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  • Thanks RB (ooh, it's nice to have a man around image) and JT for the tips - Mr TT is back late tonight so if I give it a try and totally fluff it up, he can fix it tomorrow image.

    Kinsey - yay to some good sleep, wow can't believe Aidan is 10 months already.

    JT - great volcano cake (and nom nom nom to the chocolate granache).  I'm actually quite looking forward to making cakes for Max's birthday each year (I'm sure I'll end up resorting to shop bought as I'll be too busy or leave it too late but I love the idea).  I saw someone online once who had photos of him and every birthday cake every year up until his teens, love that idea.  I was the last of 4 kids so I think my parents were bored of photos by the time I came along (also cameras were not as common place as they are now).  There are barely any of me as I grew up image.

    MM - sounds as though you are having a lovely time at your Mum's.  Sad that your parent's split is getting so messy, hope your Mum is coping OK.  I think I remember you saying that she was selling the house.  Is she moving closer to you?

    RB - I think you get the gold medal for your proposal story.  How beautifully romantic - Mrs RB is a lucky lady!

    CC - Grr to the gym.  Good that you have found a good running club though.  I completely get where you are coming from about the basic things being such a pain to work out - like where the post office is, finding a doctor, in my case also silly things like finding the good brands in the supermarket (eg at home you can't really go wrong with Kellogs, here the Kellogs sultana bran is so sweet, we have to get own brand stuff instead etc etc).  Hmmm to the cargo ferry cake - it is a very specific request, isn't it?  Not any I would call cargo ferry cakes, but some good ones on the link below;

    boat cakes 

  • Sadly you can do anything you like to a joint account. Its all turning very nasty.

    He is sending paperwork which he wants Mum to sign and in the meantime the accounts have been frozen so no money can come out. Total blackmail. He is expecting to turn up next weekend and apparently is 'free to roam' round the house, nightmare. Mum is coming away with us camping and is very stressed about it all.

    Got my run in 7 miles with 6 x 2min hills into the wind, was very hard work but needed it after this mornings events.

    Its now pouring with rain, so no beach unless we want to get wet. Have to see if it eases off a bit.

    Anyone have a good chocolate cheesecake recipe? Dark chocolate preferably??

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Teething powders never worked with Nate but Dentinox Gel was quite good but Anbesol was by far the best (& Calpol).

    Poor little guy fell and bashed his nose this morning - blood everywhere!  He's really not having a good week as he's still teething too- sent him to nursery with a large dose of nurofen so hope he's OK.  Lexi is also munching her hands often managing to ram them so far in she's sick!  Still waiting for the first sign of tooth #1 though.

    Just back from 5 miles over the common which was lovely if not as quick as i'd hoped (did take a slighty wrong turn so blaming that!).

    CC - shame about the gym.  Remember when I first moved here I found it quite frustrating (still do sometimes) that I had to go the Guildford or Farnham for any decent shops as I was used to having everything close by in Bath.  Takes a while to work it all out.

  • It takes ages to work it all out. I am still not sure about stuff and discovering things and we've been in Wiltshire nearly two years!! I find the Mum's really helpful so just ask and ask and ask, go to as many groups as possible really locally and just chat to everyone. Its so hard and you find yourself repeating your life story 50 times but its so worth it in the end.

    Mum just taking boys out for a walk across the fields. They will come back plastered in mud and very very wet as its pouring, but they need to get out. My two need so much fresh air else they go ballistic!! image

  • SonyaB Assuming you don't have an infant car seat fitted into your BJ, then I'd say around between six and nine months before you can use it (six months if she can hold her head up well, later if not). I also bought a head support which fits onto the shoulder straps and helps stop her head lolling around too much (especially if she falls asleep). If you message me on FB with your address I'll post mine to you as I don't need it any more. With a car seat fitted you can use the BJ from 2 weeks onwards. The other thing you have to be aware of when they are little is that the hood is not low enough to prevent direct sun shining on her face on a sunny morning (it's OK when they are taller) so I used to carry a muslin and peg it over the front of the hood with clothespegs when it was very sunny/hot.

    Sorry to hear about the bank accounts MM. Sounds like your mum will need to get a solicitor involved. 

    How annoying about the gym CC.

  • MM - feel sorry for your mum - what a rubbish thing to be going through.
    I have a choc cheesecake recipe - its a baked one and is pretty big but it is delish!
  • Nice GFA time JohBo. Gives you a good target for the next one!

    Hope Nate's OK Chynah. LB has a black eye at the moment - fell over and bashed his eye on the coffee table. Then, the day after, he decided to climb up over his cot and slipped and fell onto his face - much blood. No harm done luckily.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    Poor LB!  I'm just waiting for Nate to manage to climb out of his cot - he's such a little mountaineer (but he gets that from his grandad!).  He also needs buckets of fresh air every day so can sympathise there MM although you have it double!
  • JohBo - let me know if you do want the number, I tried one friend but she doesn't want so its going spare, although I got an email from runnersworld today offering places for £5!!!
  • oh my what a lot going on- fab speedy runs too- Lotte your warm up pace would leave me hyperventilating.

    I took the new trainers out for their 1st few miles earlier, seem to be snugger & can definately feel the cushioning so guess my oldies had gone way past their expiry date! 

    I love the idea of a 24hr gym - I used to work nights and went for a swim/ gym at a local hotel at 7.30am which  meant I had the place to myself.Would love to join again but membership is about £450 a yr image.

    Teething powders- never tried them but used to let the boys chew cold teething rings whick I think helped.

    Proposals- my hubby took me to the Hilton on Park Lane for a charity boxing match having previously written to the manager explaining his intent to propose. We had a gorgeous room with strawberries & champagne but he couldn't wait  until we were dressed up & proposed while I was in the bath. Had a super sparkler which fitted perfectly as he'd nicked one of my old rings to take to the jewellers to get my size.

    MM- - I was always terrified of being fleeced so used to always have a sneaky account of my own with at least a few hundred pounds in. Hope your Mum gets what she should, pity she hasn't got something to hold over him (even like a secret she could threaten to reveal..)

    Off to swimming now to see if I can actually swim without getting pooped every length... 

  • Camlo - that 'warm up' pace just about had me hyperventilating too, the downside of training with speedier folks.

    MM - ah but in a matter of weeks you will be showing me your heels and I won't have a hope of catching you! Tough time for your mum, she'll be glad of your support. My boys need fresh air evey day and it has been a lousy week of weather which is probably why they are on top form with their naughtiness this week!

    RB - aaahhh... very romantic. Would love to go to Machu Picchu.  And clever LB for being so good. He'll be shouting you to go faster out in the BJ now.

    JT - thanks for the link to the cake. I am having a minor panic now thinking how much I have to do before the party on Saturday including fitting in a 20 mie run and making this blasted cake. 

    Better get on with some tidying. Had a very constructive morning at work but the house is needing a bit of tlc!

  • TT - ah, that's a shame about the gym stuff, we're in Staffs so would be a very long way!

    Think I need some new trainers too. Lower calves feel a bit achey, which is usually a sign. Have checked back on Fetch and have done just over 400 miles in them, so need to order some to break in in time for the HM. It usually takes me about 6 weeks to be fully happy with new shoes!

  • New trainers ordered, and they come with free socks and a free T-shirt! Start Fitness are doing an offer atm when you buy any footwear, and there's also free UK delivery.

    CC - great running! You'll be super speedy in no time.

    Weather is yucky here, really damp and drizzly. Going clothes shopping later for smart work things. With very high necklines - teenage boys, you know!! Will be nice to go on my own so I can browse at my leisure - going again tomorrow to kit Ben out with new stuff. I swear he needs an entire new wardrobe. He's down to his last 2 good pairs of trousers and his shirts are looking very sorry for themselves. Much hilarity on holiday when he had a big hole in his trousers on the bum and hadn't noticed. I giggled away to myself at the thought of not telling him for a while, and then felt a bit mean, so let him know. image

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    So tired!  ended up in A&E on the advice of the emergency doctor last night with Nate as his temperature dropped to 33ish and we couldn't get him warm.  Has bad infection in throat so now on antibiotics - he's still snoozing this morning which is not ike him at all but he didn't get back to bed til 2am so probably tired.  Lexi took the midnight adventure in her strise and straight back to bed bless her.

    No running for me today as bit achy after yesterdays effort.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    So tired!  ended up in A&E on the advice of the emergency doctor last night with Nate as his temperature dropped to 33ish and we couldn't get him warm.  Has bad infection in throat so now on antibiotics - he's still snoozing this morning which is not ike him at all but he didn't get back to bed til 2am so probably tired.  Lexi took the midnight adventure in her stride and straight back to sleep bless her.

    No running for me today as bit achy after yesterdays effort.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭
    no idea why that posted twice!
  • I went hol clothes shopping yest TB and am so jealous that you are going on own to shop.  I took Lou and it was awful.  I had her on a wrist strap and she kept on walking round and round the racks of clothes so it would all get tangled, then she would sit and refuse to move.  at one point she was in between two rails, lying flat on the floor in Monsoon.  We ended up in Boots and by this time she had taken off the strap.  I was about to put my pin no. in when she bolted out of the shop and across the shopping centre and into a travel agent.  'scuse me said I and marched after her.  then I bawled "right!" at her as I entered travel agents.  Cue three terrified looking ladies on bureau de change who couldn't see the small child beneath their window!  She was then told she was getting no tea and it was straight to bed.   So she started screaming that she wanted tea so of course in a temper I told her if she didn't keep quiet then I'd tell granny not to give her breakfast either.  Carted her horizontally under my arm all the way from Boots in the gyle to the car park outside marks, a fair distance, then put her down beside car door and she bolted.  Fortunately not behind the car but forwards and into another space opposite and heading for the road part.  Caught up with her and gave her a very sharp smack on the behind.  Most things I will tolerate without violence but dangerous behaviour is a no no.  she cried and cried.  Then on the way home I got the plaintive "i not naughty mummy.  I not naughty now " then "I want daddy!"  Hmph.   
  • Chynah - hope Nate is better soon. Sounds grotty.

    EF - I have given up trying to actually do anything other than a dash for groceries with Martha - its far too painful. There was a lady with a toddler in Waitrose today and she had to drag her out of the fridge aisle along the floor - nightmare. One of those classic tantrums about nothing is what it looked like!!
  • This morning I woke M up for nursery, and the first thing she says to me is 'no nappy'.  So I firmly tell her that one day soon(ish) that will be the case, but not today.  I put her on the floor and ask her to undress, she says 'no pyjamas' (ie she won't take them off) so I remove them from her  - by this point she is full on howling (this is prob less than 2 mins after going in the room).  I take her nappy off whilst she is kicking and screaming, and so now I have this naked feral beast who is refusing to come into the bathroom to do teeth or sit on the potty.  At this point I yell downstairs for hubby (until now she doesn't know he's at home, because normally she won't do things for me if she knows he's here)  He comes up the stairs, she runs straight to him, wraps herself round his leg and is all smiles.  Grrrrrrr!!!
  • Oh dear that sounds grim Chynah. Hope he is feeling better now.

    Just back home from my Mums and waiting for OH to make an appearance!

    Popped in to see JT on route for very quick hello. Sorry was so brief JT, fab to meet you and Ted though. Need to meet up again soon with CM as well, when things are calmer for you CM.

    Feeling rather pooped after drive, so sitting down with cuppa before mad unpacking, washing, boys tea, bath, bed, clean bathrooms. change bedding on spare bed as friends coming tom with their two kids from Cambridge. Then a nice glass of wine (or two!!) me thinks!

    Shopping with the boys has to be very brief. I do online food shopping and just get top ups of fresh stuff with them.

    They are currently running circuits round the house, far too much energy and its pouring outside. GRR. August hey!!

    Going to check out start fitness, thanks TB, as I always buy my stuff from them and also need new trainers.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Again lots to catch up on - MM, that is really rough for your mum, hope she manages to get the bank to sort something out.  What a sh*t.

    Lots of injuries and poorly little ones - sadly have to add Kit to that list.  We spent the whole day at the hospital yesterday.  Was getting ready for work and hubby was in the shower.  Kit decided to go downstairs and either slipped or tripped on the stairs - had to happen one day but he's usually very careful about holding the banisters etc. Anyway, heard an almighty thump and a cry and knew instantly what had happened.  Rushed to pick him up and as I did so blood spurted everywhere - couldn't tell at first where it was coming from as there was so much.  Rushed him upstairs to the bathroom and put him in the bath so I could see what was what; meantime hubby leapt out of the shower still covered in soap. Kit had a huge gash down the top of his head and it was really deep - I put my finger on it and cld feel both edges.  We shoved some clothes on and went straight to A&E.  He was given a cursory examination about 10 minutes after we arrived but they decided he'd have to be seen by a paediatric maxillo-facial specialist - unfortunately the night shift was just ending and the day shift coming on duty so we waited two hours for ward rounds to be completed before we were seen.  Kit was very subdued and a bit sleepy so was getting quite anxious he may have a head injury as well.

    Finally SHO turned up and examined him and (as we knew) told us he'd need stitches, but given the severity of the cut it would have to be done under general anaesthetic.  Then there was a huge wait while she consulted anaesthetist as Kit had had a few sips of water just after the accident (no more than 25ml in total I'd say) but there was talk we'd have to wait 6 hours before they'd operate in case any water came up into his lungs while he was under.  Eventually they agreed to do it two hours later. Was really traumatic having to take him down to theatre and hold him down while they put him to sleep.  Only one of us was allowed to accompany him to theatre and of course he chose Mummy. Managed to hold it together but did get a bit upset when I had to return to the ward to wait for him to be taken to recovery. Was then really cross because they didn't call me in time and he came round before I'd arrived in recovery and was obviously hysterical because he didn't know where he was, was surrounded by people in scrubs and masks and Mummy wasn't there.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    He had to be observed hourly all afternoon and when they finally decided we could be discharged it transpired that the surgeon who stitched him up hadn't completed the post-op care section of the form so we couldn't be discharged until someone had spoken to her.  Eventually another surgeon came to talk to us and told us what to do once we got home, and we were allowed home after Kit's canula had been removed.  Haven't seen te wound yet as it's covered with pressure gauze to reduce swelling, then bandaged over to keep gauze and pad in place.  But we have to take it off tomorrow and then leave it uncovered.  Am paranoid about him clonking it - took him out for a walk this afternoon and he wanted to walk along walls etc as he usually does and I had my heart in my mouth the whole time.  They told us to try to keep him quiet for a few days - don't think any of them had a 3-year old boy!  We can't wash his hair for a week (and it's still matted with blood, gross) but hopefully it will heal quickly.

    Very traumatic day for us and we were all shattered last night.  Haven't been to work today either as didn't want to leave him with Mum today in case of any after-effects.  He's been OK though; amazing how quickly they bounce back really.

    Am hoping for a quiet weekend - sorry for 'me' post ...

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Cut was 6cm in the end and he needed 13 stitches!  Will be a scar to be proud of!
  • OMG what a nightmare Minks! Hope he is better soon.
  • ((Minks)) - I guess all kids do similar things but its pretty scary when it happens - hope you are all recovering!
  • Oh no Minks, poor little chap. Hope Kit heals quickly and is back to his normal self soon.
  • Poor Kit, that is so waiting to happen with Matilda.........very scarey but glad he seems to have recovered so well - I suspect it'll take Mummy and Daddy a bit longer.
  • OMG Minks, that is some A&E trip, I do hope his scar isn't too bad. Again I am waiting for Harry to do something similar, he has already fallen down the stairs but thankfully only the last two and no ill effects. He is so accident prone.

    Hope you recover soon too, these things are so much worse for Mum and Dad as Caro says. Waiting for your child/baby to come round from anaesthetic is awful. When Harry had his testicle op when he was a week old I was beside myself. He of course was absolutely fine little soldier that he is.

    Madam not settling very well tonight as her sleep been all over the place today, she is shattered but over tired I fear. Hopefully she will settle soon, but needs to have a good cry first by the sound of it image! Think I'm going to have some wine imageimage!!

  • (((Minks))) OMG, poor Kit, and poor you and hubby! Sounds like a terrible day. Hope you have a nice weekend to recover x

    Chynah - hope Nate is better after the antibiotics, poor little man.

    If JG is lurking I hope Nicholas is still getting better x

    MM - enjoy the wine, I don't blame you!

    EF - that sounds like a nightmare shopping trip of the highest order! I don't blame you for giving her a slap when it's something dangerous like that. JP isn't too bad with shopping - you have to keep it brief or else blackmail him with something at the start, so he's amused for the rest of the time!

    Said shopping trip was a success. Got some really nice work stuff, courtesy of Florence and Fred, and for nothing too, because I used my Clubcard vouchers and doubled them up. image 

    Happy weekends all - hopefully a little less eventful!

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