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  • KAren - well done on the early run. I usually have a quick cup of tea and a cereal bar. I roll out of bed and first thing I do is switch the kettle on. then toilet, dress and I can gulp it down (with cold water added) and straight out the door without any ill effects. Like CC if I am doing a longer one I try to have a decent supper before I go to bed.

    CC - i had wondered how the defence review might affect you. Hopefully it won't. Sounds like you are settling in ok. How are you finding the people? My SIL is from Inverness and she reckons the folk in Findhorn are all a bit strange - lol !! 

    Thanks for the hugs - I need them today, I'm still moping about, need to give myself a kick up the backside I think. As well as being sad that Reece has started school it just feels like the end of our lovely fun filled summer. Weather is crap today with heavy drzzle and fog and the nights are drawing in now too. A long winter of running in the dark, wet and windy weather and endless taxi runs and homework to look forward to!

    Right enought of that. Twins are sleeping so off to blast some cheery music, bake Reece a birthday cake and be proud of the fact I have happy, healthy children who are take their first steps toward independence in their stride. (And of course I will be clock watching for 3.30!!)

  • It's 3.45 now, Lotte (well, later by the time I type my waffle!). image Hope Reece had a good day!

    Karen - glad you're surviving work OK! Meant to say before, well impressed with your 10K! Surely you'll be much faster than 2 hours based on that? About 1.50?

    CC - £25 a year, wow! Wish I could find a gym like that then I wouldn't feel bad about having a membership if I didn't use it... Haven't got one atm and I don't think it's worth it either. BUT the big news in the Bogle household is that we are getting our own gym! image Well, we're clearing out the garage and converting it, so nothing fancy, just a good set of dumbbells, a bench and some CV equipment (dreadmill, of course!). Going to buy bits as we go along so it's not too expensive. It's for Ben more than me - he prefers the gym but finds it really hard to fit it into his schedule (and bless him, he always plays second fiddle to me on the training front), and he thought he could spend the £400 a year that a membership would cost on setting up our own. It won't be for a while, but hopefully I'll have it in place before he goes away in Oct. He's off to Korea for a week and then back via Saudi. No prospect of any relocation though - I would have the same reaction as you if that was suggested!!!

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Have finally caught up - am finding it really hard to post from home at the moment as am still having to stand in the bedroom to use the computer (or sit on the floor) and neither is very conducive to long stints online.  Did the Sainsbury's order on Monday evening and that was enough for me, standing for nearly an hour.  Only my second order so still a bit slow, am sure I'll speed up once I get the hang of it.  There is a facility to use a previous order as a kind of template but it never appears in the order I write my lists so I just find it takes longer to go through it and add/drop items than to start from scratch.

    Karen, hope work hasn't been too bad.  I remember well my first day back.  Work itself wasn't too bad, and was actually quite nice to catch up with people and feel like an individual again, but then I had the journey from hell home and ended up in floods of tears as I was nearly too late to put Kit to bed and just lost it.  Spent the whole night sobbing my heart out and trying to convince hubby to let me give up work completely - it did get gradually easier after that though!

    TattyB, nice to 'see' you back and glad you had a good holiday.  Can't wait for ours I must admit - off on 16 September so only about 4 weeks away.  Really need the break now.

    Caro, I know exactly where you're coming from re. not being a 'projects' kind of person.  We've spent almost the whole of every evening this past week playing with various furniture configurations and layouts for our lounge.  It's a big room - about 12.5' by 24' - and we've never had a room of that size before.  All the furniture from our old house is far too small for the room and looks completely lost.  Went to my brother's and SIL's last weekend and they've had an extension and fabulous new kitchen - very, very modern, shiny white units and work top, Neff appliances (they are not short of cash!) and it struck me that even if we had their money I would still be clueless as to what to do with it!  We think we're getting there re. the lounge now but it's taken lots of discussion, walking round furniture shops etc to come up with a plan.  Am also a bit scared about ordering the furniture we've chosen just in case it doesn't fit (we've measured and remeasured but am still paranoid!)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    (((Lotte))) Kit starts school this time next year and I know I'll be a wreck.  It's just something about taking that step into independence and cutting the apron strings so to speak.  The thought of my little boy having to stand on his own two feet (during the day at least) is really scary and unsettling.  I too am feeling a little subdued about the summer coming to an end (after a promising start the last few weeks haven't been up to much) and the nights here are drawing in already too.  I am going to be very restricted in terms of routes once it's dark in the evenings.  I may have to switch to two weekend runs just so I can get  in two runs a week in the light - will have to see if I can find any more routes which are lit and of the right sort of distances.

    CC, although we've only relocated 7 miles away from where we were I know what you mean about feeling a bit lost.  It's just little things really - I knew where to go for everything where we lived before and here I don't, and I knew pretty much everyone in our old street but have only spoken to our immediate neighbours once since we moved in.  Their kids (14 and 10) are already irritating us as we get at least 4 footballs a day over the fence into our garden.  They never knock to ask for them back, and as fast as we throw them back over the fence they appear in our garden again.  We were planning to put a vegetable/herb garden in the raised beds outside the kitchen but that's where the balls generally land so now I'm not so sure.  I do really like it where we live, I just need to get to know the area a bit better and work out the short cuts etc so it feels like my territory.

    I too have been a bit hit and miss with my running since we moved - mostly miss I have to say.  Managed a couple of runs during the first week, then strained my Achilles so took a week off, then managed a few more days but felt a bit twingey so have had another week or so off.  Think it's definitely OK now so back to it from this weekend.

    Aaargh, can't remember what everyone's said.  Sorry to everyone I've missed, I'm sure I'll remember more as soon as I post this!

  • Excellent running, Karen! Well done to have got up and out so early in your first week back at work, that is fantastic!

    Yikes, hope the potential relocations don't amount to anything.

    Lotte ((())), hope you survived your first day with just the twins ok and are now being regaled by tales of the first day at / back at school!

    Minks and CC, hope you are able to settle into your new locations and clubs and runs easily.

    Tatty, am loving the sound of your gym. We have the space to do it at the moment (in our embassy-owned home), but no chance of taking anything big back to our 1-bed flat in London, so our gym bench may be left here when we finish hubby's contract next year. The machines here aren't so great anyway, and the cost to ship anything decent from UK/US is obviously horrendous. SonyaB was talking about a stationary cycle thing (that supports your real bike) and I thought that sounded good for the balcony over the winter when the snow will be too deep to cycle through...already starting to think about night time runs as well here (well dark runs, you know what I mean!), so I need to make sure my knees are right enough to handle constant tarmac!

    J still teething! It was so bad yesterday I thought that must be it, the teeth will make an appearance but no image MM, what is the teething powder you mentioned? I have bonjela, but that didn't go down well. Just using Calpol at the moment when I give anything.

    Hope everyone else is well image
  • JohBo - these are the teething powders we used, I'm sure they'll be the same ones: Ashton and Parsons teething powders

    Love the idea of having a bike on a balcony! What's the view like? Could be interesting if you're in the city centre!image

    ((Minks)) Hope you feel a bit more settled soon. Even though I knew this area quite well when we moved in because I was here as a student, it still took ages to suss things out and get to know people properly. Hope you get some runs in soon.

    Had the witching hour from hell tonight. JP was so overtired and therefore overwound... Feeding time at the zoo ensued at tea, followed by much throwing of bath toys etc etc. It was so funny though - he was shattered, despite his insistence that he wasn't. He was sound asleep at just after 7. Going to have a nice quiet evening now!

  • Lotte - am sure you are having a nice noisy evening by now - must feel very quiet with only the twins at home. Can't believe they opened the presents but saying that I was posting a cheque the other day and I gave Martha the envelope to hold and before I knew it she'd torn it all up!

    Minks - hope you find some evening routes to run - its a bit rubbish here too, just pavement running really as the canal has no lighting at all so I would fall in if I went down there.

    Have received two race numbers for the Hyde Park 5k so I have managed to enter twice - obviously I really want to do it! I did think I might have entered really early on, but then they kept sending me emails and I couldn't find a record of the first entry so I did it again. Doh.

    Karen - good news that everything is going well back at work and that your hubby is coping (so far!).

    JohBo - hope the teething doesn't go on too long, its ages since Aidan got a tooth so I'm dreading the next one and more sleepless nights.

    Aidan is cruising now - suddenly got the hang of pulling up and he is off - he also seems to have pretty good balance so I am wondering how long it will be until he walks - eek!

    Martha is cheeking me really badly - totally struggled not to laugh today and had to walk off. She has started the whole 'why' thing too.
    Tatty - think that was our tea time too, if Aidan drops food on the floor Martha copies him. Luckily they both passed out at 7pm too!
  • Lotte - I can fully imagine how quiet your house must have felt today once they had all gone to school.  Your house sounds like such an alive, happy place to be and it sounds as though the kids have had a fantastic summer.  Loved the school uniform pictures on FB, they all look so cool!  Any birthday cake left over?  image

    Can you imagine when the last of them leave home imageimage?  I was the youngest of 4 and can imagine how dead the house felt when I left to go to University.  About a month after I went, my cousin arrived from South Africa and stayed with my parents and they also took in a young Aussie who was working locally so they quickly filled the void!

    MM - you have really been plagued with poorly boys over the last few weeks.  Hope this is the last of it.

    Karen, glad your return to work has been OK.  Well done on getting out for the early morning run too.

    TB - that's some high mileages you have planned - what HM are you doing?  Yay to the home gym - is the only way Mr TT manages to get regular exercise.  Where in UK are you?  We have some gym kit we will be selling when we come back to UK (treadmill, bike, elliptical trainer and weights bench - first 3 are Startrac and bench is York I think) but I guess only any god if you are reasonably close to Wiltshire.

    CC - hope you are finding your way around a bit more now.  What a nightmare to have everything up in the air so soon after relocating.  The gym membership sounds great though - do they have a creche?

    Minks - it's about time BT got their act sorted, hope they get your internet working properly soon.

    Just looked up the link for the teething powders and have added to my list of things to get from UK when we come back - can't find any for sale here, thanks TB.

    By the way, did I dream the proposal story where both parties were so drunk they weren't sure the next day if the other would remember?  Hee hee, loved that one!

  • No time to read back, need to be looking at bathrooms - again!  Spent 25 mins on the phone to someone today talking about radiators.....who'd have thought!

    Given matilda's behaviour today, I can't wait for her to go to school.  Roll on Sept 2012!

  • Maggie passed out a 7pm too. Good babies and toddlers tonight! Hoping she won't wake up crying at 2, 3 and 4am like she did last night though, we were getting cocky about how well she had settled in her own room. She can't get enough of rolling either, found her this morning on her tum in her cot, grinning away. Every time I put her down she flips over, can wiggle a bit too, might need stair gates soon....
    Was going to ask about teething powders so thanks for the info TB. Also, how do you know they are teething? Maggie always has her fist in mouth and dribbles constantly but she likes to stick everything in her mouth atm. She can have very grumpy days but how do i know if that's teething or just grumpiness?! Last night she kept waking for no reason, could that be teeth? I ended up feeding her which I'm trying not to do at night now.

    Love the idea of a gym! Maybe if we someday get a house with a garage that's what we'll do. JohBo, hubby loves his turbotrainer, its in our attic room so a little noisy on the floorboards but not enough to bother me or wake baby. I would use it but his clip on shoes are too big.

    Karen, well done on early morning running! I don't think I have the willpower to go running before hubby leaves for work (he often leaves by 7).
    One of the NCT girls looked after Mags for an hour this morning so I did some intervals, she had her hubby at home so said not to worry if Maggie had a meltdown. Which she did of course, got back to bright red screaming mess! Apparently hadn't cried til about 10min before i got back though so maybe she's getting better.

    Starting to forget everything I've read!

    Lotte-hope your house is noisy again and the cake got baked!

    Kinsey- lol to entering twice, very keen! Aidan cruising sounds cool! How old is he now?

    Right, off to chill with a glass of red in front of masterchef image
  • Oh yes proposal story! Outside a jewellery shop in Edinburgh, I was ogling the diamonds and hubby said do you want one?! Want to go back someday and see if the shop is still there.

    We met at uni, didn't get together til our final year, very drunk in the uni nightclub. Been together 10 years this October.
  • Yes the cake got baked. Just an easy sandwich cake decorated in smarties! He wants a volcano cake for his party on Saturday - how??? Got it finished and pushed it to the back of the worktop and wwent off to do something. Came back and Cameron had pushed his trike up to the worktop and stood on it to eat of all the smarties he could reach - about half of them. Little rat bag, at least I still had some smarties left to replace the gobbled ones.

    As predicted Reece had a great day. He was full of news and excitement when he got back. Janie I often wonder how a teachers viewpoint changes from before / after they have kids of their own. I bet they see some thing very differently.

    Got my track session in. 2 miles warm up (not on the track) average pace 7.17mm, then 2 x 9 mins at 5/10k pace. Pace for both my 9 minutes was 6.16mm on the garmin. Then a mile cool down again average pace  was 7.17mm. Quads felt stronger got a bit of a stitch thanks to the lump of cake I ate an hour before the session, not the best idea but can never resist cake!

    Sonya - well done on your intervals - enjoy the wine.

     Minks - I'm sure you will settle soon, just takes a wee bit of time to find your bearings.

    TT - I'll be a wreck when they all fly the nest. Dreading it already. Maybe I'll fill the house with foster kids or something until the grandchildren come along! Have you been back to your running club again?

    JohBo - I like my turbo for a bit of cross training. Hubby is speaking about getting himself some shoes so he can use mine over the winter. But I won't hold my breath for that happening! 

    Kinsey - lol at your two numbers. Well done Aidan.

    Need to go and get organised. I'm working tomorrow morning while my mum has the twins.

  • Sorry Lotte, I always seem to be laughing at the stories of the exploits of your kids - roared at your description of the little Smartie thief!

    I have been going to the running club, whenever I can make it.  Mr TT is out of town for a few days this week but I was determined to go last night so tried to squeeze the BJ into the boot of the car.  No chance!!  Nearly gave myself a hernia lifting it up but there was no way on this planet the boot would shut without removing the front wheel - in theory supposed to be easy but as it has a brake like a bike brake, it's a pig to remove.  Ended up jogging with the Graco day to day buggy and car seat which was surprisingly OK to run with but very bumpy for poor Max.  I really can't justify buying another one (this one was pretty pricey) but I'm at a bit of a loss really as I reckon I'll wreck the Graco one if I run with it too often.

    CC - hmmmm, 24 hour gym, just in case you feel a desperate urge for a workout at 3 in the morning image.  I can see that being useful!

  • CC - no excuses not to fit a gym session in anyway!
  • Sonya - Aidan is 10 months - already a bit bored of him turning the tv on and off, no idea why our buttons are at just the right height for a toddler!

    3m done this morning - just over 10min miles which seems to be the pace I go if I am pushing myself a bit. Am going to try to do a slow 5miles on Saturday (which will probably take me an hour - joy!).

    Have just had two nights of sleep on the trot and everything is looking up - Martha is sleeping past 6am again, Aidan is habitually waking at 5am but will go back to sleep if I feed him so I'm feeling a lot more human.

    Lotte - Martha continually gets her hands on things I think are well out of reach - it was my face powder last week which she had spread all over the bed.
    Not too sure how to make a volcano cake either!
  • Kinsey, great news about your sleeps, long may it continue! If you want to pass a spare number on, I was thinking of the HYde Park 5km (5/9?) as well, but wasn't convinced enough that I'd be able to do it, given my knee issues. I was waiting to see the physio on Friday before making a decision; we're back in the UK for 2 weeks of relative visiting and probably huge stress, so I thought that would be something I could do for me. Plus it gives me an excuse to be back in London for that Sunday, rather than trying to cope with SUnday weekend traffic coming from the SW.

    CC, 24 hour gym sounds cool. That would be great to get the kids in bed and sneak out to the gym whenever you fancied it!

    TB, thanks for the link re: teething powders, so you just tip a sachet into the mouth and leave it at that?

    Just been for J's vaccinations, he was very brave! Currently passed out, so my first chance of the week to get some stuff done, as he's been very clingy and I'm sure he will be again when he wakes up.. sooner said than he's woken up image
  • Madam slept from 11 till 8am this morning. I feel rather zonked out on too much sleep!! Too much sea air!!

    I am assuming that madam is teething as she seems grumpy and shoves her fist into her mouth. Most babies do shove most things into their mouths but its when they are do ferociously and when they feed clamping down on you that you know they are teething. When the teeth really start to come and cut through their cheeks on that side go red, they often have nappy rash, runny bum and their wee smells horrible, but the early stages are hard to define. Still haven't managed to get near a boots as weather was brilliant here yesterday after grim predictions so we went to beach instead of town.

    I was hoping to do a hill session today, very easy round here given the amount of hills image, but my Dad has hit Mum with a bomb shell and frozen all the bank accounts and changed them all into his name. Nightmare situation. Hope I do get to run, but not sure when as Mum is beside herself as you can imagine.

    Fab running their Lotte, you will be quicker than me for sure. I ran 6:30 miling during my 3 min reps the other day but my 5 min reps were closer to 7's. Still feel so flabby when I'm running everything blobs around, not a nice feeling. Still I am 8 stone 7 now, so only 12lbs to go until I'm back to pre-Sophie weight. Marathon weight is more like 7stone7, but I'm not worrying about that as I often look too thin then.

    Hilarious about the smarties cake Lotte. My two were just like that at that age and I'm afraid it just gets worse. They were playing games with the nursery teacher the other as she gets confused between them anyway even though they look very different. Joshie pretended he was Harry, she said it was hilarious once she twigged as Joshie has such a cheeky face too.

    TT, bad news about the baby jogger, mine has a brake on the front too, but it seems quite easy to take on and off. Have you got anyone who can sit for him while you go by yourself instead?

    Hope James OK after the jabs Johbo and good luck for the 5k entry. I do hope you're back running soon, but maybe a 5k is too much too soon after being injured?

    Not sure what to do today, weather dry so might get out again with them. Seems a shame to go swimming when we have such beautiful country side around us. I think rain is supposed to hit here badly later.

    Winter running for us involves a head torch as we live in a small village unless we got to club which I try to do tues and thursdays. Weds morning I used to get up at 6am and run 15 miles in the pitch black with a head torch, needs must and all that, and the other days I ran when boys were at pre-school. With madam it will involve a buggy run probably once a week, then I've stopped feeding I can train twice a day again, with morning run in the dark too.

    Janie I am passing by around lunchtime tomorrow. Are you in then? I'll message you.

  • MM surely if they were joint accounts he can't do that without your Mum's permission????

    Did my own tempo session on Tues as haven't been going to track.  Did 5 miles, think average pace was 7.30, but did 2.2 miles in the middle at faster than 10k pace (think they were 6.27 and 6.43) just to see what I've got in me at the mo.  Still considering southend 10k in Oct, but want to have a realistic chance of a PB before entering!  Have a friend at work who wants to do it and won't go on her own, so that's a good reason I suppose.

    The woman I've recently started running with to help[ her lose wt announced to me during our run yesterday that she is 6 wks pregnant!  But she still wants to run, just wanted to let me know so I wouldn't be too hard on her.  It's her 3rd so she knows what to expect.

  • Hi all

    First things first - TTid you need to push the quick release lever on the front brake up so that the brakes move further away from the rims - and then jiggle the tyre past the brake blocks.

    Lotte Fabulous running from you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you stay injury free. Must be really odd for you having just the twins to keep you company during the day - but they sound like harder work than the rest of them put together.

    Well done Karen for doing a Lotte! Apart from a few times when LB was a tiny baby, I've never got up that early to run. Bah to having to go back to work. Mind you - I only got two weeks off and that was unpaid. Oh, OK I know I wasn't the one who had the baby but even so - two weeks? Rubbish isn't it - a German friend of mine just got several months paternity leave - lucky blighter.

    We tried teething powders wih LB but they had no effect whatsoever. Calpol and Bonjela worked, luckily. Worth trying everything and seeing what works.

    SonyaB Can't you just get yourself a pair of clip-on shoes for the turbo too?

    He you got any marathon plans MM or are you just playing it by ear until you get back to near your racing weight? LB is a bit Thomas-mad at the moment. If Thomas-Land were a bit nearer I'm sure we'd go. LB doesn't really watch any TV but Mrs B made me buy an in-car DVD player and some Thomas videos for our trip to Cornwall so I hope they do the trick.

    CC I'd stay well clear of those Findhorn Foundation people if I were you - you might get brainwashed and become the latest conquest for the Special One (did you see Armstrong and Miller?). Hope you don't have to move again so soon - that would be a real b*mmer.

    Hope the loft is coming along nicely now Caro. The people opposite us are having one done and it's fascinating watching these six fat middle-aged Polish builders walking around on the roof - they are real craftsmen and seem to be doing a fine job. 

    I hope those new trainers are seeing some action Camlo. Well done to hubbie for forking out for them.

    Fingers crossed for you with the physio JohBo (if you ever get to see them). Chin up - you'll be running again soon I'm sure.

    I used to amaze the midwives JT as I could tell them what LB's antenatal heart rate was just by listening to it on the ultrasound - as it was always somewhere between a steady run (148) and a marathon pace run (165) for me! Was that orange light on your dashboard anything to do with the car breaking down do you think image?

    EF I think that Ebay woman has a bit of a cheek. I had the same sort of thing from someone when what I bought took ages to arrive. He complained about my feedback because he was on holiday and couldn't send it out. So I said you shouldn't have put things on Ebay if you weren't going to be there to send them out. Pillock.

    How are the nosey neighbours CM?

    Must say I'm quite looking forward to LB going to school Minks. I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up on all the things I haven't done due to looking after him. Maybe you need to get a treadmill? Personally I wouldn't get one but I can see how they would come in useful. If I were you, I wouldn't be so quick about throwing the neighbours' footballs back unless they were polite about it.

    TBogle Your proposal story reminded me of the old comedy sketch
    [Customer] "I'd like to buy a deodorant please"
    [Shop assistant] (works best if you say it with a Swedish accent) "Aerosol or ball?"
    [Customer] "No, it's for my armpits".

  • No comedy moments for my proposal - pure romance! Mrs B had always wanted to go to Machu Picchu (and so had I). We walked the Inca Trail and I proposed when we arrived - with the sun just about to set over the Andes. All together now .... aaahhh. She was so surprised she didn't actually reply until we were getting the bus down to the village where we were staying and even then I had to ask her.

    Well I enjoyed my night out at the palace (no TTid not the one you went to - Crystal Palace). Three hours of great athletics, including Tyson Gay running 100m in 9.78. I was sitting about ten feet away as he whizzed past and you really have to be there (as opposed to seeing it on TV) to appreciate just how fast they are running. It's like a car coming past! I also really enjoyed the women's long jump as they were landing right next to me (plus one or two of them were quite tasty-looking image). Having said that, I enjoyed the second day's athletics even more, with Mrs B and LB there to keep me company. I was a bit nervous as we were right near the 100m start and the long jump pit and I was worried that LB would shout out something when they were on their marks. All credit to the little chap - he was an absolute star - completely silent when they went to their marks. You should have seen him doing his rhythymic clapping when the triple jumpers were getting ready for their run up - he was loving it and keeping really good time. Unbelievably he sat there for over three hours (with only a 5 minute break while we got a cup of tea) without a single complaint - I was so proud of him - he must be the best-behaved two year old in the world! Unfortunately I think he now realises that Daddy isn't the fastest runner in the world image.

  • Great running Lotte and MM, fantastic times as well.

    Novice mummy question alert...I've now tried making Scottish Shortbread 3 times and each time they are really crumbly - is this because they're not cooked for long enough, or should I blame it on the flour? I really didn't think shortbread was a hard recipe but clearly I am completely inept!!! image
  • Wow, lots of cross posts while I took ages to write mine!

    Excellent running Caro, bugger about the gym CC, hope you are able to find alternatives.

    RB, athletics sounds great, and such a well-behaved boy! Forgot to tell you, my GFA was FLM 2009-3:31.
  • JohBo- re teething powder. Friend just told me definitely don't follow instructions and tip whole lot into mouth, baby won't like it! Lick your finger, dip it in and rub it on their gums.
    Shortbread - I made a Delia one, it involved mixing the flour, butter etc with a wooden spoon, hard work on my wimpy arms, no cheating with electronic appliances, tasted awesome though image

    Thanks for tip on getting wheel on and off babyjogger R_B! I haven't used my newly purchased ebay baby jogger yet as brakes need tightening and I think Maggie is too small for it really. What age did you guys put baby in them? She is a small 5 month old and looks very tiny when I put her in the seat!
    sounds like a great day at the athletics too, what a good boy LB is, loves the athletics like his dad!
    That has to be one of the most romantic proposals I've ever heard! Awwwww!

    Great sleeping MM! I reckon I get more tired if I get more sleep than I expect, how strange is that! Thanks for tips on recognising teething too, Maggie chomps on the boob a bit now (ouch) so maybe that's a sign. Your poor mum, can he really do that?

    Boo to the gym CC. Cargo ferry cake.... does it have to be a cargo ferry or would any shipping vessel do? image

    Poor baby has a cold, using my snot sucking tube lots today, really good device! She only woke once last night though and then slept til 8am, I woke up before her! Unheard of, she must be ill. Asleep now too, better go wash the nappies and make some lunch. Granny coming to stay for weekend this eve so better clear spare room too.
  • Great running Lotte and MM, fantastic times as well.

    Novice mummy question alert...I've now tried making Scottish Shortbread 3 times and each time they are really crumbly - is this because they're not cooked for long enough, or should I blame it on the flour? I really didn't think shortbread was a hard recipe but clearly I am completely inept!!! image
  • LOL RB - I'd not heard that one before but have been chuckling about it all morning! Your proposal does sound very romantic indeed. Would love to go to Machu Pichu one day - maybe to do the marathon. Might have to wait until I'm a vet though, when JP is much bigger.

    Sonya - oh dear, hope Maggie's cold is better soon. I was always intrigued by those snot extracting devices but never got round to getting one. Don't think JP would let me put things up his nose now!

    MM - sorry to hear about your poor Mum again, as if she hasn't had enough to deal with. Know what you mean about getting too much sleep on hols - I slept so much in Florida, I was well zonked in the mornings! Feel like I've well and truly caught up now though.

    image to the gym, CC, how ANNOYING! Hope the club run makes you feel a bit better!

    Caro - great running, sounds like 10K in Oct could be a good plan...

    Lotte - good luck with the volcano cake! And I have to admit I did have a giggle at the Smarties incident, not least because it sounds like exactly the sort of thing JP would do! Quite amazing how resourceful they are when they want something.image

    Did 5 miles this morning, nice and steady. Went through the woods and along a very muddy trail. Got very mucky! Felt a bit sorry for myself before I went - dare I say it, but I think AF might be on her way entirely of her own accord, and I woke up in a right mood. image Skin has also been going bonkers - loads of spots along my jawline. Added to that, I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder and can't turn my head properly. It was so silly how I did it - I was on the loo last night and turned too quickly to get the loo paper and felt something ping. It was very sore last night and I didn't sleep well, but it is a bit better now. The run has also loosened it off and brightened my mood!

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