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  • Oh dear CC, just what you didn't want.  Hope you are all ok ((())).

    EF, poor Camryn.  hope she is feeling better soon, poor thing.

    MM, TTid, CM, hope you are all able to meet up, that would be cool.

    Kinsey, do you think you had knee issues from bf?  If so, did they get better gradually as you weaned, or only when you completely stopped?  My knees are just not getting better, despite the lack of running / cycling, and me religiously doing my physio and stretching.  I am very torn between trying to stop the bf to reduce the pain, but I'm not sure if that's really whats causing it, and once I've stopped I can't start again.  Plus I feel guilty that I really only want to stop so that I can get a head start on my VLM training for 2011...Oh well, hopefully MRI results will give me a better idea.

    Thanks for the advice RB re: Canary Isles.  Need to get on with that asap.

  • That's a terrible blow CC. I hope you and the kids manage to get through the coming months OK.

    Sorry about your knees JohBo. I'm sure the MRI will yield some clues as to what is wrong. I've been to most of the Canary Isles. Must say that Lanzarote is my favourite (even if Club La Santa wasn't there). Club La Santa is a bit shabby accommodation-wise but if you like sport, you can't beat it (in Europe anyway).

  • Haven't seen the news - what have I missed?

    Saw from Lotte's FB that they've been in an accident on the M6 but are all ok.  Shocking.

  • CC - was thinking of you today and so sorry the news wasn't good image

    Doesn't sound good about Lotte and the accident - hope all OK?

    TT - first bugs are awful. Megan had a bug Friday night and would have put Linda Blair in 2nd place with her performance, had to go hire one of those Rug Doctor machines on Sat morn!! She kept saying all Saturday 'my tummy was itchy and the cheese came up my throat'. Then told her granny yesterday 'if cheese is coming up your throat you have to make sure you get it in the bucket'

    Hope you are all well ladies? Sorry not to mention everyone - reading but just not managing to find time to post anything meaningful.
  • CC I feel your pain - I guess our equivalent to your moving to the other end of the country is spending alot of our savings on a loft convsersion!  Presumably something like that doesn't just close overnight?  But then there's the small matter of him finding another job........sending empathic feelings your way.

    Hubby is now officially unemployed, got a no from the other job he'd applied for within his previous company this morning.   It's already odd having him around all the time, and of course M thinks he's here, he can play, when really he's trying to find a job.  Then she has tantrums with me and only wants Daddy - argh!

    Saw about lotte's prang on the M6, sounds like everyone was ok, but car/bikes/trailer etc possibly not so good.

    Anyway, it's our wedding anniversary, so we had a takeaway.  Hubby's ill, I'm coughing, and M is still not right, so not really been in a very celebratory mood!  We had a nice wk end in Switzerland - photos on facebook soon.  M was not right though, slept way more than usual, had to keep her drugged up to the eyeballs on ibuprofen and paracetamol, hardly are anything the whole time we were there - I kept offering her hunks of gread smothered in nutella, pizza, hot chocolate etc etc, to no avail.  She's still coughing lots, but we haven't had any retching/vomitting after coughing today so hopefully it's getting better.  She's lost her belly!!   We got home at 1am on Mon morning due to easyjet and our flight leaving nearly 3 hrs late - there is not alot to do in Geneva airport with a 2 yr old!

    Anyway, still tired so bed for me.  Haven't really read back, but saw your marathon result on facebook Lotte - well done image

  • Sorry to hear the bad news CC and Lotte. Hope you both get things sorted.

    Caro-hope hubby wows someone with his skills and you can gently push him out of the house soon! Happy anniversary x

    Running club for me tonight- was still hurting from Sunday but we were promised a 'recovery run'. Turns out 5 hill sprints over a 5 mile tempo run is easy for some.... back and legs aching, feel sick & freezing cold so going to take my hot choc to bed....

  • Oh CC, huge big hugs. I do hope something works out (())

    Mega session last night, but was great. Tired this morning after 8 mile run at 6am too. But we must get on, need to dry my hair before walk to pre-school, then tots this morning with S.

    Fab news from Yve on FB, at last.

    Need to change that JT. Maybe wake him after 3 hours in the day?

    Right really must get going...

  • Really shocked by Lotte's accident - its my worst nightmare, especially as it was all caused by one idiot driver. So glad they are all okay apart from the shock of it.

    CC - tough that you have to have a major rethink so soon after getting somewhere you like. Hope you can find a solution.

    Joh -my problems suddenly got a lot better 6 months after Aidan was born and now any niggles seem to be minor although I'm sure increasing my mileage will cause problems. i really need to do a lot more core stuff but I'm a bit rubbish - my problems all seem to be lower spine and possibly hip related although according to most people I see I may be generally a bit physiologically wonky. One physio thought I might have one leg longer than the other!!
  • I was thinking of you yesterday Cragchick when they announced about Nimrod. What crappy timing. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

    Lotte, very well done on your marathon time, absolutely brilliant. I hope you and the family are ok after the accident too. x

    Happy anniversary for yesterday Caro. I hope you had a good time. 

    Well, we've had a busy few days. Our mortgage application has been rejected image We're going with a different lender now but we're on tenterhooks until we know if they'll have us, We stand to lose £800 if we don't get a mortgage, plus the vendors are elderly so I will feel absolutely rotten if it all falls through. they're moving on to a retirement home. Fingers crossed we get some good news today. 

    Speaking of good news, does anyone have any advice on running a Half Marathon when they're a tiny bit pregnant? image

  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    ((CC))  just what you didn't need - would think it would takesome time to wind things down though which might make it a little easier.  Will have to see what the cuts will mean to my job but I suspect not good and I'm due back in the not too distant future - think a visit to the office may be in store soon.

     PP - is it you??  How fab if it is!   You would have a similar age gap to mine!

  • Chynah, I was thinking of you this morning as I was walking the dog as I remembered yours were close together. Abi is 8 months old and I'm 6 weeks by my reckoning. Did a test lastnight (and another this morning out of sheer disbelief!) Very early days yet, it hasn't even started to sink in. I feel absolutely normal so I'm thinking I'll just do the HM as planned and try to get under 2 hrs. 


  • ChynahChynah ✭✭✭

    Congrats PP!  Mine are almost 15 months apart to the day!  It is lovely the way they interact together and they are very close with no jealousy -  I suspect they will play even more once Lexi gets on the move!  I only ran up to 10 mile races when pregnant but always just ran according to how I felt at the time - sure it will be fine.

  • CC - really bad news for you guys (()) what a bummer. hope you are ok , thinking of you.

    Yve - great news, well done.

    PP - wow! There is 17 months between my first two and i think it was a great age gap.

    Well we are all ok. Stuck in a hotel in Stoke on Trent which we hope the insurance company will pay for, Waiting to see if we can get a vehicle to get us home. Shocking day yesterday really. We were just driving up the motorway in the middle lane, doing about 60mph when ther was a big bang and we were spinning out of control down the motorway. Hubby did a great job and got control of the car and brought us to a stop. The truck behind managed to stop before he hit us. Turns out we were hit from behind by a stolen car which was being pursued by the police. We had just passed a marked car stiign on the hard shoulder and what happened was he had the stinger out ready to get the car which was being chased by an unmarked car. The guy saw the marked car, panicked and lost control of his car, hit the central reservation and then bounced into the back of us. They reckoned he was doing about 100 at the time. He then went up the embankment and back down before coming to rest just infront of us. He got out his car an legged it but the police got him.

    Our trailer and all our camping equipment is wrecked and kids bikes ans all strewn over motorway and bent. Back doors of our van were smashed in and glass came in over back seats. but kids all fine although Dylan danged his head on side window. I think our car will probably be written off. It all went in slow motion and was the worst thing. I had turned around and was shouting to the kids that it was ok and all the time thinking it wasn't going to be. Very scarey.Kids were crying but calmed down fairly quickly although Dylan is still very subdued and asking 100 questions.

    Anyway now trying to work out things with insurance etc. Taking forever. Kids understandably fed up. We need to get a vehicle and then head home but not looking forward to getting back on the motorway. Still at least the kids are going to have plenty of news for their school diaries when they get back! I could hardly walk yesterday due to the marathon and they kept asking if I was injured and I'm trying to reassure them that it wasn't the accident but from running a maraqthon 2 days before! I do have sore ribs from the seatbelt but nothing serious.

  • PP - congratulations! I do love the way mine kind of play together already - they are about 20 months apart, and I'm kind of glad I can now chill out and have time to consider whether I will ever want to do it all over again (not any time soon!).

    Caro - happy anniversary by the way! Hope you hubby has some luck with the job hunting.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Wow, PP - great news (if a bit of a shock!)

    ((CC)) Am gutted for you.  Especially after all the stress and trauma last year of deciding whether or not to make the move, then the hassle of moving you all such a long way - and now you seem so happy there.  I really hope you don't have to make any decisions too quickly and that that everything works out for you.

    Lotte, so shocked to hear about your accident.  Can't believe it.  I am always terrified of other drivers when we're on the motorway - there are so many lunatics out there.  If any of you are in any pain please do get yourselves checked out, especially the kids.  Thank God you are all OK.  Your hubby did a fab job controlling the car by the sound of it - absolute bummer about the car, trailer and bikes though.  Bet the little g*t was uninsured too image

    Caro, sounds like you're having a rough time of it too.  Poor M, hope she recovers soon.  Sounds like a weekend away was not really what she needed; shame things never time themselves very well. Good luck to hubby with finding a new job - unemployment must be scary after so many years at work, especially when you've just spent a considerable proportion of your savings.  We're seriously dipping into ours as well because so much needs doing to get the house how we want it.  We still have a decent amount left but it doesn't feel as much of a buffer as it was ...

    House is in a complete state.  We've had electricians in since Monday and OMG the mess!  On Monday they had all the floor up in the lounge to get underneath the floor boards - we need quite a few new plug sockets so they had to feed all the wiring underneath the floor.  Yesterday all the landing carpet and floorboards were up, today I think they'll be ripping up half  the laminate flooring in our bedroom image  Everything last night was covered in a layer of fine, gritty dust - had to clean the entire kitchen before I could even think about cooking.  I know it will all be worth it and we have to get the dirty jobs done first but living in it is not much fun!  The worst part was that they obviously got very hot working, because all the doors and windows were wide open for most of the day.  House was freezing!  First frost last night where we are - had to scrape ice off the car this morning - boo!

  • Lotte -shame none of us live near Stoke! Hope you manage to get transport organised and the insurance sort it out too - thats the kind of thing you want insurance for!
  • Bloody hell Lotte, well done to your husband for his control. I can't imagine how shook up you must have all been. I hope you manage to get back home soon and that the insurance gets sorted quickly. It's good that they caught the guy too isn't it. Will there be a police investigation if he was being pursued do you know?
  • Reading your post Lotte sends shivers down my spine. My absolute worst fear I must admit. I think the police have to take some of the responsibility surely? You are all very lucky. I hope Dylan's head is OK. Has he been checked out? I just can't imagine what must have been going through your head when the car was out of control, seeing the kids faces etc. So scarey. We are off up the M6 next week, terrifying!

    Ooh congrats PP. I raced a half when I was 4 weeks pregnant, but didn't know I guess. Must admit, I knew something was a foot, as my runs the week after felt dreadful, and then I started to feel sick. Joy!! Was it planned? Hope you get the thumbs up for mortgage.

    We have so little savings, its very worrying. Too long being students, and then getting 100% mortgage when we were trying to get on the housing ladder, so we're constantly on catch up, especially now we're in a house we can't really afford, but need cos of kids. Sadly they don't take any of this into account when it comes down to removing child benefit image!

    Not sure where today is going, wrapping to be done now, and need to make a cake for tomorrow too!!

  • PP - Congratulations!! image I guess by your disbelief comment maybe this wasn't exactly planned though... ? Makes me feel broody again for another one but hubby says I'm not allowed any more - and with my sensible head on it's the right decision but I do love the little babies!

    CC - that's really crappy news - sorry to hear it.

    Lotte - crash sounds absolutely terrifying but so glad to hear you're all safe and well. I remember crashing my car years ago on the motorway after skidding in the rain and can well remember how everything went into slow motion as I spun round and ended up crashed into the central reservation facing the wrong way down the motorway. Anyway, hope you all make it home soon and the insurance isn't too much of a nightmare to sort out.

    Caro - hope hubby finds something soon. Is your loft all finished now? 

    Really cold in East London this morning too although no frost where we are, still had to dig out a long sleeve top to run in though and had to pull my jacket sleeves down over my hands as was pretty chilly. Going on holiday on Saturday (hurray), rain forecast at the moment but keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't last the whole week.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Can't believe your boys are 4 tomorrow, MM.  Still vividly remember your posts getting me through the worst days of my pregnancy because you'd been there, done that!  Child benefit thing annoys me too - if both hubby and I earned £40K a year each, we'd qualify.  But hubby earns over the £43K threshold and I earn well under, so even though our joint household income is way under the £80K two £40K per year earners would bring in, we don't qualify. Madness.  It should be assessed per household rather than per individual.

    Lotte, hope you and the kids are all OK.  Absolutely terrifying.  I have every faith in my hubby's ability to keep control in a similar situation.  Reading your post doesn't make me want to try motorway driving any time soon.  I have been petrified as a passenger on occasions, let alone as a driver.  We've been on motorways in torrential rain, at night, with spray flying everywhere and light from other vehicles' headlamps diffracted all over the place and I've wondered how on earth hubby can see where he's going enough to be moving at 70+ mph.  Kit's car seat is in the middle of the back seat of our car in the hope that if anyone hit either side he'd be OK.

    We do have a reasonable amount of savings and we both set aside an amount each month to be added to the savings.  Scary though how long it takes to save, yet how quickly it can be spent.  We are getting through the budget we set for doing up the house terrifyingly fast.  Some things may have to wait for a while.

    Meant to say congrats to Yve too - bet that's a relief after such a long wait!

  • I did my last half when I was 4 weeks pregnant too, and I also didn't know. We did plan on starting to try AFTER this half on Sunday, but you know how it is when passion takes night of unprotected sex and here I am, woops!

    Minks, sound pretty stressful and chaotic at your house at the minute, but like you said, it'll be worth it in the end.

  • oh  I think I missed Yve's news when I skim read yesterday. When? What weight? Congratulations Yve!!!!
  • Don't think I'm friends with Yve on FB - Congratulations though!!!
  • PP - congrats, and I'm impressed you have nights of passion!!!

    Lotte - glad to hear you're all ok, but what a nightmare situation. Makes me chilled just thinking about it. Doesn't tatty live in Stoke?? Although not sure what she'd be able to do even if she does!

    Minks - building work is rubbish. We're just at the planning stage of getting our kitchen done, but the thought of being without it for several weeks is already filling me with dread. Think the child benefit thing is because it will be done entirely on your tax bracket, which is a completely different thing from being means tested - which would take the whole household income into account. Means testing is much more complicated because of what should/can be counted. We definitely won't get it if they go ahead with the change, and although part of me thinks that's fair enough because we earn a decent amount, the other part of me is quite frankly fed up of working my a**e off so other people can sit at home and get paid!!

    Oops, am at work and someone wants me so had better get off my phone and do what I'm paid for!! Will try and catch up later.
  • ((cc))

    congrats pp!

    hope M feels better soon.

  • PP you're a braver woman than I image  image

    Night all. 

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