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  • We had a lucky escape yesterday as Martha flew past the hall door bumped in and head butted the radiator - can't quite believe she hasn't been to a&e yet!
  • 5 miles done - 11 min miles today so marginally better, although it was really 4 slow miles and a quicker one to finish.
  • I did get some wine in, and probably too much really given I'm feeding madam still. Didn't sleep well at all, really wired I think from the drive and lots of things going round in my head.

    Anyway got up today and ran 7.5 miles with 4 @ 7:15s. Last mile was 6:59, so getting there still and given I felt so tired I'm quite pleased with that.

    Madam very grumpy today, teething I think so might have to resort to calpol. Bless her. Friends arriving soon, hubbie getting haircut and I've got to see osteopath in an hour so best get on with feeding madam, drying hair etc.

    Well done on runs CC and Kinsey. I feel pooped now and its only 10am!!

  • Not been on here for a couple of days and sooo much to read!

    (()) to all the poorly little ones, Nate and Kit for their A&E trips. What a big cut for poor Kit! Hope he is full of beans again, I'm sure he'll like having a scar though, does he like Harry Potter?!

    The tales of toddler tantrums are scaring me! I took Maggie round Sainsburys in the babybjorn, she smiled and giggled at all the people who came up to talk to her. Even got help with my shopping, though I really didn't need it! So you're all telling me my easy shopping days are numbered?! There was a woman in the queue in front of me having to drag her screaming toddler and try to pack the shopping (funnily no assistants offered to help her!).

    Granny staying atm, so had a lovely run yesterday morning (no tantrum, yay!). Then went into London to see some art, she was very well behaved the whole day (Maggie not Granny image). Me and hubby took advantage of babysitter again and went out to dinner, had mexican and mojitos, nom, nom! Mags was awake with granny when we got back, she has a cold so usual dummy trick isn't working. But still no meltdown, wondering if she is getting better without me or if she just likes my mum! Gave her a booze filled feed (bad mummy) the didn't get much sleep because of her waking full of snot and me not going to bed til near midnight!! Can't complain though after reading all the hospital stories!

    Granny and my sis have gone off the cricket at the Oval, we can get some jobs done now (and come on here image). Going to make a summer pudding with all the blackberries and raspberries we've picked, mmmm.

    Good running CC, Kinsey and MM! MM - hate it when you can't get to sleep when the baby is asleep, always get panicked about all the precious sleep time I'm wasting which only makes it worse!

    R_B - thankyou for offer of head support for BJ! will message you. She supports her neck very well already but I think she just hasn't got enough bulk on her to be strapped in well enough. Hubby is going to fiddle with the brakes today and make me a wrist strap, we thought we might just try a walk with it for now.

    Better go do something useful image

    Have a good weekend all, no more injuries I hope!
  • (((minks))).  what a nightmare for you.  I am convinced Louise is going to do something similar esp since someone in their wisdom put a slate floor in our hall at the bottom of the stairs.  I've put a big rug right at the bottom but Lou's latest wheeze is to try to jump from the 2nd bottom step.  I won't let her but Andy lets her away with it.  she's either going to fall and crack head on slate or stumble and crack head on corner of radiator.  I keep telling him not to let her but it doesn't seem to register.

    mini athletics this am.  After a shaky start and quite a lot of handholding during the games etc. she finally got into it and wants to go back next week so was really quite pleased.

    lunches to make and Andy glued to sodding football on telly so better go.

  • (((Minks and KIt))) Poor wee man that is a big cut. I was so glad Lewis avoided the general anaesthetic when he did his lip but Dylan had to go under when he got his hernia op a couple of years ago and its not nice leaving them. Have a had few trips to casualty for stitch ups. Twice with Dylan and once each with Reece and Lewis. Notice a trend there (the boys not the girls!)

    Just getting ready to leave for the party soon. Think I am quite organised but I'm sure we will get there and find I've forgotten something. Volano cake came ok, just did two sndwich cakes with a basin cake on top for the shape and iced it with chocolate and then used red icing for the lava. Looks ok I think. Reece is happy with it anyway.

    Good running again MM, and Kinsey, Sonya  and CC. And I'm sure others too.

    Did 21 miles this morning, averaged 8.20mm. Left the house at 5.50am! and ran up to town. It is windy today steady 38mph southerly wind and I did not fancy doing 10 miles back home into it so I cheated! Instead of turning back or doing a loop as normal I ran with the wind behind or at the side all the way into town and caught the service bus home at 9am!! First time I have done that but it worked pretty well apart from people giving me odd looks.

    Looking forward to a chinese takeway tonight - a couple and their two kids are coming back here after the party! Might even wash it down with some vino image

     Have good weekends all.

  • Minks - ah, poor Kit - whole thing sounds horrendous! Can't believe they didn't get you there in time for when he came round - that's really rubbish. Hope he's continuing to recover well. We've also been extremely lucky in that we've never needed an A&E trip for any of our girls. Worst we've had is a couple of years ago when our eldest almost knocked a tooth out after running and falling flat on her face. It was only a baby tooth though and luckily root hadn't been damaged so it did firm up again in the gum but it took a couple of months.

    Sonya - don't be scared, they're not all little horrors. Lily had exactly one tantrum as a toddler and we laughed at her so much she never tried it again. Isabelle on the other hand I have to admit does conform to the screaming toddler sterotype, not all the time of course but she definitely has her moments!

    Went to Museum of London yesterday with the girls. What a lovely place. They've really tried hard to make it family friendly and the staff there were the nicest I've ever met in any museum. At one point Lily was sitting listening to their story session and Michael was off chasing after Isabelle somewhere so I was just standing there holding Anna when an attendant appeared from nowhere with a chair and asked if I'd like to sit down. How nice is that?!? And it's free entry - brilliant.

    Right, I'm wasting time here trying to delay going for my run - my first ever 10 miler today (eek). Must go now before it gets too late ... back later (I hope!).

  • hi quick lurk while home expressing having some much needed Sophie time.

     Some of you have seen FB status but I'm guessing most haven't.  In a nutshell Nicholas was rushed to Leeds Childrens from Sheffield Childrens on Wed night with very serious heart problems - they actually didn't know if he was going to hang in there.

     Anyway he's been diagnosed with an atrial flutter which means his heart beats too fast and not strongly enough - prob had it since birth but heart has only just got worn out.  Had 3 electric shocks to reset it, 3rd one seems to have worked.  He's on drugs to help, has canulas all over including his head.  Hopefully will be transferred back to Sheffield next week sometime, possibly home end of week but I'm not assuming anything anymore!  I'm expressing lots and he's had a couple of little feeds from me.

    Been awful, poor little mite is only just over 3 weeks old.

    Anyway won't be on again much this week but will try to pop in when I can.

    Minks - sounds traumatic with Kit too, hope he's doing ok now.

  • JG I had seen facebook but didn't really register how serious it was.  Thinking of you all, and hoping he gets moved closer to home soon.

    Karen73R - what's the museum of London?  Sounds like something worth doing with M.

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Oh ((JG)) how awfu!  Did see the status but never guessed it was that bad - hope he is OK. (& the rest of your family too - must be a real shock).

    Minks - hope kit healing nicely too.

  • JG - so sorry to hear your news - hope things continue to improve - you will be in my thoughts (())
  • oh god - JG; so sorry to hear that.  is that why he was so sleepy and not interested in feeding.  the poor little mite. and so sorry for you and hubby and sophie as well.  (((())))

    and minks and kit, too.

    it reads like a horror story on here at the moment.  seriously hope there are NO more sick kids and that nicholas quickly improves now he has been diagnosed.

    thinking of you xx

  • JG - I was thinking about you today, wondering if I had missed some of your posts, as hadn't seen any in a while. Really hope Nicholas makes a speedy recovery and he is home with you all soon x

    Minks, hope that you are all recovering following your trip to a & e.

  • JG - what a terrible thing for you all to have to go through, hope all goes well over the next week in hospital and Nicholas can come home soon. Will be thinking of you x

  • ((JG)) thinking of you. Hope Nicholas is back home with his family very soon.
  • Poor Nicholas. Hope he's better soon. I can't imagine how worrying that must be for you JG.
  • oh JG, it's what every parent dreads.  thinking of you so much and hope he at least gets moved closer to home.

    Esp since my sis in law also in hosp post C Section on Wed.  Baby Lexie Faith Victoria Newcombe is doing well but mum, whilst perfectly stable, is not in such a good way.  Poor soul didn't get enough anaesthetic during section so after lexie came out she could feel everything and was in agony but they didn't believe her when she said so.  Was finally offered general but was told five mins left but you can have general if you want.  She had already lost 3L of blood because placenta ruptured and was huge blood clot.  She's very anaemic and having to have blood transfusion now.   Not good at all.

    On a more cheerful note, trying to lift mood of thread as am now v worried about all these wee souls - hope Kit is on mend now Minks for a start- we had street BBQ tonight.  I will try to post a pic later cos it's hilarious, entire street trying to shelter under about 4 parasols as it buckets with rain!!    Andy has gone back out there.  It's pitch dark but they are still persevering.  Apparently the sexuality of the first one in is to be questioned.  Lou had such a good time, she was only little little one there - most of the kids were away at one thing or another.  she is sat on her wee stool, huddled under her peppa blanket which she generously allowed our next door neighbour to share.  Ian is probably the only one who would get away with it - she adores him!  She also fell off a folding chair and I was playing her tears down til I noticed her ear was purple and swollen.  Whoops!  

    We had mini athletics today too, she did well, far better than I hoped for.  She insisted on holding hands for the first half hour but by the end she was content for us just to be nearby.    They did races and zig zagging and games like what's the time mr wolf, and duck duck goose (which I didn't know) and then they did some bean bag throwing too.  next week they will do some jumping.  definitely went all right. so was very pleased with her. 

    JG I will say a wee word for the little one tonight.  x

  • Minks-Poor Kit, hope his head isn't too sore while it heals & he gets back to normal soon.  I'd be cross too by not being called into recovery quick enough, it must be awful for them waking in that environment when they feel all weird anyway.

    JG- sending lots of love your way. Hope they can treat his condition & you get your little soldier home again soon. Glad to see you are managing to express, don't know about your hosp but Birm have a breastfeeding room with excellent pumps & then you can freeze any spare milk. I found it hard to get Archie back on the boob after a week on the ventilator but it can be done with lots of help (if you want to). 

    EF- Nightmare for your sis-in-law. You hear these stories but can't believe something like this would still happen these days. Poor, poor care.  Love the name Lexie! BBQ would have been a soggy affair here in Wales too- it's been drizzling/ raining all day. 

    Lotte- I hate out & back routes so often think of running somewhere & cadging a lift home! How do you carry enough drink for your long, long runs? 

  • EF - hugs for your SIL too - that is just shocking, I really hope she comes through it okay.
  • ((((JG)))) Thinking of you xxx
  • Your running is coming along nicely Kinsey.

    Well, we're in Cornwall now. Really slow journey down but not too stressful. We saved the DVD player until we'd reached Leigh Delamere but he wasn't that bothered and just watched a couple of Shaun The Sheep episodes. I was worried that he'd demand it was on all the way down after that but he was happier with some songs to sing along to on the CD player.

    Know what you mean about slate floors EF as I just watched LB run downhill across Grannie's lawn at the bottom of which are three very slippery stone steps. Luckily he stopped just before the steps. Phew! I used to be amazed at my brother's flat in Edinburgh New Town as he had flagstones in his hall on the fourth floor. That's what I call high quality construction.

    More great running from you Lotte. That's another 21 miles under your belt so you must be confident of being able to run a good marathon in the autumn?  Nice idea about getting the bus back.

    I agree about the Museum Of London Karen. LB and I often go to the Docklands Museum, which is its counterpart (but deals with docklands only, obviously). Hope you got your 10 miles in OK. 

    Reading all your stories makes me realise I'm blessed with a well-behaved toddler. He has the odd meltdown for sure but normally it's just tears and he's over it in five minutes. I have no problems taking him shopping - we go at least twice a week. He either sits in the trolley or runs along beside me.

  • Runs along beside me!  Ha.....I took M to costco last week, and stupidly chose a trolley without straps.  Well she sat for a bit then got bored, then wanted to sit in the main trolley so I let her.  The she wanted to walk, and of course she was off like a shot, and in costco the trolleys are huge, and no one would see a small child dart out in front of them!  She could so easily have been flattened by an indian restaurants monthly supply of cooking oil or something.

    Did 7 undulating miles at 7.53 pace this morning so very pleased with that.  Now at work, and really glad I got the run out of the way before hand, so I can go home and relax this evening.

  • Hi All, some traumatic weeks for some of you.....

    JG - been thinking of you this last couple of days.  Really hope he is on the mend.  Can they control his problem with just drugs or will he need an operation?  That sort of thing happening was one of our worst fears with Max being born out here.  As if the horror of a sick child wad not enough, we would be looking down the barrel of a $$$$ medical bill.  I hadn't realised you were in/near Sheffield.  I went to University there (many, many years ago now) and loved the city.  Some very happy memories.  I seem to remember there being quite a big children's hospital just up the road from the university so hopefully he can come closer to home very soon.  (())

    Minks - so glad all ended well with Kit.  Do you know what he actually hit his head on?

    Was it Chynah who also had a trip to A&E?  Some good scars for the boys to show off in the playground I think!

    RB - your holiday has come around at last - hope Mrs RB is managing to switch off and relax.  The place you showed us where you are booked in for a couple of nights looked gorgeous.  Hope you have some nice weather (although I have just spoken to MIL in Devon and she said they have had wet wet wet weather image).

    EF - must have been so awful for SIL, hope she is doing better today.  Hee Hee to the questioning of sexuality!!  Men are funny aren't they (present company excepted!).

    Had a great run with the running club yesterday morning.  They are such a great sociable group too - we met up with some of them at the beach yesterday afternoon and then joined another lot of them last night for a barbeque.  I am so glad I got off my backside and joined them as I am getting 2 good runs a week now (and a couple of them are going to start training for a half in the autumn so I may join them and get some more running in) and we have met some really nice people too.  It is really odd for us being the couple with the baby.  There were 4 other couples at the beach yesterday and I think they are all mid 30s+ and none of them had kids.  For so long in the UK we were the ones without kids as our friends started families.  Strange being on the other side now (wouldn't change it for the world though image).

    Karen - how did your 10 miler go?

    CM - have you had the children stay over again yet?  Hope all going well for you and you are making some headway with getting your situation sorted.

    Hegs - if you are lurking out there, still thinking of you (()).

  • JG I really feel for you. I do hope they manage to control it and he gets better. Harry was diagnosed with tachycardia at 3 weeks old, but grew out of it. I think atrial flutters can be managed, but it depends obviously how bad it is. Thinking of you lots though.

    Had great weekend with friends. Boys  and S are totally worn out and I am completely shattered. Hubbie just out running now, so taking some time to catch up and rest my weary feet. I managed 7.5 yesterday and 11 miles today. Hope you got your run in Karen, and enjoyed it.

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