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  • Caro. Remove runners from young plants as they take too much energy away from the plant. In year 2 to 3 you can pot runners on to replace the plants when they are 4 years old. Does that anwser the question?

    Aubergines I have found to be very easy, but I do have a green house which I think is pretty essential unless you have a super warm terrace. I did have to germinate the seeds in the airing cupboard though, but whipped them out as soon as the seedlings were up and kept them inside until May, then I started to harden them off. I grew 6 seeds and all six have produced plants, we are over flowing with aubergines. Courgettes have thankfully slowed down a bit, and my cucumbers seem to have died.

    Right best get our dinner cooked.

    Sorry TT can't help with the toy. Thankfully the boys cuddleys haven't gone missing yet and I think I could get them pretty easily if they did.

  • Oh dear, it's a bit too late for the strawberries now as they have gone mad!  They look very healthy though.  I'll do something at the wk end to slow down the runners, but I think I'm just going to leave the baby plants where they have planted themselves, rather than dig them up, but cut their 'umbilical cord' to their mothers, so they stop taking away anymore goodness.
  • Blimey - 3 pages to read since last night!!!


    Kinsey - I was indeed at the Barrels and it was very much fun.  The bands were really good, which was another reason I had pretty much lost my voice by the time we got back - too much singing!!  Too much perry and cider as well image  And yay to a near full nights sleep - long may it last!

    CC - thanks for that - I guess I should just take it easy and not run for a few more weeks, see how it is and then go back to the docs if there's no improvement.  I guess despite feeling fobbed off, they are almost certainly right that there will be some improvement with time and it is still very early days for me.  Am reassured to hear that yours did get better though - reading about these things on the internet rarely gives that message which is very scary.   I guess my stitches are still healing as well which makes things feel a little less normal - something else that will take time to fix.  Us runners aren't very good at being patient though are we? 

    Karen - I used to get up for a wee anyway, pregnant or not, and actually since having E I haven't needed to!  I think my bladder got a bit bashed and is less sensitive now, which has pros and cons image

    I am definately not sure whether I would have gone for the VBAC with the benefit of hindsight.   Feel a bit sad that I seem to be a bit broken - will be worse if it means no or restricted running in the future image

    MM - I am so impressed with how quickly you have got back to form (or near enough) - and also that you can express 11oz!!!  I can only manage 1 oz from each side if it's between feeds, and even if it's instead of a feed I can only get about 4oz in total.

    It's been a beautiful day today - met up with a couple of my NCT chums and their boys in the park and did playing and picnic - got to make the most of the sunshine while it's here!

  • Hey TB, it will get better. My downstairs was properly shot to pieces after the rather eye-watering experience of giving birth 'naturally' (trust me, there was nothing natural about it!!) to a 10 and a half pounder. My stitches took quite a while to heal fully too - had a second degree tear and a nice little double episiotomy which needed quite a bit of needlework! (OMG, I hope no-one from the preg thread is lurking!!!) I thought I was permanently destined to wee myself on every run and wouldn't have dreamt about going out without my Tena lady pads on for the first 4 months! Lots of pelvic floor work, carrying on running through the embarrassment and time were the key factors. I still have to be careful that I empty my bladder fully before I run or else there's trouble (esp when going fast!), but it is SO much better I guess it's almost normal.

    Teeth - yuck indeed, I think we may have had some teething here just lately, bizarrely enough. I thought JP had got all his teeth, but after some horrid poos, very grumpy behaviour and a red face, he appears now to be cutting his last back molar. Joy of joys!! Hope Max is better really soon once the blasted thing appears!

    Own veg - mmm. We've been quite basic in our approach this year - just did tomatoes, peppers, spring onions and potatoes. The tomatoes have been absolutely divine - really sweet. The spuds have also done well. We must've saved quite a bit of money overall because I haven't had to buy either for weeks and weeks.

    Rehab still going well on the hip. Did just over 7 with club tonight, nice and steady. Mostly offroad so that helps. Have also booked in with one of Ben's colleagues tomorrow who specialises in sports injuries and see what she says. He's not 100% confident in treating patients anymore (not touched one for 5 years apart from me!) so wanted me to get her opinion. Should be fun... I'm also going to pick up my final, hardbound version of my thesis tomorrow - very exciting!

  • Thanks for that CC - does give me some hope! 
  • I have to confess the only person missing nessie is me image, Max hasn't got attached to any particular toy yet.

    Lotte - would love to see how your family tree looks on paper - bet that would give a genealogist a headache!

  • Wow another busy day on here

    CM- I would just love to be a fly on the wall when he has to crawl to you for help! Loving the idea of expectations for seperation times- will be trying it myself. 

    Pelvic floor- another sufferer here although was far worse after my eldest which was actually the only unassisted birth. I have to wee before any exercise but also found practice on the trampoline helped (I think)

    Grandparents- another complicated family tree here with my mother on her 4th husband but from having loads of grandparents mine are also dwindling and I am dreading the day anything happens to my mums parents who I am very close to. We are generally in regular touch with all my cousins yet my husband struggles even to name all of his! 

    Hubbys- I'm lucky as hubby does loads of the shopping,  cooking & childcare. Only thing he doesn't really do is washing (unless I ask). I know I'm onto a good thing.... would kill him if he took stuff out of the machine to put just his in although my eldest does it when he wants a particular outfit.

    Managed a 7.7 flattish, steady run tonight then went straight in the pool for about half an hour of fruitless splashing and choking.  

  • Camlo - you just made me laugh - sometimes hubby does the shopping and comes back saying that he's bought me a present. Its normally something like a shoulder of lamb!!!! Not what I call a present!
  • My hubby's 'presents' are usually things he's got for free!
  • My hubby will often come back and say something like "I nearly bought something for you, but then wasn't sure"! I've told him to either buy it or not tell me, but to 'nearly' get a present doesn't really count for much!!
  • Vixo- that's the kind of presents I get too, nearly bought ones LOL!

    Mr Tangy only knows where to find the tobacco, beer, wine and sweets at the supermarket. Even when I was heavily pregnant and had SPD, he had to come shopping with me, push the trolley and pick up everything off the shelf as instructed. No way on earth would I have let him go alone. I would have to write a shopping list with the brand and size of every item I wanted before sending him and he'd probably get so stressed out by all the other people in the supermarket that he'd abandon it half way round. He was a nightmare when I had to take him shopping with me during pregnancy too, as it had been so long since he had ever done any food shopping, one he complained non stop about the price of everything and two he kept wandering off attracted by the shiny colourful items on the shelves and adding extra things into the trolley (just like shopping with a toddler in a lot of respectsimage).

    TT ;0)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Have to say my hubby is pretty good really; there are certain things that irritate the hell out of me but he does put up with me when I'm a moany, whingey cow to him (often completely unjustified too) so he probably has as much to complain about as I do really!  He is a devil for just throwing things on top of the various surfaces in the house and leaving them there - the top of his bedside cabinet often houses a charming array of used earbuds, old tissues and dust-covered envelopes, as well as piles of receipts which drive me mad when I'm dusting as I never know whether they can be chucked out or not.  This morning I mentioned something about Kit's hospital appointment as I'd had to rearrange the original appointment and had only received a letter for that, not for the new appointment.  Hubby said he was sure we'd had another letter and sure enough, after some searching I found it on the kitchen table buried at the bottom of a pile of post and under a parcel delivered for hubby.  I'd never even have known it was there unless I'd mentioned it!  He does, however, put on washing, fold it up (never irons it or puts it away though), load/unload the dishwasher, cook a couple of times a week while I run, clean (occasionally) and hoover (also occasionally) so I can't complain too much.  But I am the organiser - if it wasn't for me, none of his family would get birthday/Christmas cards or presents, appointments would never get made, bedding would never get changed or washed, bills would not be paid, and post would sit unopened!

    Kit was officially discharged from hospital this morning.  He was really good and didn't get at all distressed at having to go back there (which I had thought he might).  The wound is healing well and the stitches should come out of their own accord sometime within the next couple of weeks.  He was fine being dropped off at Mum's too - luckily I had time to wait while he made a puzzle for me this morning!  I think he just gets something into his head and then gets really upset if he can't follow it through for whatever reason.

    Thanks for the advice, CM and Lotte.  You're right, Lotte - I just need to drop him off at nursery and make nothing at all of it (which I do try to do, but it gets tricky when they're clinging to you and screaming the place down!)  But I do think we - and especially me - shower him with too much attention.  His accident has probably made things worse as he's had a lot of attention and little presents for being a brave boy etc, so now he's come to expect it.  We were using the sort of tactic CM describes with nursery drop-off just before his accident.  There was a particular toy he wanted and I promised him that if he managed not to cry on both occasions of being dropped off that week, he could have it.  Then the accident happened and he got the toy for being brave so not sure what signals we've unwittingly sent (he hadn't managed not to cry at all, but hadn't cried nearly as much at nursery drop-off).

  • Caro - how about Museum of Childhood or Museum of London? We're off to the National Gallery this afternoon as I have a half day (am just about to leave office now), not sure how kiddy friendly it is though so will report back later.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    CC, every time I read about where you live I am filled with envy!  It sounds absolutely idyllic - lovely to be able to be on the beach whenever you fancy and to pop in for a dip on your way home!  Not sure I'd be brave enough to face the arctic temperatures though!

    Caro, how about going somewhere in the Lee Valley Park?  Apparently you can hire boats - might be nice on a good day?  We're thinking of doing something like that with Kit this weekend - or we may go to Willows Farm as haven't been there for a while.  Or how about Gullivers World (junction 14 off the M1 - may be a bit far?) - some of my friends have been there a few times recently and said it's fab - basically a theme park for the under 10s so everything is scaled down.

    JT - aargh to toast crumbs!  Clearing them up is the bane of my life.  Crumb trays in toasters are completely ineffective - the crumbs still end up everywhere.  So you're going for an elective - I'd have made the same choice!

    MM, can't believe how well your comeback is going.  You're already way faster than me again!  Guess you have shifted most of the extra half stone you were complaining about recently?!

    Lotte - sorry, I didn't mean to come across as lecturing image  But you do have a tendency to overdo your training in the crucial stages and then suffer an injury/niggle.  Like CC says though, if your marathon is October, there's still time to get it sorted - and your fitness/speed WON'T suffer for a few days, even a week off, despite what you may think!  Can you see a physio just to help the process along?  And good luck with the funeral arrangements - very confusing family tree too!!

    I haven't had any grandparents for years.  Unlike Lotte, I have an incredibly small family!  My mum has one brother (who she doesn't like and rarely sees - he's 13 years older than her and lives in France) and he has one daughter.  On my dad's side, there are no 'real' family as he had a half-sister and a step-brother.  The step-brother (who I call uncle) has no blood-related children as my three 'cousins' are all my aunt's children from a previous marriage.  Things aren't much bigger on hubby's side!  His brother and sister are only half-siblings (same mother, different father) so Kit is the only 'true' Hughes continuing the family name.

  • LOL Vixo, I've had that one as well with the presents. Ben usually says, 'Well, I wasn't sure whether you'd like it or not' and then proceeds to leave said item in the shop. He also brings me 'presents' from his trips abroad, like pens and post-it notes! That said, I shouldn't complain as I also get some very nice Bulgari toiletries from the Emirates business class flight bag. I do get a bit sick of the many million pairs of flight socks though!

    Minks - glad Kit was OK with having his stitches out and seems to be settling down again. I guess the last few weeks must have been a lot to take in for a little man, what with the move and then his fall. JP has a similarly determined vein when he sets his heart on something too - once he's made his mind up he wants to do something, that's it, and there's trouble if he can't! He was particularly touchy the other morning when we were getting ready to go to nursery - he insisted he wanted to stay at home with Mummy and play in his playroom. image When we'd finally got his coat and shoes on and were leaving the house, he then got really upset because Daddy walked on the grass instead of the path! So funny how they have these irrational streaks.

    JT - D-day is Monday! I'm actually really excited now - honestly! Most classes I know what I'm doing in detail up until Oct half term, some until Xmas and beyond. I wanted to be ahead of myself before I got behind with all the marking...

    I'm from a really big family too. I'm one of six myself, then my Dad is one of seven. Mum is 'only' one of three. I have 20 first cousins, two of whom are sadly no longer with us, and 30 second cousins. I've also got 4 nephews and 2 nieces, and another baby on the way in October (SIL). Sadly, as is the case with so many big families, I don't tend to see many of my cousins, especially on my Dad's side because they all fell out after my Grandad died. I've still got one Grandma - she's just turned 85 and going a bit senile but she still just about manages at home on her own, with carers coming in 3 times a day.

  • Physio appointment was fine - that is, I've not been banned from running. image Apparently I have some weak hip muscles that need working on, and this is also why I get such a stiff lower back. I feel properly analysed now! I've got some exercises to do and I am also banned from crossing my legs.

    Have also lodged my thesis in the library! I've put some restrictions on access to it because I am seeking to publish it, so the only way people can see it is if they actually go to the library. Once it's been published, I'll let them digitise it and make it available more generally.

  • Thanks for tips karen73R and Minks - have discovered something called The Epping Forest Festival on sunday on Chingford Plain from 11-4.  Not really sure what it's about but it's free(!) near to home and I like supporting local things.  I like the sound of Gullivers Park - great fan of theme parks and looking forward tp M being old enough for them.  Hubby is not so keen........I may come to Disney World with you one yr Tatty!

    Had a mammoth operating morning including removing a cat's eye - sorry if anyone's eating their lunch!

  • Minks - you probably do this anyway with Kit, but I find it helps if I tell Martha exactly what we are doing just before it happens so she knows in advance. At the moment I'm mentioning play school starting next week on a regular basis. The only thing I don't do that so much with is for anything that is a treat - just in case it gets cancelled!!
    Not sure if it is why she generally accepts new scenarios quite well but i think it helps!

    Shouldn't moan too much hubby did manage to find the cake counter in waitrose the other day and came back with some for me!

    Did a bit of fartlek stuff this morning to spruce me up for Sunday - think I am looking forward to some time away from home as much as doing the run!
  • Yay, Caro, you can come and stay in our holiday home when we buy it - just waiting for the oil shares buyout! image

    Kinsey - mmm, cake, now that *is* a nice treat! Good luck for Sunday x

    CC - hope the barbecue went well! Might have to dig ours out this weekend if the weather's going to be nice. Going to IKEA tomorrow for a bit of a mooch - the challenge is to NOT come out having spent £200. Can it be done?!

    Happy weekends all x

  • TB - not possible - I've tried image
  • I LOVE Ikea but because I'm so indecisive I get to the checkout with hardly anything then moan all the way home that i should have bought x,y,z... bit like a nearly present.

    Glad physio went OK TB- I've had a 2nd bowen technique session tonight. Very relaxing and generally apart from tightness she thinks I'm ok. Gave me 2 stretches which should help. 

    Caro- removing a cat's eye would test my gag reflex for sure!! 

    Good running everyone, hope the pelvic floors behave and the weather is kind to us all. I'm hopefully selling my motorbike tomorrow so will hopefully have some space in the garage again!

  • CC - your lifestyle sounds so similar to ours now ! We headed off to the beach tonight too for a bbq too. Had a lovely night. . We must have the same weather as you are getting although about 5 degrees cooler here I think. In fact alot of your recent posts remind me of some good friends from of ours who moved up here from Surrey about 7 years ago. I love living here but it is certainly a case of not always appreciating what is on your doorstep because you have grown up with it.

    Minks - I need a lecture sometimes and am glad you can say what you think! I'm popping into Run4it in Aberdeen tomorrow for n appointment with the podiatrist I  have seen before. She told me to come back once I had finished b/feeding and get sorted with proper orthotics.

    Sorry not to reply to everyone. My head is all over the place. Haven't started to pack yet and still have instructions to write and now we also have a house full of sand to clear up, wetsuits to hose etc. And hubby is watching some bloody football grrr.  But it was too nice an opportunity to miss the beach tonight.

    Anyway have good weekends all. Should be back online on Monday night.X

  • National Gallery was great but not ideal for kids really. Eldest was keen on seeing the Vincent Van Goghs (because of the Dr Who connection) and she also recognised the Degas paintings(as she has a story book about him), but most of the time they just ran around the galleries completely oblivious to the amazing art on the walls. Middle one was only interested in one painting which was of Lady Jane Grey about to have her head chopped off. She was asking loads of questions about what the people in the painting were doing ... and then tonight she wanted to cut off her sister's head at the dinner table!

    Caro - had forgotten it was the Epping Forest Festival on Sunday. We were thinking of going but depends on what time I manage to get out for my run on Sunday as normally go around lunchtime when the little ones are asleep. Hope it's better than the other local fayre we went to last weekend at Hainault Country Park. Lovely place but a complete rip off of an event - £5 each for adults to get in plus £2 to park and then main attractions inside the event were all bouncy castle type things for kids and food stalls that charged £4 for a fish cake or sausage in a bun! Spent a fortune and came away feeling a bit cheated.

    Right, gotta go - both the little ones have come down with colds today and are very snotty so looks like we're heading for a very disturbed night and I can hear the smallest one coughing now ...

    Have good weekend everyone.

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