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  • Karen I remember being in Hainault Forest last yr when that was on and not even setting foot through the gate as it was £5 to get in.  I don't object to spending a couple of quid for M to have a bounce on a castle, but not after you've already paid just to get through the door! 

    Hubby  cycling all morning this morning, so I'm going to do my longer run this afternoon and then a short recovery run in the morning before we go to the forest - according to the website it's £3 to park but looks like you might be able to park in nearby roads.  God I sound so stingey but there are certain things I object to paying for and parking is one of them!

    Think I might attempt to make cupcakes with M this morning.........

  • did 10 miles, mostly off rd in the forest this morning, and average pace was 8.07!!  and the weird thing was it didn't really feel hard, apart from a quite long uphill bit nr the end, and a wrong turning which landed me in the middle of a golf course just as someone was about to hit a ball!  Oops.  Have just attacked the strawberries, and M and I made choccie fairy cakes this morning.  Now about to tackle the grout in the bathroom image
  • JT - so does that mean it's not entirely essential for my bath to be taken up with a soaking wetsuit for ages after each time hubby uses his? Will be sending him down to buy a big bucket tomorrow in that case!

    Good running Caro.

  • ((((Lotte))))

    Hectic 10 days in the UK visiting family; weather has been lovely and J has adored being the centre of attention for so long with so many different people image

    Hubby did 16m of the south coast path yesterday, while I caught up with some friends. Gutted not to have been able to run it myself, but I had a lovely moules lunch as compensation!!

    My first post-pregnancy race tomorrow, just realised! It's the third attempt, seems to be a bit of a hurdle for me sadly. Scratchy throat, bad knees...just need to get on and do it. Very excited actually. Thanks very much for the number, Kinsey!

    Also excited about meeting up with my Dad after for a decent feed before returning to the dearth of nice fresh food in Poland, already researched the menu online and there's a chocolate pud heading my way image)
  • Am really looking forward to the race too! See you tomorrow!
  • Good Luck all racing tomorrow! 

    Just eaten a huge amount of BBQ food - topped off with bananas stuffed with choc and BBQd for afters.  Plus lots of white wine.  Makes up for my 3 hrs of bathroom cleaning this afternoon, and that was only the small ensuite!  It was soooooooooo skanky!  It was one of those occasionas where you don't realise how gross it is until you actually start.  I was naked for most of it as I had to keep turning the shower on and was getting very wet - apart from pink marigolds!  Probably every man's fantasy.......

  • Forgot to take my Garmin so not sure of my time, wasn't running to get a time as have just been doing easy runs and no speedwork, but I did it in the same time as the women's 10k woohoo and was easier (don't know how I did that). Not sure if I was a few seconds faster or slower need to wait on official times coming up on the website. Can't believe i got anywhere near the same time though, was expecting around 75mins and did it in around 65mins. Route is very different at beginning of Great Scottish Run 10k from what it was in 2005 when I last did it, got you running up a houmungous hill at the start now which didn't used to do, but warms u up nicely for rest of race. Was fabulous race with great atmosphere and got that great buzz of adrenaline in the last km, with a sprint to the finish when i seen the time and realised i was so much faster than i was expecting.


  • Well done TT- thats a fab improvement!

    I am feeling very virtuous here- sold my motorbike so have £850 sitting in my kitchen, went for a 24k bike rd this morning in the rain then made cheesecake with Tom... yum yum. 

    Archie poorly again- sick in the night and clinging to me like a limpet.

  • Sick bunny here too - went in to a cot full of bright pink vomit this morning - if she'd been a teenager you would have sworn she'd been on cheap red wine all night.  Straight in the bath, but she was acting fine and wanted brekkie, so she got some.  Then we were in the car on the way to the epping forest festival and she was sick all over herself and the seat, of course.  So we pulled over, quick change of clothes, quick clean of the carseat and back off to the festival.  Had a super time, jjust totally non commerical, lovely local feel.  It was huge, with one felt like hundreds of stalls ranging from RSPB, life boats, Battersea dogs home etc, to food, beer tent, and a bunch of old guys playing banjos and a double base - straight out of Tenessee!  Plus there was a big arena in the middle with a pipe band, dog agility, dancing diggers etc.

    The highlight for M was her 1st donkey ride image  It was so sweet.

    Now she is asleep, I hope I don't go in to more sick later.  The 3rd load of laundry for today is in the machine at the moment.

    Have got plum jam on the stove from our tree, need to to go to tesco for some lemon juice.

    Fab race TT!! 

  • TT - well done on the race, sounds like you really enjoyed it too which is great.

    Hope poorly ones are better soon. My smallest too still really snotty but they're not complaining at all and sleeping amazingly well considering it's not too bad.

    Caro - festival sounds fab, wish we'd gone, will have to make a mental note to go next year.

    Just back from my run now. Am totally exhausted but very pleased with myself as I ran the full half marathon distance for the first time ever! Did it in 1 hr 54 which I'm really happy with, not so good is that it felt really hard going, a real slog - think I overdid my speed work this week as my legs still felt rubbish today.

    Right, need to go shower and then will be having a large slice of the spiced apple pie I made this morning with apples from our garden. Was some of the worst pastry I've ever made and it ended up not being a particularly attractive looking pie but hubby and girls had some while I was out and said it tastes good - yum!

  • Well done TT!

    Had a very good race - 27.05 by my watch - a bit more on the big clock, but was very chuffed to be closer to 25min than 30min!
  • Lovely to meet JohBo just before the race too!

    caro - hope M is okay now!
  • Best moment of race was as I was coming up to the last 500m mark and I heard a Dad at side of the road telling his wee boy that Donkey wasn't running today - there was a guy dressed as Shrek running just in front of me and the wee boy was obviously asking where Donkey was. What a fab memory for that wee boy, he believes he seen the real Shrek running in that race image, brilliant!

    TT ;0)

  • 1hr 5min 4 secs, 6 seconds slower than my women's 10k time DRAT! If had just been 7 seconds faster I'd have been doubly over the moon.

    TT ;0)

  • Fab racing from everyone, well done. Try not to dwell on 6 secs TT, you've done really well.

    Boo to sickness Caro, hope she survived last night.

    I am feeling rather jaded after first night out involving alcohol in over a year. Very old friend's wedding, hubbie was an usher. We took S, but Grandma came to look after the boys as couldn't face looking after 3 kids while hubbie did his ushering duties. Sophie was an angel, she looked so beautiful in her little frock too. She just sat taking it all in bless her. Kicked and gurgled in her pram during the meal, happy as anything, and then slept all through the band during the evening. I took some expressed milk from the freezer, so stopped feeding her at 6pm. Then I had quite a bit too drink image!! Mix of champers and red wine, lovely!! Gave her expressed milk at 11pm, and I expressed and dumped when we went to bed at 1am just to empty me more than anything. She slept till 8am bless her. We danced and danced it was fab, although I did feel a bit worse for wear this morning more tired than anything else, so early to bed tonight.

    Boys been to friend's birthday party this afternoon, so all hyped up on cake and sweets. I have been for a 9 mile run, steady 8:05's which was fine as feet were killing me after high heels yesterday and dancing!! image

    Right time to sort out the house a bit then bathtime for everyone...

  • Kinsey, to be so much inside your target time is great running.

    TTwirly-omg!! Fantastic time for your 10miler.

    Caro, hope M is better this evening.

    MM, sounds like you had a lovely night, hope the run eased the hangover.

    I did the Hyde Park 5 k today and lived it!!! It was amazing to be doing a race again and it was great. Kinsey , sorry I was so tardy: had to wait 30 mins for a bus despite setting off in good time. I had to go in the 30-35 min wave, which was actually a blessing as I was right at the front, picked off the ladies who set off toofast and only had one person overtake me, so I felt like I cane second!! image
  • Sorry, typing on my itouch and can't see what I've typed to spell check image
  • lol at coming second JohBoh!

    hope no more vomming caro.

    and wow - MM - stonking running after your first proper night out! and impeccable behaviour from S!

  • had some bad news this weekend.  ex boy-f of mine has died aged 35 of cancer, leaving his wife and 2 kids (aged 5 and 3).  total shock to me, as i didn't even know he was ill.  can't get my head around it all, tbh.  struggling with all the suffering he must have been through - how / why etc... awful.  just horrific.
  • That is awful CM, so horrendous for his wife and kids, and extended family. Do you know that he actually suffered/was ill for a while? He may not have, I've known some people who were diagnosed with Cancer and go very quickly, within a couple of months.

    I had an uncle who died of a heart attack aged 28, leaving behind a wife and 2 kids age 3 and 6. It was just devastating, even 20 years later it is still devastating. Don't think you can ever deal with losing somebody that young. My cousin who was 3 at the time went through a really hard time in his teens, that's really when he started to grieve for his Dad, but he didn't know him so he found it incredibly hard to deal with grieving for someone he didn't know. 

    My Mum always says she reckons it would be worse to lose your child when they were an adult too, we all kind of believe that losing a child is probably the worst thing that can happen to anyone, but she reckons it must be even harder to lose them when you've raised them and they've gone of into the world and you breathe a sigh of relieve thinking 'I did it, they got through childhood safely, my job is done' and then wham! they are taken from you just when you thought they were safe now and you stop worrying so much.

    TT ;0)

  • JohBo- was a 10 km race I did, not a 10 miler image( I wish!), would be jumping for joy doing cartwheels round the garden if I could do 10 miles in 65mins.

    Nice wee 30 min recovery run this morn, legs felt fine except on the hills, where they just had no oomph. Will give run with buggy a miss this afternoon and just go for a nice walk instead.

    Well done to all the great times run in races this weekend, what a fab lot we are!!

    TT ;0)

  • TT - tributes to him say he died 'after a long illness bravely borne'.  he has clearly planned his funeral as well.  hadn't been in touch with him since i got married, which is 6.5 years ago, as he was invited to the wedding bash but didn't reply to the invitation, so i decided our friendship had run its course.  even though we would never have been particularly close friends even if i had persisted in staying in touch, i find the idea of him suffering so much just so distressing. i can't stand the thought of it. 

    i am toying with the idea of going to his funeral.  it is on friday and i am (in theory) working, but i could take the afternoon off.  the kids are with T that day, so i could go on my own.

  • I would go CM, you can always tip toe out the back if decide you don't feel right but you can't turn back time and go if you don't go and regret it later. There is often a lot of people at a young persons funeral so you can easily slip in and out unnoticed if that's what you'd rather do.

    TT ;0)

  • (((CM))) that's such sad news.  I would go to the funeral just to say your goodbyes.

    I have been reading but no time to post and can't remember much apart from (((Lotte))) and well done on those fab racing times.  I am so jealous, wish I could just put on my trainers and run - only things stopping me are a) time b) fitness and c) concerns about my body not being strong enough yet, don't want to risk another injury.

    Hubby has asked if I want an exercise bike for my birthday (14th) but I'm not sure.  Has anyone else got one?  As someone who normally goes out running or goes to gym classes with friends, I'm not sure I wouldn't just get bored of sitting on a bike in the living room.  But then things are different now and for the time being I can't get to the gym classes as it clashes with bedtime (would feel mean leaving hubby to deal with 2 at this early stage!), plus the whole bf thing.  I can't ever seem to find a moment to get out on my own - how do other people who are/have bf do it?  If I'm not feeding him I'm trying to stop him crying, hubby is dealing with Sophie etc etc...I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get back into exercising properly again image or at least not for another year or something!

    Anyway the HV has just been and Nicholas has GAINED 7oz in 8 days, woo hoo! image  He's still only 9lbs 6oz, (9lbs 14oz at birth) but we REALLY hope he's on the up.  This is the heaviest he's been since he initially lost weight post-birth, and he's nearly 6 weeks old poor fella.  Can't stop worrying about how it'll affect his development, not helped by the fact that Sophie was a really smiley baby and N has only smiled a little bit so far.  The HV seems confident that he'll catch up eventually, and he has been through a rough time.

    He's asleep in his carrycot for once and S is at the childminder - what shall I do with all this free time in the house?!  Watch him wake up now...

  • Sounds like you're doing a great job JG. He's still bigger than a lot of babies will be at that age, so I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine. It's still early days for him to be smiling anyway, and he's got a few reasons to have been a bit grumpy over the last few weeks! Does Sophie go to nursery at all? If wee ever end up with another I will definitely keep Isabelle going to nursery a few days a week for both our mental health! With regards the exercise bike - I definitely wouldn't get an exercise bike as such because I think a decent one (like you'd get in a gym) would be really expensive, and a cheaper one probably wouldn't be good enough to keep you using it. Do you have a bike? If so, then I'd look in to getting a turbo trainer which you can put your bike on and effectively convert it into an exercise bike. I used mine quite a lot when Isabelle was little - in the garage in the winter and outside in the summer with the monitor to tell me when shed woken up!
  • I'm with Vixo JG, the idea of an exercise bike bores me to tears, although I know what you mean about needing some time to yourself.  Surely though the beauty of running is you're off out and away from kids, house, husband, messy kitchen etc, not in the living room/shed/garage with anyone liable to come and annoy you at any moment! (sorry, that sounds a bit harsh I know!)

    Raining here now, and looks like it's going to stay now.  Soggy run later.

  • I have an exercise bike in the living room and I use it for half an hr at night after teeny goes to bed, i tend to sit upright on it and watch tv that way it gives my core muscles a good workout too. Good for a bit of cross training and calorie burning when can't get away from the kids. Hurts the bum initially but eventually get used to it, mine was only about £80 and has a really good big seat. I figured I'd need to spend at least £500 on a treadmill to get a halfway decent one so £80 for an exercise bike was a no brainer.

    TT ;0)

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