking and what effect they might have had.  Went to GP this morning and now both hubby and I are on 'his'n'hers' penicillin!  Have taken two tablets so far but ear is no better.  I have acute sinusitis and an ear infection.  This has been one hell of a cold.  Just can't wait to feel normal again.  Even took day off work as felt so dreadful this morning.  Still really blocked too, can hardly breathe.

    Is it usual for a child to still be struggling with being at nursery after over two months?  Kit still gets VERY upset at having to go to nursery - even worse than he used to.  He cried in the car all the way there both Monday and today and claims he doesn't like nursery and doesn't want to go.  How do I know if this is normal or if there's a problem?  He's not too bad while there but does have a few tearful moments on and off.

    TT, hope you recover from the minor op - sounds painful.

    R_B - too intellectual for me I'm afraid!  No idea!

    CM, sorry to hear you've been having "issues".  We're here for you if you want to share - but of course quite understand if you'd rather not.

    CC, exciting about the move probably going ahead.  Hope you keep lurgy at bay long enough to complete your ultra.  Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

  • CC - born2run is a good site for Scottish races etc.

    Minks - sounds miserable. Sending get well wishes your way.x

  • CC- hope it dries up for the weekend- I haven't run for a week & hope to do the 17m on Sat about 35 miles from your ultra.Glad xmas came early with a rucksack!

    JT- Eurodisney sounds fab- I love doing family things with the boys!

    TB- waiting for your answer from RB's Q- I always thought I was a brain box but astonishingly my teachers didn't always agree.......... had eldest at 16yrs though so had to prove a point & when I got my 1st Bsc I put a notice in the paper!!!! 

    Went to the Wirral for the virtual baby training- they are the UK distributor. Had great fun winding, feeding, rocking & changing a plastic object  that could cry nearly as loud as Archie! 

    Diarrhoea- hope the sufferers get better soon, luckily it's usually related to teething / jabs in our house Generally if kids are eating OK it's not a worry.   

    Planting trees in this weather????? Crazy ..... but I wish we had a few.....

    Minks -hope you feel better soon, sounds awful. Sympathy with nursery too, I hate the guilt trip & have been known to cry myself. Could you do a few half days? I usually talk gibberish as we get there & pretend the staff have something really important to tell / show Tom. He gets distracted as they look for the moon/ dustbin lorry/ book & he forgets about crying. 

  • Thanks all for the "nap tips". I'll do a bit of experimenting.

    Minks Little B has been going for two days a week to the same nursery for over a year and most days he still has a tear in his eye when I drop him off. Sometimes he kicks off before we go there, or on the way. Just his way of "protesting". I think he was a bit unsettled there for several months, and I think being only there 2 days made it harder for him to settle in. We also get a recurrence of the protests after holidays or any kind of break. Now, once he's there, I'm told, he is the life and soul of the nursery. I'm sure what Kit is doing is quite normal but guaranteed to tug at the heart strings! Sorry about all your "colds". That won't be helping things.

    CC Enjoy the snore-free night! We've never had a babysitter (apart from my sister and the MIL).

    Doctor has prescribed anti-biotics as well as the creams for the nappy rash. Fingers crossed.

  • (((Minks))) Oh dear, that does sound awful. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you feel remotely human again. Have to say, even though JP has always loved nursery, he too is going through a phase at the moment where he is very teary when we drop him off. He starts the stalling tactics almost as soon as we're in the door, and when we get into his room, he won't let me put him down. Most mornings I leave him crying.image But he is fine within a few minutes, apparently, and then enjoys the rest of the day. RB is absolutely right about them tugging at the heart strings - every child knows how to play their mummy! I do hope he decides he likes nursery soon though - I know it wasn't an easy decision for you to let him go in the first place. Shame about the preg test too, but it is early!

    TT - hope you recover soon, sounds nasty x

    CC - hope the weather holds out for you. I would not be a fan of running even a short race in torrential rain! Did a 5K back in July when it emptied it down, and it was not good! Good on the FIL for the early Xmas pressie - should come in handy!

    MM - sounds like a very productive day to me. Hope you have a restful evening.

    Camlo - glad you enjoyed your day with the dolls! Maybe we could invent a real baby who did what it was programmed to do?image The answer to RB's question is Beethoven, and the piece of music in question is in fact the first movement to his Violin sonata No. 9, the 'Kreutzer Sonata'. Now where is my prize?image

    had a bit of a disaster tonight with a soap dish. You know you can get those ones with fake water in and little animals (in this case, ducks)? Well, we did have one until JP somehow managed to break it - he must've loosened the edges, because he dropped it on the living room carpet and it broke, with the 'water' (which is water mixed with oil with a dye in to make it look blue) went EVERYWHERE. Many 'oh dears' ensued. Fortunately it hasn't stained the carpet because I got to it quick enough with the Vax! Ooops.

  • RB - glad to hear your trip to the doctor went well. Hope Little B's rash clears up soon.

  • TB- well done on saving the carpet! I have taken the easy way out and replaced all my carpets with laminate flooring, carpets just couldn't cope with 10 years of childminding.

    My running buddy had her lovely cream carpet in her bedroom destroyed when her then 20 month old decided to rub vaseline and foundation into it. She had a similar carpet destroyed in her previous house when her middle daughter at a similar age painted it with red lipstick.

    TT ;0)

  • Have had a quick read back, but no long replies as am on my phone. We are mid-move, staying at my parents tonight. We would really like the rain to stop!!! Hubby insisted we move ourselves to save the money but it is incredibly hard work - we're both very tired, and have another full day to go tomorrow. Off to bed soon! Will catch up again properly when broadband connected at new house!
  • Sorry TB but you didn't read the question properly, so no prize. The question asked who was the composer of a piece of music that was inspired by a book that was, in turn, inspired by a piece of music? Tolstoy's book was inspired by Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata. But who wrote the piece of music that was inspired by Tolstoy's book Kreutzer Sonata?

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Thanks all for the wise words re. nursery.  Reassuring to hear that Kit isn't the only one still crying before and at drop-off.  He only does two afternoons a week (so even less than Little B's two full days, R_B) which must make it more difficult to feel part of things.  As you say, he's always worse after any break - he was off all last week because he was too poorly to go so this is his first week back.  In my opinion he wasn't really 100% on Monday either, but hubby (rightly) pointed out that the more time he had away from nursery the harder it would be to get him to go back, which has proven to be the case. I'm just too soft and he always looks so little and lost when I leave him ... image

    I will be so glad when this lurgy finally goes.  Am feeling so wiped.  Really have to go to work tomorrow unfortunately as can't seem to access my personal files from home (which I should be able to do) and I'm also organising our department's Christmas lunch next week and have a few queries about the menu which the restaurant hasn't answered to my satisfaction so might have to go there in person to sort it out.

    Camlo and CC, will be thinking of you this weekend.  Hope the weather isn't too atrocious.

    We're going to a wedding next weekend and I still don't have an outfit (plans to shop scuppered by feeling so dire).  The invitation says 'lounge suits, party dresses and hats too!' I don't have a party dress!  In fact I don't have anything suitable since all the weddings I've been to in living memory have been summer ones.  Not sure what to do and time is running out!  The reception is in a marquee in my friend's new in-laws' garden, so not sure about party dresses anyway.  The last wedding I went to in a marquee was freezing - and it was May!

    Vixo, we moved ourselves too so share your pain.  Hope the rest goes smoothly - focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and your lovely new home!

    TattyB, not bothered by negative pregnancy test - quite glad actually as over-the-counter drugs (cold remedies etc) can apparently cause all sorts of harm to unborn babies and I'd hate to spend the whole pregnancy worrying whether any damage had been caused.  I'm not one to take things generally but have been feeling so bad this last week that am happy to try anything if I think it might help!

  • RB - d'oh, missed the final layer of the question! It's Janacek (string quartet no. 1)!!

    Minks - I'm glad you're relieved! Things do have a habit of working out for the best, especially babies! I think you deserve a nice shopping trip when you're feeling better.image

  • Correct! It's the only piece of music I know that's inspired by a book that was inspired by another piece of music. I award you a virtual box of chocolates!
  • Next Minks. They do size 6 and petites and have quite a few nice long sleeve dresses at the mo. Some tights and you will be fine. Order several outfits and send the rest of them back. Works a treat with me when I have something desperate to buy and no time to go shopping.

    Think baby is growing at the mo, as I feel totally wiped out too. Still feeling sick too. Am 15 weeks now. hope it passes soon.

    Minks I do hope you feel better soon. Sounds awful. I have had a permanent cold since I've been pregnant, but it's never got too bad, just always there, and my nose keeps bleeding too.

    re: nursery. Can only back up what others say. My two go to pre-school two mornings just now and stay for lunch too, they will go 2 school days and one morning + lunch in Jan when they get their vouchers. They have always loved it, with tears only a couple of times, but they have each other, so have always been pretty no fear. Does he have a friend at pre-school or a fave key worker? The only time mine were unsure was when the pre-school relocated to the village school to introduce the older children to the school setting, they didn't like it then and got very upset, but they were fine the day after.

    Right, lunch to make, and pre-school run. Then off to see midwife. Hubbie wants me to have triple test, not so sure myself, but will have it done. More jabs in the arm! Then Am going for a run with one of the Mums from pre-school. She runs a half marathon in 1:45, shows how slow I am now! image

  • Goretex wedding outfit is the only way to go Minks! Forgot to say about the nursery that, although it makes me feel c$%p when I have to leave him, I know it's just part of growing up. Particularly for LB, as he is a bit introverted with no big family around him, it's good for him to learn to play with other kids and on his own without his parents having to be there all the time. I try and think of that when I drop him off!
  • Very hard CC, I hope you get to the bottom of it. Most events I've had to deal with have been between the boys, J bit Harry one day at nursery and he pushes him over quite a bit. Big bully that he is!

    Had my two weighed and measured at their asthma check. I always think J is enormous, he has size 9 feet! But he's not that big really, 14kg, which is bang on the 50th for his age, and 98cm which is around 65th centile. Harry is much smaller and is on the 2nd for both weight and height bless him, a right tiddler!! 94cm and 12kg.

    Run was good, we managed 4.5 miles in around 40 mins. My friend had bad stitch so we slowed a lot towards the end, and didn't do the extra loop to make it 5 +, but that was fine as I've been very tired the last two days. Got some sunshine too a rare event the last few weeks. Friend stayed for lunch and cuppa so was nice to have some company and a chat without kids. We're going out every thursday if we can.

    Just been outside so we could inspect the new silver birch trees, boys love them. Look very healthy and make a huge difference even without any leaves on them. I've got 3 in a row, very design friendly!! image

    Also just eaten two mince pies so feel like a right bloater now. Nevermind!

  • Ooh mince pies...haven't had any yet!

    Hi all, haven't posted for a little while so have had a quick skim-read but can remember very little!

    Minks - horrible "cold" hope you are both on the mend.

    MM - hope you stop feeling sick soon!

    JT - have a wonderful break, I'm sure it will do you good.  Good that the hospital are there to reassure you  as well.

    Well I keep trying to tell myself I feel fine and that I'm imagining everything, but actually I really do feel dodgy on and off all day long!  Just bad headache, tired, really really want to eat a certain food then eat it and feel crap again (just had stir fry and it did not hit the spot as I hoped image).  So I guess all these things are positive signs.  I actually forget I'm pregnant sometimes, I seem to be training myself to think I'm not just in case things don't go to plan.  The dodgy feeling is horribly comforting though...  I suppose I need to see the midwife soon?  I won't get a scan till after Christmas probably so will probably confess to in-laws.  I am really quite terrified by the whole thing, even though this was planned!  I think it's coz the house thing has just fallen through and it's the reality of having to fit a new baby in and totally rearrange our spare room etc.

    And my jeans are tight and I'm only 6 weeks...this is not good! image  Could murder a can of cider...

  • MM - funny that about your boys. I had mine at the health visitor today for the first time since they were 9 weeks old! Cameron is on the 50th for height and weight and Lewis is between the 2nd and the 9th centile!  A tiddler too but bigger than Reece was at the same age - he was (and probably still is) just on the 0.4th for his height! Reece has size 7 feet - at 4 years and 4 months!

    As we came out from the surgery after seeing the HV, I got the kids in the car and then slung my bag in the back. As I did that they key fob was still in my  bag and it must have pushed as I threw my bag in and all the doors locked just as I shut the back door. So there was me locked out of the car in the peeing rain and the 3 kids inside. Thankfully I  got Reece to climb over and get my bag and get the car keys out and unlock the door - but it took a while and a lot of shouting through the window. Felt like a right wally I can tell you.

    Vixo - hope the rest of the move goes smoothly. 

    CC - hope that the situation is nothing serious. I know what you mean though. Our kids have all had it pretty easy at school so far but having to deal with any kind of bullying etc must be horrendous. Good luck for saturday, will be hoping the weather isn't too hideous.

  • Yes good luck CC! Have to say weather does not look good, but fingers crossed for you.

    It is strange isn't it Lotte, but then if they were siblings of different ages we probably wouldn't compare them. They still look like twins, but mainly cos I dress them similarly tbh. I think J will be pretty tall in the end. My brother is 6 foot, although hubbie is only 5'10 on a good day!

    Nightmare about locking kids in your car. Something I dread doing. I always opne drivers door, and then get kids in to try and avoid that happening. I have a spare key but thats in my handbag too, not best place really!!image

    Have my Mum coming today to sit the boys tonight, as we're going to the pre-school xmas dinner. Its the village xmas fayre tomorrow too, which should be fun, with Carols round the tree in the evening. BBC are coming to film the whole event as we have a sloe gin competition going on too. James May and co. are doing some programme on the 12 drinks of xmas. Look out for us!

    Fingers crossed for you JG. I felt like you at 6 weeks, then sickness hit at 7 weeks. Goodness I never want to go back there again! Sorry!! Also had stir fry last night, didn't hit the spot for me either, and I felt really sick afterwards, so may not have that again for a few weeks!!

    Lovely blue skies and frost this morning but I have a feeling it won't last...

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